WTHR Live Doppler 13 Weather

3.3 (147)
86.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
VideoIndiana Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTHR Live Doppler 13 Weather

3.33 out of 5
147 Ratings
1 year ago, donlem
The best forecast no so much with app
The best forecast but no so much to say about the app. Cluttered up with advertisements making this app very hard to navigate. The accuracy of the meteorological team is by far the only reason to load this app. I’ve worked in the green industry scheduling a team of outdoor workers for as long as I’ve lived in Indiana and followed AB and CL fir the most accurate forecast for years before they were on the same team. I’m most likely to continue with to the old way and catch the forecast on the tv.
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2 years ago, pizza delivery guy195
Delivery driver
I’m a delivery driver in Bloomington. I used this app for years. It was pretty accurate, I’m assuming because it used the radar at the small airport here, and didn’t have many ads or random banners to accidentally click on. I need to know what the weather is, I need the forecast, and I need it to be faster and less frustrating then just using google. I’m not sure when the change to this less accurate more ad intensive-(more frustrating) Version happened. But in my opinion if the experience isn’t better and easier to use then just googling the weather, then it’s not worth it to me personally. Skip this ad heavy app. It’s frustrating to deal with, way less accurate then it was a few years ago, and google is now the better option.
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6 years ago, IndyNana46
Update disappointing - reconsidered
Like other reviewers, very disappointed in update. I used the traffic section to get around safely and checked the gas prices every time I needed to fill up. Looking for new app or apps to find this again. Bad call, channel 13. After further fiddling with the app, I found the traffic and gas buddy shunted into the Blog. I still think it deserved its own prominent icon on the menu but take back some of my mean words. I'd still go back to the previous version if it was available.
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6 years ago, Veghead11574
Was a great app, until traffic was removed!
I was majorly disappointed when the WTHR app updated to this new version because the traffic map has been eliminated! Now I have had to add a separate app to my phone to see traffic issues. I liked being able to get my weather and traffic from this one app. The traffic option made this a 5 star app for me, but not anymore!
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2 years ago, Light Sista
I’m disappointed
I had the other App for years it served me globally and was a lifeline through many dangerous storms globally And then one day you change it And I can no longer use it because I have an I phone that had as 12.5 operating system.. I’m just disappointed It’s like losing a trusted friend.... Jeanie Foster
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2 years ago, Jjbrooks123
Bad updates
This app used to be good a few years ago, but they keep updating it with new features and cosmetic updates that bring nothing to the table. They keep changing how the interactive radar looks, they keep changing the main menu style. Channel 13 in general has been on the decline. But it gives you basic information which I guess is all you need. It just shows they aren’t making as much money as they used to lol.
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2 years ago, PhysPaw
The new updates have an issue
Prior to the last two updates, the app would appear in landscape mode, now it is only in portrait mode. Please update so that those of us who have our iPads on a keyboard don't have to turn it 90 degrees to use the app. This is an inconvenience.
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7 years ago, DHS_1811
Great tool
The only thing I would change is the radar map, so that it can be displayed in landscape instead of portrait. Other than that- this is a great set of tools that I use regularly to plan travel and keep my family safe.
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4 years ago, Amclari
Not Helpful
This app does not update frequently enough to be helpful during significant weather conditions. Looking at a radar is not useful when there is no one to interpret the data. There is nothing like seeing a funnel cloud going to the app for info just to watch a Forum commercial. I thought they would eventually realize this app is terrible and get a new one, but it's been years, and they ask us to rely on the app more than their reports.
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6 years ago, Dancinmom96
Overall good
The app gets me the information I need; however, in a recent update they changed the way the 7-day forecast is displayed, and it’s not easy to interpret. Three columns which show (I assume) precipitation chance percentage, high temp, and low temp. But the columns have no headers, so you have to guess what they are.
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5 years ago, henrycountyfarmer
Good app, ad issues
I use this app easily every day, but lately I have been getting bombarded with ads that do not allow me to close them out and I have to force quit the app and restart it. I love the WTHR Weather weather team and want to continue to use this app, please fix the ad issues! Update: I no longer receive ads, but the app itself crashes every time I use it. Specifically when I try to read the video forecast.
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4 years ago, Frankfort Girl
Love the app, But...
I love this app and use it daily. Never had any issues until lately. For some reason, it will not tell me the current weather for my region. Very disappointing. If it can’t be fixed soon, I’ll be looking for a different app that will and deleting this one.
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5 years ago, ChemTeach2
This Ain’t a Review
My finger touched the star by ‘tap to rate’ while scrolling the reviews and I haven’t figured out how undue. I’ll keep looking, but until then... Update: downloaded the app, looked at it for a few minutes and adjusted from one star two three because one star didn’t seem fair.
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2 years ago, indymagoo
Bad update
I use this app daily, but the most recent update is not great. It’s not playing well with my iPad. The app will not rotate now into a landscape mode. I am also finding it not as easy to find what I am looking for.
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2 years ago, Risiann's I phone
I do not like this latest update. Supposed to be more up to date but looks like several steps backward. Very plain, and has less information than before such as wind speed. I’m looking for a different weather app now. So disappointed.
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6 years ago, daddysgirlqueen
Not worth your time
When I was looking at the app it said clear and it was snowing outside how more wrong can you get. Something needs to change this is crazy when you can’t even get the weather right. Everyone is better off to just look outside like I did while I was looking at the app to see what the weather is.
