WSFA First Alert Weather

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Raycom Media Inc
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for WSFA First Alert Weather

4.76 out of 5
17K Ratings
4 years ago, Cynthia Spigener
We are so blessed to have you Josh and all of the WSFA Weather team!!!...I know that you saved me and my family last March when we was under a tornado watch then thunderstorm warning and Birmingham said it was ok to come out of your safe place and you said “NO”... you did not like the way things looked!!!...I less than 5 minutes a tornado was right on top of us!!!...we had a lot of damage but by the grace of God and an awesome meteorologist and weather team we were all still in our safe place!!!!...thank you all for what y’all do and especially staying on air the whole entire time !!!!.... just can’t say enough about WSFA WEATHER!!!! the way all of you guys and gals cut up and have a good time on Facebook live!!!! all are awesome!!! Cynthia Spigener Titus AL
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4 years ago, spud0912
Not flawless,but close!
Seeing first hand what an Ef4 can do,I started learning about the weather. On that stormy day I was an 11th grade at Kinston in Coffee County,Al. The devastation gave me a whole other perspective on what can happen! From S.L.I.M,to velocity, too cape I’ve learned it. So when severe approaches I use the Wsfa weather app,along with a couple more. The only downfall is sometimes the actual radar is either to slow or to fast. Then when we have storms like Sunday night, where they surveyed the damage and later announced it to be an EF2 in Covington,County where I live now. However during the sirens blaring,the roaring of the train sound, flickering of lights,with 4G the app froze and I couldn’t do anything with it for about 5 minutes,every time I went back to the app to refresh it was still froze! Other than that I couldn’t ask for a better app!
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4 years ago, A. Norris Cox
Check this before Weather Channel
I check the WSFA weather app before I do the weather channel app. It’s more reliable, and I like how their warnings are the same as on TV. They don’t just turn the whole county red they show you specifically the portion that is under a tornado warning. It comes through loud on my phone when there is a warning issued. Last weekend we had tornados in my area and wether channel did not come through at all. Our power went out, and service was not reliable. However, my husband was able to get this app to come through on his phone and we watched live from the closet. I tell everyone I know to get this app because I trust it the most.
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4 years ago, Sissy@1964
WSFA Weather Review
I’m very thankful for the WSFA Weather APP. I live in the country and have satellite TV which means a little wind and the satellite goes out (not your fault)! But that means I cannot always watch the live TV radar or continuous weather reports. I have to TOTALLY depend on the app at times during a storm. Thank you for always keeping it up to date. Also I love your FB lives during a storm. I can check FB on my IOS so that’s another form of contact with the news team. Keep up the good work. PS... after seeing the damage at WindCreek on Sunday, I will definitely need a weather radio for our camper. But I will need help to know how to program the different places we camp.
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4 years ago, Hailey O'Bryant
Awesome App
I love this app. I can check it whenever I like to find out the current temperature outside, humidity, dewpoint, and even what time the sun will set. I love that it gives an hour by hour look at today’s weather and a 10 day outlook so I will know what to expect. It even has a radar I can check to see what the storms look like if there are any. The WSFA weather team post videos each day, sometimes multiple times a day, to the app explaining the weather. It even notifies me of watches or warnings in my area. The WSFA weather app is a must have on your phone!
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4 years ago, abweeks@elbaed
Win a Raido
My name is Brooke Weeks. I live out in the country where the WiFi isn’t solid and the satellite isn’t dependable during bad weather. I rely on our faithful and dedicated local weather team to keep me informed. This weather Raido would keep me more informed when the internet and satellite goes out during bad weather! We put our trust in the weather team to get us through scary times! Thank you! Thank you to the National Weather Service for giving us the opportunity to get updates via weather Raido!
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4 years ago, Abaker616
Great Resource
We rely on WSFA Weather App and Facebook streaming during weather situations because satellite signals tend to go out with the slightest bit of wind/rain. We can stream from our phones to our TV and have the comfort of reliable weather reporting even when our signal is out. Josh and the team are very knowledgeable about specific locations and communities in Central Alabama and give updates by naming those when things are getting intense. Great job WSFA Weather Team! Amanda Baker
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4 years ago, Cs182bama
The best weather app
The WSFA Weather App is an awesome tool to have to keep your family safe. Not only do you have the 7 day forecast, radar but you also have 1 minute updates throughout each day. You also can watch them live on the weather app when they go live for breaking weather coverage. To me that’s the most important tool on the app bc if you have satellite or just not near a tv you can always trust that they will be on the app.
