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User Reviews for Yandex Browser

4.71 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
6 years ago, JohnTheMan$$$
An awesome Google alternative
After I learned that Google was storing the personal datas and information of their users, I decided to go with Yandex. For one reason, it's due to Google's discrimination against Russia. I'm just fed up with their actions and discriminations against Russia and everyone who doesn't bow down to them and their "masters." Another reason is that I'm a supporter of internet freedom, and Google is for censorship, internet regulation, and they're quite bias too. Google is configuring their algorithms so internet users would see the results that Google prefers you to see first. That way they can spread their fake news even easier while making alternative news harder to find. I'm hoping to get in touch with Yandex, because there seems to be 2 Yandex browser apps for download in the apps store. I'm not sure which one is the legitimate one or if they're both legitimate. So far, I'm liking the Yandex browser. It's not hard to get used to. Yes, I also have Tor and Safari (DuckDuckGo search engine) on my phone as well. Google Chrome used to be my general browser app. Now I'm switching to Yandex due to the disgusting behaviors of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the bias corporate who can't do their jobs without leaving politics out of it. Goodbye, Google! Hello, Yandex!
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1 year ago, AlexiosDamianos
Amazing underdog browser
This browser does many things right: it was the first one to place navigation bar on the bottom, it’s controls are intuitive and easy, and the settings are rich. I love how tabs close and originator tabs come in focus when there is no more history going backwards. Unfortunately, this functionality does not yet exist for the swipe gesture. Also, I would love to have more swipe functionality akin to Safari. UPDATE: What I meant by swipe functionality was the following. When I browse web pages back and forth, I like to swipe my finger from left to right to go back in history and from right to left to go forward. The browser does support this functionality. Unfortunately, when there is no more history to go backwards, you cannot swipe and close the page, but you can press the blank back button on the control panel for that effect. I would like this functionality be available with swiping also. Additionally, in Safari you can see all open tabs by swiping upwards from the control panel, but in Yandex browser you cannot: only pressing all tabs button works.
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5 months ago, I can count
Does almost everything I want
I’ve been using Yandex browser for several months and have almost but not quite stopped using Safari entirely. I love several features it has that Safari simply doesn’t do, in particular searching for related images, and translation to other languages. In regard to the latter, I would love Yandex browser even more if the translation was PERSISTENT until turned off. That is, if I tell it to translate a page to english, then I follow a link somewhere else from that page, and another from there, and so on, it shouldn’t put me through the hassle to set to translate to english over and over and over; once should be enough. (Sadly, it doesn’t translate audio at all, or dub in subtitles, so Вован и Лексус videos aren’t much good to me.) Update: developer replies to other reviews say to go to Settings / Yandex / Language and set it to english; it’s already set to that, and it changes how the browser talks to me, but has no effect on translation of web pages. The help page says to turn on “Automatic page translation” but there’s no such option.
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7 months ago, BELLAMY9401
Finally a REAL search engine that isn’t censored!
Finally I can actually get real and “uncensored” search results instead of extreme far left wing propaganda!! I despise Google now! Half of the page is full of ads and the rest is filled with search results tailored to googles woke agenda and narratives. WHY would anyone want to use search engines that aren’t real search engines? Yandex is just as fast and has more REAL results without the fake “fact checking” articles all over the place. It’s a shame so many people don’t realize how little respect Google has for people as if we are not capable of reading all the information out there and determining what we believe. They think it’s “their” right to chose for us which search result. I’m thrilled to have a legitimate option now! We can even get real Russian news!!! Not the lies that are being fed us. Try it!!
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3 years ago, 8,15,12,9,4,1,&14
All 4 internet freedom “help me to understand “
Up at the top of these reviews someone said there feed up with Google and there a template at controlling everything we see which I cannot agree more. So in my attempt to avoid Google and as much as possible to do with them I’ve been using DuckDuckGo thinking I was on the right path for more freedom and privacy but that person also mentioned DuckDuckGo could someone explain why and should I stop using them as well. If so favorable search engine’s would help. I recently got a phone after a little over two years of not having one because someone would repeatedly hack any device me or my wife would get so now because of Google’s and various other’s madness I’m trying my hardest to stay safe and private. Thanks for your time.
