WZZM 13 Weather

4.5 (1.1K)
65.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WZZM 13 Weather

4.54 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Kellya74u
THIS is a Weather App Done Right
To me, this is the GOLD STANDARD of how a weather app should look, feel & work. I use this App when I travel all over the country, but also daily to plan yard work, kayaking, or other activities. The satellite view combined with programmable overviews of lightning, storm wind directions, clouds or fog, along with toggling past or past & present radar motion, provide an insight for safe travel or activities. All weather stations that predict weather can be off, but there’s no denying the reality of an approaching storm with lightning & high winds in near real time. Also programmable are notifications of lightning detected nearby, or tornado watch. This app is the best!
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1 year ago, FudgieGoHome
Love this app
I just downloaded this app to make it my #1 weather “go to” in place of my local station because they decided to “upgrade” to an entirely different platform. Please keep this one as it is!
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12 months ago, Fick55
Radar animation
Since the latest update , the radar animation is slow as molasses. Horrible since the last update for that reason. I don’t care for the 24 hour radar setting either. Revert too the old version of the app, it was way better or the radar animation. I have fast WiFi and this radar animation is slow as molasses. Great overall app just fix the radar animation speed ty.
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2 years ago, Mechman4800
About as worthless as weather forecasters can get
I can never understand how I can consistently check the weather on this app at 11:00 pm for the next day’s weather, only to have the weather be a complete opposite the next morning. How can you forecast the next day’s weather to be nothing but sunshine with 0 chance of precipitation at 11:00 pm, just to have the weather be completely overcast with rain or snow by 8 am the next day?
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6 years ago, Aerick89
I don’t usually write reviews. But this app has seen me through thick and thin. I like to see the radar right of the bat. No menus to navigate, and shows you local warnings. The touch interface is smooth, simple, and interactive, performance is top notch. Kudos!
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4 years ago, Mountiefever
13 weather app
Works great and seems to have accurate forecast. The radar imaging is nice, showing down to where you live.
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7 years ago, Holland2012
Less than one star
This was my go-to weather app. I recommended it to many people. Since the latest update, well, the app is no longer being recommended. Until the radar animation is fixed, the app is way less than it could be. On my iPad this app does not auto rotate as it should. Other similar apps work fine, the WZZM weather app fails to work right. Slow radar animation and bad auto rotation equals a low score.
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5 years ago, Davitlee
Best Radar, confusing temps
This is 100% my go-to radar app. Current temp is a little off, probably from nearest NWS station, so more of a regional estimate. The strange part is, the day’s high temp forecast never matches high on the the hourly forecast, so I don’t understand which high to believe. Great overall, though.
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2 months ago, Brutusmother
I like the old radar settings. I like the choice of past and future choices. I like to be able to see the weather which way it was approaching
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4 years ago, Gribbly Snard
Gets stuck on the splash screen.
Others have noticed this too. Lately the app gets stuck on the splash screen. On my iPhone 11, if I swipe up and then hold while pressing the app the App Switcher comes up. If I swipe up the app again it closes the app instead of pausing it. Open it again and it works.
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2 years ago, Shdaowpup1
Great app
I love this app works great even when you travel in Michigan. I use it daily, for years. Easy to use and navigate.
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6 years ago, Tinyecho60
Great app!
I use this app every day and it is always very reliable. My husband works outside so this is a very valuable tool for him!
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9 months ago, Nonwatcher
Pokey or freezes
Please fix the app, it used to be great and my go- to for the most accurate forecasting but now the radar either doesn’t show up at all or doesn’t advance. Issues are primarily with the map- the most critical part! Happy to change rating if issues are resolved.
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6 years ago, MustangSharon
No longer auto rotates to landscape on iPad
This app has been my preferred weather app for a long time, but now the app no longer auto rotates to landscape. I have to shake and twist the iPad over and over to finally get landscape mode. I don’t have to do that with the newly designed Weather Channel app. That is now my preferred app until this app is fixed. Pleas fix it. I have an iPad Pro.
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4 years ago, no trumpin2020
Problems with app
My app keeps freezing up and I have to delete it and add it like every couple days!! Never had this problem before. It started in November I believe! What’s going on??
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9 months ago, lvredrider
Terrible layout
90% of the screen is a map, if you're looking for current conditions and forecasts, there's a tiny minuscule section at the bottom that you can barely see. Ill stick with Fox 17's app, way better
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5 years ago, Perrychevy
Needs work app stopped working
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6 years ago, Lemonsage
Used to like it
I used to be able to see other city’s temps, after the update I can’t. It will only let me edit and even then I can only know my own city.. please change it..
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4 years ago, papardl
Improvements needed
Hard to read current temp in lower left corner, wind and speed very small. Need to add item for previous days data. Rain total, wind, high, low etc.... maybe add almanac info
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5 years ago, God's business man
Hasn’t worked since the update.
I love this app and I usually use it multiple times a day but since the update it won’t even open hopefully this will soon be fixed.
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2 years ago, BearPaw8985
They change the weather 8 times a day and it’s never right it will show snow in our area and not snow then it shows sun when it’s snowing this app is completely trash don’t waste your time with it
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4 years ago, alex!$&@9999
Weather app is disappointing. Half the time it won’t load/error. Says my location is unavailable. Loaded the fox 17 weather app and have had no problems with it. Will be deleting this app if it doesn’t improve
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10 years ago, Brent77359
Great and amazing app!
This app allows you to view the map to see the rain, thunderstorms and a lot more. The app is great for camping and for having later activities to see what's coming ahead, it also allows you to see the cloud cover, rain, thunderstorms, snow, and the app now has the whole United States to see all the rain and what you can see what's coming for future events/activities. If you want a great app I proffer you hit the download button cause this is so helpful thanks a lot WZZM!!