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4 months ago, Multar
Poor excuse for a weather app
Using this app is dangerous. You cannot see the warning boxes, there’s a tornado warning right now and you can’t see it on the radar because there’s no contrast on the warning box, it just blends in with the radar scan. The watch boxes make it even harder since they color individual counties vs drawing a see-able box around a section of the state. Can’t watch a 10 second weather video without a 15 second buggy ad that you must watch twice because it glitches. The alerts push to the phone after the threat has passed. My recommendation; invest a few bucks and get WeatherScope. Even WSFA used it during a broadcast before.
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4 years ago, BexxRosee
Best Weather app!
I love the app it’s great to use when the power and tv go out and gets the proper information to those who need it. The app is very convenient and helpful as it lets me know if there is any rain nearby, if there are any storms and if there are any warnings. The only problem I have with the app is that whenever I try to watch the live from the app, the live video will not play. This has happen the last two Sunday’s with the severe weather.
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3 years ago, cool00789
The weather team at WSFA is outstanding !! They go above and beyond the call of duty daily as well as during times of inclement weather. Many of us are older and depend on them to get us the most up to date coverage when the weather can turn deadly very quickly. Thanks to Josh, Amanda, Lee and Tyler and to the support staff at WSFA for all that you do for us !! I still haven’t won my weather umbrella but will keep trying !! God Bless you all !! Don and Tanya Cooley Pike Road Alabama
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4 years ago, Mo problems
The weather app and the weather team are great resources to have, especially amidst severe weather. I use the app almost every day to plan my day and to plan ahead for future activities. I drive two hours round trip to work so weather is important to me. My phone is programmed to receive the latest updates and each team member does a great job explaining the facts. Thanks for providing the app. It’s the best on around. Reeivice Girtman EUFAULA, AL
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4 years ago, Nonna21nTroy
Rhonda Goforth
I use the WSFAWEATHER app all the time, not just when the weather is risky. I appreciate the daily updates. BUT... when there is a risk for severe weather, I LOVE my app. You can get current radar as well as projected radar weather. You can get detailed down to the road names and Hwy numbers or you can get the radar of the entire US. Kudos to the weather professionals at WSFAWEATHER for the level service they provide.
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4 years ago, AwEsOmE2024
Such a bad app
Even with all the updates it gives, still a terrible app. Doesn’t matter if you are connected to WiFi or running off cellular data, you have to close the app multiple times just to even try to get the video to run. When it finally does, you have to watch a commercial every time. If I want to know what’s coming my way weather wise, I don’t want to have to wait for a commercial first. I tried giving this app multiple chances but I just can’t anymore. And with all the negative reviews, you would think someone would get a clue and make this better but I guess they just don’t care enough. Sorry, had to delete, it’s just that bad.
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4 years ago, Katie L D
Great app! Use daily.
Great app. I love the quick videos uploaded especially during a weather event we’re watching/waiting for. Another good feature is the radar. It’s nice to be able to see future views with a time stamp. Seeing the hourly forecast and the feels like temp is fun. Especially on cold days when it’s 45 but feels like 30 degrees. Makes trying to brag to my northern family and friends fun🤣
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7 months ago, Auburn-DrKc
App is always buggy
I hate the application is always buggy. When I try to watch the video and change the screen to landscape view, it freezes and I have to Re-watch the ads. Then when I try to pause the video to zoom in on the times of the storms, the app freezes again, and won’t return to normal view. I have to shut down the app, reopen and Re-watch ads again. The application does not immediately open, there is a 8-10 second pause when opening the app. It is the only local app I can use for weather, so I have to keep it. The application needs work!
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4 years ago, 54pineapple
WSFA Weather App
My name is Joyce Wall from Pine Apple, Al. I give this app 5 stars. It has been very accurate in our area. One big bonus is that you can tract the storms on the radar and when the power goes off, as it did here during the past two Sundays outbreaks, it was accurate and very reassuring to see the path of the storms and get watches and warnings. Great for planning your week with the extended outlook.
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4 years ago, Lucinda Cleaver
Always keeps us in the know
The team at WSFA is always very trustworthy. They make seeing updates and warnings easy. They also have an awesome radar with past and future views. They post extra content besides just what is on their live station. This app and that team make severe weather days a lot easier and less stressful. It’s great to know you can count on accurate real time updates.
