Yoink - Better Drag and Drop

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Matthias Gansrigler
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10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Yoink - Better Drag and Drop

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6 months ago, BayAreaDad
still among the first apps I install on a new computer!
I am lost without it. Window management in OS X is always a bit of a trick, and it's difficult to drag and drop things when they're scattered among different windows on different Mission Control screens. Yoink fixes this issue easily and simply, by giving you someplace to set things down during your drag and drop operations. You can find the thing you want to grab, drop it in Yoink's shelf, and then click around to find a place to put it. (You can keep them there a while while you compose and collect, too) Dragging works in and out of almost all applications I've tried, too, and sometimes even better than you'd expect. If you need to upload a photo from Photos to Craigslist, for example, you cannot drag from the application to the browser. But if you drag to Yoink first it forces Photos to do an export, and then you can drag merrily into a browser-based upload button.
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4 years ago, Anahata108
Essential yet simple; a perfect utility
Yoink is so utterly simple, and it stays out of the user's way until it's needed. But it does one thing really, really well. Yoink fully realizes the potential of drag and drop, a technology that we've had for over 35 years, and I couldn't see myself working without it. I live in full screen windows, and often applications expect users to drag and drop files without providing an interface to browse the filesystem--or the file I want to select is buried deep in the filesystem hierarchy, making navigating to it difficult. Additionally, maybe I want to cross-share something from one social app to another (like Riot to Discord). Yoink solves all these problems exceptionally well, and does it quietly, unobtrusively. Truly masterful design that would fit in wonderfully in the core of macOS (and I truly agree with another reviewer saying it should be purchased by Apple).
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3 years ago, paradox2222
An Invaluable Tool
I use this little shelf every day. It's the place I store almost every saved file that needs to be categorized or uploaded. I'm a teacher, so I work with PDFs all the time. Snapshots of virtual whiteboards as well. I have to get them on Google Classroom but don't really need them stored on my computer. So, I drop the file into yoink, move over to Classroom, then drag and drop it to upload it. It's gone off my computer and exactly where it needs to be. Also, the ability to lock an item and drag and drop it multiple times helps with the repated comments I make on student reports. Select an often repeated comment, drag it to Yoink, lock it, then drag it onto as many reports as necessary. When I'm done, I unlock the file and delete it, no problem. Yoink really has become one of my essential apps.
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4 years ago, ryborg 3k
Yoink is so good that it honestly makes me a little angry.
I've been using Yoink for several months now. At home, my main machine runs macOS. However, in the business world, our company stipulates Windows. Yoink is such a useful utility that I have searched IN ANGRY VAIN for a Windows alternative on a near-weekly basis. Yoink streamlines my workflow. Having a drop-point for my files allows me to stay organized. I'm no longer cluttering up random corners of my system with things that are better-placed elsewhere. Yoink lets me hold them for a moment and then place them where I intend for them to go. The peace of mind is priceless. Yoink, however, costs a few bucks but it's worth it. Support this developer. Apps like this one, simple and yet flawlessly-executed, are hard to find. This one's essential and I'm still a little angry about it.
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6 months ago, Feisty_Phoenix
Yoink saves me so much time!
I really enjoy having a place to temporarily copy files to so that I can move from within our other databases to combine all that is needed in order to hold to attach to an email and I don't have to go browse for it. It makes the process so much more efficient as well as provides me with an option to preview or remove each document from the temporary placement. The only thing I would ask for differently is that when I am doing other tasks like trying to copy mutiple files for moving to another folder Yoink automatically activates and gets in the way. I know there are options for placement so I could choose a different location for it to pop-up so this is definitely a minor inconvenience. I love Yoink!
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1 year ago, DarfNader
Essential tool!
This is one of those tools that really should already exist in the OS. I provides a easily accessible and visible place to hold nearly on sort of object whether it be a text clipping, and image, or a file. The best part is that it has a Sharing extension so you can use it as a "buffer" to send something to if the app you want to bring it to doesn't have a Share extension. This is probably the best feature. NOTE: Ventura chnages how it handles some third party extensions. To enable Yoink, its extension is no longer under "Sharing". It's now in "Added Extensions" and needs to be enabled manually. Also there is some odd behavior when using Stage Manager, but it's more of an annoyance than anything.
