Xfinity WiFi Hotspots

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Comcast Cable Communications
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6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Xfinity WiFi Hotspots

4.05 out of 5
74.5K Ratings
2 years ago, symptom39
Pretty on the spot!
This is a good app for what it does. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It lets me download known hotspot locations for off-line usage; which really comes in handy when my son is using his iPad on those long drives. I have all the options I want security wise. Logging in is extremely easy. Best feature is that it automatically logs me in to the next hotspot. I think my only issue is that it can be a little spotty when you know there should be a hotspot nearby.
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2 years ago, Brivn gvbriel
Please read
This app is very unsophisticated, so whenever I’m in a hotspot it notifies me to install the latest certificate or whatever but when I go to the app it says there’s no updates or certificates to trust and in settings there’s no profile even though I trusted one to get the hotspot. I’d like there to be a renew lease option or a clear cache for when this happens I can just refresh for when the hotspot is tweaking. Either that or a static certificate option where it can install the latest certificate even if I already have it in case I need to delete the old one for some reason. I don’t even know where certificates are at on ios 14 I don’t think they have them anymore under general. I also just ran into a problem which is why I had to redownload because my hotspot asked for a login which I logged in and it said “no internet available” but usually I’d just shut my phone off and turn it back on and it would connect but today was just a different story and it kept me off and like I said there was no internet and I wasn’t picking up any internet from any other hotspot either as I tested it.
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3 years ago, Sondawgg
Installed and never use this app in over a year.
I was told to download this app along with my xfinity and xfinity hotspots. Rarely do I use any of these apps. Sometimes I check my wifi connection speed, reset my network or router settings, troubleshoot. Mainly log on just to pay my monthly fees. Internet is faster than most other competitors. Tends to go crazy when using wifi. In the middle of doing something Online or watching a show my connection goes away. I go to log back in my wifi settings but my network is not on the list and if it is I cannot connect. Sometimes wifi signal is completely gone. Then I have to either reset my router or just wait for the network to come back up. Very irritating but I’ve gotten use to this process over the past year. I continue to use Comcast because of the vast network nationwide. I can always find a hotspot when I’m running around my city. And price is ok compared to others. I would like consistency and stability with my network connection. Makes me feel insecure having to reboot or reset daily.
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3 years ago, joshgjohnson
Basically worthless. Lots of useless and outdated information.
I seems like the app is updated with businesses that have tried internet service and they would broadcast a generic “cablewifi” signal but most of these businesses don’t have such a connection anymore or it’s just not functioning at all which makes the app outdated (they cancelled after their special) On top of this there’s no way to report inactive or broken hotspots so that some kind of action can be taken on them so that makes the app completely useless. Also contacting support through the app is useless because the email address doesn’t work resulting in a failed delivery. So if I could give no stars this would be the app that deserves the award. The app works about the same as the mobile hotspots that let you connect to them, they’re completely useless. On a side note I can’t wait for the FCC to grow a pair of balls and finally force these isp’s to hold some kind of accountability for minimum guaranteed speed and reliability. If mobile networks or power companies were this bad in America they’d be shut down by now.
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3 years ago, BRO. JTP
Does it really work???? ☹️ 1⭐️
If I find a hotspot and I can get it to let me connect it boots me after 5 minutes or less! It always asks for my password! What's with this? I've got The Xfinity security, the app, and 1 time in a month it scrolled a list for me to connect to. Let's see if they really read this! It took 3 yes 3 installs at my home and a month without TV 📺, Phone 📱, and WIFI , And to top it off they lost my old phone number too! At least the company I was with worked. They were slow but worked! My home wifi is the only good thing! Oh 2 year LOCKED IN PRICE YEA RIGHT! ITS INCREASINGLY RAISES EVERY MONTH SINCE MARCH! Until I'm helped and answered my rating stays 1 ⭐️! If I get help and answers I will raise my 1⭐️to what it deserves! Plz watch this post! People do ur homework! They have good home wifi if u stay inside. That's only reason they got 1⭐️! GOD BLESS
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4 years ago, brittani1284
Great App!!