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2 years ago, fizzlecat
Trouble with video
I love having updates on my phone, because I’m often working outside. However, about half the time, the video has an error and will not open. I hope it will be fixed soon! Also, we cannot get any channel 12 products on our digital antenna here in Plantersville( north Dallas county.) My daughter in Prattville also has poor reception. Where is your broadcast antenna, so we can be sure our antenna is at least pointed in the right direction? Thanks!
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3 years ago, Ernie Rains
A Ton Of Local Weather Info
Love the WSFA Weather app! I moved away last June but still use it for my local weather info needs. Hour by hour info tells me what to expect when I’m planning my day. If severe weather is coming I can see it via the radar.I can scan over to other locals. Just a ton of info to help me enjoy the weather of east Alabama!
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2 years ago, Robinjoy1
Terrific app and team!
Love love this app and the team at WSFA. Josh always goes the extra mile to make sure we are on point with the weather and our family is safe and sound. I appreciate them more than words can say and five stars just aren’t enough for how I really feel! Thanks for all the time and effort that goes into keeping us safe. ❤️🤗❤️🤗
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1 year ago, Wil2win
Radar doesn’t work on my phone. I get a black screen when accessing the radar tab. I can remove app the reinstall it. It will work for a day then go back to black screen. All of the other options work great. Weather forecast are good and accurate. Maybe it’s my phone or operating system. I just wish the radar worked I have no problems with other weather apps radar working. Not sure what the issue is.
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4 years ago, Marcia P Ortega
Weather Radio Contest
Marcia Ortega ( Prattville) This weather app is the best I have seen. If power goes out we have access to the app and never miss a beat. I love the different features it offers and the loud siren it has to wake us up. All the meteorologists do a great job and make us all feel safe. I can truly say that we have the best team out there🙌 keep up the good work💪
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4 years ago, Katelynn Kent
Pros & Cons of this app
I love that y’all post videos of updated with the weather! I love that y’all keep in touch with the viewers! Some down falls to this app a lot of times my radar doesn’t like to load so I have to close the app a couple of times just to see what’s on the radar. Another thing my dog hates the robo voice when I get weather alerts.. maybe we could humanize that voice?!
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4 years ago, Donna B Grant
Weather app...
I love the wsfa weather app! Look at it every morning to see what the day will be like and helps me decide what to wear... lol!! Very helpful during the day when weather changes great updates... very informative! I would love to have a weather monitor for i live in a mobile home and in case my phone and tv dies due to no electricity i can still be updated on weather.
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4 years ago, Xabyz
WSFA weather
The app is great!! It goes off lid bough for us to hear. I do wish you would write out the videos. Sometimes I am in a position where I cannot listen to the video. You by far, exceed other weather stations in Montgomery. Thank you and weather team for all you do to keep us safe.
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4 years ago, katokw
Kathy Bassett
I like the WSFA Weather App. I used it a lot on Sunday night when those horrible winds came through Troy, and we lost electricity during the storm. It helped me know that the storm had passed, and it was safe to leave my safe place. I was so glad to be able to watch coverage there and on FB.
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4 years ago, margaret cain
WSFA weather review
We Love listening in and watching WSFA weather they always keep up updated on the weather through Facebook and the weather app. If we are going to have bad weather we are going to know about it!!! I appreciate everything y’all do to make sure we a covered. Again thank you WSFA!!! Y’all’s great fan Margaret Cain
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3 years ago, LDN & DJN
Thank you WSFA
Josh and the whole weather crew at WSFA are absolutely incredible!! We watch their weather reports every evening, have the weather app on iPhone and stay tuned to WSFA during weather ‘events.’ We are convinced those wall-to-wall weather reports and warnings have saved lives. Thank you!
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4 years ago, JonesAngela
Josh Johnson WSFA
We always depend on WSFA weather to keep us informed on weather issues. He has been outstanding this week. We have been without power since Sunday and I could still watch the news from Facebook Live on my phone. Thank you for going the extra mile for those without power or cable!
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4 years ago, Southern zombie fan
Always good to have
I grew up with a storm radio ! Living in the south my whole life I have seen how much of a essential home device is in the south and spring time . Very easy to program and u just set it and forget it till the day it goes off lol . We always forget it’s there till storm season hits . Thank u for the entry. Jessica Burchell Luverne alabama
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4 years ago, Amanda Fuller!
