4.8 (408)
54.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
World Wide Group, LLC.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WWG

4.76 out of 5
408 Ratings
5 years ago, Gromwelds gears
Recent update bugs
This app used to work efficiently but ever since the latest updates I cannot get audios to play without restarting the app multiple times. The audio player no longer saves my place on the audio after the app closes and I have to start over or try to find my place. Please advise if this is a new preference issue or a bug in the new updates. Thank you iPhone XR. Latest iOS
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6 years ago, NMI IPhone User
Audios are mixed up / Can’t stream
I love this app. Grateful for the ease, convenience, and access to the incredible tools. Love being able to buy books or tickets for events using this app. I have an iPhone X and the issue I’m having is that the audios are mixed up. I download audios I’d like to listen to, but when I play the audio, it’s a completely different audio than titled. I’ve tried to delete the app and re-download it. I’ve also tried restarting my phone and is still the same. Also, when I attempt to stream an audio it won’t play. When I hit the “play” button, the “pause” button shows for a second then reverts back to the “play” button and the audio just won’t play.
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4 years ago, Sonics05
This app has been phenomenal for my wife and I to stay on top of our calendar, receive amazing input from established leaders in the industry on success, and having resources readily available to help build our business and aid new business owners to get on the pathway towards success. So thankful for the developers providing and updating tools for business owners regularly to make things more streamlined and simple.
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6 years ago, Mrez10
Notes section would be Awesome!!
Awesome app, haves everything you need for this awesome organization the only thing I wish for that will make it perfect would be a able to make notes next to audio or side notes highlighting the audio listened too of our favorite audios and videos :)
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5 years ago, JP of the Funny
Bug needing fixed?
Love the app and the content but I often have issues with the audios. For some reason many times when I open an audio to listen to it. The time will say 0:00 on both sides and it won’t play. I usually have to restart my phone completely to fix it and even then sometimes it doesn’t work. Not sure what’s causing the issues but would love a fix if possible.
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6 years ago, Sunshine159
Love love this app
I love all the features on this app and have had it for years. Tickets, calendar, audios and so much more are conveniently all in one place. Recently the app has been freezing when I click most features. I’ve tried soft resetting my phone and redownloading the app. I finally fixed it by hard resetting my phone. Other than that slight setback, the app has been wonderful.
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3 years ago, soannoyedappuser
Love this app
This app is great! It’s like a bunch of apps in one app. I do wish that when speeding up an audio even to 1.2. Speed the audio didn’t sound digitally frayed however that’s not a big deal to me. I use it everyday and love the inspiration tied into the app!
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4 years ago, cococo🌸
The best
This app is amazing to keep track of the events coming up. For all audios that we have access to. All pdf with accurate and updated documents. Save prospects contacts and able to send them in a click audios and pdfs. This and so much on!! Wonderful app!!
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2 years ago, uopuejq
Magnificently efficient
This app has made my life much simpler. It’s great to have so many resources allocated in this app. It has everything and streamlines building my life. Great work by the developers! Absolutely love it! Please add dark mode!
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4 years ago, raewebb
First Class
This app is new and improved! Excited about how smooth it is to use and the new added features. So blessed to have intelligent people keeping this app up to speed and relevant!
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4 years ago, KassandraDee
Professional, technologically advanced
Wow! Blown away by WWG always 10 steps ahead of the game. Any bugs? Be sure to report it, just like any other company they are constantly improving and resolving issues.
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7 years ago, Josh Blanchard
Outstanding Improvements
You guys are a driving force in the productivity of our organization. Keep these updates coming. Great work.
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6 years ago, quiquecr7
Please fix audios
So ever since the update came out the bms store is lagging there’s times I can actually search listen to an audio BUT FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME THE STORE DOESNT LOAD AND IS NOT THE CONNECTION, it doesn’t even try searching nothing loads when you download an audio it load when you press play then the app crashes please fix ASAP everything else looks great on the update
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4 years ago, musicMD
Love the new updated look
It is also way easier to find everything I need to as well.
