Yahoo Weather

4.7 (163K)
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Current version
Last update
3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yahoo Weather

4.7 out of 5
163K Ratings
4 years ago, Wildwulfwoman
Nice weather app
I was a long time user of the Weather Channel app for iPad until it stopped working. So I deleted it and tried to download the new one but couldn’t find it in the App Store anymore. This Yahoo app was free and had nice pictures so I thought I would give it a try. There are several features that I really like better than the Weather Channel app, namely, the 24 hr temperature chart and the graphic of the sun, wind speed, barometric pressure, and moon phase. These are very handy and make it easy to see at a glance a lot of information. The one thing that I am still trying to figure out is the nighttime low temperature. If I am reading it right (and I’m still not sure I am) the high/low for the day gives the high temperature first, then the low, so you have to look at the previous days low to see what the low will be that night. But the temperature chart usually shows one low, the written forecast another low, and the daily high/low chart yet another. It’s confusing to say the least. But overall I like the app and will continue to use it, even if it does confuse me at times.
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4 years ago, Toca🥰Life🥰Lover
Why did the age rating change?
Today I updated the app, and when I went to check the weather I couldn't find my app all of a sudden. I searched for the app in the App Store. Once I found it the download button said open. I clicked on the download button (that said open) and a message popped up on my screen. It said that I cannot use this app because of the age restrictions. I'm pretty sure this is because of my data plan. (It's one of the child ones.) I LOVED this app so much to begin with! I found the pictures to be beautiful and the weather forecast to be (decently) reliable. If there is anyone the age rating could be changed that would be amazing but I'd also understand if that's not possible! I'm still pretty confused why the age rating went up to a shocking 17+! It said it was for unrestricted web access, which is even more confusing. I will be giving this app three stars. The first star I took off is because the app only worked on WiFi which was really annoying because I'd use it in the car a lot to see how I should lighten my load. And I'm taking the other star off because when you make an app it should be usable for everyone, not just those who have data plans that are for over eighteen. I'm very disappointed that this age rating occurred. Overall though this was one of the very best apps I had on my phone, and I recommend it to my friends and family 24/7.
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4 years ago, marylea
Aug 2020: what was your design team thinking?
What happened in your update? Where’s the data, the Coronavirus stats??! This looks like a kid’s book now. Ridiculous changes and design decisions in this update. It’s bulkier and gives less info at a glance. What a disappointment. This used to be my go to app. I loved its concise data, small hourly view of the weather, and general appearance. There’s little left from the original version to keep me returning now. I have no idea why you would ruin a good layout and design. Your design team missed what people want. With the most recent update this month (August 2020) The weather icons are chunky, and fill up the screen. No appeal whatsoever. The original app was beautiful to look at with local photos that changed about every 30 seconds, pulled in from Flickr. They gave a personal view of the area with a stunning overall effect. I loved checking the weather just to see the photos in an area, too. That changed a few years ago. Now I rarely see any local photos and the ones selected rarely change or have nothing to do with the region. Often they weren’t even taken in the same country. I have no idea why each update has become less appealing. What were you thinking? Two stars. Downgraded from five. I think the weather is about as accurate as it used to be. But I can get that elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Benicia Pam
What could make a difference!!??
Yahoo weather is my go-to; Numero uno. Next the NYTimes and puzzles and news and so on. For me, I always look at the weather with attendant moon, tides, air and natural phenomena. However, the Covid 19 has taken precedent to everything else and I sincerely am thankful for your daily updates on relative vital statistics on the county level, the state and America. However, there is a glaring omission that I feel could be easily corrected, which would be helpful and illustrate and underline the message. POPULATION NUMBERS and % I have a list of the population of each state and the county where my family and my friends live.l This gives me personally a more conclusive look at the concern I have logistically for family, for friends, for my world as a whole. I even have the populations of most of Europe, which inform me as to how California stacks up. The message is, that Pam Dixon is not unique or very different in many ways from millions of others who are probably writing in to tell you how they cherish their Yahoo Weather News, yet, there is something missing!! Thank you for being so ‘present’ for all of us, for we are all in this together. Happy Holidays! Pamela DixonThis never got ‘sent’. ? And now phone won’t ‘flip’ to other weather locations I have checked. Maybe a menu would work if the phone is dumbing down?!
