WSB-TV Weather

4.8 (34K)
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Cox Media Group
Last update
10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSB-TV Weather

4.79 out of 5
34K Ratings
5 years ago, Ladyferns
Thanks for listening; you brought back some of the best features.
Editing my below review of the 2019 redesign: You rearranged the home page so the video is no longer on top, and that’s good. Frequently I’m checking my weather app on the go and having all the info at first glance is important. I’d like a bit more information to be available on that top home block, especially relative humidity and maybe the days pollen count? You could add a touch link to see more on that top block so it shows what it does now with the additional info expandable so it wouldn’t take any more room. When I touch a day on the second section on the home screen I expect it go to that days hourly forecast if available, but instead I discover the whole row is only one link to all the days again, making the link kind of redundant. This has always been my favorite weather app, I check it a couple of times a day. Your redesign had completely changed it and had ruined a great app. It looked like a commercial instead of a useful app. Now you cleaned that up some, thanks! I don’t like the settings on the map, the video on the home page, or the trendy icons on the daily or hourly charts. The daily and hourly were easier to read at a quick glance before. I truly hope you revert the home page at least to the information that was there before and move the video off the home page. You seemed to take this advice and corrected part of it. I’ll get used to the trendy icons... thanks again for listening.
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5 years ago, app user 30306
Old version was much better
Your “upgrade” is much worse than the old version of this app. Like some of the other recent reviews, the app typically tells me that I don’t have a WiFi or internet connection. There’s actually two different messages. One I just hit ok, and one I hit retry. Of course, I always have wifi, a cell connection, or both, and I never have this problem with other apps. After getting past this, the app then very slowly loads. Once it loads, the temperature is on the home screen, but it won’t show the humidity there like the old app. I haven’t found humidity anywhere in the app. Of course, the video forecast auto plays, even though I don’t want to watch it. This video slows down the app and sometimes makes it impossible to scroll past the video to get to the hourly info below it. Then, almost half the time the app ends up crashing. I have no problems with video in other apps, just your new “upgraded” app. I don’t know what you were going for here, but it didn’t work. If you just wanted more ad space, then fix the connection problems, don’t have auto play on the video, and add humidity back as an option. Those problems aren’t related to ads. This used to be my go to weather app. I’m done with it until you fix the problems you created. It’s just not usable now. Having more ads doesn’t help if you have fewer people using your app.
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2 years ago, Granny Patti
Best Weather App Ever
Currently have 5 weather apps on my phone. I did have more. We have homes in North Ga , southwest GA and Orlando. And we travel as well. Best of my ALL weather apps Particularly the Best is their outstanding Radar System. Since the app follows me, as requested. I always have current info in any state with few bothersome ads. Thank You WSB. PS their Traffic and News apps are awesome Too! Perfect Trifecta !Thanks! Granny Patti
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3 weeks ago, KathyMingledorff
Getting verbal weather warnings for the wrong area
I have always loved this app and I will continue to love it if they can fix this problem. Suddenly I, and also my daughter who doesn’t even live with me, have been getting verbal weather warnings for counties nowhere near us. This has never been a problem before. This morning, she and I were on the phone together and we both got a tornado watch, not a warning, but got a tornado watch message across our screen that kept repeating about every one minute or sooner. As soon as I would acknowledge one notification and swipe up on it, a new notification would appear. This happened five or six times in a row. I love WSB news and I love the way they do their weather but something’s going on with the app. I tried to report a problem, but I keep getting taken to a page full of ads and it won’t ever let me report anything. I hope y’all can get this fixed. I look forward to fully enjoying this app again. Kathy
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3 years ago, Bknowen
Great local weather
After paying 10 bucks a month for weather channel app, this one is free and more accurate! Burns and his team are really good. Case in point, last night massive storms hit and this app said to expect bad weather all night and was dead on. The other app didn’t do anything. Only negative, wish the app had more features. I’d pay money for more advancement. Also, some times I get rain notifications that work and others that don’t. So more consistency with notifications and improvements. Best local weather app.
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2 years ago, EMS30401
Not in Andover Maryland
Update: I deleted the app. Installed again today. After an hour, Andover Maryland comes back as my location. I have WSB 3 emails and this is my second review here. No response from any one. Delete again. Use to enjoy app. I travel will my job. Follows me every city I go to for the weather. Last few months Andover Maryland shows up as location. Never been there. In Connecticut this weekend. Still shows up. Even in Georgia North Carolina Pennsylvania. Have to delete location every time. I have emailed someone thru the app about 6 times. No response from anyone. We live in Georgia and WSB is our go to station when home. But weather app is not good anymore.