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2 years ago, JEDCOLLINSMT
First class
This world class app makes life so much easier.
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6 years ago, Peterbilt_chik
TINY update
The latest update is so tiny! I can’t even change a setting to make the font bigger. Being farsighted, this presents a major issue. I cannot read any of the notes on the messages that come in.
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1 year ago, @ThetrevorBaker
So Valuable.
WWG continues to outperform their promises. So much value packed into one app. First class usability and design. Thank you.
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3 years ago, slcgirl801
Kicks me out of app when trying to play audios
App won’t play any audios. I’ve tried updating and deleting the app and downloaded again but no fix.
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7 years ago, Scarface snake7
Great app
Awesome for all of those people whom are involved in this organization and in business, the leadership thought is amazing, Love WWG
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4 years ago, luigi1122
Hostile pop ups
Scheduled a membership cancellation for June. I still should have the rest of this months membership, but the app won’t let me do anything without reinstating myself. Did I just get robbed or is the app buggy? Tried fixing a bug that charged me $5 basic membership on top of premier.
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5 years ago, Strawter's Go Diamond
Best training system in the world. Turns the average Joe into a mogul!!
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6 years ago, CLP1223
Downloaded audios crash
After downloading audios, app crashes when trying to play
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6 years ago, Optiumz
Won’t play audios just crashes
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6 years ago, Highbfggg
Headphone controls do not stop/play audios
Per last update for January 2018, this app no longer plays/stops audios with the Apple wired headphones . Please fix!! Love it otherwise!!
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6 years ago, Jcapt45
God Bless World Wide Dream Builders
Greatest organization on the face of the planet. God bless World Wide!
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3 months ago, ssanbeg
Events won’t open on mobile
1 star.
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2 years ago, der_adler
The site does not open
I can’t even get it to open
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7 years ago, Kwlgwl
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6 years ago, Jixmyxx
This is the wwg app
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4 years ago, gejgkdmd
I recomend not to get into world wide I lost a total of 56 thousand dollars
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7 years ago, Alexthehomie
Phenomenal business tool
Thanks so much for making this amazing app for us to enjoy. The convenience of having the audio library on our phones is phenomenal. 1 thing that would make this app better: after pausing then playing downloaded audios, the track skips back to the previous time it was paused or back to the beginning. It would be great to have this issue resolved. Thanks again for your hard work!
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9 years ago, Cepiu
Great updates coming out!!
The updates have been awesome, big improvements have been made and make the app better each time, thanks team. 2 suggestions to make this a 5 STAR app is A. Be able to push play and continue to listen to your CD from the front VS. going to the list and trying to remember and find what you were listening to open it to be able to continue playing it. B.for the calendar to be loaded for the current month and refreshing that way each time you lunch it vs. staying behind on last month or sometimes jumps back to 2014 year and clicking arrow over 12+ times to get to right month! Thanks for listening..
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12 years ago, Going Diamond!
Great app just a couple of ways to improve!
This is awesome! Love World Wide! A couple of suggestions that I would have to improve this app are: 1. Have the calendar reach out for the next 30 days not this current month. And then default to month by month. 2. The one I would like to see even more would be that there is a way to save my settings. I enter my location by zip reaching out 500 miles EVERY time I log in. And every time I come back in, it is back to default. Now I'm sure I missed where I can set this to save. WW is seams to think of everything before I do! Freedom! Thanks WW u r the BEST!
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9 years ago, SMS85
The app continues to improve! Having the ability to listen and navigate around and have it start back where you left off is huge. Couple suggestions for thought: ability to view/purchase any bsms or third party materials, and having a built in alarm that starts playing a cd to wake you up instead of an annoying buzzer or music. No better way to start your day then with Kate and wwg cds
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13 years ago, TheLewench
Work great!
