3.6 (3.5K)
270.9 MB
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Current version
Kami Vision Incorporated
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for YI IoT

3.63 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Tonyx1970
Good camera
I have two dome cams in house and I just bought a third one on its way. The cams are quite good and up until now haven’t had any issues at all. Lately one of my cams has been beeping and then turning 360 degrees every time it beeps. This beeping happens often and I am not sure what the problem is. I do not have the same issue with the other cam. I have reset the camera and still the issue persists. I have researched the issue online and in app with no solution. The company is really hard to get in touch with and their customer care is not at all the best. They have a good product but it isn’t followed by a good support team and thus I give it a four star, tempered with a three star but I like the cams very much. How do I resolve the issue? Why does it beep all the time? There is no specific time in which it does it. Sometimes it beeps more often than others and other times it doesn’t beep that much. The beeping is annoying as it does it at all hours of day and night. Help!
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7 months ago, Cheri Lee 76
Should’ve read reviews before I purchased 2 of these.
The only thing good about this product is the clear picture. When it’s not pointed at the wall that is. And if you want to use your own sd card instead of their EXTREMLY high priced cloud storage, GOOD LUCK! It won’t even let you review your recordings on your own private storage! You have to buy the cloud storage if you want yo view ANYTHING! What’s the point though when it just points at the wall? The light that you can set to auto work’s only when it wants too, mostly when it’s pointed at the wall. I keep getting all these alerts but nothing is there that should’ve caused an alert. Granted, I only paid like 10$ each but I’ve paid for cameras that are the size of a quarter that work better then this piece of crap. And from what I read on all the responses from the owner’s, let me just stop you now, no I don’t want you to “look at it” to see if something’s wrong, and NO I don’t want a “reduced” or “discounted” price for the cloud. The cloud should be free since the camera was paid for or you should have the ability to utilize your own private storage with no restrictions. It’s not even worth it to send back for a refund. My garbage is feeling a bit lonely so that’s where I’ll be storing these worthless cameras.———->>>DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO MY WORST ENEMY!
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4 years ago, TraciEN77
Good Quality images but...
After multiple car break-ins our neighborhood we installed the pan cam outside our garage. While It has good quality images - there are major issues with the app. I get regular alerts for bugs flying around or shadows from the sun but not people in our driveway trying to break into cars. One morning a neighbor’s car alarm went off so I happened to glance at the clock. Then another neighbor let us know their car had been broken into. I had no alerts (other than bugs) so I checked the playback around the time I heard the car alarm (had I not known the approx time I would have likely never found the footage due to no alert and the lack of functionality in the app). Sure enough we had people in our driveway checking several of our cars...but no alerts even though at times the person was dead center in the image and not trying to hide. My spouse also leaves the house early each morning and maybe 10% of the time the camera gives me an alert from his movement including a car pulling out of our driveway. Another negative is that to review any playback there is NO fast forward or pause functionality. So if you want a good camera and app just to check in on live feed and aren’t worried about alerts - this will do the job. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend.
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8 months ago, Scubei
It’s legit people!
I saw this on a TikTok ad two years ago. Bought it and thought this is cool. We had a ahem* R-ng camera system that worked when it wanted to, charged us each month for space in the cloud and when you couldn’t afford it, you couldn’t go back and access any of it. Well then I remembered this gem. Dude! It’s THA BOMB! I know I know, it’s not your regular review but this thing is legit. 360* camera, night vision, motion capture, video and still shot capture and also two way audio as well. They have an option for cloud storage but also a slot for an SD card. Whatever the other guy has, it’s not this and if it is, it’s wayyyyy more expensive. I read the reviews. I read more reviews. Seriously am I the only person to not have any issues with this camera? Look, I want to have another one of these ASAP. Thank you so much to the team that made this possible and keep up the good work. Good Job well done. All of your parents should be proud!😊
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12 months ago, ABCD Root
Support issues without refund
Worked with online customer service for the 1st 40 days of setting up camera. Couldn’t get the camera and app to fine tune motion to not pick up on sunshine shadows. Rep told me to return the camera to supplier. I did and requested to cancel subscription which was 1 week passed the 30 day trial. Rep advised no refunds after 30 days even though I’d been working with several reps to get camera/app working without success. They then suggested their camera and more months of monitoring. I’ve already prepaid for yearly subscription with no satisfaction and no camera connected with no help from reps. With each request for help there was always days of delay between help which didn’t allow for fixing issues within the first 30 days. Seems like a business ploy to delay service response so no one will get a refund if app doesn’t work with camera. And then they push their cameras. Very disappointed with experience and lack of refund for the remaining months of unusable service. Please be advised… do not prepay for subscription because the service might not truly be compatible with your camera even though it’s the suggested app.
