Xactly Incent

3.2 (104)
40.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Xactly Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xactly Incent

3.18 out of 5
104 Ratings
6 years ago, LGBDRManager
Lead Generation Manager
This tool is fantastic for giving my reps visibility into their earnings from wherever they are. They don’t have to ask me how much they are looking to make as it’s right in their pocket at all times! Only complaint is the screen doesn’t expand to the size of the iPhone X’s Max.
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5 years ago, Cooterchrisaaaa
Big fan of company, not the app
Xactly is awesome software. I work in sales as an IC and love being able to see my compensation through the xactly software....with that said, this app is horrendous. Even if you can manage to get it working, the information is so watered down and useless that you will delete the app 15 seconds after your first login. Just use the website....Also- I may be wrong here but 90% the positive reviews seem like fake marketing adds and that is really off-putting for me personally...just saying
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6 years ago, LeadGen Manager
Incent for mobile is a game changer
As both a rep and manager of a lead qualification team, it was invaluable to me to see my commission earnings and attainment to goal in real time. The convenience of having this information on your mobile device is extremely motivating. I could never go to a company now that doesn’t use Xactly.
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6 years ago, LC_86
5 Star Visibility
The Xactly Incent app syncs with my desktop statements and gives me the latest info where I’m at to goal, commission, bonus, OTE etc. I especially like being able to drill-thru down to line item detail to confirm I’m getting the right split % and credit for each deal. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, ColoradoRedWood
Easy Access to Incentive Statements
Great tool for accessing my basic incentive and attainment data on the go. Can’t wait to see what new product developments come next!
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1 year ago, ADuqu
Love it
I work at a retail store and this app allows me to see exactly how much commission I am going to make on a sale. As soon as I get off my shift I always check how much money I made that day. It’s a game changer!
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6 years ago, Sirenman9999
Perfect app for me
I want the Incent app to do 2 things: show me my commission and allow me to view/sign my plan. Works like a charm! Plus my company configured the app to work with Okta single sign on this year so I never have to remember my password again!
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6 years ago, kamalu94
Makes performance review so much easier
Xactly Incent’s mobile app lets me take sales performance data on the go. I can see quota attainment and up-to-date commissions data from anywhere.
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4 years ago, Tenne55ee
This app needs a lot of help!
I gave it 1 star bc the app only needs to redisplay the info that’s hosted on the web server. But it doesn’t even let you login! I logged into the website from my PC, changed my password, and still couldn’t login. Something else that is concerning is that two special characters in my password is considered too many! It’s 2020, update your backend and try again.
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6 years ago, Capone4785
Show me the money
Having instant visibility into my earnings after every sale is great! Peace of mind knowing how much I’m making and not worrying about finance missing it helps me sleep at night.
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1 year ago, GeorgeP 1982
Sales Director
Fantastic App. The ability the check your compensation in the palm of your hand while on the go is a game changer.
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6 years ago, deo512
Easy and convenient
Easy to track and approve comp plans - as well as super convenient to check while out of office
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6 years ago, SellSoftware
As a former sales manager and now and individual contributor, I have found great value in the real-time visibility provided by Xactly Incent. It’s ease of use on mobile devices encourages user adoption.
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6 years ago, JasonHardy
Worst business tool
This app is ridiculous. Completely non-functional with no new display optimization, etc. None of the links work, it’s just a glorified redrawing tool for their website. For such an expensive business tool, they should be forced to building a useful mobile app. Their app and their website are 100% terrible.
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6 years ago, Incent user
Super easy to use
Great tool to access information on the go! Highly recommended if you are an Incent user.
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6 years ago, Happy Sales Rep!
Love it!!
Provides me easy access to my comp in a simple way with all the transparency I could ask for in the palm of my hand! Thank you!! Very Best! Mark
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6 years ago, Shanob Kottal
Good Tool
The App is a nice addition to the Xactly product suite . A good go to software for our sales team to look at commissions
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3 years ago, Inkstar
I gave this a 2 star rating at first, but that was a mistake. Lots of taps to get to what you want to see (and it probably isn’t available on the mobile app). You’re forced to login again each time you open the app.
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6 years ago, Jes_Lagos2
Love it.
Xactly makes it easy to check where I am at to quota and from my phone!
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6 years ago, Futball phenom
Great app
I love being able to see how close I am to quota attainment and see real time commission reporting!