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5 years ago, BBoo126
Hate the update
The latest update is horrible. The radar map is a dingy green color and most of the time the weekly weather information is missing.
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4 years ago, FollowSnow
Just updated this app and now my snow cover map is gone 😖😢 I really need the snow cover map back as an option! Please
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8 months ago, Rczol
Newest update
New update only allows “Future” option. IPhone 13
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4 years ago, mvwest
Garbage app
Update doesn’t load Looks like time to move on
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5 years ago, Panda81
This was my favorite weather app. I used it several times a day. Now, after the last update, my app won’t open.
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5 years ago, harryma275
From Great to Awful
This was once a super weather app. Now it’s broken. Half the time, it won’t even connect to wifi and the colors are horribly wrong.
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5 years ago, Health44
Latest version is unusable. Map is awful!!! Storm icons and tracks awful. Best to use an alternative until they overhaul and fix these issues.
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1 year ago, Sobbing k
Very bad since the update
Not just bad, Very Bad since the update…Boo to the powers that be, You took something excellent and turned it to garbage
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2 years ago, SJ.Writes
Can’t open!
Use this weather app all the time and all of a sudden, I can’t open it! What happened?!
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5 years ago, burgesslake
Normally love it. Last update killed it
Won’t load after last update
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5 years ago, Sporkgirl11
Used to be my favorite
Could be great if it actually worked.
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4 years ago, Pamroach
Since Christmas I’ve deleted and re-added 14 times
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4 years ago, Aschober
Another one gone bad
Used this to track weather in their area Very intermittent Either sits on a screen saying the application cannot be used in my area Or sits on the 13 logo Once in a great while it might do something Poor programming
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4 years ago, Fa'Ix
13 WX app
The 13 day forecast is never accurate,it’ll show a nice day and it’ll be raining and not forecasted
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11 years ago, Ultra Man 7
Need way to remove ads
The app works well, and WZZM13 weather is unsurpassed in weather prediction accuracy for West MI. I enjoy beautiful but functional weather apps. I try others, but I always come back to this app for WZZM13’s accuracy. I would stop trying other weather apps if there was an IN APP PURCHASE to REMOVE ADS.
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12 years ago, Js17hilton
Too slow
This app is great, besides the fact that it takes way to long to load. I'm not so sure it's really loading, I think they just make you look at the splash screen. It would not be so bad if it did this once. But it does it every time you switch back to it from another app. It would also be nice to see retina graphics for the icon. I will no longer be using this app until these issues are fixed.
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12 years ago, Ohhhdear
Would prefer a no-ad version & willing to pay a bit for it. Also would REALLY appreciate a weather app which displayed the PREVIOUS 12 hours' temp & precipitation. Nobody offers it. Finally, App Support is non-existent. Outside of an adequate in-app help page, you can't contact anyone with ideas or problems. The app description app support link goes to WZZM's website and info about downloading various platform's weather apps. Very disappointing.
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13 years ago, Bighead67
WZZM is my favorite weather channel, yet I'm only in 7th grade. I know this must be a stupid mistake for someone to make, but I don't understand the optional video portion of the app. I am not sure how to get to the latest video because I do not see the video button/tab. It says it is optional in the help menu, but does that mean only the iPhone has it? I use the iPod touch fourth generation, if this helps.
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8 years ago, Mustang USMCRet
Deleting App
The app in its new form continually pops up when I swipe my widgets and notifications page to bring up my current kindle book - very irritating. I don't even show this app as a widget so have no idea why it pops up when I click on my kindle widget. The old version did not do this. There is a lot to like about the new version but with so many more options out there I am deleting this app until the bugs are out
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14 years ago, Jiggy07
Thank you
So glad to finally have my favorite news station having an app for their weather!
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12 years ago, 4wdTercelSR5
Clutter, maps eeehh!
Lost setting for key. I do not need the key, clutters the display. Maps, i know, but the mustard colour "fakes" the display, however i have had no problems with the accuracy. Future cast as accurate as my 3yr old niece! Still best app for hurricane and storm info, tracking even bow-echo is visible! Please keep this evermore Useable!
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14 years ago, ngorby44
So happy
So happy that there is finally a wzzm app. The UI could use some help. Make the current temps and conditions a little larger. I didn't even realize that was on the screen until I glanced in the bottom corner. It's far too small. Great app, but like all things there is room for improvements. :)
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12 years ago, dixianna
FIX THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT HAPPENED??? Ever since the "update", radar does not work on my iPad 2, the map itself looks weird, not like it used to, when I try to zero in on a particular area, it gets overpowered by the names of towns in an unusually large font, which is totally distracting, it's just bad all around. I used to use this app ALL the time. Now, it's useless. I will probably end up deleting it. Who's bright idea was it to change this app anyway?
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14 years ago, vandykenf3
So far so good...
The app itself is nice, and seem to be accurate thus far. The complaints I have are purely due to aesthetics... First, I hate having to look at the meteorologists on the splash screen, just put the logo there and be done with it. Second, I hate the ads that are always on the top. I would gladly pay $3-4 dollars for an ad free version.
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11 years ago, Nick Grimm
Iphone 5 update
Very good app just would like to suggest to make a bigger size for the iphone 5 and ipod 5 size and support the screen is smaller when on a iphone 5
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13 years ago, LowBrass
Very Useful App!
Great graphics and accurate forecasts are features of this app. Downloads are fast and maps are excellent.
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12 years ago, kennlorr
WZZM 13 WX App
Works Great! Family around the US use this app for their wx location, as well as, for the location of other family members.
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