Amanda Fuller
I absolutely love this app! I have up to date radar, temps, and any weather info I may need! Weather alerts for watches and warnings! It “follows” me and I can find the info for my current location! My 9 year old uses it more than I do...(aspiring meteorologist) I would definitely recommend this app!
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2 months ago, albertdean2022
Good weather app
It’s a good weather app. My one small issue with it is whenever a watch or warning is issued for my area it always announcers it 3-4 times within seconds of each time when once would suffice.
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3 years ago, Mamie3444
First Alert
The advertisement at the beginning of using the app stays on the screen too long. We are unable to close it out so we can see the weather like we can on other app sites. The weather team on WSFA is wonderful!
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3 years ago, Bikeman1940
Great source for local weather
I must app for all. Keeps you up to date and provides accurate and useful information on current status and future weather situations. Thanks job well done.
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4 years ago, Michelle Cummings Owenby
Great weather app!
I love the different layers you can use on this app and that it alerts you to bad weather. The staff at WSFA are great and I love how they keep us informed before during and after bad weather. The only thing I do not care for is the rotating storm symbol if it doesn’t mean there is a tornado. It can cause confusion.
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4 years ago, amandadale1964
Weather app has honestly kept me at ease during storms I am one that will have a bad anxiety attack during a storm but I can stay at more at ease with the updates and alters thanks to everyone who puts in all the hard work for me and everyone specially during a storm Thank you, Amanda Dale Beverly
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4 years ago, Todd Hall
Absolutely love the app
Todd Hall- I use the app daily and it has never let me down. During severe weather I am able to use the WATCH LIVE feature and can keep up with everything. I truly appreciate the storm team and their App is great!! Highly highly recommended!
Show more
3 years ago, Grunchblau
Great meteorologists, cruddy app
The app has woken me up for two nights in a row... which would be fine if it were for severe weather. I turned off all notifications except the severe weather ones only to be woken up again today due to rain and lightning in my area! Oh no! Rain!?!? How important and severe! We better wake up the whole room including the sleeping infant. Fix the app please
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2 months ago, Jake Carl
Helps a lot for weather
This has more accurate information than the weather app on your phone already works so well 10 out of 10!!!!
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4 years ago, Hollky Blevins
WSFA Weather First Alert App
I think the app is excellent. I love that I can go anytime and look at radar to see where the severe weather is happening. I especially like that I can zoom into my location for a more exact view of the weather where I live.
Show more
4 years ago, Heidi Leszczynski
Fast and efficient information
I’ve never had any issues with the app. I’m always notified when the weather team goes live. I receive alerts timely. This app is my go to when I need to check the weather.
Show more
4 years ago, Rose Battle
Can’t do without the WSFA weather app
I keep my phone by my side anytime there is severe weather waiting for the notifications. I received notifications while at Disney World in December. I can always count on the app to keep me informed. Rose Battle
Show more
3 years ago, 504jo
iPhone viewing
I love the WSFA weather. I am disappointed that something changed in the way I could view it on my iPhone. I used to be able to turn my phone sideways and I could see a bigger map. The way it is I can hardly see the city names.
Show more
4 years ago, Samantha Copelan
Great, fast news!
You are my go to for immediate weather related news. You are on live and keep us up to date with potentially serious weather. My family is always thankful for your broadcast as bad weather is happening!
Show more
1 year ago, playerforayear
Weather Days WSFA
A team lead by Josh Johnson, I can rely the most accurate weather and up-to-date information for weather safety! Always professional! Love Amanda!!!! What a lovely professional young woman. Keep up the great work! You are appreciated! 🧚‍♀️
Show more
3 years ago, Shirk54
Weather app
I always check the WSFA weather map to find out what the weather will be everyday. Usually very accurate when I put in location where I am at the time.
Show more
4 years ago, prepaired
Less stress Terri Max
Love being able to have weather notifications at my fingertips anytime/anywhere! Knowing where the storm is. Makes me feel better and safe knowing if it’s in my area or not! If I should seek shelter or not! Feel better prepared!
Show more
2 years ago, Firetower Bill
Bill the Builder
I travel to many cities and WSFAWEATHER with Josh and crew by far are the most informative group, professional presentations, knowledgeable reporting. First Alert Weather Day I fell have saved many lives. Keep up the great work!!!!
Show more
4 years ago, cecea
Great to have
My go to tool to have during bad weather (and pleasant as well). We’ve had really bad weather in SE AL twice in the last 7 days. I could get in my safe space with weather info right at my fingertips. Thank you WSFA for having this for your listeners.
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