WTOC First Alert Radar

4.8 (9.5K)
79.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WTOC First Alert Radar

4.77 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
2 years ago, AndryLuna
Better app than the standard climate app
It covers radar, hourly, tells you when it’ll most likely stop raining! Even if a tornado(big or small) starts it will let you know it’s starting and WHERE On the map. Literally accessible from most of the world I thank it. I don’t use my standard iPhone weather app I use this one. Even video updates,etc anything. It will alert you phone of incoming wind,rain,etc. Me and my partner love it! He introduced it to me
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3 years ago, Retired English Teacher 71
WTOC Weather App
I highly rate it. Covers every facet of the unpredictabilities of weather. Anticipates the vagaries of Mother Nature, especially storms. Clearly lays out what to expect from good to bad weather conditions. Those at WTOC who watch the weather conditions are consummate professionals who work to give viewers all the necessary information in order to make their own decisions about whether to venture out with umbrellas or to leave them at home. Being informed is better than guessing.
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1 year ago, K.Zett
Weather App
Radar is by far the best I’ve seen of any of our local network affiliates, very good graphics, the best quality by far, I always use my WTOC radar app to check the weather, and I find it to be by far the best. I have been watching WTOC radar for the better part of 50 years all the way back to the Patrick Procop days and Doug Weathers, I feel like they are part of my family, and always will be! God bless America, and God bless WTOC!
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2 years ago, Nek0Ni9ht_RAin
My family and I just went through a tornado and after that this app has been helping to keep my anxiety low, it’s also spiked my creativity cause seeing the storm and how big or small it is is really cool! If you wanna feel safe this is the best app to use much more accurate than the basic iPhone weather app I love it!
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3 years ago, SharAug47
Awesome Radar
Awesome radar and app worked wonderfully I was in Florida and the app let me use the radar for the local areas and helped keep me safe. Which I didn’t know WTOC app lets you track weather in other states and areas and just uses your location to find the radar.
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6 years ago, Summerrrr 
The app is very slow. Takes forever to load anything. I also hate when I click away from it for 5 seconds, reopen the app, and it reloads everything. Which then takes me another 5 minutes to get back to where I was. So annoying. I really like the alerts and thing they are definitely a plus. Really the only reason I’m giving it 3 starts. It also takes forever for any videos to load.
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10 months ago, ash5349
App is slow and inaccurate
This app used to be my go to radar app years ago until crappy updates started happening to the app. Y’all added to much and it looks wack now. The app is always slow or glitchy and NEVER has accurate readings. The app will also say “thunderstorms” and it’ll be sunny and dry. The radar displays 2 completely different map readings between precipitation radar and 24/hr radar. I can’t remember the last time this app was accurate. I think it’s been about 3 years now
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3 years ago, RBHoel
I love the weather app for my iPhone!
I use the weather app multiple times a day before I take my dog for a walk to be prepared for whatever the weather will be. I also use it to see what the weather is for my relatives around the country and to track big storms coming our way.
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3 years ago, Marian IS Nursenana
I can ALWAYS count on WTOC‘s weather forecasts and the great radar! If I wonder if a storm is approaching, I first look at the radar, then the hourly forecast, then watch the news clips. I watch the morning news, then I’m away from my TV. My WTOC weather app keeps me informed!
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2 years ago, jacobrowell665
Doesn’t give accurate rain perditions sometimes
Doesn’t give accurate rain for cast saying 100% rain today. and no sight of rain for 12 days not even a cloud in the sky
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3 years ago, Russ & Gwen
Weather app
I gave this app a 4 star because many times the radar portion doesn’t work. Forecasts are good, and weather alert updates are great. Sometimes the radar just shows “???” And will not show rain or clouds. So I actually have 4 weather apps on my phone because they all have the same tendency.
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2 years ago, AmayaAkabara
Weather report
We watch the weather on our phones and we usually get what we read and it is really good to have it on our phone we enjoy it
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3 years ago, jomattie
Great anywhere
I lived in Bluffton SC eight years and learned to depend on this channel for alerts and up-to-date weather bulletins. I now live in VA and it is still my favorite weather app. Thank you for your work to keep us safe!!