I love this app! It makes my life so much easier, before I started using Xfinity Mobile I would never try to find an open WiFi network and if I did most of the time they would be password protected (A lot of them were businesses at that!), then if I was able to connect it wouldn’t work half the time, so in the end it would be a total wast of time! Now as long as my WiFi is turned on it will automatically connect to any xfinity hotspot without ever asking me for a password or if I wanted to join (which I have mine set to connect automatically but you can always change that under the settings if you don’t like that). I have never had any issues with the WiFi hotspots either, it’s always fast and dependable, unlike most businesses 😊👍🏼
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2 years ago, Softtechllc
IOS Device Issues
It seems after my device was updated to OS 14 I started experiencing problems with connecting to Xfinity hotspots after some investigation I found that other People with IOS devices had similar issues and the problem seems to involve the MAC addresses being excluded from accessing the hotspot network due to a new privacy feature that prevents internet tracking on Apple devices I don’t fault Apple for keeping their customers safe but strongly feel that Comcast Xfinity should do a better job keeping their subscribers happy I’ve also noted that some customers have contacted Xfinity in regards to the problem and we're lucky enough to talk with a representative who knew what was going on and resolved their issue others have stated the fix is short lived with the problem reoccurring after some time. This is not a good thing especially coming from a company priding themselves on having the best network.
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2 years ago, no goodnames
Lost hotspot connections
I got a new phone and transferred everything from my old phone onto my new phone. Realized that I was not getting internet when I was away from home. I had internet on my tablet away from home and I had internet on both phone and tablet at home. Let’s review costs, ~$240 for xfinity internet and cable, ~$200 for phone with new phone, PER MONTH! Between texting helpline and calling helplines (where they don’t understand me that well because I talk too fast in English and I don’t understand their strong accent) I spent probably 6 hours trying to get it fixed, not counting my daily attempts to try and connect on my own before I break down and try to get help. Last effort resulted in a 48 hour wait for them to turn my hotspots back on?! Oh and a migraine because I tried to do this while riding in the car because I wanted to listen to my playlist 🤯
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1 year ago, FunkoBros
App produced by & for Xfinity, yet not a single Xfinity agent knows what it is..??!??
Used to be a solid go to app for me with all of my iPhones on my Xfinity Mobile plan, helped to save me from capping out on cellular data usage by auto switching to surrounding Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspots. Ya know, the #1 selling point of the Xfinity Mobile network..?!?!? Yet, here I am a little if a year of being a customer, using the app almost daily without fail, to here I am now….unable to login, the error message says that my plan does not include access to this App/Service, and if I want access, I need to upgrade. Yet, after 11 consecutive days of trying to cal or contact support, and I just get bounced around from division to division, and NOBODY even knows that this app is. I got asked today by an Xfinity Mobile agent, if I was sure that this app was a genuine Xfinity Application…?!?!? Xfinity Mobile, this is so simple for you to fix…what are you waiting for?
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6 years ago, *R*S*S*
Two stars above in Lou of the last two weeks being the most horrible use of this hotspot finder app especially in Nashville and surrounding suburbs. The app would Constantly ask for password and 90% of the time a dialog box would ask what network I would choose the network that they say is legitimately Xfinity Id Press expanding and a dialog box would drop down saying unable to join Hotspot and occasionally it would hook with him unsecured network such as xfinitywifi or cable wifi. I very much rely heavily on my Xfinity Wi-Fi service since I am in a rideshare program. Therefore since I employee Xfinity to be my Wi-Fi and hotspot provider I will be updating hopefully tomorrow with much positive review. Because I deleted the app reinstalled everything from soup to nuts I assume it's been fixed since an update immediately followed the re installment. I need reliability, period. Respectfully, RSS
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4 years ago, Caesarphb
Home Wifi Connectivity Issues in latest revision
Approximately 2 weeks ago my iPhone7 began experiencing extreme slowness and dropping on my home wifi. My provider is Comcast, but I a netgear modem, Orbi mesh router, and use a unique home network name. At first I thought it was my network and updated firmware and resets on my equipment, but I soon realized other devices were unaffected and the issue was not my equipment, it was the iPhone 7. After resetting my network settings, removing apps, and disabling location services among other troubleshooting efforts I narrowed it down to the XFinity security profile. I have had the profile for several years without issue, but the latest version creates a conflict and leads my iPhone to believe my home network is not connected to the internet. I have replicated and resolved the problem twice now by installing and removing the security profile. There is a bug that needs correcting.