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4 years ago, arianwen7
Love it!
I looked for another search engine when Google, Firefox, and Duck Duck Go all started to heavily censor their search results. My daughter and I are both severely damaged from vaccine encephalitis and I keep up with the news on autism, vaccines, and other types of autoimmune syndromes caused by vaccines. I was dismayed at how hard it had become even to get articles I was already familiar with. Google has admitted censoring its results, in order to promote the conventional Pharma-friendly narrative. But Yandex is incredible, whatever search I make on PC topics like terrorism, or anything else, it instantly gives me hundreds of results of just what I was looking for. And it doesn’t stall as often as the others do. I love it and am so glad I found it!
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11 months ago, renaa <3
Amazing app but, one problem.
So I’ve been using Yandex Browser for about 2-4 years now and it hasn’t had any problems. Until I got an apple device. I actually forgot about this app and downloaded it back when I saw a video on it. And it was fine before but now I realized you guys updated. The menu has also changed. Before the menu changed, I could actually see what extensions I have downloaded and put them to use but now I can’t. If you guys could add the extensions button and more menu buttons, I would love this app and change it to my default browser for sure. Thank you for taking your time to read this! <3
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1 year ago, LotusFromTheDark
i love it
I was looking for a new browser since chrome was getting boring and i decided to return back to yandex on my computer. I just love how smooth the browser feels and how it isnt ripped off of chromium since a bunch of browsers are made off of chromium which the chromium browsers look like chrome with redesigned functions so i feel nothing new one i use one, but yandex just has a whole different feel. i love how you can customize it the first time you use the browser. Keep up the good work, i'll definitely be using yandex for a while before i switch 🙂
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11 months ago, CT_01040500
All Tabs Just Gone
I liked the app until recently. I entered the app and all of my tabs were gone. Deleted and closed. Still waiting for support to contact me with a fix but it’s looking hopeless so far. With Chrome, there’s a “recover all tabs” option but not in Yandex. I’m not sure if I can edit my review but if this problem is fixed, I’ll make an update. Update: I’m unable to send another message to customer support because they flagged me as suspicious. So that means they refuse to help. If you care about having tabs available to you, or just want a decent browsing app, then don’t use this one. Look somewhere else. Update 2: I was able to email support again after the developer response on AppStore. But still no fix for the “all my tabs are gone” situation. Just waiting for a solution now (it’s been a week and a half since my initial reach to support).
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1 year ago, Boot_Mouth
Good Except For 1 Big Issue
I downloaded this to replace a more flawed browser. It did the job and worked great as a replacement. I’ve been using it for months but recently realized it didn’t save my reading list whenever I did an iTunes backup. In fact it actually dumped everything in my reading list. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke occurrence I tested it twice and got the same result. So if you’re someone who doesn’t save items to your reading list or don’t backup your phone, this is a good browser. I however, now have to find another browser to replace this one. I’m talking about the reading list or bookmark where you can save articles to read later.
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5 years ago, eepisski
Was searching for a different search engine, as getting disgusted with google and Facebook being discriminatory against Russian web and news sites. Found this gem, very impressed with turbosearch feature as extremely faster than any thing in the US. Would like to drop google all together as I do gmail through them. Went to Yandex mail, and it was in Russian language. Hope developer expands the mail feature to The US and western countries in near future. Look forward to future updates and if google tries to shut you down, tell that Schmidt and zukerberg where to go. Update. Thanks for responding to my suggestion. Know it is hard to connect between Russia and USA, since American media made relations strained due to that false Russian Collusion and Robert Mueller. Would like to see something like Yandex, be a strong competition to Google and Facebook, in near future.
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1 year ago, Wolfgang Treehouser
Don't. Just Don't.
