WSYR LiveDoppler9 LocalSYR

4.6 (4K)
67.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSYR LiveDoppler9 LocalSYR

4.64 out of 5
4K Ratings
2 years ago, theotherGG
Impressive update
Finally can see the radar map instead of completely obscured by ads and banners. Nice selection of settings and overlays. Great to see recent past and future several hours in one map instead of having to switch. Changing views and locations load pretty quickly. bonus: Can check weather all around the country. Thank you for this informative, functional and user-friendly weather app!!!
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2 years ago, Game player1029112069
Stop notifications for areas I’m not in!!!
I visit an area and check out the weather for the area then for the next lifetime I get notifications for the weather in that area! For example we went on a Uncle Sam’s boat tour I am still getting notifications for the weather in that area! Went to Niagara Falls I am still getting notifications for a one time trip from that area! Went to Mashpee Massachusetts I am still getting notifications for the area! I have deleted them from my location I have done everything I can and I still get notifications please change the app fir updated so that we do not get notifications for areas we are not in! Please for my sanity. Otherwise like to use the App especially the radar.
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10 months ago, you don't wanr to print this
Weather John dePasquale
Glad to see your reports! Being from Seneca County glad to see you include our area in the forecasts. Just sad that I can no longer livestream all the Syracuse broadcasts that have been to view over the years. Sorry to see that be dropped. Am so in the habit of waking up in the morning with your station at 4:30 am. I’m an early bird and plan my days around the weather in the Finger Lakes.
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7 years ago, AMK*
Ruined by "updates"
I use to LOVE this app. Very reliable In storm situations. 8/17 updated format is awful. The interactive radar seems like it took a huge step *backwards*. Much easier to find the interactive radar though; That's a plus. BUT No more pinned places, or dot where you currently are to see weather up to date at your location (I've tried to "save" areas, but it never works..) cumbersome to make it animate, not easy to scroll down past interactive map to "animate it" and unclear picture vs what it use to be. Overall not a fan at all.. I have switched to using WeatherBug App. I'll wait a bit to see if they fix the recent update, If not I'm going to delete this weather app all together. Please bring the old version back.
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3 years ago, PCS50
Website update
I just love the new update, it’s so easy to see the 10 day forecast and the hourly forecast. I’m now using the channel 9 weather forecast for all my weather needs.
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3 years ago, tomkeays
Please bring back written forecasts
The written forecasts talked in depth about what to expect for a given day and what atmospheric conditions were driving things. This was the feature that set this app apart from the others. Local knowledge and in-depth reporting is the main strength a local weather app has to offer and now it’s gone. The talking head video forecasts are nice (although I don’t watch them) but are not a substitute.
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2 years ago, PickleJunk3000
Constant pointless notifications that tell me no new information new maps are visually and in practical use worst then previous application update …nothing program wise is updated in app if it isn’t automated by a program only updates bring visual layout changes not actual functionality! Overall you wouldn’t even get a star if you didn’t inform on accurate weather most of the time
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7 years ago, MarthaBonney
Newer is not better
The maps can't be enlarged. It's hard to figure out what the app designers decided to categorize something as, and some category headings appear to be redundant or unclear about what they mean. The only real improvement is that the temperature is right near the top so I don't have to scroll down for it.
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11 months ago, +Ofwgkta666
Thank you!
Well appreciated. I enjoy watching the news when I couldn’t afford spectrum anymore they cut me off and I can still watch it and I do appreciate it. Thank you so much.
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3 years ago, Tmaggi61
Like the local 9 news
Like the website from news channel 9. Like the improvements also. Easy to use.
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5 years ago, no1allowed
Extremely reliable
Most of the information is pretty reliable and spot on even days out. Even though I don’t live in Syracuse, the weather information is still very applicable and gives me another source to compare.
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7 years ago, a-kins
Still not great
I like the Timecast option, but would like to see an hourly temperature/weather forecast too. Other than that, the app is still extremely difficult to navigate and the maps are confusing. I want a map that shows movement over time, but not that useless "interactive radar" thing. Something more like the maps they use during broadcasts would be nice. The "home" page is too cluttered.
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7 years ago, KatmaryD
So much better!!
The new app is 110% easier to navigate and more reliable. Watch channel 9 news and weather and now I can stay up to date on devices. Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, Wavefinder771
Much better Application now than before!
I love how intuitive this new News 9 Application is than it was before.
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7 months ago, WireEd100
App no longer works
States message telling me to update the app. Nothing showed up in App Store so I deleted and reinstalled with the same result. I have iPhone 13 that is fully up to date.
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7 years ago, Player13212
Improved is better!
This improved app is much better than your previous version.
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2 years ago, Curtguit
All ways gives what it’s there for ! Detailed news , Weather and stories .
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2 years ago, Dicadica
Watch latest tv weather
I love that I can watch the latest WSYR weather person forecast.
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2 years ago, Rgrice1947
They don’t keep data updated. Video weather report hasn’t been updated for 3 days. We check out the forecast regularly- when it’s working!
