4.6 (3.6K)
68 MB
Age rating
Current version
WSBT, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSBTweather

4.64 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, quarantine really hit me!
Update idea
I was wondering if you guys could make an update that allows us to select what severe weather alert for announce since I am tired of hearing the avalanche warning example when testing the announce choice. So my idea is that when we press announce in the notification part of the settings for the severe weather sound, it will put a check on the announce and pull up a list of the severe alerts. When you press one of them, it will announce that example you press. For example, when I’m in the example list and I press Tornado Warning, It will announce it like there’s a tornado. Once you press on one, it won’t kick you out of the list. If you guys can please make this update, it would be super nice. Thank You!
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5 years ago, Aren Spiritus
New Changes, Mixed Results
First of all, while the satellite imagery serving as the background will take some getting used to, it’s not bad. I bet that could be the source of some of the loading issues other isers have been complaining of though. Loading satellite data is notorious for taking a while. I do like being able to see lightning reports and forecast radar for the future so those’re a plus. I’m not 100% on the extra detail given to the Strong (green lightning), Hail (blue hail), Rotating (Yellow wind), and Strong Rotating (red wind) symbols though. It feels a bit too busy to look at. There is such a thing as too much eye candy. Someone not familiar with the app and/or weather maps in general may find it too confusing and too busy. Also, I am NOT a fan of the different color codes assigned to watch/warning polygons. Part of this is due to how the app used to be but it also has to do with traditional color codes. Red is typically reserved for Tornado Watches and Warnings. Suddenly seeing red polygons allocated for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings instead of the usual yellow/orange colors typically reserved for Severe T-storm Watches and Warnings is off-putting and confusing. I HIGHLY that be changed.
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11 months ago, 27RedAnn
Radar good, forecast lacking
The real time radar is good. The real time +future is pretty good. The future only radar is a total guess. If they give a notification of weather to hit within 20 minutes they are fairly accurate. However if the hourly forecast predicts a thunderstorm or shower at a certain time in a couple of hours it’s only a 50:50 chance at best that they are correct. If it’s a big system and strong with severe weather they are very helpful with their alerts. Those system don’t tend to die off. Perhaps since they are located in South Bend, Indiana there forecast is accurate there. Further east where fronts off Lake Michigan die the forecast is not great. Also fronts coming out of the Southwest tend to die off after hitting the Plymouth to Goshen area. Some topographical quirk and it’s been observed time and time again.
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3 years ago, 8n0nA67seo9
Excellent Weather App Anywhere
I’ve used this app for years and love it. The forecasts are highly accurate and the visuals are extremely informative and can be tailored to different situations. It also works probably anywhere in the world, I’ve used it all over the United States, Canada, and Europe and it gives me local weather info and forecasts for my location with the same quality everywhere from Athens, Greece to Vancouver, Canada to Dallas, Texas. Recommended highly to anybody.
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1 year ago, AbbLantz
Used to love it
This app had some update and now the radar is messed up. It only shows future radar, doesn’t show the current radar or the past radar in motion (which is essential for actually knowing how storms are moving). It used to give you the option of “past + future” radar and now that button is broke. I’ve essentially given up on using this app until this gets fixed.
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3 years ago, DoUcIt2
My favorite weather app!
I’ve lived all over the world and I’ve used this app everywhere. Absolute hands down favorite weather app! Love that it can show you what direction bad weather is traveling in. Love the notifications when bad weather is near my area. I really really really wish they had a AppleTV app.
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5 years ago, 🔔Bell🔔
WSBT is my go-to news and weather, but this app is awful now!
I’m tech savvy, but maybe I’m missing some things. Any time we have a watch/warning, it completely blocks the actual radar of the storm. I can’t set the transparency rate of the warning boxes, and it makes it hard to figure things out. Also, the red for thunderstorms is seriously throwing me off. Red, at least for our local stations, has always been for Tornados. I’m currently looking for a new radar app u til we get a new version. Or we get our old app back. Old version was 1000x better than the new.
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12 months ago, LisaPardue
My favorite weather app
I have lived in numerous states and I always seem to find myself checking this app vs the other ones! The radar is very accurate!
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12 months ago, Garry 1911
I don’t understand why since the last update, the radar opens up to the whole country instead of just the location I have selected. I hope you put it back the way it was before the last update. If I wanted to see the radar for the whole country, I would pick USA as my location.
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12 months ago, lonewolf1361
Mr & Mrs Sater, Jimtown area
Although this feature is quite handy and gives a description and time of when a storm is to be taking place in one’s area. It isn’t always correct. Perhaps it shows there will be rain, but there have been times when there aren’t any rain showers or rain falling.
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4 years ago, RustiqueandChic
Not nearly as good as it used to be
Used to like the app, I like the concepts of it but it struggles to load when most critical and pretty much after the fact in the past year especially. Really bad in the past 6 months. Not sure what they changed, maybe it’s the ads that take up too much, not allowing the purpose of the app to run effectively. I need to see where the storm is going, not where I can get price gouged from.
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12 months ago, lotsoftlc, Indiana
No audible warnings
I love the app but for some reason I cannot get it to give me consistent, audible warnings. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app several times, but I still only get alerts for a few times and then it goes silent.
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10 months ago, Gold fish girl
Ez to use. They have past,present,and future weather so you can see where and when the system is going to hit.
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6 years ago, Jrtski
Used to love this app
Not sure what’s going on but since the latest update it takes on average 3 minutes just to get the welcome screen to go away to see the radar. Then it takes forever to load the image. I have an iPhone 7 with the latest update so it’s not like I’m out of date. Please fix it! I don’t want to use any other platform for radar
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5 months ago, 1936chevy
Very happy with the app. The only complaint I have is I can’t get current information during bad weather
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1 year ago, kmarimba
Ever since the app updated to include 24hr radar forecasting, it’s basically broken entirely. Radar won’t load, and when it does it moves extremely slowly, to the point where if I had to rely on this in an actual weather emergency, I would give up and honestly just follow Twitter. Can we roll back the changes please? I just want the old app back :(
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12 months ago, Mustafa Balla
Great weather
An updated daily weather information, thank you all WSBT team.