At first I thought the Yandex Browser was kind of cool. Unfortunately, some of its options interfered with my iPhone. I removed and reinstalled it to clear up those issues, but then it froze up when I tried to go to the browser settings. Worse than the browser problems was the idiot move I made, sometime back, of opening a Yandex account. When that didn't go well, I tried to delete the account. It went like this: “To delete your account, you must first register.” → I do all the steps, which, oddly enough, causes a new account to be set up. → I don’t want that account either, so I do the steps to get it deleted, → which causes yet another account to be created…
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4 years ago, Fareed Tyson
Yandex Browser isn’t controlled by US Government
Yandex Search Browser isn’t controlled by the U.S. Government therefore when you’re searching about something that the U.S. Government doesn’t want you to know it will always still pop up in the search results, anything relevant to what you’re searching up. But Google on the other hand blocks and censors things that the U.S. Government doesn’t want you to see, they control Google and therefore control see and don’t see.
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2 years ago, Rumflr
Best alternative to Google
It is up there in my favorites with Brave and Google. I am not sure if this search engine has an bias, but I just don’t want to support Google anymore. A few things that would make this app better: Better optimization. This app drains battery pretty quickly and makes my phone hot. I hope it’s not Spyware Ability to turn off feed, etc. So far, it’s a bit noisy. I wish I could turn off the feed under the search bar on main page. A little bit more customization as well where you can turn off background, change background colour, etc. It already has AMAZING customization. It needs a little more so we can make it more simple. I really liked Google because it was simple.
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6 years ago, akrampearl
Truly recommended!
I am really pleased to be one of Yandex browser users! I prefer Yandex to other big names like Google and Mozilla. I have given a rating of 4 stars because the browser isn’t compatible with password manager! I believe this is a very crucial feature that needs to be implemented ASAP. I have tried to add Enpass and Sticky password manager, none of them worked. You can’t even find them in the share extension. Other than that the browser gives you a seamless browsing experience.
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1 year ago, Surmise11
One Of The Best Browsers Out There
After the fall of Duck Duck Go announcing their censorship I have been using this browser and I have never looked back. The windows version is even better with tons and tons of actually useful features. For those who are using Brave browser or another alike, this blows them out of the water. Definitely the best browser I have ever used.
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3 years ago, prohellproben
My only complaint
The only issue i have ever had to complain about is that their is a lot of Russian that can’t be translated despite setting my default language to english so their is like 2 settings that I can’t even begin to understand but aside from that i love everything else. Would rate higher if their is an update to the language stuff example being caller id i look to activate it but its all in Russian so I won’t be doing that <3 much love dev team if you read this
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8 months ago, somrtimf
Easily better then Google
Yandex has become my absolute favorite search browser and search engine! It’s very modern design mixed with the endless features it makes it self so much better then Google, plus everything is interconnected! I have Yandex Mail and I can use it through the browser! Super helpful and really easy to use!
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2 years ago, Mac Logos
Changing default language to English doesn't work
I went into Settings and selected English as default display language but the app still renders the search engine in Russian. How do I make the settings set English as default language so that all search engine features and search results display English language?
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7 months ago, Godfetus666
4 stars only because there’s not a sortable news tab. Otherwise - this is the only search engine I’ve used that actually provides unbiased information. You’ll find propaganda from both sides - not just one - and that’s what’s needed to draw an informed conclusion: Context. The app itself is decent, not doing anything special but it doesn’t crash like brave or DDG, and anything is better than google.
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7 months ago, Randy Cadriel
Crédit card I’d and social needed
My money was stolen by Christine. She’s threatening my life. I need my meds otherwise I cannot work and she had my meds. Actually she took my money and now he’s using my meds. Everything is messed up. I have zero dollars to my name I don’t even make minimum wage I don’t have transportation this goes on and on. Can you please help me get some meds at the very least so I can work on top of that I still don’t have my credit card or IDs or Social Security number in place and I’ll see what I’m supposed to do besides Seizure and wonder why you’re doing this to me
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5 years ago, ADollMitler
Yandex is the browser everyone needs to use. For mobile and desktop. You can import your bookmarks, passwords and saved forms from Google. It also takes privacy very seriously. The other browser, Brave, works with Google. This can compromise your security. Don’t let them bribe you with Attention tokens. Instead get Yandex and be safe.
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1 week ago, iphoneistrashgarbage
Doesn't show me antifa propaganda
The browser is great. I don't understand why reviewers (including) me claim to not wanting to support antifa companies like google yet still use a dumb apple iphone. Isn't apple pushing woke antifa propaganda? The hypocrisy, sheesh. We would all toss any apple products in the dumpster where they belong. Summary: Yandex is great. Apple and iphones are for morons and are trash.