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4 years ago, Sneklord27
Decent camera
The camera was working fine, it had great quality and very useful features, until it went offline for NO REASON AT ALL! The internet was fine, a fuse never blew, and we don’t think the cats could’ve done anything to it. We unplugged it and plugged it back in, we emailed the contact number and haven’t gotten a response yet, and the only reason I didn’t rate it 1 star is because I’m willing to wait and see if we will be able to fix it. The people that wrote the good reviews I call the lucky ones, because I don’t think they had to deal with this. If we end up being able to fix it, than I will come back rate this a 4 stars because other than this very annoying feature, it’s actually really good. Edit: we found out how to fix it, the USB port in the cord we used to plug it in was bad. I hope you reading this don’t experience this problem, too, cuz it’s incredibly annoying.
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1 year ago, tambalina
Endless Ads and Fairly Certain I’m Being Watched
Bought this camera in 2020. Was told the app was free, which it is, but the service for constant recording is a monthly fee. It does take a card, so I thought that I would use the app for long-distance live monitoring. Since fall of last year, I receive ads for the monthly fee EVERY SINGLE DAY. I can’t turn off notifications since this has motion sensor detection - not that is has every notified me of my building’s maintenance being in my apartment. It DOES notify me every time a tiny fruit fly floats in front of the lens. Super helpful, right? Most concerning is that this “randomly” scans my room when I’m home at night. I always point the camera at my front door to get a better look at whoever comes into my apartment. Why have I noticed it pointed back at me on my couch on the opposite side of the room on more than one occasion? I don’t know for certain that I’m being surveilled by people running this app. One time is maybe understandable? After the 5th time of me noticing, absolutely not. All this is far too coincidental for me. Will unplug this device and find a less creepy option.
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2 weeks ago, bruhggy
Potential breach of security and device compromised
I had a dome camera angled downwards to monitor my pets. It remained like this until we returned home from a trip, which is when we decided to reposition the camera’s angle to monitor a different part of the home. I want to emphasis that we did this by simply turning the camera around with our own hands, and not through the app. Later that night, we come to find the camera trained to where our pets are again, but not pointed downwards. The camera is now directly watching where it would see people doing stuff in the house. Curious as to how it repositioned its angle, not just to turn around, but to look at where WE usually are, we used the app this time to swivel its view back to where we intended it to be. Shortly after, my sister witnessed, with her own two eyes, the camera swivel its view back towards that same angle, where it could be looking at US, the people inside. We believe the device has been compromised, and there has been a breach of security. If you are considering using this app and its devices, please reconsider, and be careful where you place these cameras.
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4 years ago, Tommy Veretti
Good Some days. Bad most.
I was enjoying this cameras I bought. Then out of nowhere I noticed they would stop randomly stop working, they would both take extremely long to open the app to begin with, Then when on automatic motion tracking it would turn to face the wall and just be recording the wall and never return to its normal place. I even had an incident happen in my home where it never even picked up any of the incident happening. The fact you can’t really watch your replays without it crashing is a huge problem especially when I pay for the subscription... I am trying to hold off but I plan on buying better cameras without these issues... I also noticed lagging sometimes and it stops recording sound. BIGG problems for this homeowner. Update : APP NOT LETTING ME LOG IN. App saying Invalid Data Format when I try to log in with my information. This is HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE. There is noone you can even call at this time of night and phones not working because of CoVid-19. This is a bunch of crap. I will be ordering new cameras right now! I am done and I don’t recommend these pieces of crap to anyone. Screw yi iot.
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4 years ago, Lilly nunes
I got this cámara on my baby Registry And to be honest I was a little skeptic with the price but I was reading the reviews and I saw a lot of good reviews and let me tell you I don’t regret one bit on putting this on my registry. camera Quality is pretty good easy to install easy to download on your phone the view is very clear, and it has all the features I need and more,I really don’t know what other expensive cameras offers But I believe this have everything I need. so only if the expensive cameras can cook ,clean and ironed clothes then that make will make a deal. Update: cámara was working good for a few months About ( 3 months). Now It’s on night vision all day, it resets a lot, and for a few weeks i had “ the cámara is offline issue “ I’ve send them the issue about not having day time vision but I had no respond. I was hoping when I saw the update i will get it but NO!.