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7 months ago, surlymel
Old favorite, but FAR too many alerts now
I loved the app and have had it installed on my phone for YEARS but there has been a change made recently which sends out alerts on every, single, change, in the weather. This ruins the entire concept of an “alert.” I have this app installed to get alerts on severe storms or tornadoes not to get audio alerts on the fact that northwest GA is dry, or there might be rain today. If this barrage keeps up for another week this app is gone permanently, there are lots of competitors to choose from.
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4 years ago, Paula Bartow
What the heck??!!
I’ve had this app for years and now all of a sudden I’m getting a message telling me that this app is not available in my area. I live in Bartow County and we are most definitely in the WSB viewing area. Your descriptions say that someone traveling to Savannah can get weather updates but I can’t even use the app at all?!? What’s going on? And when I go to “app support” the only means of contact is a telephone number that’s for the news room. It doesn’t even give an option for app support! Cox Media, please get this fixed ASAP. I’ve always depended on you guys for the most accurate weather and alerts. Hope I don’t get caught in a tornado in this “not available in your area” area 😠
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2 years ago, BridgettLeah
Not so great if you're using slow wifi (rural)
This app is likely 5 stars if you're fortunate enough to have higher internet speeds; unfortunately, if you're rural and your only choice is spotty 4G or gluttonous ATT DSL(ow), you'll never be able to view the apps radar feature. Seeing as how nearly half of Georgians are still in the predicament of being in the latter position, the app isn't all that for us. I personally use (out of state) weather app - WLOX- and add my location to view a radar that works with my Internet.
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5 years ago, Nubluz
Liked the old version better
My experience with the new iPhone app hadn’t been very good. I find the layout too small & congested for my phone. The previous layout was much more readable & I could see what I needed at a glance. Plus it seems to take forever to load if it loads at all. It likes to tell me I don’t have a network connection when in fact I do. Cellular & WiFi! The only fix for that is close the current session then try again. Or do what I’m starting to do now which is forget this app and fire up the Weather Channel app! Really, I expect better from WSB.
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5 years ago, Verdant Cove
Forced To "Upgrade" to Unreliable App
Updated July 10th: My concern is that it took you over a month to fix the problem with loading the radar. That's dangerous. Have you addressed the problem with false claims the device isn't connected to the Internet? The team has forced us to upgrade the app, but the reliability of radar has diminished. As noted by another user, the app often erroneously determines you don't have an Internet connection. This new series of updates has all the feels of unreliable software pushed by management and marketing. That isn't something that's reliable enough to use to protect you and your family.
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1 year ago, Ace's Mom
Everyone Gone
I only watch WSB but everyone is gone it seems. Richard Belcher better not leave. I went from elementary thru high school. Waaaaaaaaaaay back then you had the Pledge of Allegiance, I think the Lords Prayer and someone got to read the Bible before class started. Richard and his best friend David Hull would find the longest chapter they could get away with. So Richard has been”On Stage” forever.
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3 years ago, jerry culberson
Don’t like all of the different videos at once. Please keep things showing current situation for quick read. Do like subsequent info, but immediate hi/low temps that day and forecast today and projected same for days ahead. Not big on the team roofing ad immediately. Add it after today info. Fox storm team also needs to cut to the chase. Thx
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2 years ago, cpntrev
Ads are intrusive
I’ve used this app for quite some time, and have always preferred it to most others. The forecast is generally quite accurate. Recently though it feels like the ads have become more intrusive, especially ads with animation. I’d prefer an option of paying a modest price for the app that would remove the ads all together, rather than be accosted by annoying blinking and flashing adverts.
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5 years ago, Menuga
Brian Monaghan=Best forecast
It’s SO nice to have the actual weather report from TV & the app, if/when Brian does it. He, Katie& Ebony have THE MOST ACCURATE forecast I’ve seen yet from Channel 2. Brad is a close follower, otherwise, it’s like the more”fancy”, advanced equipment you get in, the worse the report gets from the others. Seriously, Guy Sharp had better forecast 45 years ago when I was a kid than SOME give now with the “all new” equipment. It’s so nice to get a morning forecast fir a change and it actually happen instead of preparing for downpours and it’s hot and clear all day, or prepare for clear, dry days and get Drenched 1-2” of rain. Thanks Brian!!! Also, Katie, Ebony & Brad.
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5 years ago, Spear777
Whats Up With Local
I cant find a single Weather App that is local and dependable. All I hear about is how its a necessity to have local during severe weather, lives depend on it but none is available tous locally. It took a year for the Channel 2 WeatherApp to get fixed last time and now its messed up again according to the reviews. Something is just not quite right about nothing being done to make knowledge available to us in our area...