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7 years ago, KAP_PApeach
Detailed and accurate
I have not tried a whole lot of weather apps, but I did read about several before choosing one. The reason I tried this one is first, that it is free. Second, it is detailed with many options and as far as I can tell, seems very accurate. I love all the little animations that it adds for effect. Like showing the windmills spinning according to how fast the wind is blowing, and showing the sun moving across until it hits the area that it currently is at in the sky. There is a map of the area at the bottom that has several options for viewing such a satellite and radar. You can add and delete cities and move them around as you like. It gives a 10 day forecast. And a beautiful picture to go with each city. For a free app, this one is very impressive. And the advertisements that are inevitable with a free app, are non-intrusive. They show up as a section of their own as you scroll down through the various sections of each city. So you simply scroll past them and it is no big deal. They do not interfere with viewing.
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2 years ago, My Nooch
Yahoo is great from start to finish and user friendly!
Yahoo is my go-to, quite compulsively I confess! There’s plenty of information in what I find is an attractive and whimsical layout. The pictures are beautiful, often stunning so, it adds to the enjoyment. I’ve been an outdoor woman for all of my life so, I live by it and delight in weather experiences during each wonderful season. I would say that weather is one of my hobbies so, apart from all the fascinating stories I enjoy reading, as well as, research, Yahoo! is the perfect little tool in my toolbox! I have it set to various countries because I like to check on weather happenings in the world and I diligently refer to Boston’s forecast in advance, as well as, the countries I’m traveling to and of course when I’m there. All in all, I can say that I’m obsessed with weather and in awe of Mother Nature so, Yahoo! is the best. I love getting updates too! I always recommend Yahoo!
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4 years ago, jaymce
Used to be 5 star
Why exactly did you change the UI? There are a few issues here. The bars for each hour of the day... time is continuous and the graph for this should be as well. Nobody thinks about weather at the top of the hour. That area also used to integrate a clean view of precipitation probability. It’s lost. The hours of the day in each bar took me a minute or so to figure out. They are single numbers and not in time format. It is not intuitive. Also, the new “colorful” cloud and sun graphics in next section lack contrast and are seemingly bad for the color blind. This entire refresh seems to be design over function. You used to be five star and the only solid app yahoo had but now I’ll have to find another weather app. Remember when the app launched and the kudos it got? It was because the UI. You just erased that advantage and that is all that’s different from app to app. IMO, with this release you’ll lose some of your base (at least me) and the design lacks function so you’ll lose out to other apps for new installs. Remember when snap unnecessarily changed their design and nose dived? You were over 4 stars and your new designer might have harpooned you.
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3 years ago, iikkonn
Sunny when cloudy
I have used this Yahoo weather app on and off for the past few years, and today will likely be the last day I use it. I woke up to cloudy and cool weather, so I checked the Yahoo weather app to see when the possibility of rain will be. Upon opening the app, it said “sunny”, with a clear bright sun icon. What? So I thought oh, the app probably didn’t have a chance to update, so I checked another weather app, immediately the other app showed cloudy skies with possible rain in two hours. This “other app” also showed the exact temperature that my home thermometer was showing too. So I went back to the Yahoo weather app...doink! It still showed the weather in my area as sunny with not even a cloud underneath, and it also showed a much higher temp than what I showed in our area. This is typical of the non-accurate Yahoo app that has disappointed me as in many times past. There are many other weather apps out there that I have found to be more accurate than this Yahoo app. Maybe for other people it is different than what I stated, but for me it has proven to be mostly inaccurate.
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4 years ago, kristen1917
Why the changes?
The older version icons were easier to read at a glance. I am not sure what the gray figure is to the upper left of the sun/cloud icon. The app is not as attractive and not as easy to read as the older version. Childish looking is what I think when looking at the app now. Why not work on the overall accuracy of the weather information?? Also, please take off the covid information. Your job is to give accurate weather information. Please work on that in the app. We are already reminded most of our day about pandemic. I use your app to try and find a time to go outside and have an escape for the situation ,since for months that was all we were able to do here. Please take it off...stick to the weather. Sorry guys I did the update and still disappointed in the “ childish” look of the app. Good thing there are other choices.