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4 years ago, Ty3522
Camera review
Both myself and my wife love the cameras we have. They are clear and mobile and convenient. Everything we could have asked for from a camera. One of two issues I have is that the cameras reset every so often while viewing. What makes this particularly annoying is that both cameras were purchased for our child while they are sleeping. When the camera resets however, it lags from view and rings and rotates waking up our child almost always. Is there a fix to this?! Secondly, the app is very easy to use. We love the alerts and the control aspect for the camera. My second and last complaint is that with the new update game ads....like really....it’s a camera. Not a game. I don’t think ads are necessary. Otherwise, great product. We’ve talked about buying another for other parts of our home.
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2 years ago, smarter than u think, duh
Could be better
I have this at my front door and it’s protected under an overhang. I have to have the sensor set to low because otherwise I get recordings if the sunlight changes or even a shadow appears. I don’t like that in order to view the entire clip recording that you have to purchase a subscription, otherwise all you can view even with having the memory card inserted is a 6 second clip. 6 seconds doesn’t show anything! To top it off with the subscription you have the option of 1 or 5 cameras nothing in between and it’s pricey. If I had known of this prior to ordering 2 cameras I would not have ordered them at all. There’s no option to view the entire clip recordings without buying the subscription and it will only go back so many days so if you need to look over something that happened over a month ago your out of luck. Not thrilled with the amount of money I’m still paying out after buying the cameras. Thank goodness not everything I buy is like this.
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3 months ago, Netuserms
Not as good as it used to be
When I first purchased this camera it was great! Now with each upgrade it gets worse! I could always count on this camera inside my home! Best feature was the ability to turn it on & off on the fly with a simple switch in the settings! It apparently goes through the company’s system then back to you! Originally not an issue! However … Now, if you are not a paying customer they reduce or limit the bandwidth of you camera! Since this appears to this customer to be about money, I’ll order another set of the Sight Bulb Cameras! They have been a one time price for purchase an use and don’t appear to be throttled by the company! I’ll continue, until I can replace it! But I’m done with this camera! No One forces me into a “pay to use” anything! Too many other choices! Lost another customer! But Sight Bulb! Just look it up, even available directly at Home Depot! I’m now, a very Disappointed & Dissatisfied Customer!
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4 months ago, nolgotti
I think the product is great the cameras do exactly what they’re supposed to do. It’s not the highest HD out there but it is HD I think it’s 720 P don’t quote me at that but I’ve read some other reviews and I agree with them the products great, but the customer service is not great because it’s really hard to get in touch with anyone to fix any difficulty with the cameras. The only problem that these cameras have is that sometimes it loses Internet connections, and they beep and change the rotation that I have them set on that I don’t like it only happens every now and then, but I have to go back and look and make sure my cameras are in the spot that I want them in.
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3 months ago, Rabbitt1000
Very disappointing
I like everything about these cameras (I bought 4), but like so many others, the motion feature was going off every few minutes. So I decided to upgrade to the Smart AI detection feature and fine tune those alerts. I too wish I had read more of the reviews because I also have had horrible customer support and even though I have asked for a refund since it doesn’t work and they can’t seem to help, I believe they are just stalling the 30 days so they can refuse my refund also. I went from having alerts every few minutes to none at all. Even if I am driving up and down my own drive or walking around….nothing. I am so disappointed. If the issue is the cameras then why do they work when that feature is turned off and not when turned on. I just don’t want alerts every few minutes just when something approaches.
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1 year ago, Mr. L Allen
Overly sensitive yet not at the same time. Annoying
This system has some great features like the alarm, automatic flood light, talk through, and motion alerts. To be fair there are tons of other options out there with these same features at a similar price. You will receive 40+ minimum notifications in a 24 hr span of recordings of the trees swaying, bugs flying around, birds, etc (things that I don’t care about). But it WONT record people coming in and out of the house 80% of the time which is the whole point of this (my neighbor broke into our house). Even with the highest sensitivity it would miss most entrance and exit occasions but would be happy to send me a recording of the trees swaying. The alarm sound is a great idea but it will turn on if bugs fly in front of it. Same with the flood light. It’s not very “smart” as the name implies. Very very annoying and needs a software overhaul.