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5 years ago, Monroe gamer
Liked the old version so much better. New version is too congested. Main complaint is it frequently tells me I have no wi-fi connection when my iPad says I do. That never happened until the new version was implemented. Once that message shows up may be next day before I can open.
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5 years ago, ClaireDeluxe
Ugh why???
I check this weather app all day bc I work outside. 3/5 times I will open it and get a Network Error msg saying it failed to connect. When the app first opens, every day of the week reads “100%” then morphs into the day’s forecast. I want to know the hourly weather for the next 24 hours - can’t do it. Don’t want to watch the video - if I did, I’d open WSB app. I used this app everywhere I traveled but it’s too cluttered and features the meteorologists too prominently. The old app was clean and quick. No bueno guys
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1 year ago, FLGALineFan
Provides weather where ever I travel!
This is the best weather app! I travel in my RV and I can always depend on this app to give reliable weather information and radar so I can make informed traveling decisions. This means a lot to me especially when facing dangerous weather!
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3 years ago, LeenaShirley
Great app
I love that I can check the forecast before making plans for upcoming days. I can get real time radar to know when the heavy rain will be in my area and the weather alerts are always right on. I can’t do all of that with any other app. Thank you WSB for a great app that makes my life easier.
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5 years ago, cbsdaylight
I liked the old App MUCH BETTER!
With the old App the Radar was always right on target, now with the new App there’s a screwed up delay or something, and it will show heavy storms coming that’s really not as bad as the Radar shows, the old App when I saw ”red” I knew heavy storms were coming! The old App was MUCH MORE RELIABLE!!! Bring it back please!
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5 years ago, vcwd00
New app is terrible!!!
What did you do??? You had an app that worked great, it was my weather go-to. Now I can’t even get to a weather forecast. Only thing working is the radar-which I don’t use. I’ve been loading and reloading thinking it was my settings but now I see the other reviews and see it’s far more systematic. Fire the person who came up with this gem. I’m checked out. It’s been weeks waiting for this to be fixed and the wsb app is still useless. Delete. I’ll use the other Atlanta stations weather app.
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2 years ago, Hmmmmmm77777777777777777777
Best weather tool out there…even in travel
Ii Dow loaded this app during inclement weather but it’s been essential in so many instances. We literally drove through a tornado warning yesterday and only channel 2 was able to help us pinpoint where to go.
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4 years ago, My Write Mind
But Won’t open for me
I see there was an update recently but I cannot get past the first screen showing the meteorologists pictures. I have never experienced this before so overall I use this app all the time.l and love it. So please fix so I can open it and continue to use ! Thanks.
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1 year ago, VMF312
The Best of the Best
How often we criticize, how seldom we praise. This is not and has never been the case with WSB WEATHER. They have always set the highest standard in meteorology professionalism. Brad Nitz and his team are “the best of the best” We are long time fans and I might add that Glen Burns trained the team well. Keep up the great work. Tom Senior
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4 years ago, 50 for a little while longer
I had it on an older iPad 3 and it took it away
I had this previously and I was having problems and it wouldn't let me have back when I went to delete and reload. It doesn't work at all. So disappointing
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3 years ago, Cinder47
Updates at my Fingertips
When I’m away from my TV, including in my tornado safe place, the WSB weather app keeps me informed about current and upcoming weather. It’s indispensable for making any necessary weather-related decisions throughout the day.
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3 years ago, Mrs. Quilter
WSB-TV is the best!
When you watch WSB, you feel like you are watching members of your extended family. They have the best group of reporters, anchors, and weather forecasters on TV in our opinion. We especially love the morning crew. They get our days started off with smiles. Thanks WSB!
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3 years ago, rapapay
App broken
The WSB news app has completely quit working on my iPhone 11 I’ve tried everything I even installed on my wife’s phone from a new start and it doesn’t work on her phone either somethings going on
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5 years ago, kamcc
PLEASE Go Back To The Old App!!!!
I don’t like the layout of the new one. It’s too long loading and the radar (not sure how this is possible) seems to be less accurate. I’m current having a small monsoon at my house yet radar shows rain no where near me! This has happened several times with the new app, but NEVER with the old one! Also, too awkward getting to video forecasts.
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3 years ago, Blindman1313
Great weather app
This weather app continues to do what it does for me. Even though I live in Macon Georgia, this app is very informative as far as alerts are concerned. When you are blind and you are outside, The Lightning feature is very important to have. Keep up the great work. Please add BTI Baron Tornado Index and hail alerts.