I am so stoked to finally be able to have the function information at my fingertips! It's a good place to start but I do look forward to seeing what future releases add to this really cool business tool. Possibly even e-office/direct fulfillment ordering or in-depth major function information with ticket purchasing ability? Thanks WWG for giving us amazing tools to help us build our business!
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12 years ago, Philnise
A must have for business builders
This app is incredible. It is user friendly, and has helped me so much with planning ahead and informing my team. Question: when will the Communikate app be back? I used to use it everyday, now that I switched phones I can't get it and its very frustrating! Please bring it back
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13 years ago, DblEagle Ruby-AV
Great Start to Apps, Excited to See Improvements
I love how easy it is to view functions on this app. and you can view specific types of functions (SLM, PEP events, Upline House Plans, etc). Would like to see 2 things 1) ability to add event/function to personal calendar on phone 2) ability to scroll through months or weeks more effectively vs just the "slot-machine" scrolling. Excited to see the 2nd revision! GREAT WORK WWG!
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7 years ago, Mancey
Audio Playback Skips
Great app, user friendly, and organized well. The only issue is the audio playback. When you pause an audio and later go back, the audio player skips back to an early time on the audio rather than where you left off. This happens when closing the app as well as leaving it open and multitasking with other apps. Other than that issue, the app works great!
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11 years ago, macsdojo
Things are so much easier now that I can stay on top of Digital Delivery and add events to my calendar whenever. Make learning and accountability an afterthought instead of a chore. Use this app and you'll be a better business builder and just a better person by accident.
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9 years ago, Danelmanperry
The best continues to improve
Impressed - hugely impressed. Especially this latest update to audio player! A day later and even after restarting my phone, my digital delivery audio loaded FAST and (!!!) to the exact spot I was in the recording! World class as always!! Thank you WWG
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8 years ago, MNHaze
I've only ever had one issue with the app. I reported it, and within hours I had a developer contact me and work with me to fix it. Now it works beautifully. New functionality is constantly being added
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13 years ago, Jay_Hawaii
Great way to keep up!
Another awesome move by the World Wide Group. This eliminates scrambling for papers, misplace notepads, and old receipts when inviting and e-viting guest. I love technology and its progress especially when it can be applied to me and my spouse's growing business. Looking forward to eOffice for iPad, iPhone.
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11 years ago, Eashster
Great App
I love this app it keeps me updated to the latest info on the biz and helps everyone communikate and keep each other going. It's crazy when the new partner store apple came on I saw it on this app and then heard about it on Kate 3 days later.
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10 years ago, KristenL518
Love This!
The calendar function is convenient, but being able to listen to standing order from your phone brings this app to a whole new level. So helpful!
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13 years ago, D-Rizzle Yo
Great Start
Very good start for WWG! Text and email, however, are missing the function date information. ***I just revised my rating to five stars because date info was added to text and email. Bravo!***
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10 years ago, JasonfromMinnesota
Constantly getting better!
I might be bias cuz WWG and association saved my marriage but eat drink duplicate and digital delivery are so helpful on the go. The add to calendar feat. Makes it really easy for me to update events and helps my wife and I stay synced up!
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9 years ago, Kdjfbeasyt
Faulty link
App is absolutely incredible. There is a issue when sharing the link to potential candidates. The message is sent but there is no link given.
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13 years ago, KRAZY~K
Fantastic! This simplifies looking up regionals, SLM's etc... I really look forward to what comes next. This could become an amazing tool! I really hope that we can get full functionality and features that the site has. That would be epic, instant 5 stars +
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13 years ago, Dansimonsen
Good start to a great app!
Love ability to view & send events, directions & filter by state & event type! Suggestions: 1. Ability to add event to iphone calendar 2. Ability to select all filters, unselect all filters. 3. Ability to add events to app calendar & send to downline.
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7 years ago, Daniil K
It's great, but...
the audio playback is messed up. If you pause an audio, and then resume it, the audio will jump back several minutes. The longer the audio is paused, the further it will go back. Other than that, it's a great app!
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