Xfinity Prepaid

1.9 (670)
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Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xfinity Prepaid

1.92 out of 5
670 Ratings
3 years ago, lizzy36
Xfinity prepaid
I’ve had nothing but issues with the app. I log in and always click on stay logged in box but every single time I go back I have to log back in. Also when I try to pay I always get the something went wrong message is also come to my attention while checking my phone settings and searching for the Wi-Fi network that this network Xfinity offers its prepaid customers is not secured!! you have customers like myself who can’t afford the ridiculous prices you have for internet/cable and we still remain with your service but end up getting screwed. We are still paying to get this service the least you can do is make this app work without issues and give us a secured network because is what we all think we are getting.
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2 years ago, Pobird
App & website are both broken
This is my 1st month having Xfinity prepaid. While the internet is decent but the App and website are both broken for refilling the service . This is beyond ridiculous, I understand if the app is bad but even your regular site is broken so none of us can refill ? Also when I first received the modem , there was a problem with the connection so I waited 5 days for the technician to come and the customer service claimed she would credit me those 5 days , but I just called the automated system and checked my account and those 5 days was never credited . I like the idea for not having a contact but $45 is not exactly cheap either with the speed that we are getting and the customer service is beyond unacceptable . Prepaid is not cheaper internet than regular accounts from what I can see with your promotion with regular account so please get it together Comcast , you are such a big company so it is baffling that your app and site are both broken for something as simple as us wanting to pay you !
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2 years ago, Annoyedbyshopitbutton
Auto pay always cancels by itself!
For the most part, I haven’t had any issues. Out of no where the app just stops auto pay every month now by itself and it’s so annoying! Then you can’t contact anyone! Support is a bunch of useless FAQ! Fix the app! What’s the point of auto pay when you can’t use it and your internet cuts of immediately. I seriously watched the autopay option all the way until the due date to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Sure enough, the day of the wifi cuts off and says I need to refill. This is a useless app.
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2 years ago, Tripzi~Bandgang
App and website are both broken.
I’ve had this service for two weeks now and I haven’t been able to log in on the app once because it keeps saying “Something went wrong.” The most baffling part is I can’t even access my account on their website, the only thing it lets me do is log in and sit on the home page. If I try to go to my account it says, “Something went wrong.” It’s just ridiculous, I don’t even know how I would pay my bill. The wifi is okay I guess.. It’s always up and down, you can’t keep a good connection at all. Complete waste of money in my opinion. I’m never getting this wifi service ever again especially not for no dang 45 dollars. The only good thing about it is there’s no contract but that’s about it.
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4 months ago, Lotus Kam
Terrible App
Now, I will say in the beginning when I first purchased the prepaid Internet service the app worked very well. I had no issues logging on and I was able to opt into the auto pay enrollment with no problem. Fast forward to now, the app has become very glitchy, it did not recognize my password even though I verified that I was entering it correctly. After resetting my password I attempted to go to my dashboard and instead received a “something went wrong” error message. I wasn’t able to access anything on my account or profile. Comcast is a very big company that is making a lot of money, they should not be having these types of issues with their prepaid app.
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2 years ago, nopooooooooooooooooooooo
So inconvenient to be the only prepaid internet
Comcast is wrong for the lack of car they have for people that choose prepaid. With covid and people legit having to have some type of internet in home you would think they would be able to support and update the site and fix the app to actually work! Every time you call you speak to ppl that don’t speak good English and can’t ever take a payment or help you. They have the option for a weekly reload but it doesn’t work like their forcing you to do the $45 monthly when sometimes i do need to just due weekly due to finances. I say we start a petition or a make a tik tok go viral of how poor the service is. Maybe that will get their attention !
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4 years ago, Charlotte McGivern
Don’t work for me
I love my prepaid internet because sometimes I can’t afford to have WiFi so it’s nice to be able to pay for a month or for desperate times 7days. But every time I’ve tried refilling my service on the app it tells me that transition failed to process and there’s no token available for customer which I don’t understand what that means. But I go on the web and refill it that way and it always works. So I’m not sure what’s up with the app. I’ve had it downloaded ever since I got my service and I’ve tried using it every refill but end up becoming frustrated and just going on the web and refilling it that way.
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3 years ago, ChantzKacey
Don’t use this service or app unless...