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1 year ago, Moving around
Scary cameras
I bought this because of 5G capabilities and the idea of a hidden camera is good. For the first couple of months I am impressed it works as advertised. I can see my house easily and fast, check what’s going on. After 6 months the trouble started. The app is very slow to none to respond . The most scary part is it scans the surroundings as if it is looking for something. It will focus on us and then move around and we are not moving at all. It’s seem like someone is controlling the device. My wife even said maybe they are watching and listening to us.I checked the recordings on the sd cards and I saw nothing. I disconnected and reset it, checked the updated firmware. It still the same, the bad part is it keeps me asking to sign up for cloud services which I don’t want to. I erased the app and reloaded it and nothing. Can’t return it. Planning of buying a branded one. Buy this if you want someone is checking on you, lol .
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2 years ago, XB0CT
Cameras are useless with recent update
Have this cameras for 3 years, seems like I will have to buy something else. Cameras itself are great, good night mode, option to use SD card as local storage, good quality footage. Was easy to install. What I am upset about is software, sometimes application would not send any push notifications, it happened maybe 5 times in 3 years to me and resolved on its own in about a day or two. The most frustrating part is that with recent update, there is no ability to look 6 seconds videos anymore. It will instead show an ad for a cloud feature. Before the update, you could watch 6 seconds video and check the footage through SD storage. I don’t know if it’s a bug or it was done intentionally. My short term solution is simply to not update this app until I find a proper replacement for this cameras and luckily I didn’t updated it on my main phone. Since this feature is still working on older versions of the app, I suspecting either a bug in recent update or it was done intentionally. Either way, software is garbage and unfortunately I will have to throw this cameras away. Do not even try to buy their cloud services, because even if you do, it will still not work properly, as advertised, because app is laggy and garbage.
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5 months ago, chefromthebay
Too many adds some good features but wow
Was trying to order cameras that matched what I already had seller sent me two of these instead they are ok cameras I like the motion tracking, but there is no place to put a sd mini card. There are a ton of antenna on the camera but they don’t seem to do any more as far as reception than the one antennae cameras I had. Now about the app - the clips the motion tracking records would be nice but they blink and seem to always miss the motion. The app is constantly trying to sell you upgrades, then it even started putting ads for different stuff all the sudden. When you first start it the ads go and the audio lingers. Today when I had an ad that would not close blocking all other functions I decided to give a negative review with one star it’s ridiculous my other cameras are way better because of all the meddlesome ads!
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5 months ago, LilWesley
Had a set of cameras that I used in each of the kiddos rooms. Two kids under two is a lot of work! 🙃 Cameras were great for awhile. Eventually, my daughter knocked her camera off her crib which broke something internally inside the camera making it lose its ability to pan around the room. My sons camera has the same problem. Just recently, my sons won’t work at all anymore. I plug it in and it constantly does the startup sound, rotates on its on, and shuts off. Repeat, repeat, repeat. So that camera is in the garbage now. The biggest thing that pisses me off is this company tries every which way to shake the money out of your pocket. If you want to view the camera you own QUICKLY because you heard a noise or are worried about something.. just sit tight, you need to watch the advertisement before you can see the video feed. O N E S T A R P R O D U C T
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4 years ago, Tori Lacey
Sound won’t stay on since app update.
I loved this camera for the most part until some recent updates to the app. It has worked great for months and then all of a sudden after an update where the look of things changed, the sound would no longer stay on. After a couple of minutes the sound on the video feed stops and I have to toggle the sound off and back on to get it on again. This is seriously inconvenient as a baby monitor without sound, especially at night. There was an update where the app seemed to revert visually to what is was before and it worked again. But now it’s back to not working. If this gets fixed I’ll give this camera 4 stars because honestly the only drawbacks of the camera otherwise are the clicking sound when going between day and night vision and the sound it makes when the camera randomly reboots.
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4 years ago, lynellechristine
The. Worst.