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3 years ago, Papposilenus
the utility that should be built into macOS
The last version of NeXTstep, the operating system from which macOS was derived, had the concept of a "shelf" in the Workspace, the equivalent of the Finder. It was a place to drag-and-drop items that you needed at hand later, but it didn't go far enough. It was just for files in the Workspace, not for any drag-and-drop item. Yoink takes that concept to its logical conclusion in an efficient and logical manner. It's always at hand, the way you want it to be: you can configure it to appear anywhere you like when you start a drag. Well designed, efficient, and a utility you'll use every few minutes.
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11 months ago, aziivi
Amazing, Almost Perfect
This app works great for dragging and dropping items when you need them later. But it falls short with multiple-monitor setup in my experience. Often I'll want to drag/copy and item from a Finder window on one monitor and then drag/paste it somewhere else on another monitor. In my experience this isn't seamlessly possible and I end up having to drag from Yoink all the way to the other monitor (kind of defeating its purpose in the first place). If I could click the Yoink menu bar to also show the clipboard, that would be great. Or if there was someway to call Yoink when I activate another monitor (keyboard shortcuts are not preferred, but I'll take it if no other option) that would be better.
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6 years ago, ImranZ
Should be Part of OSX!
It’s an incredibly handy little tool, and something that honestly should be bought by Apple and integrated into OSX, it’s that useful and intuitive. The newest version includes an optional clipboard history tool, which you can only turn on by turning on the sidebar widget, which is awkward if you just want to use the top file menu. Other issue with the clipboard feature is that it only pastes into Yoink and then you have to drag whatever it is out of Yoink, when usually all you want is for the saved clipboard item to go active so you can paste it somewhere. But still, this is a great no-brainer addition to OSX, the clipboard feature just isn’t very smooth.
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6 years ago, Jaghond
one word: convenience!
I came to know about Yoink through the many “essential apps for mac” type articles. It looked nifty, but did I really need it was my initial thought. Although I have been familiar with macOS and have recommended and help other people purchase and use Macs, I myself was a Windows user till a couple of years back. After switching, just the multitouch trackpad on macbooks made it much much easier to drag and drop things. So the value of Yoink was not really as apparant to me. That is untill I used it. Its a no brainer. The softare equivalent of “can you hold this please, while I sort this other thing out”. These kind of apps are what makes me love macOS and its developer community so much.
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4 years ago, ZenWitch
Super Useful
Yoink is one of those utilities that makes life a lot easier when you have too many windows in the way of just getting a file from one place to another. You can set it to stay out of the way until it's invoked, but I use it by control-clicking, going to Services, and selecting it from there. I also have an alias of it in a Finder Window's Toolbar (you can move anything there with Command-Dragging the item). I just drop it onto the icon from *within* the window (instead of moving it to Yoink's own slide-out panel). Saves moving around a large monitor. Yoink is really helpful for inexperienced users.
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4 years ago, Four Sides to Every Tree
Great NextStep Shelf concept
This app is amazing however there is one way it could be improved. If you want to put something on the Shelf and then leave it there so that you can copy and paste MULTIPLE times by pulling the file off the Shelf to various locations then you must use the keyboard shortcut Option Drag File when moving the file to the Shelf. A better way would be to have a small icon that indicates you want to Copy->Paste while the File remains on the Shelf. I wrote to the app author about the idea but the more people contact him then the better chance there will be that he will implement the idea.
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1 year ago, markanthonychen
Been using Yoink for over 5 years and it has become clutch in my day to day computur experience. Having that hot folder where I can load my documents into for when I am ready to deposit them into a new folder or upload saves me time and improves my workflow by alot. Only negative I found with it that the yoink bin sometimes obscures parts of my screen that I rather it not or it pops up when dragging a file for another reason aside from adding it to yoink and it pops up. Thats a new challenge for the developers..Let's see what updates they come up with.