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1 year ago, JHampster
This is a great app
It is of the most useful and frequently used apps on my phone. I can check how high or low the temperature is going to be and dress accordingly, see how likely it is to rain and when — up to ten days in advance! If I’m planning a trip somewhere, I can similarly just go to my list of favorite cities and check what the weather is now and will be for the same ten days there. And so while arranging to meet friends, family or business colleagues anywhere else on the planet, I can be on the page for their weather and time of day to converse intelligently and sympathetically with them. And in the immediate term, about to go out for a late bike ride, I can check the minute of sunset, the wind speed and direction, the air quality and the likelihood of rain, up to and including weather radar! Thanks, Yahoo!
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5 years ago, MACMediaTX
Travel the World Each AM, Plus Plan for the Day Where You Are
I’ve loved this app since I first downloaded it 5+ years ago and it’s become one of the first things I check before starting and planning my day. Not only is it extremely accurate, its stunning photos, animations and real-time effects allow you to visit locations around the world you might already know and love, just aspire to visit one day or may have clients, friends or family in. Quick tip: if you load your fave locations by order of time zones, west-to-east, you can zoom around the world simply by continuous swiping! As an aspiring world traveler, it helps inspire me, season-to-season. Also, the satellite maps allow you to explore regions as you check-the-weather there. Perfect for business or vacation travel planning. I’m rarely caught off-guard, thanks to Yahoo Weather!
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4 years ago, phuckthisbs
Average at best
I gave it a middle of the road score because it's right about 50% of the time. I'm not sure where they get their forecasts from but some improvement wouldn't be a bad thing. My wife's Weather Channel app is clearly superior to the Yahoo app I'm sorry to say because I do like Yahoo. I'm adding on to my last rating and I've lowered it. There is no rain, 0%, according to the next 10 days. Realistically, I just want the immediate future and as usual it's not close. It's raining right this moment as I stare at the 0% chance icons. They would do better to get the weather channel app and forecast from that. I have nothing to do with the weather channel but at least they had a 20% chance of rain. Sad to see no improvement.
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4 years ago, marcintosh
The latest redesign is not good.
The latest redesign has made the app less useful for me. It’s showing me less information in less space. It used to use the whole screen to present more data, now it uses half the screen, in a centered column, to show less information. You have to scroll quite a bit to see everything. In some parts, the text scrolls past the window it’s in and you can’t scroll to see the rest. Without the animations this app is far less “delightful.” I think the App Store editors should reconsider their praise for the design of this app. Update: they’ve expanded the “centered column” of info to fill the whole screen, so there’s less scrolling and info seems to fit in each frame. I still miss the rain graph which showed precipitation as a graph under the temperature graph. Now I have to read the percentages and process that info. A minor complaint, I understand, but “at-a-glance” info was the appeal of the app for me.
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2 months ago, horrible predictions
The high and low is not for the same day. The “low” is for the next morning. If it is Monday, the day should start with Monday’s low. Doesnt anyone ever remember am and pm anymore??? The am should be on THAT day’s low temp! Or switch the “high and low” view on the app to “low and high” so you see the next day. Putting the am for the next morning is the wrong day. This app is so screwed up just because of that. For instance, on Monday, AM temp should be for the start of MONDAY, and the PM temp should be the afternoon for MONDAY. The way you have it is backwards. Your day’s “low” is showing the temp for the next morning. Why even have “MONDAY” or any listed day, when you are on a “half day” schedule. So it is legitimately showing inappropriate temp for the listed day. I dont want to check TUESDAY for MONDAY’s am temp. The easiest way to fix this is just switch the high and low around. The day begins with the LOW (am) and proceeds to the HIGH (pm). See??
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1 week ago, Jan 1 & 2
Yahoo weather !!!
The graphics are terrific. They cover so many areas of the weather, like hour by hour temperature changes, pollen alerts, long term forecasting, as well as sunrise & sunset times, & a current barometer reading, along with an interactive weather map. This is by far the MOST accurate weather forecasting I have ever followed. The first app I put on any new phone I get is Yahoo Weather. It is fantastic! I also enjoy the picture captions at the top of each area you are following. New York has some of the greatest photos! My daughter travels the US on business & I always add the area she will be traveling to. Chicago’s photos of all of their sculptures was stunning. Almost like being there. From A to Z - a wonderful, accurate app to follow!
