XING – the right job for you

3.8 (97)
162.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
New Work SE
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for XING – the right job for you

3.82 out of 5
97 Ratings
7 years ago, Emmalisaacht8
Love it
I like the fact that I can keep in contact with friends and professionals who are not a fan of other public pages. So I can find them here and keep in touch
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6 years ago, wdemon77
Incredibly awful
I am startled to see that such apps still do exist. This seems is one of the worst, most deceitful apps. Literally taking users for fools. Not even sure where to start so I’ll take it from the end: (1) if you want to delete your account, good luck with that, the option doesn’t exist on the iPhone app; (2) if you want to give a low rating, you first have to tell the app that “it’s great”; otherwise it would only let you “send feedback” since the rating option disappears; (3) every time you open the app you have to sign in which shows what a poorly designed app this is; (4) the Premium option, asking for money, pops up incredibly often, proving thy have no clue how to make money; (5) all my contacts shown on the app are from Deutsch-speaking countries, and I’m sure the reason is this app doesn’t even matter outside of these countries; (6) no jobs are “recommended” when I click on the Jobs section; (7) keep in mind this feedback is given after logging in only for the second time and after using the app for no more than 20 minutes in total, which happened after seeing a link for Xing on a law firm website and being curious about it since I never heard of it before. Now I know there are many reasons I never heard about it before today. Obviously I’ll have to waste more time with trying to delete my account on their website.
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2 years ago, Anger85
Every decent company gives you a heads up these days when a renewal is due. Not with Xing. They renew automatically and tell you afterwards it is common practice. No grace period, no goodwill cancelation, nothing. There is not a single subscription I have or I know of that still uses this practice. Just because it’s not forbidden by law (yet) doesn’t mean it’s any good. It’s just super poor customer service and greed in its purest form.
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5 years ago, derSherpa
Doesn’t respect settings
Continues to push notifications to me for things I have configured it not to. Loading times are dreadful, and the inability to do basic things like open the profile of someone that has sent you a message or looked you up, without paying for a subscription, is an unacceptable decade-old revenue trick. It’s a far second to LinkedIn but unfortunately embedded with recruiters in Germany.
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12 months ago, pokowinner 145679
How can I unfriend my contacts when I have already reached my unconfirmed contact limit
How can I unfriend my contacts when I have already reached my unconfirmed contact limits
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5 years ago, Ned McC
Don’t join premium. The developers make it difficult to stop payments and they are expensive
Once they have your credit card information, they bill you with very expensive charges and do not have a process to quit on their app nor website.
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3 years ago, praveen kuppusamy
Don’t subscribe to anything premium
They don’t notify your renewal by email and suddenly take huge money. But they have time to send 100s of marketing email. This is proper cheating. Hope the company goes down due to this cheating policy so called in the name of subscription
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6 years ago, Alexandr Tujicov
Have paid for premium acc, but received no access,...
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6 years ago,
It barely even works in my iPhone 5s. It is hanging all the time and working with it, is almost impossible.
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5 years ago, bbbbaaaddd
Cannot login
Signed up and tried login. It keep saying “your session expired”, Cannot use app.
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15 years ago, MILE.089
Mostly disappointing
This doesn't really offer anything more than the iPhone optimized web page (or the web app respectively) does, which is pretty disappointing -- they kind of missed the goal here... Also it's pretty sad that the devs providing an app for a German based community system seem to be too lazy to actually include German localization...! :( For now I'm sticking with the web app, until they come out with a serious native iPhone application...this is not it...!
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15 years ago, Lodoberlin
First step in the right direction
Facebook has shown how an iPhone app for communities should look like. Xing did a first step in the same direction and brings basic functionality (addressbook, messages and network news) to the iphone. However, they should add more functionality like calendar and improve convenience to to reach the same level.
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10 years ago, ee2201
Nothing really interesting
The app does the basic stuff, and navigation is easy, but there is really nothing "wow" worth talking about. Synchronizing contacts would be a good place to start, but there are many more things that can be done to be ahead of their main competitor whose name starts with an L The XING website is a lot better than the app. I hope they do some working on it, the product they sell is worth more than this.
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12 years ago, EC Creative
*****Beautiful Design*****
The app is designed superbly making it very easy to use! I can't wait till more features are included, it is just a matter of time! XING are definitely moving in the right direction with the iPhone app! Great work!