I wouldn’t recommend this prepaid WiFi as an option unless you really have no choices. They give you the lowest grade WiFi, it always cuts out or has connection issues. The app definitely is flawed and barely works(you can barely every log in), you can’t make any changes to the WiFi password and it’s listed as an unsecured network. Then whenever you want to refill, the app takes forever to even get to your dashboard if it ever goes at all, you likely have to refill on your web browser. It’s just not a good service, even being prepaid it’s like they’re giving you the scraps of available low grade internet. You might as well be using a “dial up” connection smh.
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3 years ago, xfinity is crap
Xfinity is corrupt monopoly
Wish i could give negative -5 stars. Worst app ive EVER USED. Terrible customer support. Cant update payment/account info no matter what u click on, what number u call, website/phone/app its all the same looping runaround. Had to go thru multiple phone calls just to REFILL service last month. Told them this issue and they couldn't care less. Xfinity prepaid absolutely worthless. Cant refill, so i guess ill just let service lapse and find something else eventually. Xfinity would prefer to force out competitors than have to compete with them, since they are TRASH in every way. Xfinity hates its customers. We hate u back xfinity, we HATE U BACK!!!!!!!!!!
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5 months ago, Elle32 :(
App no longer working
The app is definitely no longer working so in case anyone needs to pay their bill they can log into the xfinity website for the prepaid option and pay that way. I was freaking out until I found that option. My internet still works just fine. Never had any problems in 3 years except for the horrible app but internet has always worked well. It’s only me and my son so I imagine with a bigger family it may not be suitable for your needs.
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4 years ago, Monica, MD
The Xfinity prepaid app won’t sign me in!
I have had the app since getting the service. Every time, and I mean EVERY time I attempt to sign in it does not recognize or take my 8 digit pin. I have gone to forgot my pin and changed it at least five times. I have spoken with someone from support about it twice. I have even done a chat with support and was told that the issue has been resolved, yet here I am AGAIN today, not able to sign in.
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1 year ago, Tamisha S.
Crashing Like Crazy!
This app needs a lot of work, and far more stability! Lately, it just started randomly crashing and won’t even let me make refills through it. I can’t check anything on it because it’s crashing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled these numerous times and I’m having the same results. it was already hard to use because of disability but now it has no stability. I worked for Comcast, so I know that the engineering there is excellent. I don’t know why they are not investing in this app. This is discouraging!
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9 months ago, -MobTowN-
Totally broken.
Don’t even install it. Just work through the website. The only thing I was able to successfully accomplish using this app was scheduling a move. The system never gave me the option to activate the new address. Spent an hour on the phone getting it worked out and, I kid you not, the agent on the phone explicitly told me to stop using the app because it has known issues that are not going to be addressed. Apple should pull it from the store at this point.
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5 years ago, Govind Karadkhelkar
Amazing app for an amazing product
I love using the mobile app for my xfinity prepaid service. I like my xfinity prepaid internet as it is very reliable and cost effective. It is a very easy way for me refill my services before or after expiry using this app. Allows me to be connected all the time and refill promptly. Happy user. 😊
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3 years ago, Bembury2007
The app is junk. Can’t make a payment there. Put in my info and the screen goes white and stays that way. The website does the exact same thing. Can’t make a payment on the phone because it doesn’t give you the option to do so. How am I supposed to make my payment? I hope I don’t have to drive to the Xfinity store to pay it. If that’s the case, I will just go without or find a different company. Suddenly satellite is looking better and better. Just sayin...
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3 years ago, thorochk
If you think you’re getting the same xfinity that’s expensive you’re wrong WiFi is trash my internet went down 4 days ago I called support they said everything is good on there end left me with no solution I called back today they telling me my service has expired and I need to pay I paid a week early they said go back to where I paid the bill mind you on the app I still have 19 days left until my next bill they straight screwing there customers and they don’t care AT&T her I come
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2 years ago, Hfhjjvcjk
It started off fine, then came the constant outages that never stopped. Try to call in to customer service to speak about issues is a challenge, if you can even get through the automated messaging. Once you are through 15 minutes later, good luck understanding a word of what the representative is saying, English is definitely not their first or second language. You’re probably better off using your hotspot on your phone. Just don’t…
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3 years ago, witchgoddess
One of the Most Useless Apps I’ve Ever Had
If you need support you certainly won’t get it through this app, which does nothing but send you to their useless website. Good luck trying to get support for Xfinity PrePaid! Even the account area is lacking in this app. Their unhelpful foreign phone support said the app shows outages - well it doesn’t. A total waste of space! The best part is that it won’t save your login & it will just spin & spin as it tries to connect to Xfinity but ultimately fails to connect to anything.
