4.7 (734)
59.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WUSA 9 WEATHER

4.68 out of 5
734 Ratings
5 years ago, FarmFields
Stop making it worse
This was a quick app and was helpful. Now background colors are awful- green provided a light background that allowed roads, names to stand out. Know ch9 pays for this so give the team a vacation, try to return to former mode. Will be using Ch 4 app as it is closer to the old version. Keep it Simple
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4 years ago, 357 MAG
Looks like they finally got their act together.
After a couple of days running the latest version of this app, it appears to no longer hang on the splash screen. This issue has appeared, been corrected, only to reappear again in a later update. This would have been obvious if my previous reviews had not been deleted. I’ll give it 3-stars for now, if it continues to run without hanging over the next couple of updates, I’ll update my review.
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1 year ago, stahlers
Best weather app but not w Topper pic
I really liked this app for the information it provided but I quickly grew tired of the gratuitous, and frankly unwise, opening picture of Topper Shut and subsequently deleted it. Bad decision by someone who should better understand basic psychology and marketing. A negative like this carries over to the entire brand. Not smart! Good that you dropped the gratuitous picture, now please remove the WUSA9 pop up!
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1 year ago, Cosmic Ray!
Great app except!
So this is a really nice app except the newest versions require you to kill the app after you’ve used it once. Otherwise everything flashes. I’m using the newest version of iOS on both my iPad and iPhone and it’s the same on both devices. So I really hope they fix this because I really like using this app.
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4 years ago, klmh2
Have had this app for a long time. When I tried to open it today it tells me it is no longer shared with me and to purchase from the App Store. I have as I said had this app a long time. Did go to App Store and it has the open icon next to it which shows I already have it but same thing comes up from there. Please fix. The above rating is from before this happened obviously.
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6 years ago, gm2cats
Nowhere near as good as it was
This used to be my favorite weather app. It was a quick way to get my favorite meteorologist’s dependable forecast. Lately, I discovered that not only was the app extremely slow and would no longer be read in landscape mode, but also it was different from the on-air forecast by Topper and his team. I can only hope that something will be done to make it as good as it was previously or I will need to find a replacement.
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10 months ago, Deckdock
WUSA 9 weather
Recently the app keeps going to a black screen pauses and then reloads Don’t know what is happening?
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3 weeks ago, Coltopian
Landscape mode not working
One of the greatest features is the radar in landscape mode and it is no longer working. App was removed and reinstalled, but feature is still not working.
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7 years ago, Arliblonde
Used to love app
The most recent version requires one to have location on "always" in order to use the "current location" functionality. I used to love this app and this specific feature- but this change is invasive to my privacy. So it limits the utility of this app to me. Bad design choice.
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5 years ago, DME_Ski
Not Too Shabby
Like some things about the latest update but still miss the detail the earthquake readings had several updates ago. Also miss the old map layout. Wish they would add it back as a choice. Thanks!
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7 years ago, CeruleaLament
Current location
I loved this app until they broke it. The setting to use your current location only while using the app does not work. It is now all or nothing. Very disappointed. I liked the app better then the Weather Channel but I have now deleted it.
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5 years ago, W. Grey Champion
Moon rise!
This app sometimes quits on me, sending me to the App Store for a replacement, but I always come back to Topper! It is the only weather app that gives the moon rise, set and phase. Very informative and I know where and when to find the moon!
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6 years ago, rf32nas
I love topper, the app was great for a while, but now it takes for ever to load if at all, what to do ????
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4 years ago, Kittydog313
Can’t see hurricanes
All of a sudden the hurricanes no longer show up on the radar. I can see the forecasts still but not the actual hurricanes. Used to be my favorite weather app but I may need to delete it to get one that works.
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5 years ago, justbecausetherefore
Update terrible
This was the best weather app until the last update. The map is either too light or dark, not natural looking like before.
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6 years ago, 37916125
App doesn’t load anymore
A shame - this has been my go to app for DC weather for years. And app support just takes you to the news website???
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5 years ago, esdms
Hard to read
This used to be clear & precise. Also used to include area names and the color scheme was great. Now it’s so hard to determine all these things And difficult to see & hard to figure out.
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5 years ago, kb from NoVa
Please fix this app!!
This was my favorite weather app until recently. Now it only works about a third of the time. It won’t load - does nothing except show the Topper Shut photo page. Please fix it, and make it a 5 star app again! Thanks!