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3 years ago, dvenwa
Still great after all these years!
Have had a Love-Hate relationship with this app over the years. Still using it though, and right now it’s looking as good and working as good as it ever has. The weather information is nicely presented throughout and the vertical scroll of additional weather detail never feels cluttered or chaotic; quite the opposite in fact! I’ve always liked the Sunrise/Sunset section right at the bottom of the page and the way the sun stops revolving at the exact moment you perform the check. The collection of photos for the various cities chosen as weather locations was much better some years back, in that, had MUCH more variety, but again it’s a feature I’ve always liked, those shots of cities worldwide. Kudos!
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3 years ago, KD2ADL
Redesign is a mixed bag
In general, I like the new look of Yahoo Weather which appeared when I upgraded to iOS 15. I also like the info on air quality and the hourly temperature forecasts for the next few days. But some of the redesign decisions are negatives. I miss the local photos; I don’t expect you to have pictures of my little suburb, but I am only 11 miles from a major city, and live in a medium-sized state. Surely you could come up with something less boring than a generic sky photo as background to the forecast. My biggest problem is with the lack of an index for the radar map. How am I supposed to interpret the large purplish cloud moving in from the west? Not a clue in the app. Which is better, a green cloud or a red cloud? No way to tell. Without an index, this stuff is just decoration.
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2 years ago, yb9888
Love This App!
I was using a weather app from Apple App Store, not very happy with it but not a lot of choices. Just a few days ago, it stopped data and asked me to pay for it. After a lot of searches I found this one. Now I love it more and more! One feature I love best is that you can change the temperature f/c just at the bottom of 5 day forecast page, without going back to settings like most other apps! I’m still in the process of getting used to this app, but base only on this one feature, I love it! I don’t know why there are not a lot of choices in Apple App Store, and a lot of them are charged which is quite different from Samsung. They have more choices in weather apps and they are free!!!
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4 years ago, CnxAtx13
A review for the “new” look. This app USED to be great....
You changed the app so it looks more kid-friendly. Wow. And, in the middle of a pandemic, you decided to shove the corona virus stats down to the bottom instead of front and center like it was 3 days ago. (Sure, THAT will make everyone forget.... just in time for....). Ok, I accept that not everyone wants to see the covid-19 stats every time they look at the weather. But WHY have you removed my State and the USA stats? Do you think each of us only cares about our city or county? What if we are in a hot spot and think the whole State is a hot spot when it’s not? Or, worse, the reverse? Please go back to giving us the information that we all need. The coronavirus hasn’t gone away. It’s still here and it’s still taking lives - all over the USA. AND, people are recovering all over the USA. Give us back our unadulterated stats! Please!!!
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1 year ago, arapheon
Odd precipitation percentages
So, I absolutely love the layout and design of this app. The ad placement is perfect. And it’s beautiful. The widget is also great. But there’s two things that drive me crazy and are about to make me switch. 1 - the precipitation percentage for a given day makes no sense. I’m sure there’s some method to it, but it will show some really low precipitation percentage for the day as a whole (like 19%), then you open the day up by hour and it will show multiple hours with 80% chance or greater. This is unhelpful. 2- I miss the actual descriptions of the day’s weather that are on other apps, where they explain in plain terms what will be happening. This app just describes the high and low temperatures and precipitation percentage, which is exactly what it already shows.
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9 months ago, Red8675309
A Visually Elegant App
I use this for more than just weather. This app provides an opportunity to travel the world. I find myself adding cities that I would never have the chance to see. I've added Cape Town, Istanbul, Moscow, Paris, just to name a few. I like Paris because I get to see the beautiful rain and sometimes lightening effect on the screen. Yes, I've had some issues with the app not working or crashing, but it has been few and far between. Maybe I forgot to update the app and they had already caught the problem. I like it. I'm pretty sure they added a cloud effect that makes you see the clouds moving. Subtle and very nice. Somewhere a developer is saying, she totally gets my ideas.
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4 years ago, redo9359
I’ll just look outside....