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3 years ago, DQ29
What happened to the radar?
Why has the radar changed with the latest versions? It is now very pixelated, and the radar only shows the area of the “sweep”. I can’t zoom out and see what’s heading in our direction from a few states away. I previously gave this app 5/5 stars. Please change it back!
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2 years ago, Memah42
WSB-Tv is my go to station. They aren’t playing around they will tell you what to expect. Better know hat the worse could be and be ready and delighted if it turns out not to be as first told.
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2 years ago, SB981
If you’re out of town, you’re out of luck!
There are potentially dangerous storms heading toward Coweta County tonight. I am out of the country and the app will not allow me to use it simply because of my location. Very frustrating not to even be able to watch the weather broadcast and see what’s happening at home. Please allow access that is not dependent upon location!
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3 years ago, ChetterM
We’re avid viewers of the network but it’s aggravating when you show the weather maps with different colors for weather movement and not explain the difference in the weather by the colors…..
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3 years ago, Oldwomanontherun
I always depend on Channel 2 to get the severe weather notifications out to us. I love the way this app sends notifications of predictions of severe weather and how to make sure the app is correctly “on” so all the warnings will get to us.
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2 years ago, A Yellowstone reader
Radar Map all messed up
Something has happened to your radar map on this app. I am sitting here with rain & map shows nothing. I have deleted, reinstalled, loc server on, and still seeing an inaccurate map. Has been going on for a while. Used to be very reliable but now it is not. You need to fix this cause I am switching over to Fox 5. Poor performance from something associated with WSB - Atlanta’s gold standard.
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4 years ago, DaveyRavey79
Ad’s are annoying for every short video
The same ad repeated over and over for short video clips are annoying. Some of the time the ad is longer than the clip itself. Would be better to play 1 and then not again. Plus ad is usually advertising their own weather service
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2 years ago, idlewood6133
This app is amazing!!! I got rid of my cable so my news is not local or live. This app has signal me and brought me up to date of bad weather so I can know how to start my day and plan it
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3 years ago, ThunderDan65
Buy far the best weather App
I’ve deleted all the other apps after downloading this. Most detailed and certainly the most accurate!!
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4 years ago, Echoglow
It’s just news
I only use this to browse through the top news stories, and it does that just fine. Unfortunately recently the ads at the bottom seem to make my music stop each time a new ad loads. That’s pretty annoying.
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4 years ago, drwfc3
Dangerous app!!
I downloaded the weather app to receive real-time weather alerts with sound. I selected the appropriate sound for severe weather; siren. Well, the siren sounded briefly which is dangerous and the sound could not wake anyone up from sleep because it is brief. I thought the sound would continue until I turned it off. Nope, this app gives a notification with the brief sound. For my safety, I will purchase a weather alert radio.
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3 years ago, Connet7
Love WSB TV Weather
I love this channel and the weather especially. It’s my only go to channel for news and weather. I trust our weather people because they do such a wonderful job.
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1 year ago, Timebandithunter
I have watched WSB all my life. Except for when I lived out of state and out of the country. You present the best all around news and weather and have best all around reporters and meteorologists.
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3 months ago, EthanRuark
Horrible predictions
Absolute worst weather app there is, cant even predict the weather within the next hour, itll do you better to just look outside your window than it will to us this app. Must be hiring people off the streets because these weathermen have no clue what they are talking about, only thing they get right is the temperature, but when it comes to rain don’t even check the app.
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5 years ago, SusansViews
New Update is Not Better
Don’t like the new update. Much harder to use. Please bring back the old one. The new television graphics are worse too. You don’t stand out anymore. Seems less professional. Looks like it could be CBS or NBC weather. That is not a compliment.
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2 years ago, 4Danes
Always accurate and only weather I trust!
WSB’s weather is my go-to source. The most accurate weather forecasts. Always we I trust when storms are approaching. The meteorologists are the best!
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3 years ago, Chuck075
Good weather coverage
I would recommend this app to anyone who wants instant coverage at their location and when traveling in Georgia
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5 years ago, Wanda_schroeder
Loading takes too long
I really like the new update, but the waiting for it to load takes to long.. it used to pop up when I click on it, but not anymore..when I click on your app.. I stare at all of your faces for a few minutes..that’s too long.
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4 years ago, jd is already taken
Weather app.
The app appears to be designed to guarantee that the user will click on your ad scheme. The information is not undated and does not match your live forecasts. The radar is nit active mist of the time. However the ads work all of the time. Too many video that just hang around. You never give a detailed report telling us what is causing the weather pattern. It’s really a poorly designed app
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