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10 months ago, idgetmidget
It was a great app
Lately when I open a black screen shows 0 min video.
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4 years ago, Mommashev
Used for years now will not work
App no longer opens. Very sad always been most accurate for my area.
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5 years ago, Gupton33
Won’t load
I’ve been a fan of this app for the longest now and all of a sudden just out of the cold blue yonder it won’t load for me I’ve tried force closing the app power cycling my phone and nothing wont load meaning it won’t start please fix guys
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9 months ago, cosmic2z
Weather app is timed to west coast
Weather app is timed to west coast. I can’t get current forecast or conditions for a couple of hours in the future.
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5 years ago, Anew. Listener
Not consistent anymore 😫
I've always been a big Topper Shutt fan and have used this app for years. But in the last week or two, sometimes it won't open - sometimes it will; so I've looked up my weather elsewhere.
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12 years ago, MWY Stamford
Best weather app
I have several weather applications installed on my iPad. This is the app I use most frequently and is on my shortlist on my iPad. I frankly find all of the weather applications to have the same degree of accuracy. I look for the best display of and easy navigation through the weather information. This app does it the best. The Weather Map, the 10-Day Forecast, and the Hourly Weather are at your fingertips. The Weather Map can play the future map 5 hours forward! This is the only application with this feature. (The Weather Channel used to have this feature but discontinued it.) The 10-Day Forecast is great because it has the key information for all 10 days on one page. You can, of course, tap any of the days to get the details on that particular day. The Hourly Weather is easy on the eyes and has historically shown to be extremely accurate as the day progresses. It is very easy to add any additional cities to the homepage and very easy to navigate from one city to the next. I have found the app to be reliable.
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5 years ago, Chevyplus
They messed it up
Used to be a great app. Couple upgrades back they changed it and now it’s not worth the download. Shop somewhere else
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5 years ago, Remaxjim
Barely Works Anymore
This app used to be best, but lately half the time it doesn’t load or doesn’t work when it does.
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5 years ago, Jedfunk
I don’t like the ad that goes off every time I open this app.
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13 years ago, bikebob
Good but Intellicasts Forecast
I like this app but the radar and forecast come from Intellicast not WUSA unless you watch the video. The app is made by WSI Corp. which is intellicast. If you compare Topper's forecast with this app they are not the same but if you compare this app with intellicast's on the web or the iPad APP they are the same. Not that intellicast is a bad source for weather. I have the Intellicast App for my iPad and like it. I just want to point out that this is really not WUSA's forecast. WSI makes this APP for a number of TV Stations across the country. Two other annoying things are the Banner and the spinning gear that never seems to go away when viewing the 10 day forecast. You would think by now they could fix the problem. If you like this app and want it native for your iPad then download Intellicast's App for the iPad it is the same thing and the iPad App works better with the bigger display.
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10 years ago, Umpelty
Weather alerts, radar maps, and hourly+10-day forecasts
This app is not beautiful, but it is my favorite for exactly one reason: if there is ANY severe weather alert issued - watch or warning, or updates to either - I know it will tell me. Lots of weather apps include Notification Center settings, but this one *uses* them, right out of the box. The push notifications are already enough to make this my preferred weather app, but the fact that it provides radar maps, *animated* maps (past and future), hourly weather forecasts, and 10-day forecasts are enough to make this my one stop app when I need to know weather conditions for the DC area.
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14 years ago, ultra9000
DC Metro Weather
Very good weather app. I like the options for the map overlay - - I can select precipitation, clouds, road weather or wind speed. It also has an earthquake and compass overlay. It gives me the options to search for all the weather alerts, to view changes in the weather by the hour and a 10 day forecast. WUSA 9 is a Washington DC station but this app can be used anywhere by selecting current GPS location. This app gives me "almost" everyrthing I need. I think it's one of the best "free" weather apps out there.
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8 years ago, Buttfaceman
Not a good update, a few bugs to squash yet.
I'm not terribly upset like everyone else that's reviews the app. The home screen is better and the full screen map button is nice. Only real gripes I have are the background color is annoying and makes it hard to read the white text, but my biggest gripe is, from the home screen, when I touch a day that I want the forecast for it displays the next day automatically instead of the day I touched. i.e, if I touched Monday, then Tuesday's forecast shows up, if I scroll to the right and touch Thursday, then Friday's forecast opens up. Pretty annoying, I'm sure it's an easy programming fix, get on it. Overall I liked the original app better, but with a few bug fixes I'm sure this app will be just as useful.