On the positive side I like that I can add and click on certain cities to see what they’re weather will be or that when traveling the app “usually” maintains good location services, but sadly more often than not—the forecasts aren’t very accurate. At home I can almost NEVER get active radar and sometimes can’t get any weather info at all. I can check and literally watch the apps forecast change, but like today the forecast called for no rain and partly sunny yet their radar clearly showed a band of showers (although it wouldn’t show active radar—again) it was pouring down rain and 10 degrees cooler than what the app showed. Sadly, this is typical for this app. It seemed pointless to give feedback when—apparently no one either reads reviews or does anything about the complaints. So, I’ll just look outside and check the temperature on our outdoor clock. Forget planning ahead.
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4 years ago, Kat on the Run
Great App!
I’ve used this as my go-to weather app for years but the recent redesign has brought with it consistent errors and not enough information. Earlier today, it said it was sunny and raining at the same time (not a cloud in the sky). Now, it says scattered thunderstorms but nothing on radar and no storms can be seen or heard. Since the redesign, these types of errors have started popping up frequently and I no longer feel this is a reliable site to determine whether outdoor activities can be undertaken. After using it, I find myself opening another weather app to see what’s really going on so why bother starting with it? Please bring back a reliable weather app.
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2 years ago, Wiliscio
Yahoo Weather Apps
The Yahoo Weather Apps provides all I need at a glance to help me plan my week. I like day by day break down that gives me how many hours in a day with sunset times so I could plan my evening walk to end before sunset. I also want temperature and wind speed when I ride my bike. If wind speed is 10+ mph and temperature is 40 degrees F, I know it is too cold to ride. I also have allergies and I need to know the quality of the air and this apps give me just that. I have compared this apps to other apps. The Yahoo is the best and is short and sweet and to the point to help me to make good decisions. I look at this app at 3 or 4 times a day. It is a great apps and I highly recommend this to others.
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3 years ago, Jason Ripp
One of the best weather apps out there
This MUCH IMPROVED weather app is now impressive. They clearly understand what is and isn’t important for weather data. It’s not loaded down with time consuming and uninteresting videos like “the big” weather app. Plus it’s down-to-earth approach is simple to read and quick to go through without all the annoying ads. I wish there were an option to “buy out of the ads” if so desired but the fact that it really only has one ad is impressive and makes it clearly a #1 pick and a “must have” app for anyone going out of their home! Way to go folks - you nailed it! I can now delete “the big” weather app!
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2 years ago, NLBbossMan
Best Weather App Out There
I love the Yahoo Weather app! It works great. I downloaded it prior to one of the earlier updates. There were some reviews that advised against that old update because they said it caused problems with the app. So I listened and the app has worked flawlessly. Now, a few updates later, I finally decided to update the app. I have the most current update, and it's all good. Works well, no problems. I highly recommend this app and the current update. Sometimes I believe that reviews may be misleading based upon the device and network provider too. FYI, I am on the Best network, Verizon. And, I am running a 64 Gig iPhone 5s. Great phone, great network, very happy!!!
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4 years ago, 1beachgrl
2020 update??
This has been my go to app for the past 5 years. When the opportunity arose I highly recommended Yahoo Weather to others because I did not had one thing that I would request to be changed. Not the case since the 2020 New Look. The graphics now make the app look like a kids app, but I’m willing to look past that. Other than the daily weather, I used the satellite images the most. But with the New Look the graphics have made it unusable. If this does not improve, I will have no choice but to go on a search for another app. I’d like to say Thank you for meeting my weather needs for all these years.
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2 years ago, JayyTownn
Why does my location need to be on 24/7?
I used to love this app but recently the widget stopped working and now only works if you have your location turned on (which drains battery life if kept on all the time and also allows apps to track your whereabouts). Yahoo Weather used to allow users to manually set their location in the app and have that be the default location displayed in the widget, but now the widget only work based on “current location” regardless of whatever location a user has manually set as their default location in the app. This means users are forced to turn on (and keep turned on) their location in their iPhone’s privacy settings in order to get the Yahoo widget to work, and I’m not doing that. It is disappointing because this app really did used to be awesome and easy, but now I’ll have to rely on a different app.
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3 years ago, ally boo boo !