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4 years ago, Redeminem2000
Verification update
Was using the app just fine to pay my bill and never had an issue until today I had a preference verification notification pop up and blocked the whole screen now I can’t pay my bill from the app and even tried the website and got the same thing and it won’t let me scroll down to click continue
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3 years ago, scott d rose
Comcast you can’t do better
This is a sh¡tty app, when you want to do something it asked me to login every single time it changed a screen! I paid my bill and used the app to restart my modem! 8 hours still my modem doesn’t seem to be working now!I think it’s strange, I’ve had service for years I download the app today and used it for the first time and my service doesn’t work! No I sit and wait till the 23rd when they have the soonest technician appointment!
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1 year ago, nuvesiitaa
App Issues
I love the service , it’s affordable but i can’t even log in and refill it. the app won’t even open anymore ,i’ve restarted my phone after deleting the app and re downloading it doesn’t seem to work either .i’ve been having this issues for the past week
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4 years ago, gomee2
Worst customer service
I am giving one star because I can’t give zero or even negative. I have been trying to get a refund from prepaid department from a MONTH. I purchased prepaid services but soon realized it’s speed is not enough for me. I returned modem and deactivated my account but they are not giving me any refund. I have been transferred from one call to another to another, kept in hold for half an hour. What is wrong with you? I really hope nobody purchase your services!!! IT IS THE WORST!!!!
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3 years ago, Gee.g001
I hate this app and this prepaid service in general. It’s awful, it seems to always go in and out, i might as well just get the regular service if I’m spending money for crap service. The app has worked maybe 2 times after that I couldn’t log in, can’t log in through website either, also couldn’t make payment over the phone so I have to psychically go into the store to pay. Ridiculous
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2 years ago, JQT239
Nothing works!
The app is not functional just like the prepaid website. Every time I go the app or website and try to activate the service it says there is an error on their end. You must then call the prepaid phone no. which guess what, you can’t get past the robot without an account no. or registered phone no. Which you do not have if you are a new customer! So it’s a catch 22 and no one can help you! Flee from Xfinity!
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4 weeks ago, Lanna Poo
Terrible, horrible trash app
This app never works properly! And when I call and tell them that the rep always say “aw, have you tried online?”. Crazy part is online is just as bad!! I hate it here 😩 if it wasn’t for the affordable prepaid internet price I would’ve cancelled long ago! At this point I’m about to shop around cause I’m getting tired of this roller coaster ride!! To each its own but you see the other reviews!
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3 years ago, Greeneyes182
Please fix!
I was able to update in the app and refill my internet service with no problems however all it does now is constantly bring me back to the link my account id message and it shows i have a thousand times! Please xfinity fix this it makes it easier. Of course u are the only internet available in my apartment building🤦🏻‍♀️🙄it takes me a good ten mins to get to the link without logging in to pay for my internet.
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1 year ago, 31474
App Does Not Work
This app does not work. When I put in the MAC address and then click complete activation I get this error message “oh no! Something did not work… It seems like something did not work on our end. Please try again”. And it’s the same thing when I go through the website to login. Please update this app and website. I do not have time to keep going to a store to purchase refill.
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4 years ago, Gutta Wutta
Questions But I Love My Service
I haven’t had no issues with mine , however sense you guys are making changes can you make a way to where we can edit our network password and our box name ?
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4 years ago, TRM101
Problem refilling
I try to refill my services on the app and when I log in I never have the option to refill for seven days. It’s just has the 30 day option. I don’t know why this is. It’s the same way when I log into my account from the web. So I usually end up having to call the xfinity prepaid number and speak with a representative and refill it that way. Can you guys fix this issue ASAP!
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1 year ago, CourtneySoOfficial
This app crashes and will have you without being able to pay your Wi-Fi bill unless you walk into an Xfinity location. How does a a business worth millions not afford to have an app that is functional? Xfinity is the worst provider, but in most cases the only resource available leaving some with no choice but to do business with this trash company.
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3 years ago, shortybopo
Horrible app
I’ve literally been kicked out multiple times, it’s always an error message popping up so I can never pay my bill, then the customer care is horrible as well, they can’t do anything for you! I thought it would be slightly respectable for its customers but clearly since it’s prepaid COMCAST XFINITY doesn’t care enough to put some effort in. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 out of 5
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1 year ago, Riodeliceeee
I’ve had no issues with this app until today. I can’t even open it. I deleted it and re downloaded it and still it isn’t working. Just much easier to pay through the web and delete the app all together!!!