I am so frustrated at this camera and app. First of all, it’s supposed to be a baby monitor, yet the camera restarts in its own and has a very loud chime sound that it plays when it does. Why?!?! Secondly, if you have a slight amount of light coming into the room, it’ll switch between the normal camera and night vision, which is a very loud click each time. Back and forth, back and forth. You can hear it in the room AND over the app. So annoying. And lastly, the recent app update is the worst. Most of my issues were with the camera and not the app, until a few days ago. Now, the app removed the time stamp on the live feed, which was very helpful to see at a glance, both for the obvious reason and because sometimes the feed freezes. But now I don’t know when it’s done that. It also changed in that I had to actually change my lock screen settings to “never lock,” when before I could just open the live feed and it would stay on. And my last grievance with the app is that now after a short period of time, the sound goes silent as if it’s muted, but it’s not. So I’m now I’m relying on hearing my child cry through closed doors instead of through the monitor app open right next to me. Don’t get the camera. And don’t get the app. I’m ready to ditch both.
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7 months ago, Special Delivery
This system has great potential but with their greed for subscription and constant intrusive maneuvers to get you to subscribe it’s very annoying. If that’s not bad enough when you try and input your own micro SD the cameras seem to malfunction. I have tried different settings and assistance from customer service still no luck. The system worked for about 6 no to a year then from then on no subscription no real functionality. My cameras continuously turn facing the walls and when I adjust it automatically goes back to the wall with no motion in designated area. I’m a done with this product and will try one of the more reputable security systems that offer you to self monitor and the product work’s whether you subscribe or not. Goodbye KAMI products and good luck….
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1 year ago, AFaithC
I just received the camera. The only good thing I can say is it shows a clear picture if you can view it. I had to try 4 times to connect to Wi-Fi then when the motion detector is turned on, it turns the wrong way and never sets back in place. I can’t even view what’s going on because the app constantly crashes when I try to view the video it freezes my entire phone and closes out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and also reset the camera several times. It also send me several alerts throughout the day of it sensing something and it’s nothing there so I’m guessing it’s just the spirits in my house playing with the camera lol. You can’t view the playback unless you purchase a subscription which is very pricey. It’s just not worth it get you some real security cameras that you can trust.
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2 years ago, ricks'elf
Good video cam, easy to use
I really like the camera, the clarity of the picture is very nice and the app works pretty well. One thing the app really needs is a way to swipe the alert clips to delete them instead of having to view the clip and only then get a trashcan to delete one clip at a time. this can be really annoying and time-consuming if you have the sensitivity set too high and you’re getting a lot of clips. I realize the answer to that is to reduce the sensitivity but if there’s a moment that you need sensitivity hi, you’re going to get a lot of clips that need to be deleted - one at a time. That’s my only real complaint. Good product!
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10 months ago, CoachGsan
Great Cams but Very Pushy App
While I enjoy the outdoor pan cams and the ability to record to an SD card, the app is pretty pushy when they peddle their subscription services. Here is my problem with that: If I hear some noise outside and dash to the app to see the camera feed in that sector, I first have to click thru a couple of screens reminding me about their super awesome special discounts on their monthly subscriptions ….and now I get ads that seem to go away by closing the app and opening it up again to avoid clicking on them and running thru more screens. This in counter productive when time is of the essence. I’m going to start looking for a different third party app that can work with the cameras or maybe just start using a web browser by enabling the port forwarding feature on my router.
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6 months ago, Robyn.Erika
Camera works fine but app is just trash
The camera works fine but the app is borderline extortion. It used to let you watch a short preview of the video it captures with alerts but they took that away and gated it behind Premium. I don’t want to have to buy something to use the thing I already paid for, and for the devs to take away the already paltry BASIC feature and gate it behind a paywall! (Edit - I think it’s actually glitchy. Sometimes the app lets you see a free short clip, sometimes it demands you to pay. I’m not sure if there’s some rate limit that isn’t being disclosed here.) Edit: they added advertisements too. Big, intrusive ones that interrupt you seeing your alerts (if you can get them to work that is). I’m getting another camera because this app is just getting more unusable all the time.
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2 years ago, Jugan182
Unusable can’t add camera “Failed to get camera info”
I had a Camera from this company and it was decent for the price I paid, but I recently just bought a newer model to add an additional camera and it won’t add to their app. I don’t know if they broke something in the newest app or what, but I tried adding the camera on three different phones & two completely different networks, and every time I get to the last step to name the camera, I get an error that is “unable to get Camera info” so the Camera never shows up in my list of pair devices and it’s not usable. i’ve searched Google and other people had the same issue but it appears in the past it was fixed with a new app update, but I am already on the latest app. I will be returning this hardware and switching to a different company unless something changes.