I really like the break down on the temperature hour by hour. I really like the dew point so I can watch so if it gets into the fifties we know rain is close or even raining. I like the break down of each day and the display of sunny with clouds etc. Basically I like your formate. Thank you and keep up the good reporting. May God richly bless all those responsible for the good reporting 🙏✝️🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏. John 3:16. You are loved by God and may you all be saved so when we take our heavenly trip home to be with God we will all know each other. Then you’ll be able to give a weather report that is always a perfect weather report ! 🙏✝️🙏🇺🇸🙏
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4 years ago, 😄lam
Used to be really great....
I really liked this app after I removed one that was way more ads than info. This one is starting to annoy me now 😞. I would like the older version that would allow personalized settings that would stay put even after closing the app. And getting really tired of the ads again.... Maybe time to look for another new one. Wouldn't mind paying a small fee to keep what I liked. But this is no longer that app 😞 Update...Still hating the ads 😡. Getting more frustrated with each new update. How about a pay version to REMOVE THE ADS?! And thanks for adding Corona virus back but I liked it at the top not mixed into the crappy ad space. If you want to do a positive thing how about adding the date to the days’ temps.
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7 years ago, Kischa333
Nicely laid out
I've tried several weather apps, and there are some nice features that make this one my overall favorite so far. First of, design-wise, I really like the background photos selected from Flickr. Much nicer than seeing the san he background all the time. The main design feature I like its that all the info, hourly forecast, daily forecast, etc, are all in one screen. You just have to scroll to u find what you need, unlike some of the other apps I've tried, where you have to tap around and open different screens to see different info, of course navigating around introduce ads. As for accuracy, we haven't had much actual weather since I've been using the app, but so far it's been pretty accurate.
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4 years ago, Zorro RAIDER
Weather forecast and chart
I like your present format However there are several things that could improve this app. The time table runs too fast and does not add the exact time from the present to the end period a six hour segment is needed. Also have seen a format for past three hour to a future three hour format option. Also when you zoom into each area time zone it gets bigger but does not hold that area and pops back to the larger original look. So look over these requests and add to this to make it better yet more efficient. FUTUEE WEATHER FORECAST IS VITAL AND NECESSARY AND MUST BE EXACT AND ACCURATE. THANK YOU AND LIKE THE ADDED USA CITY AREA FORMAT TOO.
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2 years ago, Eric Darracq
Yahoo weather app review
If there was the option to do so, I’d give yahoo weather a 4.6 rating of a possible 5. With three weather apps on my phone, this one is my longterm favorite. For several years now, by far, this has the best balance of a simple, easy to use layout with a variety of very useful information. The only reason I can’t give this a 5.0 is because the forecasts this last 1-2 years has not been as consistently accurate as my other weather apps. Prior to those years however I’d guess they were more accurate than in recent times. So I’m still a big fan and am hopeful yahoo can once again be a primary leader with quality information.
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3 years ago, Dendz
Constant Improvements - Nice Job
Over the past several years, Yahoo has made some great improvements. This app always worked great, but now it’s better than ever!! I especially like the most recent improvement whereas by scrolling left and right in the hourly temp/rain/wind forecast you can see what to expect “by the hour” out in days. Being a fisherman, it enables me to properly schedule my day out on a boat knowing what time the winds will pick up or rain will move in. My hat is off to Yahoo! Just when you think they can improve this app anymore, THEY DO! It’s my sole “go to” place for weather! Nice Job Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, LovJerryLewis4Ever!
ALMOST 5 but 1 change needed. 🤔
Like Yahoo weather app very much. It’s accurate and gives little details that some don’t, like sunrise/sunset, the Moon phases, the 10 day(not just 5 or 7) forecast it gives a good general idea. Also Air Quality for those of us with allergies! I gave you 4⭐️ but will give you 5⭐️ if you’d update the city pics more often! It’s boring to look at a pic of just “water” every day, over & over again for Mackinac Island when that place has SOO much beauty to photograph! Although I live in Chicago, we go on trips, & have relatives in other locals so I check weather in about 5-6 locations & think you can update the pics more often than seasonally? How about monthly? That’s all! Still a good app! Not yet 5!