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2 years ago, samoel2299
It is a great browser but my phone language is English but many options in the app remains in russian, please fix it -for example (search for a picture in google >> press and hold to a photo >> first choice is Сохранить изображение it should be save picture), there are others please fix them ❤️
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2 years ago, dizzyFunk
The app is great, keep up the good work yandex.
I really like the way you design the app, it has its own style and looking good and classy. Maybe you can add english language support for voice to text speech. Also, don’t be like google, please think like a professional not an amateur indian google developer. Russians are smart, not stupid.
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4 years ago, ElVergudo2020
I am very satisfied with this app’s performance, it shows professional quality in all functions. I recommend to obtain the set of apps developed by YANDEX because it would be like hiring a team of navy seals to bring to you high performance and quality results to a level where you will close the app withe the best reward from any job , event , that is “SATISFACTION” .
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4 years ago, PhoneApple308
Download video and audio
I don't know why Yandex team never thought about to put these (downloading) features, they made perfect browser but never put these features, first I was using UC browser but with every new update their browser got worst that's why I moved to yandex but in this browser Above mentioned features need to add...
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2 years ago, NIRVANA!!!!!
Would recommend Yandex
It’s a great browser if your looking for something that doesn’t ask you to sign in every five seconds. Also it has everything you expect and more. I would highly recommend this browser.
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6 years ago, Xylomegais
Updated 09/09
Yes now it is done now. Zen wasn't working at first but now is. I have a little feature idea, maybe an option where you can tap the screen in a certain pattern to open up any site? It's hard to describe, but here's how it would be. ------ Tab closes, Tap the screen maybe in a quick pattern to open it again. Pattern - 1 tap top of screen, 2 left then 1 again at the top, and the page opens instantly again, just a bit faster then history. ------ Just a little gesture I think it's called that popped into my head, I don't think it's any good as an idea at all, but let me know what you think of it if you want.
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2 years ago, stuckinallnicknamestakenloop
5 stars for functionality, zero stars for privacy
Yandex works great on iPhone & Windows. I love its uncensored search results. But it keeps running in the background even after you close it. Have you read their privacy statement here in the App Store? I think their press & actual habits are at odds. That said, I’m reinstalling again for searching. I’ll probably uninstall it again for privacy.
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10 months ago, Lsn2Jah
Real search results!
Browser search results return hits that are more realistic, and not based on what the other companies decide they want you to see. I used DDG and others who claimed to be free and clear, but lately their hits come back with the same tainted results as Google. Ughh! Love Yandex!
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4 years ago, hate it! hate it !
Like it a lot
I actually use Viasat browser but I can’t change the main search engine to yandex so I will use the browser for the search engine. (Edit) I don’t have a problem with this browser I just don’t have space on my device for it overall very good
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4 months ago, Sir Mouselot
Yandex and it’s terrible oops
I installed this app thinking it’s great according to other “people” that used it this insane app keeps giving me oops! I only entered a name of a movie and here comes the fact that I had to proof I’m not a robot I entered the insane wording that Yandex asks you to enter and there is nothing would make the submit button work so here insane app do you think a robot is rating you I didn’t want to even give you 1-star but I couldn’t “submit” without it fix this and I might “submit” another review
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5 months ago, Andrew24689
What is wrong with Captcha?
Downloaded this app and made 2 searches before it prompted me to do a captcha. I have tried about 30 different times, and apparently I’m a robot, because it says I fail the captcha every time. I’ve tried to type the words exactly as they appear, I’ve tried no spaces, all caps, all lowercase, a space between each letter and nothing worked. I even tried the audio captcha, but it’s completely unrecognizable; I only hear 1 of the 4 numbers. What is wrong with this software?
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2 years ago, JohnParadise
It’s great, I think!
It’s great, I think! But I haven’t used it that much! As long as it supports free speech, and doesn’t have a screwy contrive search engine with biased results, then I love it! Make it great! For the people! And when I look up a topic like the truth about Covid vaccines, don’t throw in articles about cupcakes!
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8 months ago, George Powelson
It is great in my view.