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5 years ago, GummyKibble
I didn't know I needed this
I tried Yoink kind of on a whim: I'd read about it enough to be interested, but it didn't leap out as something I just *had* to have. Turns out I was in for a surprise. In theory, drag-and-drop is perfect and you can grab an image out of this app and pop it into that one and everything will Just Work every time. In reality, that turns out to be way overoptimistic about 20% of the time. However dragging from app A to Yoink, and then from Yoink to app B has proven to work about 100% of the time, and know my mousing hand just does that automatically. In an ideal world, I wouldn't need Yoink. In this one, it's a sanity saver.
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7 years ago, luckman212
"The app you never knew you needed until you can't live without it"
I love Eternal Storms software, and this app is no exception. Provides a much-needed missing function when working with lots of files scattered about in various places. It might seem like a small time saver, having to move, resize and mess around repositioning windows in Finder to organize files -- but multiply those wasted seconds over the course of days, weeks and years and it really adds up. The "Share" function is really useful as well. I see an iOS 11 version is right around the corner too, which I am looking forward to!
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7 years ago, The Libra
Best image utility ever used!
As a long-time Mac user (since 1986) I have tried nearly every image utility app out there to help me get my job done. The apps I stick with are simple and perform exactly how you would expect. That is why I use Yoink. I use it dozens of times per day to share screen-shots with team members and between apps. It also has this amazing feature that allows you to move multiple images all at once with a single click. I’ve been using Yoink for years because it works! As a software product manager, Yoink is one of those “must have” apps that saves me time every single day.
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2 years ago, avravanel
Can't be without it
Really. The desktop gets crowded quicly, and it's hard to move things. Plus, it also lets you move things to other full-screen spaces, which I use a lot. I also find the Clipboard History esential (maybe there's a way to access that without Yoink, I don't know). You know, when you cut something and wanted to paste it and then inadvertently pressed a ctr C again, and things got lost. Now, they can be found. I have been using Yoink since the first version, and it's one of the very few programs I set up to start at login.
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3 years ago, Marrrk
No More Using the Desktop!
Before Yoink there were two unsatisfactory options when saving a document from an email: (1) drag-n-drop onto the Desktop, then to where I really want it, after I find it on my messy Desktop or behind a window, or (2) select 'download' and navigate through multiple folders to the save location. I know—modern privleged-people problem. Still, for very cheap, now I simply drag-n-drop to the little Yoink window, which is easier, saves several seconds of my life, and makes me feel smart.
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3 years ago, richrat4
Yoinnk, despite a dreadful name, is incredibly useful
it helps me a lot to "park" a file, folder, image, url, in yoink and then open destination on same drive or connected external drive or anything on intranet and paste it. change your mind? X it out within yoink meunu window. want to paste 3 items? drag all three into yoink. paste 3 unrelated items? drag each one individually and then paste individually. if you do a lot of moving around, pasting - yoink is for you. i am currently using it with sierra on 2017 macbook pro and 2020 mac mini with catalina. never any problems. Yay Yoink? (PLEASE change that name!)
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2 years ago, JamesJM
It's not that Mac's OS isn't efficient at copy and paste... it's just that Yoink is the champ. I was never quite able to master the built-in techniques for copying and pasting in specific locations and across a few spaces... Yoink couldn't have made it more simple. Love taking a screenshot then placing it in Yoink from which I can paste it any where I want simply and easily. Truth is I had Yoink for maybe 6 months before I was brave enough to attempt learning how to use it... then when I did I discovered there basically there is no learning curve.. it's THAT easy.
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4 years ago, StuffWeBuy
I depend on Yoink every day
I wasn't convinced I need this utility but I bought is after reading some reviews. It took a while for me to get into the habit of using it as a 'shelf' for items in the Finder. I used to position multiple windows in 'just the right place' top be able to drag items from one place to another. Now, I use Yoink all the time, every day to make my life easier. It's one of those utiliuty that you eventulayy can't live without. The app is nicely built, looks great and has never crashed or showed any bugs to me. A rock-solid tool to have installed on your Mac.
