WSSC Water

4.8 (4.7K)
37.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSSC Water

4.82 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
2 years ago, TheRedGinger
I used to like the app
The use of the app was great, but since the update I cannot locate my profile to change my password, nor can I logout. Please make this happen.
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10 months ago, Ayinde Ade
Not user friendly!
This app needs an upgrade! In this age and time, one does not need the stress of having to carry one’s card information around when you have an app that is supposed to be able to save such information and all you need is just login, verify that it’s you and then be able to make payments. Pls look more into this as it is very stressful for me to make payments! The app will not also let me payoff my total bal in one transaction and that makes it more difficult as I have to type again all the card information all over again!
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11 months ago, ZamamNakittir
Payment on Record
The app does not keep record of payment options used in previous payments. Having to enter routing number and account number each time is inconvenient. It would be better if these methods could be stored and selectable.
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1 year ago, Alindo157
Way Better
Responsive and quick.
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10 months ago, GySgt6970
Paying Bill
This was easy and customer friendly. Great job
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1 year ago, you need water
This App appears to be user friendly and easy to use thanks for the update on payment methods.
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4 years ago, singh2320
Much Better look and feel now
Now the app works fast and efficiently.. thank you to WSSC
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11 months ago, wssc customer
Account payment not working
Account payment bill not working tried to pay bill keep asking to add account when I tried to add account error aa count number invalid
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8 months ago, mhgvkhgv
WSSC failed to auto charge and login doesn’t work
Hello- My WSSC account is supposed to automatically charge my bank. I’m not supposed to find that my water bill has been accruing without my knowing. Please fix. Additionally my logon and password for desktop use stopped working for some reason. I know it stopped working because I have the email and password written down and I’ve logged in before. There is no password reset option, so anyone trying to figure out what their water bill is up to is screwed. Please fix. Thank you. Matt Stafford
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3 months ago, See...?
Crashes upon Launching
This version crashes upon launching, all it displays is “no data found” then crashes after clicking OK. The UI looks like unfinished as there are two unexpected gray lines crossed the only button on the screen. Didn’t the developer QA it before release? On iOS 16.5.
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9 months ago, Actual Rob
Doesn’t work with new iPhone
Trying to log in on my new iPhone 14 Pro Max returns an “unregistered mobile client” error, and when I try to click through that, I’m just taken to the splash screen. There’s no way to log back in. This needs to be fixed.
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2 months ago, Your Customer since……
This is one of the poor apps that I have ever use. There is no auto pay OR save the payment method option. I have to submit my bank informations every time when I pay my bill👎🏻
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12 months ago, luzmirangel
Excelente service
I love to pay the Bill online. Helpful tool.
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9 months ago, chuck@4321
Good job
Great app it’s about time previous site was totally unacceptable
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4 years ago, @Ugoda
Easy to navigate and easy to pay. Well done WSSC. Thank you for this update.
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8 months ago, Radmenon
Unable to use mobile app on iPhone 14
Since I upgraded to the iPhone 14 pro the app has not worked for me. I keep getting an “Unregistered Mobile Client” error even though I have the latest IOS and updated the WSSC water app from the App Store
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7 months ago, CeeBee1969
Updating required
Your app does NOT store the data for use next time!!! That is why it takes you so long to get paid because we don’t have the time to be entering the data every doggone time.
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9 months ago, Gamblesha
Can’t register the app on new iPhone
The app worked on my previous iPhone but does not allow me to register my new iPhone. I get a message stating this phone is unregistered and I click ok and a blank screen appears
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3 years ago, bballref224
It’s good but.....
I can only give this app 4 stars. Would give it 5, but there is NO WAY to log out. Please make this happen. Thanks.
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1 year ago, nick john doe 117
Worst app
When through update wipe account then have to re-enter information every time I need to sign just to check account status plus payment enter is broken
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7 months ago, nzeket
Easy to use
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6 months ago, VERIZON!!!!!!!
Billing Information
Billing information has to be filled out each time a payment is made.
