WSPA Weather

2.2 (41)
89.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSPA Weather

2.17 out of 5
41 Ratings
7 years ago, Clint H. from Sparkle City SC
Really needs some work
I have used this app for several years. Here within the last several months I have noticed that the amount of ads have increased to the point that it’s annoying to use. I can’t watch a weather forecast video without having to watch an ad and then 30 seconds into the video it stops and shows another ad. Every time you change screens you have to hit the X button on another ad. Enough with the ads!!!!! Deleted app and will find another one, cause this is ridiculous!!!!!
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2 years ago, old is good
No radar forecast
The whole idea of a weather app is to provide a forecast. The app changed in the past few weeks and no longer provides a radar forecast. When you live in Greenville where you can get rain almost any day, the radar forecast helps you plan. Now that is no longer available. Drops to the app to 2 stars
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2 years ago, dad2135
The update should have come with the option to change the background of the radar from white back to normal satellite. I held out from the new update as long as I could because of this. I guess I’ll have to install another weather app.
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2 years ago, 16 G
Deleted app then Good News!
I’ve had this app for 6-7 years and deleted it today after the new update. It no longer shows me earthquakes, which is something that interests me. Also the new update made the radar look like a regular white map instead if the satellite view I prefer. This stinks! GOOD NEWS! FOX Carolina has a weather app that’s a lot like the old version.
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2 years ago, Foggy Bob
Terrible app since update
Much more user friendly before the updated version. Too aggravating to find info, too and the Davis ad pops up all the time. Once is too many. I purchased the upgraded version on the previous version in order to get rid of ads but this one is full of them. I guess I got “took”.
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2 years ago, Nicktoday
The new radar is a no go.
I’m a big fan of WSPA and the weather team. I’m also a weather radar freak. For me, the radar on the new app leaves something to be desired. Going to find another weather app that has a different style of radar. Sincerely, Nick Key Gaffney, SC
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6 years ago, Chris in Taylors SC
Can’t view severe weather alert because of ads
I’ve had this app for several years and liked it at first but it’s almost Unusable! When I try to view weather alerts, the Davis Service ad pops up and will not let you stop them to view the alert. Pretty outrageous that I can’t view a severe weather alert because of an ad. I will be deleting this app for good. Too bad channel 7.
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2 years ago, Big.guy
New update is terrible.
I loved the fact that the old map had a satellite view and I could actually use the overlays. I like to see where all earthquakes and such have happened. The only good thing I like that was added is the storm direction arrows. Other than that, it’s a terrible app after the update.
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2 years ago, bov9
Update is terrible
Only weather app I used for several years but as of today it has been deleted. I kept it after the update hoping it would change back but no luck so far so thanks FOX Weather for a useable app that looks like a weather app should look.
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2 years ago, ChapKersh
Update not good
I used to love this app before the last update. It changed the entire app. It’s not a good change. Like the old app better. Will be using something else now.
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12 months ago, Unsure70
Used to be good
Whoever changed this app ruined it. It’s hard to use now. If you want to provide an app for us then listen to us. This new update, frankly, is horrible.
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3 years ago, itsa_review
Poorly designed
I don’t like the app. I don’t like the spinning wheel. The weather information is hard to find that you need. Almost never has the correct information. The weather tracker almost never works.
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8 years ago, BobInGreer
Temps hard to read after change
Putting small numbers (e.g. day's high temp) in dark red on a black background was a poor design choice. I've switched to the WYFF4 version so I won't have to find my reading glasses.
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4 years ago, donewith 7
Weather app
I tried to watch during the tornado out break sat night. It wasn’t showing much coverage. Ended up switching to news channel 4 Chris and Cedric had much better coverage. Christy didn’t seem to be taking the weather seriously!
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2 years ago, Vic.Vin
New Update is Awful!
What happened? I used this weather app above any other until new update. It’s so complicated & radar is awful. Looking for a new weather app
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2 years ago, New Mikey
Bad update!
Works poorly on an iPad! The weather map does not show detail as well. The daily forecast is not as good. I deleted it and went to another provider!
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4 years ago, Gaffneynana
It’s midnight I am have a really bad thunderstorm so I open the app and I keep getting is... this application is currently not available in your current location. REALLY ??? What is going on ?
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2 years ago, Bowens07
No Longer User Friendly
This app used to be easy to use. Not anymore.
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2 years ago, Rac Mama
New is not always good!
What the heck did you do to a perfectly good app? I hate this new update! Will be deleting this one!
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2 years ago, hdhgft
What happened
You had a good site and destroyed it with
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12 years ago, SCCOnline
Like the app but a major problem
The app always defaults to Greenville and those are the alerts it notifies me of. I live in Spartanburg and want to set it as my default. Whenever i delete Greenville from the cities it comes back. Rather ironic since WSPA is a Spartanburg station. I had an earlier version of this app branded for another station and didn't have trouble deleting that station's home city. Unfortunately, that version is no longer in the app store. Otherwise it is a good weather app.
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12 years ago, .....iK
Nice Weather App!!
This is one slick weather app!! EXTREMELY quick loading radar, satellite, etc., as well as smooth scrolling animations. Nice options for storm tracks and earthquake data. Easy to set up locations all across the USA. VERY fast load times on 10 day and hourly forecasts. I will say that the one thing I didn't like was that the location selector at the top is precariously close to the ads at the top and are easy to misdirect inputs...but that may be the point of this configuration! I would give it 5 stars if I had the option to purchase to remove ads.
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11 years ago, Sower2725
Great app!
This app is better than the Weather Channel for forecasting weather in the Burnsville area of the NC mountains.
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12 years ago, Jcc2323
Looks good!
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12 years ago, Brandon Mills
Love It!
One of the best weather apps on ios!
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7 years ago, Haullas
Best weather App
Great weather app.Its accurate and dependable.Theirs no hype just great weather prediction
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