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14 years ago, TLColes
No, no, no
Want to connect to your account for the first time? This app launches Safari. Want to reply to an invitation that you will not attend an event? This app again launches Safari for you to again sign in. Drawing from LinkedIn's model and the ever impressive Facebook app, there were solid examples to mimic to create an intuitive, simple experience for the busy professional user. This is surprisingly poor.
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11 years ago, Andreasinusa
Almost like LinkedIn
Almost the same app, only difference is, that you are not able to update your profile information and it is not known as much as LinkedIn here in the USA. Linkedin is much better, Xing needs to catch up with the competitors. Need to see my profile? Check LinkedIn under my name. Thank you
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15 years ago, BHL USA
Very nice app. Very helpful.
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12 years ago, Ldjdhszubv
Nice app!
Lots of stuff is taken from facebook,but that is ok as it is really useful that way! Now it is a real networking app, unlike the previous version of it.
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7 years ago, Keyman58
How do I receive Zing in English?
When I originally signed up several years ago I received all in English. Please adjust my version.
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8 years ago, Baerbaerbaer100
This App is irritating, to say the least. It may be a reflection of the business model of the company, though. You can't invite and add contacts but you have to select contacts from a pre-digested list. Bizarre.
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15 years ago, Wunne
Downloaded straight after receiving the newsletter. Less features than the (actually well done) web site - no unique features. Not very rewarding. Will remove immediately.
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9 years ago, MartinH.666
No match for LinkedIn
App is non-intuitive and ads/upgrade spam annoying. Only use it when I have to (e.g. when business contacts are not on LinkedIn).
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15 years ago, Xing user
If I could give it 0 stars I would. Pretty meaningless app offering far less than the website. Hopefully this is just a beta that should have never been released.
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14 years ago, s0krass0r
A long Way to go
Once again Facebook Leads the Pack. Quality and pacewise. At least you should have the funcs that fb offers.
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9 years ago, Leon4ic
Looks better
The app looks prettier now!
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12 years ago, davon0911
I think it works great! I also love the handshake feature! Great idea!
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15 years ago, appleHC
Finally I have access to my XING inbox.
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10 years ago, Anigottwald
Great app
Very useful for business partners from different countries!
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15 years ago, Wolfi99
Does not work as advertised
Keep getting the "connection to the server failed message".
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9 years ago, Martyttt
app crashes all the time. Don't recommend it, though it has a better design than the previous version.
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11 years ago, Paulie Walnutz
Message Problem
Can't send or receive messages with latest update!
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8 years ago, Xing user in CA
Don't update - crashes
Updated the app now it crashes immediately. Flashes briefly, crashes right away. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. iPhone 6S, iOS 9.3.1. Good luck with the fast-follow rerelease.
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12 years ago, Pelledupree
Basic but ok. Lots of features to come I hope. Nice simple interface though.
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10 years ago, SH3RKHAN
Can't change profile?
Cannot update or change profile on app.
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8 years ago, Spfaff917
Great app!
Very easy to use.
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8 years ago, Norse hind
Crap App
What a waste. I used to be an Xing subscriber but cancelled, then returned after 3-4yrs, still crap after all these years. LinkedIn is 1000% better.
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11 years ago, GtG42
No one I know uses Xing. Most use LinkedIn. Needs more features, (news, etc. )
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14 years ago, MrGerardFreeman
Crash city!
It does not start it just crashes... FIX THIS!!!
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12 years ago, Pippo3000
No iPad Version? Really? Fail!
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6 years ago, San004
Enttäuschende app
Sehr eingeschränkte Funktion. Umständliche Navigation, nicht besonders user-friendly. Man kann den newsfeed per app nicht beeinflussen (z.B. mit unfollows), oder zumindest kann ich nicht herausfinden wie es geht... Zeitverschwendung.
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13 years ago, SchnickSchnack-2009
Good start but lots more to do
No replacement for the browser / online version. If this app is aiming to compete with the likes of LinkedIn for iPhone, it has a long way to go.
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9 years ago, bananajoe535
Stürzt immer ab
Die App lässt sich auf dem iPad Mini 2 unter iOS 9 nicht starten, insoweit unbrauchbar!!!
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