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1 year ago, DuckygalInFlorida
All it does is show a map of the locations. So unless you drive to the person's house and ask them there SSID and password you won;t be able to connect to their wifi. There are only local wifi listed in my settings. If settings shows xfinity in the list you need the password to logon and don't know which location it is on the map since there is no way on the map to connect from the App. I've been trying this app since hurricane Irma came thru and have been unable to connect. Even the customer service tech can't help me do it on my IPad. Spent hours today again trying because a truck backed into the cable wire on my street and ripped my cable off the pole. Comcast can't send a repair tech for 5 days!! So I need this app for hotspots to work. So frustrating to see 5 on the streets in my neighborhood but no way to connect!!
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5 years ago, JCTDawg
Can’t log in (fixed)
I downloaded this app after someone showed it to me (I am a Comcast/xfinity customer), interested in where the nearest hotspots were, but it won’t even let me log in. I type in my email, password, and device name, hit the login button, and the app immediately crashes. Have tried probably 20 times with the same result. Have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same issue. Will change my review once this gets fixed. UPDATE: I tried logging in without putting in a device name, and that happened to work. Weird solution, but hope it can help someone else out there with the same problem.
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6 months ago, Davie Dave Art
App is confusing
I continually have “update your secure profile”, and I’m duped each time, wasting my moments trying to do what the engineers have programmed it to say only to find out that I don’t have any updates for a secure profile. I’m all up-to-date. Maybe this is a glitch and it could be programmed out for it to not say that. Also, when you go to find a hotspot, it really doesn’t give you much information on how to utilize that and what it is trying to do for me the consumer it’s confusing it does not give you any real help and it’s vague and I’m sure, I’m one of the more technically savvy, so anybody who is less than me is really confused in fact super confused actually would be the case Thank you. David j
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3 years ago, Jcbtj5
Verify Profile...?
Not sure who is the responsible party but someone needs to get back to work!! Started a two weeks ago or so, although not the first time I’ve seen it, this time is the worst!! I find a Hotspot or return to one that I been using for years & my iPhone recognizes it & starts the logon steps... looks like everything is fine until a pop up says unable to verify certificates or profile!! I hit Cancel out of instinct without reading only for it to pop back up 3sec’s later, No BS, every 3sec’s rendering any activity on the phone almost impossible. A few dozen pop ups later I managed to make it to my phone settings Profile tab, upon entering there it was “ Not Verified “ bottom of the screen said verify certificate under that was Cancel. Of course I hit Verify thinking that I just did some Tech Support S¥€t,,,, that lasted about .03 seconds because it did NOTHING!! Nothing at all!! Now I’m stack & can only use Cellular Data, Not Good.!.!.! Oh first time I saw it, a while ago it managed to correct its self within a few minutes with No issues Thank You & Please Fix Joe J.
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7 months ago, Bit-o-bitter
Really worthless
The support/feedback is to a non-working email. Calling support is also worthless. If you get an actual agent it’s 99% likely that they do not know what you are referring to. A SECURE PROFILE DOWNLOAD. I once had it work but that was like 3 years ago. You will always have to log in and your settings will never be stored so why have an app that’s supposed to auto connect you to Comcast hotspots? The only thing i really like about it is the Apple version has a hybrid map. Not that it actually is useful. Cause when you look at it there are several hotspots just out of reach of your location, so you move to that location only to find that the area you thought was saturated isn’t but the vicinity from your current location is….
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3 years ago, doctordeek
Hot spots : hot app
I love’s an answer to my prayers . I was on the phone all day yesterday with xfinity, Microsoft and finally the local police trying to get hackers off my WiFi . Nothing worked until I covered my router with tin foil decreasing my WiFi range. That resulted in them flying a router equipped drone near my house in order to connect to one of my accounts (that’s all they need , one email connected then they can access the iPhone which they use to change settings on my computer ..this drags on sometimes for a week until I reboot yak yak yak..I couldn’t believe it. But a new friend I had dinner with last night who just recently moved here came up with this idea of xfinity hot spots if only to get the hackers info confirmed for the local popo. While I pop pooed that idea last night I tried it just now and after a little skilled tinkering ... IT WORKS.., Signal is a bit weak but tv is streaming away . I’ll put an antenna on my roof . See ya then .., Den
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1 year ago, Bacchusman1
Pay your death husbands bill or else!