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4 years ago, M from NYC
Great photos! photoshop please...
Have been using Yahoo Weather App for several years ignoring and even deleting the boring built in weather app. The big reason is that Yahoo Weather shows photos of the location, and they remind me of the places I visited and make me feel excited about the places I am about to visit. However this morning I saw photos of places like New York City and Venice photoshopped like crazy. The colors are way too bright and the photos look really artificial. Can you go back to more natural-looking photos please....? Other than photos, I like the fun design overall, like the sun going up and down, and waning of the moon!
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7 years ago, Clerk Kant
One small(ish) complaint
I realize that this is primarily a weather app, and as such it seems to perform well. But it’s also an aesthetic object, meant to enhance our experience of weather information, and in this it often fails. For the past few weeks it has fed me the same, very boring background picture on each of my chosen cities. Whenever I update the information it gives me the same boring picture again (it used to give me a new picture every time I updated the screen). I wouldn’t mind so much if the picture were a good one, but it’s a terrible picture - just a flat piece of ground at the very bottom and bland, grey sky above. Am I being punished for not having a Yahoo account? Did the world suddenly become flat and bland, with a grey sky? Who knows.
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10 months ago, annieba64
Would be nice if there was a legend for the symbols used
Most of the symbols used, like a cloud with rain, or sun are easy to understand, but sometimes there are symbols I have no idea what they mean, like the 3 wavy horizontal lines. Fog? Is that the weather forecast for the entire day? Fog? Wind maybe? It’s my forecast for tomorrow but I can’t get enough details about tomorrow to make a determination as to the meaning of this symbol that represents the day. Also, looking at my town as my current location I see 20% chance of rain for tomorrow afternoon. If I flip the page to my town by name (same place as my current location) it says I have a 68% chance of rain for tomorrow afternoon. That’s quite a difference for the same place! I don’t find this app very accurate wrt what is forecast and what I observe.
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4 years ago, AS0297
So delighted
I’m very happy with the Yahoo weather app. I love the design and backgrounds. I’m 73 years old and have tried many apps and they are ok but do not have half the detail and information that Yahoo does. The best part is if you don’t want all the detail in your face, the main screen is just the beautiful background and the current weather, not so crowded with other detail that you have a hard time even finding the temperature. But also makes it very easy to get to any detail you may want to know. The new update with the coronavirus information was a really nice surprise. Great work developers 👍
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4 years ago, bullpuvkyjerks
The maps are horrible!! All it is is dark background with city names, no roads or signage visible unless you work hard to find what you are looking for. Takes two hands to see the smaller towns. The old maps were great. Streets, freeways, signage clearly visible. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD MAPS!! They were not just a tool, they could actually be fun. I looked up my home and saw my daughter’s car in the driveway! When I change maps from radar to satellite, no change! Temperature and wind, information bars but no changes to the map’s coloration. I have been using Yahoo Weather ever since I got an IPhone. The rest of the new app is great but PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD MAP!! THE NEW ONE IS JUST PLAIN AWFUL!!!😖😖😢
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6 years ago, FreeGlorybetoGod
Needs active live radar sweep.
Good basic weather.. i would add to the radar map the option to 2have live radar sweep and storm track it would be a great service for those in tornado alley. The loop radar doesn’t provide time sensitive data. The STORM app use to do live active sweep radar not any more they did away with it on the forced upgrade iMay 2018., now their app is just a loos. Like everyone other app. You want to be the primer weather app add live active storm tracking weather to the map so people can zoom into a towns streets to see if the storm hail , tornado is tracking toward their location, this would be a life saving feature. Where as the loop is useless in those situations. .
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7 years ago, not good at reviews
Beautiful app but not functional
The esthetics of this weather app are phenomenal. I don't like ads on my apps and would gladly pay development to be able to remove them but it's a minor gripe. The main concern is over the functionality, specifically in the maps. For one, it uses satellite maps which makes it look antiquated and hard to pinpoint where I am in relation to everything else. Second, the accuracy of the radar seems to be off at times and doesn't show rain when there clearly is. I like my apps to have options as to how I want to view the data but with yahoo there is none. Sincerely hope that the devs read reviews and decide to add some better and more useful features than just a pretty app.