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3 years ago, Yahya abdussabour
This app is invaluable!
Im a web designer/developer and use this app everyday multiple times a day. Its so convenient to drag documents or files to the side for moving, copying, or for easy preview when switching from app to app, especially if you use the multiple desktop feature on mac. It save so much time and effort. The only thing I can think of that would this app even better is if the window could be hidden while files are in it, and then reveal on hover, similar to when the window is empty.
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2 years ago, Mac.genius
Best app I didn't know I needed till I had it.
I am always copying and pasting things throughout the day for work. When I am at home it isn't much of an issue with multiple monitors for my mac mini and everything layed out. However, when I am on my macbook pro I have limited screen space. This helps imencly when I am moving things around between different applications by making the process easier and quicker in some cases. Keep up the great work Matthias! I am happy to support awesome indie app developers like yourself.
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6 years ago, bluejoken.stewart
Great app! Perfect name!
This works really well if you have a cluttered desktop and/or fullscreen apps open all the time like I do. It works well in any other situation, too. The name says it all where it “yoinks” almost any file to a position on your screen just waiting to be dragged elsewhere. The beauty of this app is that it frees your mouse for navigation. It also works across multiple, virtual screens (including fullscreen apps). I’ve read other reviews and believe that this is an app you never knew you needed until you use it and can’t live without it.
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7 years ago, Jaime_99
Simple, effect, unobtrusive, …and nice with iPhoto
Yoink is one of those great tools that does one regular job really well, simplifying file-movement from folder to folder. It does it easily and intuitively, …and unobtrusively! It solved a particularly annoying problem for me, allowing me to simply drag an image directly from Apple’s Photo App into the Yoink popup box, then immediately into my Weebly website creation screen. I had not found a way to do that directly (and often). For me it was a great find, and well worth the modest cost. [Look at all those five-star user ratings!!]
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1 year ago, SRuckus13
New Yoink User - Great App Support
I'm just getting back into using Yoink and needed some help getting things set-up. I couldn't find the answer on the support website so I emailed support and expected to maybe hear something sometime in the future. I was pleasantly surprised that I got my answer in a day. I then had an unrelated follow-up question and that was quickly answered too with detailed instructions. I'm looking forward to using Yoink more and feel good knowing that the Yoink team cares about their customers.
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6 years ago, Alex@3strings
Can’t live without it
This is an amazing little application that makes moving things around your computer so much faster and so much better. I routinely have to drag files from one folder to another, from an email attachment to a folder, etc. This app allows you to place anything that you can drag to a temporary bin, and then navigate to where it should go and drag it out of the bin to its final destination. It has great controls for positioning the bin and configuring its operation.
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5 years ago, Samadder
Good app for one device, but syncing is VERY buggy.
This is a great productivity tool if your using just one device to keep all your content, but the advertised syncing feature between iCloud devices has not once properly worked for me. Update 2(Read below for first update): Almost a year later, there is still no MacOS support even though the developer had told me it was a feature coming out soon. If your using this between multiple apple devices, I'd stay away. Update: The developer just responded to me letting me know that they will be rolling out MacOS support for iCloud syncing soon. I got this app for that very purpose, so it's nice that they are continuously trying to add functionality.
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2 years ago, CalvinMartin
I'm a writer. Retired university professor. I write books that require numerous references and quotations. (Academics rely on a myriad sources to make their case.) This means I need quick access to my sources. Yes, on my desktop. Specifically, I need a spot on my desktop to drop these sources into when I'm writing, and I need to have these sources pop up and remain on top when I need them, and I need to be able to immediately deposit them into this same "temporary parking" spot. Yoink does all lthis. Flawlessly. No freezing of the screen. No losing of files in the temporary parking lot. The parking lot is unobtrusive. I could go on. Suffice it to say, Yoink, despite its really silly name (even off-putting, I would say), has become indispensable for me. (Matthias, change the name, for God's sake!) Calvin Luther Martin, PhD
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3 years ago, adjony
Great idea! I use it every day
To me this is a no brainer. I've had Yoink for many years and use it A LOT! Yoink makes it really convenient to organize things on the fly (especially now that the Mac displays screenshots as a thumbnail at the bottom right of the screen right after the screen capture... you can just grab it and Yoink it!). Very straightforward. Customer support was prompt in responding to questoins. Well worth the trivial purchase price. Awesome!!