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4 years ago, Lightning bolt 22
I bought this camera a while back and it seemed pretty descent. So I put it out on my window facing outside. A few month passes and I keep hearing the camera sound go off in the middle of the night. I pay no attention to it because I thought the sound means they detected people moving. But one day I woke to the sound and looked at the camera the camera was facing us and the camera kept moving looking around the room. I immediately unplugged the camera and my husband told me the same day that the sound means that someone was on the camera. I have 2 little kids that sleep in the same room with me and it just haunts me that a stranger was watching me and my family for months as well as listening into our conversations day and night. Please be aware of this big issue and consider the problem of buying this product. Stay safe everyone.
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1 week ago, Dailyn-2019
I would like to know why I get SO SO many notifications? When I go to look no one is there? Unless it’s alerting me about the Sun? I do however get to see a clear picture of entrance and the people. But why do notifications- abs no one is there. Developers- Shane on you’ll, it SHOULD be QUITE simple to find an a solution/answer online - BUT NO - there is nothing online available. AND YOU ARE AWARE of this issue. I’ve read so many beer- exact same as me Notifications after notification and not even a bug or fly flying around No Human person there. And Ibe as well have gotten in my camera from the app- to see my cameras swiveling??? Why? That was NOT at my hands!! So what are you’ll really looking for? You do understand that is an invasion of privacy in my book This camera is for ME- NOT FOR YOU. . MAKE GOOD ON UR NAME And device Thank You
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2 years ago, MattMatt(Jester)
Just Sad
I’ve had 3 cameras set up with this for years, they each have their own SD cards so they could record and I could review footage with but somehow all at the same time even though each camera was bought at a separate time they all suddenly gained a 4-6 hour delay. Basically I couldn’t review footage until 4-6 hours later and then again all at the same time a new thing happened where I couldn’t review my alerts or anything without signing up and paying for their premium plan, I’ll get notifications my motion detection has gone off which where I live is very important for me to see but now I can’t even see what triggered it. It is sad that such a cheap and easy to use application became greedy and now something I’ve relied on for years to make sure my household is safe has to be replaced.
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2 years ago, dcuoco
Not having problems
I wonder if I have the one camera that works? No issues to get it working and I regularly move it around the house plug it in a open the app and it seams to reconnect without issues. I’m thinking everyone having problems probably needs to look at the security settings on Wi-Fi modem/ routers and have a strong signal so the camera can communicate and make sure your using 2.4GHz setting up. It’s cloud service is not something I’m interested in as it seems full of privacy issues. It is a low level budget system that surprisingly works great but I probably jinxed myself and tomorrow will crap out lol….
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4 years ago, Ke374
Camera itself is great...
Though for whatever reason at times it has a hard time staying connected to the WiFi and every so often the camera has to reset... in the middle of the night. When it does this it makes a loud ring sound which wakes everyone up. Second, not a fan of the new update. Before we were able to do a playback while on the live feed. Now, we have to go out of the live feed and maneuver around into alerts to sometimes be able to get playback. But, overall very much enjoy that I can use my phone as a monitor and the versatility of motion detection, baby crying, and panning is great.
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3 years ago, Fix image
Need an update ( loops recording)
The camera is cool and does a decent job of recording. However, it has a lot of flaws. For one it’s doesn’t have a fast forward button or a way to watch the video fast. You have to sit there and watch the video slow. Second, the motion detector is subpar at best. It always shows bugs flying into the camera but it doesn't show when something major happens(Unless you have the camera rolling all the time) Overall the camera is good but few updates here and there would make this app even better. Is it possible to have loop recording for prowl using a memory card? That would go a long way.
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2 years ago, allnicknamesaretaken??
This app NO longer supports the bulb camera
I bought a bulb camera on Sept 9, 2022 and it worked great. However, about a week ago, I lost the ability to look back and see the 6 sec Alert clips. The ad to purchase the cloud from them takes over the screen and you can’t view anything. I emailed Kami Vision YI Support and they claim it’s the manufacturer of my camera that decided to opt out of their app service contract. Well, thanks loads! I have a 3 mth old camera that is useless now. Oh, and it’s no longer available, or I’d do a verified review. The description was: Light Bulb Camera, 5GHz/2.4GHz screw in light bulb camera, WIiFI, Camera with 360º Motion Detector, Remote Voice Intercom/3MP HD/Night Vision/Wireless Smart Light Bulb Security Camera. SOLD by OwLuck-US So good luck to anyone that bought one a few weeks, or a month ago. *sigh
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3 years ago, Quackman2
Camera & App are OK
The camera and app are both decent for the price. I have them set up without any of the alert features turned on and I record via a SD card instead of using the web, I have a large piece of property and use them to monitor a gate and the inside of a barn. The one improvement would be if the app allowed you to set up a “home” viewing preference so after you get done panning other views the unit would just return to it’s “home” view, just like it does if you hit the panoramic button, it runs the panoramic then returns to its starting point.