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4 months ago, MonaLisathrifty
New App
Love it! Easy and simple
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3 weeks ago, GRIZZLL
Payment Fee
There should be a fee free option to make payments!
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2 years ago, m_stigs
Links don’t function
The links to reporting a problem and to see service outages result in a “500 - Internal Server error” notification.
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5 months ago, genienlamp
User friendly app!
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9 months ago, Nnavale
Doesn’t work on iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16.1
Doesn’t work on iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 16.1 Throws an error ”Unregistered Mobile Client“
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12 months ago, নহা
Manager of quiznos
Good service
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5 months ago, lion5501
Ripping us off
You are charging us to pay your bill is a rip off
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8 months ago, Beads 111
Outstanding bill
I don’t understand why my bill is so high.
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12 months ago, Teams sans
Terrible service and scam from the water service
Terrible! You inflated the water galón prices. A real scam from you
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4 weeks ago, maxwalk123
Nice and easy
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4 weeks ago, Mammababs
WSSC app
Hard to navigate on a phone
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8 months ago, pavuchi
Great service
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11 months ago, nreyesh
good service 👍
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1 year ago, olnida
On the list of states don’t show Maryland initial
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12 months ago, observation dr
Over charging customer
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4 years ago, TekuGai
Works for me
Fresh way to review my account, make sure upcoming bill amounts look correct and auto payments goes through. Thanks for this!
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7 months ago, roger gairy
Good app
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12 years ago, Baublebys
Needs improvement
There should be an option to view all of the service advisories instead of just the ones within three miles of your location or a specific address. On the home page it tells me there are two advisories, but won't let me see where they are. That's frustrating. Get rid if the distance choices and let customers see all of the service advisories radiating out from their location or a specific address... Like the Gas Buddy app. That would be more useful and user friendly. If the you're in a hurry, who wants to take the time to answer all those questions? Also, there should be a "rate this app" button in the app to make it easier to give feedback.
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12 years ago, snwbnny
Cool but user options needed
I do like this app and wonder if the other utilities will follow your lead. Please allow the option of saving the home address, I don't like the fact that it resets to gps. I am trying to check on home, pain to have to put in the address every time. Also PDF of bill is needed. This is the reason for 3 stars.
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10 years ago, LizLaurel
Reasonable, but could be better
I loaded this app when we had low water pressure in the neighborhood today - app is good at telling you where the outage is relative to your location, but it provides ZERO info on more details or estimated time to repair.
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10 years ago, Oskar Austegard
Worse than useless
Useless would be if it gave no information, this is worse; it gives WRONG information and it doesn't let you report issues (it breaks on the confirmation screen). I am standing on top of a water main break that happened 10 hrs ago and the system tells me there are no incidents nearby. Right. Delete.
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4 years ago, Dbldimps
This app has been limping along for quite a while now. Are there no developers available to fix it? The payment function hardly, if ever works. It’s been like this for quite awhile now. Even checking bill and payment history sends it into a tailspin. Update the app or let us know that it is no longer supported.
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12 years ago, Duway
Pay my bill feature is useful. Recommendation: -would like the ability to see PDF statements of bills
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8 years ago, kenichi74
You pay more
The app it self is ok but you end up paying more on your bill the amount is different then the paper bill that you get in the mail I rather waste my time and pay over the phone then use this app
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11 years ago, Liku
A completely useless apps
Why would I pay a third party service fee to pay a bill. Completely backward. If you hand over your accounting department to someone, you pay them for their service not the consumer.
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4 years ago, MrOrangeBaltimore
WSSC’s online site won’t allow me to reset password and their automatic bill pay set up is confusing. To the point where now I owe two bills. I download the app and it gets me in but when I go to pay, app freezes solid.
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8 years ago, Will2shine
Does not know where you are
In the world of apps, this app is subpar. When you try to report an issue the GPS never knows where you are or believes you are outside of WSSC territory.
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4 years ago, Gkflowe
App stinks can’t make payments👎🏼
Try to make a payment on the app, you can put the amount in but that is as far as you can go. They could streamline this and save some money by leaving the Dark Ages. 👎🏼
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