My husband passed away several years ago and I thought all of the account information to back then in 2001 was taken care of. I was told by multiple people that it would be removed. I have lost my house my job my pets husband almost everything I own healthier in my entire life savings. Now you want me to go back in time and prove that my husbands dead. Dad the bill was supposed to be in his name don’t know how I gotten mine. I’ll also say Trans Union listed me as the one dad not him for upwards of a year. Long story short I need to go back to zero like it was at one point I’m not sure when or how but I don’t live in Portland since 2019 so I’m not sure how when or where this account happened.
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4 years ago, planepiloter
Good, room for improvement
The app is good for showing where the WiFi spots are on a map, but it would really help if they would tell you which building or company they’re in. “Residential” spots, I’d stay away from, “XYZ Plumbing Company” probably doesn’t want me loitering in their lobby, but “X Coffee Place” has a WiFi hotspot, indoor seating with tables, and offers me something to drink. I might use their WiFi in exchange for trying a new coffee place that I might like. Just a thought. **REVISED** I need to update this. The app itself is fine, but CableWiFi networks seem to all be offline. No internet connection. When the phone connects automatically to these networks, all data ceases to exist until I manually disconnect from the network. Quite frustrating.
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5 years ago, TunaFish#5
Provides a great convenience with WiFi access when I’m away from my home WiFi. Still, though, it’s balky: Case 1: my iPhone WiFi locks on to some Xfinity network without gaining me WiFi access, nor releasing the WiFi receiver to access other in-range familiar networks. Case 2: I walk out of range of an Xfinity network but — between iOS & Xfinity — the iPhone receiver is bound & determined to not give up on that network in favor of some stronger signal. I also wish xfinity had a better network naming convention so it would be clear which networks were public access & which weren’t, w/o me manually having to make the iPhone try each xfinity network in sequence.
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6 years ago, Original_Macbird
Xfinity Hotspots needs a Data Quality Agent
The app is good in that it allows you to find and sign into the rising number of hotspots. The problem is that the wifi connects automatically and to avoid this on an iOS phone or pad, you have to turn off wifi in the main settings area, mark that particular hotspot as "ask to join" and then turn wifi back on. It connects even if the signal is very weak and/or slow compared to your LTE data. The app or Apple needs an agent to compare the two data streams and choose the one that is strongest and fastest. Without this, the connect is a real pain in the antenna trying maintain your usage.
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5 years ago, cam goin ham
Hotspot...more like Coldspot
Sometimes I can easily connect to the xfinity network while other times (the times when I REALLY need WiFi and have no other alternative) the app or network just will not work no matter what I do, resetting things, updating everything turning everything off and then back on. My suggestion is to add a way to troubleshoot why I and I’m assuming others encounter...a pop-up message saying “unable to connect to network”. This is very frustrating, especially when there’s no password to get wrong, the network is definitely in range. It would be nice to know what the issue is and whether it’s my device, the app, the network, the router I’m trying to piggyback off. With so many factors it’s hard figure out where to start
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3 years ago, Unique Nicknames?(&^*
App Issues
When attempting to use the app, as soon as I connect to xfinitywifi (unsecured network), the app complains about credentials and logs out. I attempted to communicate with Xfinity tech support, but the first line techs, the “gatekeepers,” are unable to properly troubleshoot and “Open a Ticket.” While in contact with them, I did troubleshoot the issue and found out it is because the app attempts to connect you to XFINITY, which is the business class and encrypted network and normal users cannot use. If you connect to xfinitywifi, which you can do without the app, and log in through the web page, which iPadOS does without the app anyway, you can ignore the app and get moderate speeds. Once you open the app though, you cannot access the network and have to manually switch back to the xfinitywifi network. Currently, the app is only good for the map, which you need to be online for and it only works on somewhere else’s network. Since I have found the workaround, have fun or uninstall the app because it is not needed.
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5 years ago, Sir1SER
Don't hate!
I love this app. I have an internet only iPad and so does my mom. This is great for use when I am out and about. It does not work everywhere but it does work out in the field. I don't use it often and but it has been very helpful when it worked when I needed it to. Think about it. I often say "Well your pad won't work here, only at home." Then I remember this app and I say "Wait! I can get us on the internet here!" And bam! There is service! It is not perfect but it is very useful.