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2 years ago, Kelly14u2nv
Worst product and support
No one in this company can seem to help me to simply pay my bill. The app stinks. The call center is horrible and will send you to ten different people who can’t help you. All while you simply want to log onto your account. The app tells me there’s a problem on their end and to call. Yet no one at Comcast can help. It’ll make you go insane.
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3 years ago, anhdyrvj
This app is garbage
I paid my bill normally every month now all of a sudden I can pay my bill without creating a xfinity ID. What is a xfinity ID? I don’t understand why people gotta take something that already good and mess it up claiming to make it better. Sounds like to me all their trying to do is cut jobs by having customers do the job of the employees so they can get rid of the employees and increase profits.
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3 years ago, Youngrawandfree
The app just doesn’t work at all it’s a complete waste I always gets a message that says “hmm something went wrong couldn’t load the page” and calling customer service isn’t much help either I’ve been trying to enroll in auto pay because trying to pay your bill is just such a hassle every month smh....
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1 year ago, no se dice nombre
Xfinity Prepaid
It has to work on some issues it has like you should be able to update the app more other but only problem I’m having I’m tryna access the app and it won’t even open so I have to use a laptop please work on your issues before you loose all customers from having the app on the phone !.
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3 years ago, goss248
Totally useless (1st Xfinity app)
It’s impossible to pay on here for my prepaid service with a service address different from my billing address. One year later, not much has changed. Had to delete the app again. Paying on the internet is aggravating but at least it works. There are two apps. Neither of them work.
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7 months ago, charlesc99$
I will be switching to a different service the app and the website has been down for 2 weeks the app hasn’t received an update in 4 years comcast doesn't even want your money if they did they'd fix this service and actually let you pay your bill
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3 years ago, AMadAssCustomer
Don’t recommend
This app is so dysfunctional. You can’t refill your services on it, when you call customer service after holding for 1 1/2 hours you get someone who is unknowledgeable and keeps repeating the same thing over and over. I hate this app and this service. A complete waste of time.
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1 year ago, Lisa Ray8981
Having trouble with the app
The service is great but I just now started having issues with the app please tell me how to get back on to it it will kick me off immediately as soon as I try to open it
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3 years ago, ZekePubg
Keeps Loading
After I sign in it keeps loading forever I can’t refill because it wouldn’t load. The 3 loading dots. I’ve tried reinstalling, using chrome still not working I need help
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3 years ago, lif3cool
App/Internet service for payment + more
Worst app, need to be fixed along with you all website. It is horrible. Freeze, load for hours. Feel like I’m running this through old dial internet. Please fix ASAP, I’m definitely looking for new service soon if this not fixed. This happens a lot to.
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1 year ago, Drew Pookie
The app won’t open up.
Recently when attempting to refill my service through the app, it won’t open up. Click on it, crashes. I deleted the app and then reinstalled, still the same issue. I refilled my service though the website. Not a happy customer.
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3 years ago, kpittington14
Everytime I go to refill my service I end up having to use the web browser or go into an actual store. Never lets me log in and if I am able to log in then it never loads or accepts my payment. Clearly xfinity doesn’t care at all about it’s prepaid customers, zero stars if I could.
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2 years ago, M97405
Oops! Something went wrong!
Kept getting the above message when using app and/website. Thankfully I was finally able to access my account and setup autopay.
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5 years ago, Gee714
Trash (1 week later)
This app is a joke it buffers the entire time it is open. From 6 to 710 it has done nothing but load (both the website and app) it’s been like this for 3 plus weeks. The hardest thing about having this system is trying to refill their crappy service
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1 year ago, everheart88
Too much hassle
This app is suppose to provide a quick in easy way it’s been nothing but a hassle since I got it in calling in to pay my bill is even worse I don’t get why make us require something that surly doesn’t work
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5 years ago, Jmichele1
Fantastic experience
Great app experience with a sleek and intuitive design. This product makes life easier.
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1 year ago, E.Cook23
Not one update in 2 years??! Wth?? That explains why I can’t update payment info. I’m trying to delete a payment method and type in new information but it’s not letting me delete the card number but I’m able to change everything else. 🤔 Upgrade this Mf
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5 years ago, GrenVillage71
Works great
Useful for setting up auto renew so I don’t have to remember to refill each month.
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