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14 years ago, LetDCVote
Better than Weather Channel app!
The Weather Channel app was my go-to for a long time...but I found it INCREDIBLY frustrating that the radar updated, on average, 30 mins late! That's unacceptable if I want to track a storm, which is the only reason to have a radar function (check the time stamp on those radar images if you never realized how off their radar is) This app's radar is maybe 5 mins off real-time, can be tilted to the side, and has everything I need. GREAT APP!
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12 years ago, YS gym mom
Love this app!
This app is wonderful. I live on it and it helps me plan if I need to travel around the area. My 9 year old pulls it up first thing every morning to check the weather. It works great. I love the alerts and the radar to see how a front is moving. I like the hourly forecast as well as the 10 day one.
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14 years ago, GenesisFan
Excellent Weather App
Performs just like the weather map on the WUSA website. An outstanding app both in quality and performance. Works great on iPhone 3GS. Definitely a must for tracking storms and forecast information.
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14 years ago, Sidekick466
Coolest weather app ever!
I didn't know what to expect when I installed it. I was pleasantly surprised. Provides even more information than the stanard iPhone weather app. And it's stuff I've always wanted or needed to know. Way to go Topper!
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14 years ago, Cbskywarn
Runs smooth on iPhone 3G.
Runs great and does what it was designed to do. Future updates: add a storm photo section for iPhone users to upload and view other user's photos.
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11 years ago, Limcon411
Great DC Radar Application!
The recent new release has moved this good app to a great app. Topper is my go to Weather Dude and I trust his forecasting. I use this app to keep an eye on the weather radar when I'm boating on the Potomac. This app has saved me from getting drenched many times. Great App!
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14 years ago, Srw78
I never miss Topper, he is my man for the weather. As far as the gripes about the banner; it's a free app, get over it. The features that this app has makes it absolutely wonderful, and the banner is not that big.
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14 years ago, Flash2k
Works great, nice for DC area
I like this local app for the DC area. Heads up info on the first page includes a high resloution map/radar and conditions. Good info and watch weather video from WUSA9. Would be 5 star if icon is updated for iPhone 4 retina display, most of the app is clearly rendering for the new iPhone 4 screen so why not the icon?
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14 years ago, MustSeeHDTV
Great weather app!!
I check the weather all the time, so this app is great for me. I love seeing the weather map (specially when turning the iphone landscape). Must have for the DC/Baltimore area.
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14 years ago, thrillavanilla
Simply the best!
This is by far the best weather app around... TWC doesn't even come close with their ridiculous paid version! Way to go Topper!
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14 years ago, DLBB987
I have been impressed with the options. I prefer the layout over TWC's app. It also seems more detailed over TWC app. Love it!
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13 years ago, Mdmom94
Great weather ap!
Radar is easy to see. Complete Weather forecast for location.
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14 years ago, pobenergy
Nice street level view
I like how you can zoom to street level and see the weather radar over your house! Very cool free app for the DC area
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13 years ago, r. snowhite
Storm track
The best radar app I've found. I rely in the storm tracking when fishing. I know when to get off the water
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8 years ago, SAW22195md
Terrible update!
This used to be my favorite weather app. However, the latest update is terrible! The fonts are tiny and difficult to read. The organization of information is not nearly as intuitive as it used to be... I hope WUSA will revert back to the old app format. It worked great! If not, I'm going to have to find a new weather app!
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11 years ago, Maverick78
Needs ad free option!
Slow to update versions for new iOS/iPhones, but this latest version finally supports iPhone 5 screen, so some stars for that. Overall it is a decent app, just wish there was a paid ad free option.
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8 years ago, Betmetwo
This was my favorite app until the update! I can't even read it now! The color and font is terrible. Deleting...
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14 years ago, Sweety7
I hate the banner!
I really like this app. It works well & is reasonably fast. There are many paid apps that aren't as nice as this free one. Thank you, WUSA. BUT --- That terrible banner keeps me from giving it 5 stars.
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12 years ago, Jmie31l
Where did the old map go
The old map showed states and smaller city's and towns and no longer shows mine! Really hard to tell when weather is going to hit us. Was able to track weather within mins but now have no idea. Fix this please
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