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4 years ago, xXa9Xx
False advertising
If you do not pay for the monthly recording service and click “unlock full clip” you are prompted to subscribe for $20 a month. Once you do that it starts recording from that moment. So if you wanted to see what happened before and or after the clip, you cannot... Even though you are led to believe that is what will be available. There was a recorded clip that we needed to see what happened just after the clip around 9:45am. Once we noticed and paid for the subscription clicking “unlock full clip” and paying $20 it was just after 10:10am and that was when it started recording. We cannot go back before we made payment. So clicking “unlock full clip” is a scam to get you to pay $20 in a hurry to find you can’t get what was advertised and paid for...
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1 year ago, Techgurl86
Live view but have to pay to see alert clips
Seriously stupid, I got the 64gb memory card and I have to subscribe to use it are you kidding me? I don’t want to just see the live, I want to be able to use what I already paid for. If I needed cloud I would buy it but just to use a function that it already comes and is advertised with and now they want more money? That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen and false advertisement. Otherwise it only screws in so far and if it’s facing a wall that’s where it stays as default unless something goes between it and the wall. Setup was easy. Wifi change you change your own then go back to the app and it changed there too.
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4 years ago, not allowed to post apparently
New update HORRIBLE
After the two most recent updates that are basically trying to force you to buy their cloud service for $150 a year, these cameras are useless now! They freeze up after about 15-30 seconds!! There is no point in having a camera running all night if it doesn’t work! I had no problems before these updates!! And now I can’t find anywhere to email support like I used to be able to. Even from here it takes you to their website to purchase items. The update eliminated some great features that I’m sure I would get back if I paid for their subscription which I will not do. I will just invest in some better cameras because this used to be an amazing little gadget until they decided to start charging for everything.
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2 years ago, Parent in FL
Not built for iPAD
The app works okay but I don’t use it on a phone, but rather on my iPAD. It is annoying that I can’t get the camera display to display full screen in horizontal mode. It just enlarges the display somewhat and rotates it so it is sideways. If I rotate my iPAD it rotates the display. I would like to be able to enlarge the display in whatever mode I am in on the iPAD (Landscape or portrait). I also agree with another reviewer that two of my cameras will beep then rotate 360 degrees at odd hours any time during the day for no apparent reason. Very annoying and the camera does NOT return to it’s previous position so I have to constantly reset it.
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4 years ago, Cmhcmhcmh mh
I never leave reviews but I felt this could save someone the headache. The cameras themselves are actually decent so far 3 days in, but the app is ridiculous. I’ve opted to buy the cloud space and it has never actually accepted my purchase, yet I can see I’ve paid for it multiple times on my Apple subscriptions. So basically the cameras are only available for real time monitoring which is useless for the most part. The app has no customer service numbers, no email addresses, no way to contact someone for these types of issues. Also the fact that I’ve paid for cloud services and it won’t even show in my apps order history is frustrating. So I’m conclusion I wish I would have bought something with a better app, besides it’s bad operating it’s not the greatest layout.
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4 years ago, Carolyn_1714
Camera motions
I got the camera a few weeks ago it was working perfectly fine, now the camera won’t move or dictate any kind of motions or movements that goes on it just stares at the ceiling all day it won’t look down for some reason it says that it can’t go down, I have to manually move it to look down so I can see what’s going when I’m in another room, I use it for my dogs to watch them when I’m not around or close by, but if it just stares at the ceiling all day and won’t look down or sideways then what’s the point of having the camera, I’ve reset it already and still everything is updated so I don’t understand.