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3 years ago, Wintedmax
Great weather site
Allows you to have a few ways of checking on the weather
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3 years ago, Bubbs A
Easy 2 Use
Love the fact that it’s so simple to use. Use to use another station’s, but they made it so complicated. Love the yours is a simple click Thanks
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5 years ago, billser702
Reduce the commercials
App is riddled with ads and the gps always has a problem finding location. Anytime you try to view a forecast video it plays an annoying ad video or commercial
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3 years ago, Cameron Rd
WTOC weather
After getting acquainted with the new format I see it is an improvement and I really like it
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6 years ago, obm912
Needs iPad and iPhone x optimization
Don’t understand how the news app is optimized but the weather app isn’t. Will change rating once it’s optimized for both the iPad and iPhone X, until then will delete and use another weather app for local support. Smh, again news app decent and optimized weather app nope. Makes sense right.
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8 months ago, Cowboy 4541
You right on the money with the weather forecast for this week, Great job guys
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2 years ago, henbrin
Best new channel in the south
I love WTOC they are all ways on time with updates on the news in our local areas 💯🎯
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3 years ago, Old Town Bluffton
The Best
My go to site for al my weather info. Accurate, concise, and informative! None better than the WTOC weather team!
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3 years ago, Sweetpea58
Nice and accurate wish I could put my address in. Thanks
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5 years ago, Mlhattrich
So frustrating!
This app continually informs me I must connect to wifi even though I am connected. It should use my data regardless. Will not pull up radar...when I need to see what’s happening with the weather it would be nice to have an app that works!
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12 months ago, Mommat@1
WTOC radar
They keep you up Speed on the weather Way to go WTOC first alert team
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6 months ago, Jeff495819
Most accurate weather app for southeast Georgia
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3 years ago, sandy from south carolina
Best weather app I’ve ever had.
This is the best weather app, it was exact even in Ohio. Thank you Savannah Georgia for this wonderful app!!!!!
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3 years ago, dactylon
Feel the app is lacking lately. Seems to me that the hourly and daily forecast do not jibe to often anymore. Makes things confusing when using the app for work related things. Could be just me?
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6 months ago, Nickname10033333333
Too many ads
So many advertisements I have to constantly dig behind and fight to find what I want. Your competition doesn’t do that. I’ll stick with them.
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2 years ago, metter ranger
Really need and helpful
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7 years ago, leiderbi
Annoying ads
Good weather app. But had to remove app cause of its very intrusive ads. Much too difficult reading the weather because of full page pop-up ads.
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3 years ago, winnefacaka
Really Good App
I really suggest this app . This app is so good. I use this app a lot.I hope you injoy it!
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11 months ago, Tiffanytomany
Excessive Heat
Please tell me this heat is going away and I’ll rate your app with A+s
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3 years ago, 691ck
I rely on this weather app
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5 years ago, That1longhairedguy
I had to delete it.
I liked his app back when it worked. Now after this last update it won’t play any of the videos and the weather map doesn’t load or play at all.
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1 year ago, hcjfjvucuftct
I’m ready to sue at this point
This app is so inaccurate everywhere I go it says there is rain in the area but no rain where I am, while we are driving through rain.
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2 years ago, pierce loves. Claire
About. Whether
It. Is. Great for. Telling. About. Whether
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3 years ago, ugajwbarnes
Best Weather App
I think this is the best weather app in Savannah!
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3 years ago, Lrgmarge
Dependable !!!
Always dependable ! Always prepared !
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3 years ago, jjodibell
Jodi Jenkins
My favorite weather station!!!!
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6 years ago, Dot 71
Had to remove app because my phone is too old for the latest app update. Very upset because I do use the app all the time.
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3 years ago, boandluke
5 stars
Best weather app out there
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3 years ago, WTOC Weather
Awesome, use all the time‼️
Awesome, use all the time❤️
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1 year ago, Jonandjohn
WTOC Radar
The radar does not work since the last upgrade. Please have it fixed.
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3 years ago, Black belt Keith
Thank you Team WTOC for all your HARD WORK!!!!
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3 years ago, BaddBiker
Very nice app
Very nice app
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5 years ago, Add me jx8whk
Used to be good
The latest update has killed this app. It won’t even open now
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3 years ago, layravis
These people should get a job they are good at, and it’s not forecasting the weather!
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3 years ago, dgghjyttrdvb
Never seems to be right
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3 years ago, whopper j
Cutter Martin is the best
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5 days ago, b wull
Great App
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