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3 years ago, CaliSeaShel
Love the photos and temps, but the widget…?
This was my first weather app and a comfortable favorite. But like many firsts, its predictability and lack of freshness can get on the nerves and drive one to seek something new… But every time I go on a download spree to find another weather app, I always come back to Yahoo Weather. I just love the photos (though I wish they didn’t repeat so much for one location…) and simple temp readings for each day. What I can’t reconcile is the temp change when using the app and the one shown on the widget. It changes by a few degrees when switching from app view to widget view, and so I can’t rely on its accuracy. Any help here?
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8 months ago, Just the facts.
Yahoo weather used to be great
It's not great anymore because it's become very, very hard to scroll down to see the rest of the weather because this app now gets stuck and stay stuck on the advertising it doesn't allows the user to continue to see the rest of the weather. It's gotten so annoying that I'm thinking of dumping this app and going to another today. But I'll wait a couple days to see if this is just a glitch. Right now it's extremely annoying and makes this wonderful app annoying, and almost useless. I hope this helps return yahoo weather to the wonderful app it was.
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6 years ago, Roctor11
Proper Prognosticators
I have found this site to be a more accurate source than any of the channels on telly. Perhaps, it is because I have moment-to-moment access; then again, The Weather Channel does, purportedly, yet, whilst they are fairly impressive with guessing Atlanta's weather, we in Brentwood TN are a veritable afterthought. (Plus, Channel 5's lovely Daphne can only be one place at a time ... 🙄😊😎💟✝️!) This site has played "dead" a few times on me and I would appreciate that being ameliorated in the future. Still, I cannot expect perfxn out of man-made devices. Thank you for your service and attention to excellence.
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5 years ago, Shaun Conlin
Beautiful, but buggy!
Update: Lately in the past couple months I am getting notifications saying rain is forecast in the next 15 minutes, which is great, except the city it says it’s going to rain in is 300 miles away, and not a place I’ve been to/through/heard of. I even deleted and re-added the cities (only two along with current location), but it didn’t change anything. It’s also doing the same thing for next day temperature alerts. Original: There's nothing better than opening a weather app and seeing a beautiful picture associated with the location you've chosen, along with the temperature! No wonder they won a design award, this is by far the best design I've seen so far!
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2 years ago, Chumash Wildwolf
Best weather app I’ve had 🤟
I love this weather app! Very easy to use, forecasts are accurate, lots of extra data I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it and beautiful pix that make me look forward to checking everything out! The only things that I could suggest would be if I could set a notification to also see weather changes by a customizable degree setting, I had a widget that shows the current temperature on the Home Screen and maybe a horoscope button for fun. However, I’d totally recommend this app for anyone. 🌞
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3 years ago, Lindita99
Provides great information.
I love this app. I have been using it for years. I have put thousands of miles on my new little RV traveling across the country and I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that without the help of this app. As a single woman traveling alone weather is critical to me. This app provides outstanding information and is seldom incorrect. I have an old iPhone which only has 12.5 iOS. I hope Yahoo! never requires anything higher than that in order to access is terrific app. If it’s not broken guys don’t go messing with it.
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4 years ago, Ratio Delectat
Miserable Ergonomics and inefficient
Crappy software just got worse. Now one even has to scroll in two directions to see the hourly forecast. An example for function destroyed by design for the pure purpose of effect. Yes, weather information is shown and probably accurate. The interface design is miserable. Transparency and thin fonts often make text almost unreadable. Much space is wasted for nice pictures instead of efficiently displaying relevant weather information in an easy to read format that does not require scrolling. Another example of once good software degenerating.
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11 months ago, AletaB
Ad Targeting
After using this app for years I was suddenly inundated a couple of years ago with targeted ads that are nothing more than disgusting stereotypes. I would never be interested in nor buy anything being pushed into my face in these ads. I understand that apps have to make money, but this is NOT how to do it. I urge everyone using this app to immediately go into the app settings and then “manage privacy” and go through each of the categories (they don’t make this stuff easy for a reason) and LOOK at all your information they are selling and sharing with anybody they can. It is really disgusting and predatory. Apps are able to make money — and even sell/use ads — without allowing this nonsense to happen. It shouldn’t be legal to begin with.
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