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5 years ago, SickofWireless
Gives all hotspots, I only want to connect to XFINITY secured networks, so I don’t allow it to auto-connect, because it connects me to unsecure networks. I cannot connect to any network from this APP, only from my iPhone 6S WiFi. But I almost never can connect to any secure XFINITY hotspot, says I have wrong password, even signed in to this APP and entering password manually. I use a VPN service, but won’t connect with VPN off either. Phone was hacked with commercial software once, Apple, ATT, then Verizon could not or would not diagnose the hack, kept telling me to reload phone and change passwords, which didn’t work. Not sure if it is still hacked, got no support from XFINITY either. Wireless service is still as bad as it was 20 years ago...
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1 year ago, tabaks
Useless app and shoddy hotspot service
Since a few weeks ago, XFINITY secure hotspots stopped auto-connecting via installed Xfinity profile. I searched the web and this app came up as a alleged solution, "just update through app and it'll work". So, I did and - what a surprise - it didn't work. App claimed "profile doesn't need an update, it's up to date. So I spent HOURS finding a manual profile download page which Xfinity apparently intentionally buries deep so we can't find it. Downloaded the new profile manually, installed it and yes, it NEEDED update. I deleted the old one and, with the new manually installed one, XFINITY hotspots auto-connect again. What a SAD level of service at Xfinity!
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5 years ago, lamotteskiddalyboomboom
Absolute garbage
This app is useless. Connecting to a hotspot is sporadic. The help page is junk. In fact, the only way to connect is by using AT&T. The hotspot works occasionally but crashes constantly. The secured network won’t recognize a legitimate password. Xfinity should be ashamed of this service. The call center is a joke. After being displaced by the Cal wildfires I find that xfinity wants my money but doesn’t care about proving service. I probably will go with another carrier for Internet when I relocate. Update: Sitting in a restaurant parking lot next to a hot spot about ten feet away and it still won’t connect. The list also directs me to a WiFi enhanced light bulb. Is there any way to down grade this app to a zero?
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1 year ago, Drack69
Worst user experience ever
This has to be one of the most worthless, poorly planed apps I have ever used. If you manage to find directions on their website it says to download the app and it will install the secure profile. Two different phones, two different os’s. And it doesn’t work. I can’t believe how incredibly complicated they make their process to use the secure xfinity hotspots. They make it sound like it is a great perk being a customer but they really do all they can to deride you from using it. The few times I was able to connect my laptop in the past I was lucky to get a connection that was faster than dialup use to be.
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6 years ago, Tink8212
Xfinity wifi is great without the app
I discovered xfinity wifi was available in my city awhile back and immediately started using it to get wifi virtually everywhere I went. I decided to download the app cause why not? It lets you know where hotspots are, provides a secure connection and automatically connects you, right? Wrong, once I downloaded the app my phone stopped connecting to xfinity wifi and I couldn't understand why? I was signed in on my xfinity account and everything seemed to be connected properly. I decided to try deleting the app since I hadn't had this problem until I downloaded it. Deleting the app immediately solved the problem! Love xfinity wifi but not the app!
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5 years ago, NESNerd427
Please fix app crash on login!
I recently got the Xfinity WiFi Hotspot service and I wanted to have a map of all the available hotspots. However, upon downloading and trying to sign in to the hotspot app, it goes black and crashes. When I tried it again, it prompted me to send a crash report (which I did) and sign in again. Still, no luck! Please release a patch for this so I can see all of the hotspots and not have to login on the website version!
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6 years ago, wb2oyc
Nice idea BUT
Great idea but it just doesn't work properly even after installing what they call the profile to help protect you from wifi snoopers. Oh it'll connect to an xfinity wifi but you're likely to have NO INTERNET ACCESS when it does SO WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT? Just to ad insult that means you're gonna be using cell data AND it'll remain that way until you MANUALLY reconnect to your home wifi you'll be burning your cell data usage forever unless/until you do. Will Comcast pay your cell phone bill for doing this to you? Just kidding but I did ask! This app would be nice to have if it actually worked as advertised but typical for Comcast very little they claim actually does.
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5 months ago, Joe n Lisa
I didn’t even know this existed! This is the best!
I am in Waterbury Connecticut right now working and I have absolutely no signal here I can’t get pictures. I can’t send text messages. I was about to buy my own Wi-Fi like found out that existed. Anybody that has Xfinity Wi-Fi? I can connect to continue using any. I hope this helps somebody because when you don’t have signal, this could save your life.