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4 weeks ago, JimAntony
Great tool -- essential part of my workflow
Yoink is something I use probably one hundred times a day or more, because it's become a standard part of my everyday workflow -- I use it to save screenshots, for easy access to downloaded files, for collecting files to be added as attachments to an email, to copy and paste a series of text elements. It's hard to know how often I use it, because it's just second nature.
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5 years ago, BobZiroll
Simple and perfect
I hate that my Mac can't cut/paste files from one directory to another, and Yoink helps solve that (and many other) simple file management problems for me! It's been easy and consistent, and I highly recommend it to anyone finding themselves trying to move windows around to find a file on the desktop, then struggling to drag it to another location. It's basically like having a third hand for my computer!
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6 years ago, Secular South
Its usefulness is obvious, but just how much sneaks up on you
I love this app. I’ve owned it for a long time, but only recently have I really been giving it the workout. Once you realize how often you copy or move files etc. around, you begin to understand how much time and aggravation this app makes up for. I now use it many times per day, and it has paid for itself many times over, in my opinion. Awesome app, much appreciated.
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6 years ago, LV Prof
Happy customer
I've been using a different program with similar features for a long time, and it works okay. So I didn't, technically, need Yoink. But out of curiosity, I tried the Yoink demo. I liked Yoink's overall responsiveness and ability to hold more files than what I'd been using. Also, I wrote the developer with a feature request and got a very fast reply (and a "yes" to my request). Yoink simplifies my workflow and is an essential part of my everyday tasks.
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2 years ago, Dijon360
I literally have no idea how I got by without this, and I'm only a couple of days in!
Brilliant little app that saves me a ton of time every time I use it. Well thought through, unintrusive yet always available when I need it. My only wish it that the 'shelf' was part of the OS X Dock. I suspect that isn't possible due to Apple's restrictions, but that would make it perfect. I'll still give it 5-stars. Worth every penny!
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2 years ago, Zilmo
Provides the glue between the terminal and GUI programs
I do my file management in the terminal, but I often want to attach a file to slack and email. Drag and drop is the easiest way to do this. With Yoink I can also write scripts that automatically select the newest file in my Downloads directory and present it for easy attachment in any GUI program. I probably run Yoink at least 30 times a day. It saves me so much time!
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5 years ago, Code NP
Absolutely Essential App
Yoink is one of the first five apps that I install on all my Macs. It works great on both my single screen and dual screen setups. I highly recommend it. One time, I accidentally hid the menu bar icon and could not get it back. I reached out to the developer and he quickly replied back with a solution - press the default keyboard shortcut (F5) to show the Yoink window and tap on the Settings button (gear shape). Preferences -> General -> Show menu bar icon, DONE!
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2 years ago, Itpromike
Great utility
I install this app on every new Mac I get/use - it was a critical piece for how I handle attachments from emails or just my drag and drop workflow with any files in general. It is well worth the money and always works great with no known bugs that I've run into. I'm sure there are bugs - it's impossible to make a bugless app but I'm just saying I haven't encountered any. Anyhow, great tool and I can't recommend it enough.
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5 years ago, welshport
Very happy with having Yoink in my workflow
I have been using Yoink since not long after it started appearing on the OS X platform. I now use both the OS X & iOS versions and couldn't be happier with having them in my workflow. It is an easy app to navigate through, with everything there just in the right place. Syncing exists between iOS devices with syncing to the OS X version on its way soon. Thank you to the developer for creating this invaluable app.
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3 years ago, KDub102.4
Among Most Used App!