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6 years ago, JanVan19
Interactive Map
Interactive map does not show future track. I have to go to WTHR news app to check. Why have interactive map that only shows what is happening now? Would like to know what is coming.
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7 years ago, EDSCI
Very useful weather source for planning outdoor activities such as biking or walking. Always works well. Severe storm and weather info is great! Thank you for all the work you put into this app!
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2 years ago, neIndy
Very annoying ads!
You can’t see the current weather blog updates without fighting your way through a full screen ad. Probably will just stick with the Weather Channel
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3 years ago, pamcdon
What happened?
Used to love this app. Now it’s sending me notifications that don’t apply to my location. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Eggroll2424
Why did you remove the traffic portion?? I like the updated app but disappointed the traffic portion has been removed.
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6 years ago, GMaggie
My go - to weather source!
Reliable, easy to use, and up to the minute
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7 years ago, Real Old DJ
Channel 13 Weather App
I use it everyday and love the text messages letting me know what to expect for the day and whether I need an umbrella or a warm jacket!
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5 years ago, faulknic
Radar is not accurate
The radar never matches what is happening outside. Radar does not come close to The Weather Channel’s radar. Even while watching the live news weather report on WTHR, the radars don’t match. The app always says it’s raining more than what it really is. I’ll be going back to the weather channel.
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7 years ago, chas12
Great weather app
One of the best weather apps I've seen or used. Up to date info all the time.
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10 months ago, Lovejeeps
App doesn’t work
Wthr weather app was my go to for several years. I have not updated the app in several months until recently. Now the app loads but with TONS of pop up ads. :( I just want to see the video forecast. Video never plays now. App is useless.
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3 years ago, 1948Dan
Interactive Radar doesn’t work
Used to be a really good app. Now the interactive radio is worthless. It showed NO precipitation ANYWHERE in the United States. That is one of the main reasons that you get a weather app. I don’t know what you did to make the intraday not work, but it is not worthy of any stars without the interactive radar.
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7 years ago, m2tynellie
Very good
Much better than other weather apps
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7 years ago, Hood rat1553
Love the app
It's so nice to have an app that gives me up to date weather conditions for my community. Thank you WTHR!!
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6 years ago, Gammafirebug
Not bad, not good.
Half the time it doesn’t work. Even after I turned the alerts off I still get notifications every single time there’s a cloud in the sky. Deleted it and went with something else.
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7 years ago, Big Daddy 1941
The best weather
The best weather app I have used normally always correct
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7 years ago, Labboy64
Great app
It is the most accurate weather app available.
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4 years ago, GAR-Indy
Last update broke it.
Since the update a few days ago (10/20) it has stopped working. Now it won’t open. It just spins and spins.
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7 years ago, ziggy now!
Poor Maps!
Your radar maps are very fuzzy and do not fill up the the entire phone space! Sorry Ch 8 has got you beat! One can look the entire US and the rest of the World, not just Indiana!
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7 years ago, Rita jr.
TV 13 Weather
TV 13 is good with keeping on top of weather conditions. Plus all other hot topics. Thank you for all your hard work!! Rita Hellmann
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5 years ago, ARicharfsom
It’s okay.
Some features are pretty good but every time I hit the play button on the radar, the radar disappear
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7 years ago, Indy Sunshine
Ch 8 is better!!!
I agree with previous comment that ch 8 has a much better weather app. It's more user friendly. This app takes forever to navigate and not the quality of radar as ch 8. I'm deleting.
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6 years ago, hoosier born
Dew point
Please provide the dew points. It helps me know if I can open the windows for fresh air.
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10 months ago, mitchmorales
Too many commercials!
I love WTHR and the weather team. But unfortunately the wx app plays commercials before you can look at radar and other features. Pass.
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5 years ago, JSAndrews
App is great when it works.
App stopped pushing notifications a week or 2 ago. That’s why I wanted it was for the push notifications.
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6 years ago, Game player playa
Great App
This is my go to app for the crazy Indiana weather we get.
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6 months ago, never again oo7
Great station but app is all ads
Sooooo many ads you are so busy turning them all off you never get the weather
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6 years ago, LuvsEbay
This new version is terrible
Why mess with a good thing! Very very disappointed. I am off to find a better weather app.
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7 years ago, you have to download this app
Awesome weather app
I love this weather app
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2 years ago, adysuelou
Wrong weather
It says 0% chance of rain as it’s raining says it will be 86 degrees when it’s only 71 and all other apps show it not getting any hotter
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6 years ago, Tonya1216
What’s up with snow radar now?
You can not even see the blue anymore I can’t even tell if it’s snow or cloud cover time to download something else this was my go to app
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8 months ago, Skuhstoss
We’re under tornado warnings. But it’s not possible to get real time nor without wading through ads. What crap.
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5 years ago, not your fan!
You should get 0 stars!
You guys are ridiculous! Never watching or using your apps again... should be called CNN weather.
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5 years ago, CharlieKingOfRats
No tornado warning?!?
I get flash flood and lightning warnings but NO Tornado warnings were issued?!? Lucky the old school sirens still work because this app didn’t help! What the hell isn't this what the apps for?
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6 years ago, Ill goldens
Update disappointing
This is no longer my “go to” weather app. I miss the traffic section. Interactive map not as good.
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