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1 year ago, destinydale
If I have ever had an issue with my service, this company is more than happy to be helpful and try to work through the issue. This application is a little confusing because I don’t get any use out of it once I leave my house. I understand the concept, super clever! So I just wonder if and when it will work? It’s more then likely a problem with the one trying to figure it out…lol
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1 year ago, xfinityscam
Scamming me to use data
Since switching to by the gig, I can no longer connect to xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. Every month they reblock my Wi-Fi again. But I can access it from all my other devices in the same house. Then I have to spend 2 or more days on the phone with customer service. They also steal APC credits from customers. They took mine for two full months and didn’t tell me I was approved and now this! This company is a scam. All my phones have also had to be replaced because the ones they sell don’t work or overheat. So pathetic of a company that’s been in business my entire life. Unbelievable
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8 months ago, ian12857
Doesn’t work
I have been using this hotspot at a cat shelter but then it stopped working, I did some digging and found this app and it said it would fix my connection issues because Xfinity doesn’t want to admit that it doesn’t have as many hotspots as it claims it does, turns out once I downloaded the app it will not download a secure profile for me to use, it also still will not let me connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, even though only a week ago it worked and I have been issuing it for about a month. Get your crap together Xfinity or your competition will run you out of business
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4 years ago, ArmyWife12292001
Waste of my time, a lot of time!!😡
It’s sad to say I was excited to learn about this app/service from a very nice Xfinity CS rep this afternoon. We’ve had a heck of a time with our home internet over the last couple weeks with “area outages” that no one can explain why they’re happening as well as why there lasting 10-12 and sometimes 30+ hours a day, 3+ days a week. After downloading the app and entering my info the app shut down so I tried again, and again, and again, I DID THIS ALL BLASTED DAY AND NEVER GOT PAST THE SIGN ON SCREEN. I had to have attempted well over 50 times throughout today with no success. What is going on with with y'all's services and products???
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6 years ago, razoray1000
Xfinity wifi is trash
I've never had a problem with my previous internet cable provider, but as soon as I switch over to xfinity( due to buying an house in an area that only option was Verizon or Comcast) I've been over my mobile plan 2 gigabytes in one month( I have a 15 gigabyte plan). The hotspot app shows that your in the area of the hotspot and my phone shows that it's connected to the xfinity hotspot. But on the top of my phone screen next to my mobile provider where the cell bars are there is nothing showing that my phone is connected and I'm unable to surf the web or use any app. Optimum was way better.
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5 years ago, FrankieS1171
Xfinity WiFi ?
I paid for my Xfinity package they said it would be 2 weeks before they install after finding out the reason It was understandable. They also said since I had paid my account was active and that I could access XFINITYwifi in the meantime ie the hotspots in my area until the installation. The signal is full bars but I can’t log into it on any device so I called back again and got conflicting stories from different employees yet when I was at a friends house the login window popped up I signed it and it worked completely fine. My tv, Xbox , and phone are brand new and setup so I knew it wasn’t an issue with the devices.
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2 years ago, luckymike53
Cannot connect
12 July- today I am able to connect hotspot. It’s not clear why since no updates have been pushed out since I had the problem. I still can’t load security profile - it says one is loaded, though no shows up in”Profiles”. It appears since mst recent update I’m unable to update hotspot info or connect to xfinity hotspots. The app tells me I need to connect to internet even though I have a good internet connection. When I try to connect to hotspot, I get a connection not available. I removed and reinstalled the app and still no success. I’m running iPad Air.
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3 years ago, ladyboneyard
I have no words...
I am in the middle of a move and we stayed overnight in the new place. I have Xfinity (a pricey package) at old home. After THREE HOURS of following the “directions,” we gave up. Every time I changed the password, then it asked me to sign in, I got a “wrong password” error (or got the “problem on their again try again later,” error, or the “we cannot allow your device” all know the drill.) I kid you not, we quit after 1 am bothering to try, and STILL as of 8 am, my phone was buzzing NONSTOP with repeated notices to sign in. Their motto should be “Xfinity hotspots- as scientific as the Magic Eight Ball, but without all the fun.”
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2 years ago, rf1520
TL;DR This is essentially malware that screws up your phone forever. You will never be able to stop your phone from trying to connect to xfinity Wi-Fi. You can delete the app. You can disable auto-join. You can unlock your phone and move to a different carrier. The next day your phone will again be configured to connect to every single Xfinity hotspot you pass, whether you have a subscription or not. It will try to connect to ones with half a bar with no hope of getting any data from it, even when you have great cell coverage. And they’re everywhere.