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4 months ago, ccstar and fluzy
I have a love-hate relationship with this camera. Back when I bought them, they’re set up was different and you could see your video clips for a longer duration. Now you have to buy everything. I refuse to have all of my cameras upload to a cloud, and be monitored by someplace in China. I do love the live feature and being able to turn the camera around and that is absolutely it. I can drive into the garage below and obnoxious the camera will turn to find me and stare at the wall. 90% of the time it misses legit, people and cars. It likes to turn to the sound of a bird and then stare at the wall. It really pisses me off sometimes. The ones I got from Costco were $100 more but incredibly reliable.
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11 months ago, qwerrttyyuui
Confuse instructions, not clear
Call one the camera needs a charge cord at all times customer needs to run a stitching cord from one end to the other before the camera will actually turn on but I like the camera I just don’t like to set up. I had it up it wouldn’t work. I took it down plug the card into the wall camel beats but my house can’t have a car running around it just for the two cameras that I brought. I’m very sorry that I can’t get it connected to my phone without the card being connected to the camera so I suggest y’all advertise the instructions more clearly cause it does not see in these to have the wire to it, and please send the instruction sheets, more clearer, to specify the set up. Thank you.
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4 years ago, mburling1
Alert issues
Before the most recent update I would get alerts when my baby would cry or if there was loud sounds. Since the update it won’t allow me to turn on the sound alert. Every time I go to turn it on it just switches back off. Also I usually leave the live video on at night Incase my baby cries to feed but since the last meet update after about 10-15 minutes the sound stops playing. It’s not muted or anything it just stops. Used to love this camera so much I would have given it a 5/5 but since the update it really isn’t as good as it used to be. If the bugs get fixed I would gladly change my rating a review.
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2 years ago, Hyedjksa
Used to be Great
I always appreciated that I could use my Sd cards for storage without needing a cloud subscription, view 30 second recordings, and manage Sd cards from the app when they needed to be wiped. All that changed with one of the most recent updates. I can no longer do any of those things and now I can’t get the app to connect so I can view. Even if I have just looked at it moments prior it, will suddenly want me to check camera connection. They are pushing cloud storage so hard now, I can no longer view 30 second recordings or do anything with my Sd cards. What’s the point of even having that feature if I can no longer do anything with it. Very frustrated with these, money hungry, changes.
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2 years ago, Daveygz
Premium Cloud Garbage!!
This app was forced upon me to run a camera I purchased. It works okay, automatic tracking with this software for the camera is a joke. When it senses motion it turns itself towards the wall. Yes that’s annoying but NOT as annoying as the constant barrage of this stupid $100 a year cloud storage that I am never going to purchase, NOR do I want!!! There is no way to shut this annoying notification it down and when I go to view an event I can’t view it because of this “cloud storage “ notification! Enough already!! If I wanted it I would buy it. Time to let users deny this storage option and not have to see that junk again!
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4 years ago, Frau Nelle
Great camera. Not so great software
The camera works great. The software only shows a small clip and you have to watch that before you can watch the entire recording. Even if you are recording to your SD card, when you press the option to view the entire clip, it sometimes takes you to a page to purchase their cloud service. Other links also take you to the purchase cloud service page and it’s annoying. There is not date & time with seconds showing on the video when you watch it so you only get an approximate time on their scale. If I could use different software with this camera I might buy it again. Right know, I would not recommend it.
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1 year ago, Ajdelay
Don’t update app. Zero stars
Now you took away the previews unless you pay for a service ?!?!? I will not be buying any more of your cameras unless you change that option. I use my own SD cards and don’t want your service and don’t want my cameras to be on the cloud with my personal info. Sneaky sneaky. I updated my app and now I have ads in my app that randomly play while I try to look at my cameras. They are trying to push you toward the premium cloud service. It’s not enough for them that you bought the cameras. I would look into another camera product. They nickel and dime you for the cloud service. First time I subscribed it was $89 for the year for 7 day recording. Now the same service is $189.
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2 years ago, ThisMamaIsBigMad
We have had this camera for almost 3 years and have never had to purchase a “cloud” to view the short 6 second clips. Now, after an unfortunate event that took place outside our home we are being forced to BUY a “cloud” in order to view ANY alerts (6 seconds). What a waste of a perfectly great business that I will no longer use or recommend. I get you need to make money , but really? There’s plenty of people that pay that stupid amount but unfortunate for us that use it for real time protection and are NOT notified of any changes being made until AFTER the fact. What a SICK way of running a “business”. I’ll keep scrolling to look for other recommendations!
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