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2 years ago, xrwv
News issue
Love the weather part of the App, but the news feed will not load. The images come up but when you click on them all you get is a blank screen. Please fix this!!!
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12 months ago, Boilermaker’s
22 weather on line
It’s a pretty good app but it over hyped some weather condition that don’t materialize! Especially in the winter seasons. Also do not like the new radar live map go back to old one
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6 years ago, Lizress
Old video
Hello I love to get my weather information from all of you at WSBT-TV, however when I go to the app to watch videos for the day they are almost always old. I just went on for morning weather and got last nights 6:00pm report. It happens nearly everyday.
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4 years ago, 123@@777
Loading Issues Continue
I used to love the app, but since the last iOS update, the ability of the app to open is sporadic at best. I previously notified the station about this. I really dislike having to power down my phone and back up to use the app. Please do something to fix this.
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3 years ago, John the artist
Alert changes are awful
I’m chief meteorologist John and I don’t really care to hear WHO your employees are EVERY TIME LIGHTNING IS DETECTED IN MY AREA. I’m chief meteorologist John and it might just be annoying to start every alert that way, but I’m chief meteorologist John and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get back the old, shorter alerts. I’m chief meteorologist John and this has been my 1-star review of your annoying app.
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6 months ago, No Name!!! (all names taken)
…..of timely weather notifications sent and ease of application use. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Anna Varda
Thank you for all of the help and weather
Thank you for all of the help watches and warnings and weather
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2 years ago, Kiwirat
news link needs updated
We love this app for the radar. But the news link needs to be updated to a secure connection. If this portion worked, we would give this app 5 stars.
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11 months ago, A.r.c.h.e.r
Humble service guy
Fantastic app I love the weather, alerts and very accurate also!
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6 years ago, Lisaloo467
Takes a long time to load
Seriously- why? It takes anywhere between 1-3 minutes to load. It doesn’t matter if I’m on Wifi or using my data. I’m thinking about deleting it because I rarely use because it takes so long to load.
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4 years ago, WhyenforceThisNicknameSystem
Bad Reviews are lies
This weather app is literally the best one out there. I never experience and glitches using this. Definitely deserves 5 stars.
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3 months ago, cometisons1zzle
Best Weather Station
Great quick, accurate reporting to help start my day!
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3 months ago, MiamiKicksA$$
Wish you guys will update your weather forecast videos more often. other than that you guys are wonderful.
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12 months ago, GetErRight4once
Never even close to correct weather
Pathetic and incompetent
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11 months ago, California Gran
Good to know
I love being able to plan my day according to the expected temp.
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12 months ago, showtme78
love the weather app
Best app on my phone love it keeps me up-to-date. Love the alerts.
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5 years ago, JD000000000000000
Interferes with Kindle App
When trying to open kindle content it wants to open it with the WSBT app. Other than that, I use this app frequently.
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5 years ago, Plantingrl
Horrible update! A HUGE step back from what it replaced.
The satellite image now being used is VERY dark and VERY outdated. It is a satellite image at least 8 years old - not current. With as dark as it is, the cloud/rain overlays are much harder to see precipitation. Very poor update. I will be switching weather apps if this is not corrected.
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4 years ago, mlbelsaas
Please, please update the wsbt weather app. I used it successfully on my ipad and iphone for several years. Now it won’t open reliably- usually not at all. I’m so disappointed to be losing access to the best weather team in the area. Do I HAVE to go to another online local weather source? Please fix it?
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6 months ago, Janlce00
Dependable weather forecast
Dependable weather conditions hourly Very good app Thanks
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5 months ago, Vileski
Checking the weather app you have to look at the conditions it would be nice if it spoke with me
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2 years ago, cant tell my name
I’ve been using this app for years and it’s epic
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12 months ago, ᑭᖇᗴTTY ᗷᒪᑌᗴᔕ
Non Accuracy
For the most part.. it’s just s as easy to look outside to see the weather.. my husband & I both have the app & our temps are never the same..
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12 months ago, debbiemac25
New Screen
I use to love the app when it showed just my region. I don’t like how it’s been changed. I cannot get it to go back to the old screen and stay there.
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1 year ago, Bull crab app
WSBT Weather app
They recently changed the app so that we have to reset our home town every time we turn it on. It was easier before.
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3 years ago,
What happened
I enjoyed your app for at least two years and now I need a password for every news story and no direction how to sign up or why I need to I have switched to wndu until this is repaired
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12 months ago, Flash radar
Radar keeps flashing
When on the app, the radar flashes for a brief moment. It is never constant. So you can never see the radar accurately.
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7 years ago, Joe Blow from Kokomo
Prefer landscape over portrait
New version auto flips from landscape to portrait on opening...not a preferred mode for an iPad.
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6 years ago, Drlaecb
Used to be favorite
Doesn’t work most of the time. Doesn’t show current temperature, or conditions. Everything is always blank.
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6 years ago, Apg2009!
It’s great
It’s great cause I can see when there is a big storm or tornado
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1 year ago, Joe Putziebukem
The best
My go to for weather
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5 years ago, doodlelie
Used to be good.
New colors are horrible. Even difficult to find the lakes. Who has ever colored the water brown? Change it back!
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5 years ago, heather south bend
June 2019
New map colors are awful. The black background makes it so tough to read. Then a watch or warning and you cannot even see the actual precipitation through all the thick dark colors.
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