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11 months ago, SandyC70
Xfinity Hotspot!
I usually don’t have any luck getting the hotspot to work in my neighborhood bc it’s a dead zone but I have luck with it after I get out of the neighborhood so thanks for doing an awesome job and keeping everyone connected. It’s very important these days. We live in a Wi-Fi world anymore. People can’t go without the internet. I know I can’t and I’m a 70’s baby. 😂😂😂
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6 years ago, Palm Beach Gardens Realtor
Very poor xfinity wifi service - double zero rating
I am a Comcast Xfinity customer and my home wifi has been down since early morning today and your team stated several times on the news and through government officials that Comcast xfinity will definitely provide Free Wifi access all over Florida during he hurricane. My location has 3-4 hotspots nearby according to your app , however my brand new Apple iPhone is NOT detecting and xfinity wifi! So basically your statements to the Florida citizens is useless and unavailable. It is frustrating to me as I am also a Comcast customer. Very disappointed with Comcast Xfinity!
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6 years ago, 1600Penn
Please make it work, okay???
Please the behavior of you app to connect when discovered. While my iPhone indicated it connect the connection shows at the top of phone it's running on data time. I have to turn WiFi on & off sometimes several times in order to get corrected hotspot connection. Many times I find myself burning through data minutes not realizing the connection failed or disconnected while single straight is very good. Why is that when the connection clearly shows full single? You guys really need to fix this problem.
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6 years ago, Ctowndrama
I never needed or wanted this app, however, after seeing some of the new features I figured it could be helpful. After installing and not being able to prioritize my home wifi etc. like the commercial said, I noticed it said those features were for android/PC/MAC only... WHY could those not be for iPhone also... otherwise this app does nothing except show me the wifi locations... which really isn't too useful in the long run. Add the features that you provide every other format and I'll use it again.. maybe
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3 months ago, Dadulous
More trouble than it is worth.
While it has been nice to be able to access XFINITY hotspots around town, with recent changes in how iOS devices choose a network to join, this has become a pain in the neck. My phone will try to join XFINITY ssid when I am at home instead of my normal Wi-Fi. I thought I could fix that by turning off Auto-join for XFINITY SSID, but this app keeps turning that setting back on. Would be nice if the folks at Xfinity would respect the intelligence of their customers and leave our settings alone.
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4 years ago, Creepy Song
Lots of hoops to jump through
It’s handy. Ut not user friendly Xfinity did not inform me I couldn’t use the @ for my user name I’ve gad since 2008 so a mash up was created. Gas taken me an hour to fix problem on iPad refusingbto connect Security thing is a series of six screens on my phone and hard to find if it is indeed installed. Would be nice to get an email saying the system has changed rathervtgan my wi fi just quit working randomly and Was sick of it I have an iphone 10 and an ipad pro can’t imagine non tech savvy users drama
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1 month ago, False Aster
Same issues as other users
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t it’s really 50/50 recently it been giving a new error rather than the typical error it gives quite regularly. I saw that another recent reviewer was have the same issue. The not able to Authorize thing. I’m not overseas though so it may be a larger issue, who knows. It does work sometimes though, I’ll give them some credit on that.
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2 years ago, Uselessnickname99
Useless and overly complicated
The app doesn’t really do anything when trying to connect to WiFi, yet you have to have it in order to do so. There is no guide, and once I got it working I couldn’t tell you what I did for it to work. It seems that magically my phone connected to the WiFi and it was working( when the 50 other times I connected in the same way my phone connected to it and there was no internet connection even though it was connected) Ridiculous that it’s even needed. I’m convinced it’s just some corporate scheme or something
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2 years ago, RationalAnimal
Don’t connect to xfinity hotspots!!!
I made the HUGE mistake of trying to connect to an xfinity hotspot. First, most of the time they are dead, meaning you can’t connect to the internet until you turn off wifi and use data. The real problem is no matter how many times you choose to “forget this network” you will continue to connect to one dead hotspot after another. I even disabled “auto join hotspot” but xfinity doesn’t give a crap what phone settings you have, it overrides them and continues to connect to dead hotspots. Their support is no help
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