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6 years ago, justanothersalesguy
Great app
Does exactly (no pun intended) what I need it too. Seeing my commissions on my phone whenever I need it is great
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6 years ago, DPFTM
Constantly shows an error! Cannot get access. Mobility is truly needed for sales people on the road. You would think that a company that sells to companies who have sales people would have an app that actually works.
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1 year ago, RevOps champion
Director - RevOps
Love the mobile capabilities- reps can easily calculate their commissions, game changer!
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4 years ago, Girricane
Does not work!
I have an iPhone X and this app doesn’t even fit the screen properly nor allow me to sign my documents! Unacceptable. Much better companies with better mobile apps.
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6 years ago, joeyp, anonymous
Accelerate Incentives
Love this app. Easy to use. My admin showed me my incentives by impersonating me on her iPad
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1 year ago, acassandro
Making dollars and Incent(s)
Ditch the spreadsheet and automate on the go! Love it!
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1 year ago, rob the comp guy
must use
changed my life now i get paid and know how much crazy
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6 years ago, Andrey.
Just tried to show you the website but doesn’t work at all. Can’t scroll left, right, up, or down. Nothing works.
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6 years ago, snair0
Commissions verified on the go! Thanks to Xactly mobile app!
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3 years ago, AmrMetawie
The app is in a desperate need for help
The app is worthless, log in is a hit and miss, you can’t drill down to most of the categories
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6 years ago, bkhund
Login broken
App login stopped working recently, gives a 7001 error. Poor QA, how hard is it to test the initial login before rolling out updates?
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6 years ago, Feeble145taken
Best incentive management app!
This is the best incentive compensation management application!
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6 years ago, Ryanthomasc51
Non functional
Just use the website. This app does not work and will not load.
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6 years ago, JesseG2
Doesn’t save password
Every other app on the iPhone allows you to save the password except this one. Secure? Or unusable?
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6 years ago, Nzjccc
App doesn’t work
App doesn’t work on my iPhone X Max. Just isn’t something their product and engineering team is focused on
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12 years ago, Brooke839
This is a great app that will allow our sales teams to quickly access their comp information on the go. It seems to be very clear and easy to use. With our growing company the pace around the office and sales travel is extreme, so this is a useful tool especially to quickly check on payments right on their Ipads on an airplane or between customer meetings.
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7 months ago, bmelching
App rarely works. It will lock up, or ask for Microsoft authentication and then do the same.
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5 years ago, Jay1232109
New update won’t let me even log in. Previous version was super slow
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6 years ago, AlainMidnight Rider
Never has worked correctly
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6 years ago, s1gl
This app is unusable
I would love to update this review when the application is fixed!
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6 years ago, Runner220
App is not working
The app is not working since the last update! Please supply a fix.
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6 years ago, bhuggcffgj
App doesn’t work
App doesn’t work since update
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6 years ago, Enjoyer of Beer
Does not work
App won’t work after update
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6 years ago, Tjheer
App doesn’t work
Used to work. Now it doesn’t
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6 years ago, Wooooooo 2106
Terrible excuse for an app
This is how I know my commission and it doesn’t work. Awesome.
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5 years ago, Drewjames
This isn't an app it's a sloppy ported website
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7 years ago, Zshurtle
Worst app I’ve ever used
Worst app I’ve ever downloaded.
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7 years ago, Huxley Dunsany
Xactly is garbage
This tool is super frustrating. It never stays logged in, the UI doesn't scale properly on my iPhone 7 Plus, and the general layout and functionality is wonky at best. Definitely needs a serious overhaul. EDIT: This app is straight garbage. Now it fails to log in completely (just an endless spinner) even after being deleted and reinstalled. Also, the Xactly website is non-functional in both iOS Safari and iOS Chrome. Maybe the garbage app is just a reflection of a larger truth: Xactly itself is garbage from top to bottom. I'll be recommending that my company move to a tool that supports rather than disrupts our business.
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10 years ago, Aspar298
I am in sales, and when our company moved onto Xactly it made my life a million times easier. Before I was constantly in dispute with our comp team, but now even from the road on this app I can access my comp statement anytime during the month. It’s clutch
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12 years ago, CarlGold31
Great iPad app
This iPad app is great, it allows the salesforce even more ways to look at their performance, commission, and keeps them motivated to do more. It is just another way that Xactly is moving sales compensation to the next level. Well done.
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