This app has become one of my most used apps. Dead simple to use, and it helps me move things around for a variety of things. Having iOS apps have also helped me bridge connections with my devices so easily. Move it to Yoink on my laptop, leave home, and its available to me on my iPad or iPhone whenever I want. It doesn't get any better than this!
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2 years ago, brosenz
App is good, but missing iCloud sync with macOS is not good, even when promised
I have been using Yoink for many years on my Macbook(s), iPad(s) and iPhone, I have also been waiting for years for the iCloud sync functionality between iOS iPadOS and macOS, unfortunately this hasn't happened. Recently I removed Yoink for the iPad(s) and iPhone, there is no reason to use them without iCloud Sync with macOS. I hope this situation will change, I have sent direct emails to the developer asking for it, with no response, thank you
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3 years ago, gratidudee
Solid. And extra features I didn't know I needed.
I could not live without the yoink basic move: Park a file or files here, then drag 'em where you need 'em when you've navigated there. But it also renames, previews, and pressing F5 brings yoink "to me" to drag from -- which is helpful on my 42-inch monitor. They've thought of everything. Renaming files elsewhere simply gets reflected in Yoink -- no issues.
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6 years ago, MrsLew
Used it for years and never regreatted it
I’ve used Yoink for several years now and it’s really an app that I take for granted. Recently it stopped working as expected and I had to get some help from the developer. That was a truly pleasant experience. He advised what I should do [restart finder] and it worked. He responded quickly, was pleasant and asked for a review – literally the least that I could do for an app that has never let me down.
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2 years ago, Ben428
So useful!
I bought this thinking I might use it once or twice a week and I'm actually using it several times a day. One extremly helpful use is for taking an attachment from one email and adding it to another email, or moving an email attachment into Slack. My download folder used to be littered with such files—now I use Yoink to copy them directly.
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5 years ago, OnTheEast
Unobtrusive until needed, then perfect
Sits quietly on your Mac, then appears when you drag stuff. I use it as a temporary shelf, almost always taking things off imediately, but you don't have to use it that way. You can keep things in Yoink for a while, share things with other apps, lock them in place, and with the latest version and the IOS app (I haven't tried this yet) move them from macOS to IOS.
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2 months ago, augustbaby2022
My most used application outside of my browser and finder
This has been hands down the most critical element to my working environment. I would compare it to how some people can ONLY get work done via ChatGPT. Without yoink I cannot move files with any effect. I am dissapointed that we have not had ANY significant features or UX/UI upgrades it is a VERY clunky screen hog often.
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4 years ago, bacon_net
Biggest surprise for me - Outlook email attachments
So many times I need to open attachments from Outlook with the non-default program. I can't do Open With... from within Outlook. So, I have to save it to my Desktop and usen Open With... from the Desktop. With Yoink, I can drag the email attachment to the shelf, use Open With from within the shelf. When I'm done, I dismiss the shelf, and the file goes away with it. No mess, no clutter! Love it!
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5 years ago, Happily iPadding Pastor
So useful, great tech support
So useful! It's especially helpful for smaller laptop screens. I use it when I am putting together Keynote presentations and have to gather a lot of graphic files together to drop into slides. I was having trouble using the Handoff feature between macOS and iOS, completely due to operator error, and the developer was incredibly prompt in replying and in walking me through correcting my own dumb mistake.
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7 years ago, Deranged Chef
Convenient and elegant
A little gem utility. I like that it acts very Finder-like: You can also opt-drag or cmd-opt drag from the little Yoink window, or shift-select several drag-items. I store a lot of URLs out of browser windows via D’n’D into separate folders in the FInder. What a hassle this was before; much more elegant with this Yoink app. Using this is very intuitive. The app has preferences to customize some of the behavior. 5 stars for sure.
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4 years ago, f.demello
Annoying Always On Top
I love the idea of this app but until it has an auto hide feature so it is not on top of every app/window I am using blocking key areas, it is ususable to me. The developer really need to add this option. It has an auto hide when removing items but if 1 item is in the list it is always on top 4/18 Developer provided a workaround using F5 to hide/show which will work until an auto hide feature is avail. Updated to 4 Stars
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