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2 years ago, owascorider
Radar doesn’t lie
Use this constantly it’s a lifesaver
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7 years ago, Jstarzdb
Like the old version
Why mess with something that was working. I like the old version where you click the app an can see the map. Now I have to hope I click the right thing
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5 years ago, jcparish
Another tool
Invaluable when you are a boater or hunter. Let’s you know what’s heading your way!
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7 years ago, Flick124269
Hate it
Please bring back old version. Wife updated app early on and I hated it and so did she. I resisted as long as I could until I was forced to do so. Thought I would get used to it after awhile but still hate it. Trying to find something else now. Everything is so much harder to find.
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2 years ago, pickles25
Great channel
Channel nine is the only channel i tune in for weather
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6 years ago, bschwoep
Full of ads
It now has an ad where you have to swipe to dismiss every single time you open the app (assuming it doesn’t crash as soon as you open it). Aren’t the ads on every single page of the app enough, why do you need a pop up ad too?
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3 years ago, darry2385
Latest update = not good
Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to kick users to Safari to view LiveDoppler9 instead of loading it in the app? What’s the point of having a weather app if that’s what it’s going to do?
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3 years ago, D Rosso
Not to my liking
I like the additional info regarding hourly forecast, but As for weekly forecast, I preferred the original format for its quick easy review of the week. Now, that format is hidden and takes too many clicks to find.
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5 years ago, Mac13110
Terrible App
Almost unusable. Can’t find the most recent video updates. Plus the annoyance of the ads. In trying to close the ads they sometimes get bigger. The whole app is a terrible mess. Not interactive at all. Too much work.
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3 years ago, Bunnymom J
New web site
Hate that there is no written weather forecast. The visual takes too long to load and is not what descriptive and detailed enough. And the radar loop hard to figure out.
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6 years ago, Tabz66
It could use some improvements, I try to get alerts and it shuts me out, but I like the app otherwise.
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3 years ago, jess4208
Love the new look but missing info
New look is good but missing some key components. I miss the traditional 7 day forecast and the time cast
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3 years ago, PetraM1
Humidity forecast not working
The humidity forecast is not working/updated. It’s been showing Fri-Sun with “dry” dew points since I started checking it in the beginning of the humid weather…
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6 years ago, SandyJ67
Interactive radar / ads
I used interactive radar nearly every day until the ads got in the way. Now the app is pretty useless. Can’t close the ads and they cover the entire map. Such a waste. Got accu weather instead.
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3 years ago, Wxexpert
Super improved! Love the new format!
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7 years ago, Tobys Mama
Hate it!
Too many ads. Maps can't be enlarged so they're useless. Have to keep digging and clicking to find information that used to be up front. Complete waste of space on my phone.
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7 years ago, 1 old papa bear
Turn it back!!!
Unfortunately my iPhone updated and the channel 9 app was one of them. I don't like all the maps that I can't enlarge to see where the storm cells are. As far as I'm concerned, newer isn't always better. I'm very unhappy
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3 years ago, BookLover1970
Do not like new update!!
Please go back to the old format, the new one is terrible. The old format was easier to navigate. What happened to the closings and delays? Not happy with the new update.
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2 years ago, todayeez
I don’t like the advertisement that is near the bar at the bottom of the interactive radar. The bar isn’t as easy to maneuver. It’s alittle quirkie.
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6 years ago, Dauber22
Not so good 🙁
This USED to be a great app. Unfortunately the newest version is a giant step backwards unless what you are looking for is ads. They are now the only thing easy to find.
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7 years ago, Tearoom Lady
Love it
Check it almost every day. Like the alerts.
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7 years ago, Seadog2859998fv
Poor bring back old format
This is very frustrating to use. The old format was much more stream line an easy to navigate. With this it's hard to enlarge an see exactly where storms are.
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1 year ago, beachdan
Newschanel 9 weather
Love this app love this weather app
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7 years ago, Cruising Diva
I like the FIRST Doppler site. No searching - tap it and bam - it's there !!! Too much
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3 years ago, Shu44
The Best.
Great for a golfer!
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7 years ago, ,,,,,,,,,,,.
New Version will not launch
The new app version will not launch on my iPhone. I have completely deleted and redownloaded app -app still will not open.
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5 years ago, Kevlarth
Ads all the time! Just like the news app and your news.
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6 years ago, BOBBER 40
Used to be great
This app used to be great. Used to open right to live Doppler 9 just by opening the app. Now app is so cluttered and not the best to navigate.
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5 years ago, Dusty071619
All adds, where’s the content?
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11 years ago, Mark Mangicaro
Love it.
Well organized with plenty of options. I especially appreciate how it goes back to my last tab when I open the app. The 7-day planner with brief forecast discussion is perfect for me. More detail than standard iPhone app and much faster than Weather Channel app.
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8 years ago, Bigchuckynab
Ruined a very nice app!
Every time there is as update the app gets worse. Previous update forced you to watch a "live" stream of the weather that happened 4 hours ago. Now the latest update is impossible to navigate and is full of adds and other nonsense. Please restore the original version for those of us that just want a live stream of the local radar.
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