I think Yandex is a great browser. I would recommend it and try it for yourself. It is right next to my Brave browser and quickly becoming my go to. Time will tell. Its worth it. Thank you to the creators of Yandex.
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12 months ago, N-ckOH
Great browser
This is a great browser. My only suggestion would be a better built in adblock, the current settings for blocking offensive and intrusive ads still leaves a lot of ads on many sites.
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2 years ago, subterranian mailbox
Best browser to find what you want
Almost Every other internet browser hides what you want either Behind ads or doesn’t show it at all because of censorship or copy-write laws yandex gives me exactly want I want
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5 years ago, Tuansako
Beautiful web browser
I can’t stop using it everyday as my main browser, despite that chrome and firefox are also good but Yandex has its own special features. Hope that the dev team could integrate ID touch as one of method to confirm saved passwords. Thanks a lot.
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2 years ago, outdcjrcgjk6
too many misleading results
very biased search engine. Bombard you with too much miss leading content, that seems intent on fostering trumps base ofFantasies that they use to replace reality. There are so many ads that screen never sit still long enough for anyone to read what’s on the screen. Making it it makes it impossible to navigate because the screen is refreshing so often because of the extraordinary volume of advertising. It is not a useful application.
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2 years ago, maeceeee
New kid on the block.
Must say I’m highly impressed with the absolute efficiency and never once felt barged in on ,on my device like so many others who don’t know how to knock. Those guys have Moxy and that is what it takes to make it these days. Good job.
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3 years ago, Arielsky26
I love Yandex
I’ve been learning Russian for years and after being in Russian social media I found Yandex. I actually prefer it better than Google. The layout is much better, and feels more user-friendly. Even without knowing Russian it’s still a great search engine.
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3 years ago, PETETHEGERMAN
Yandex v. AOL, etc.
Having been an AOL and Google user since forever, I downloaded Yandex and Yandex Mail recently. They are both wonderful, especially the Mail. Yandex shows the others what they could be if they tried. But they don’t. Thank you, Yandex!
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1 year ago, Fryzelclan
So much better than Google and its alternatives. First search I made, brought up the original article as the top result. All of the propaganda articles showed up lower in the feed, under the fact source. Good work.
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4 months ago, IwIanuel
Good Browser
But, not good enough because of moron captcha. Asking too much for captcha, captcha required pop-up after few searchs. More terrible, the captcha system truly moron, it's keep asking retry/additional check even the input is 100% correct. At this point, can't bypass captcha. Stop using captcha, mon. It's search engine, not banking system.
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1 year ago, CityChickenChic
It’s in Russian
My goodness. I’ve spent 30 minutes trying to go into various settings on this app and on my iPhone to switch the language to English. I even gave it location permissions, so the stupid app even knows exactly where I am. I’m not in Russia. I was super excited to be able to divorce Google. But this app is getting the boot in a few minutes, because I don’t need to be wasting space on my phone on an app that doesn’t even know my language.
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7 months ago, Impressed American
Unlike the Orwellian, Globalist/Zionist, liberal progressive search engines of the west. Yandex will actually find what you seek to search for. Where the Western search engine counterparts will lie, censor/filter, obfuscate and gaslight. Yandex pretty much presents the information as is of whatever topic you're inquiring of.
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7 months ago, ElenaLagos
The best browser
Google, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo censor everything. Good like finding independent blogs, businesses, or anything besides the mainstream big corporation, big ag, big pharma funded sites. Let’s hope Yandex continues to support freedom! American tech companies have sold out.
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5 years ago, frogbunnie
Beats them all
Thank you Team Yandex, keep up the good work you are doing. This beats the heck out of Safari. Please add English to your voice search, or am I missing something? I don’t really need to use it but some disabled person might.
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2 years ago, avocado milk 🥑
Awful app!
I downloaded the app because I wanted to make the background of my screen on roblox. Then things get annoying. When I want to download stylus, it says “available on chrome”. I didn’t know what that meant so I clicked on it and it says “download chrome” when I already have chrome. So I went to make an account and it asks me, “phone number?” “Email?” And I don’t wanna share that info. So that’s why I hate this app. Thank you, bye 👋
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