YouMail Spam Block & Voicemail

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YouMail, Inc.
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for YouMail Spam Block & Voicemail

4.68 out of 5
95K Ratings
5 years ago, 808Style
Great company with great products and support
I’ve been a YouMail member since 2007. Back then the product was mostly a smart way to replace my carrier voicemail. Simple things like customized greetings for my contacts, and “out of service” messages for robocalls have been at the core of YouMail from the beginning. Those are still great features. Now, I use it for so much more. Youmail offers a robust collection of features with my new Professional plan. I was able to add an extra line to my phone, and stop paying for a land line. I saved a ton of money and they let me port my number in. Now i can receive texts too. With my professional plan, I now have a virtual attendant. Callers are greeted with their name, given a few options to speak to someone right away, and then if they still leave a voicemail- it’s transcribed and sent to my email. These are big features for a small app, and the price is just right. It costs me less than the price of the landline to have all those features. Plus the few times I’ve needed customer support I was able to talk to a knowledgeable representative who had the skill set to fix the issues, or find someone who could. YouMail feels like a small company with commitment. After 12years, all my services are now in one app - intelligent voicemail, voice-to-text, auto attendant, conference calling, robocall blocking, extra line, and one bill. I’m a very happy customer.
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6 years ago, Mike in Pa 18643
Have been a user since the beginning and love it still!
YouMail has taken something very valuable to me and has given it back-TIME! I literally have been a member since approximately 2010. I started as a free user and then had switched to a Professional Plan. The service is second to none and I love how they actually take suggestions on how to better their app and use it. I don’t think that anyone understands the full features of this all in one favorite of mine. And no I don’t own or work for the company in anyway. Honest. This answers callers by name, has a custom recording of my name and business, has conference calling, spam blocking (or block anyone you choose with a message that your phone is out of order), greetings specifically for a contact, and even an extra line for whatever you want. I hate listening to voicemails. This transcribes the vms and text and/or emails them to you. If I needed to hear the tone of the message, I could still listen. Plus it holds up to 10,000 vms. This app is my favorite and so many business associates have commented on how does my phone know their name. People love it. Also, with your friends, there are masses of greetings from funny to musical. I don’t know what I would do without my YouMail. As you may have guessed, I highly recommend it for anyone A+++++! I also love how they are always doing something to improve their product. Thanks, Mike
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3 years ago, Rhmachote
Very Flexible Voice Mail, a lot of features
I wasn't quite sure if it was worth switching my voice mail from my service provider to YouMail. I decided to switch. A little confused when incorporating YouMail until reading further and found out to get it to work was simply forwarding non answered phone calls from my provider to YouMail. Once I got it forwarded and activated I was surprised how flexible it was compared to my providers mail. I like the fact that it has professional features and features for the average user. If I was in business I would definitely opt to purchase business features, of course at a cost. I use the Plus features which gives you an extra number to separate your personal and other calls, also has a conference call option which is very easy to setup. You can leave seperate greetings for people that leaves a message, a seperate message for those that hangup. Even leave a seperated greeting for you personal contacts, it uses you contacts list. I love all the different Greetings you can use from funny to serious to professional type. I have spent 2 days going thru the greetings and have not finished yet. You can save several greetings and easily switch them out. So far YouMail is working for me. Try it, if you dont like it youneasily revert back to your original voice mail.
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6 years ago, PhredB
Still Love it after year of use! Essential !!!
I have reviewed before but actually decided to take the time to speak up again! I have now been using YouMail for several years and 2 phones and can honestly say that that I continue count on it and am very happy. Once, a long time ago, I did have one problem with calls not being answered, but contacted support and was quickly provided an updated forwarding number which cured the issue. You might note also that I said "quickly" and I am using the free version with no promise of preferred support :-) My friends are always asking about how my voicemail knows and addresses them by name when they call! Hard to believe that all of this is free!! One of my favorite features allows setting the greeting to the wonderful " doo doo doo we're sorry, you have reached a number that is disconnected or no longer in service ......" I set this for every number that calls offering me junk that i do not want and I swear it gets my number removed from their lists a lot faster than requesting to be placed on their do not call... ever did! I have been considering upgrading to the paid edition so I can have unlimited voice transcribed text emails and other premium features, but even if you don't, it is well worth installing. Great features at entry level and has gotten better with each upgrade. This is my voicemail app period!
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4 months ago, chipfla
I have my cell phone back the way it should be!
This is the perfect solution to both me and my wife’s cell phones. I have a paid subscription whereas my wife’s is the free account. They both kill all of the spam, scam on voice as well as messaging! I have used my cell phone number on just about all of our shared apps, so I figured I should try the one year subscription. I’m glad I did, I have more control in the settings. When you set up the app, follow all of the directions and it will set up perfectly. Kudos to the developers to make it easy to go from screen to screen to help you set it up properly. Rarely does a developer do this, on other apps you’re on your own to find what you need to change and where to find it. I had downloaded this app years ago, but always was concerned about allowing the app to go into my contact list. So I didn’t proceed with it. This time around, after some thought, it only makes sense to have your contact list added to make sure those calls go through. I really love the way I can have the blocked callers receive the voice message “you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. ”. So cool!
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5 years ago, Navlaw
Pretty Good App
I got a new iPhone and the assigned number must have belonged to somebody who got a lot Robocalls and spam messages. I think the prior number owner either never did anything to block the nuisance calls or just gave up and got a new number. It only took a few days of activation and the robocalls and spam became constant. I didn’t want to change my number, because I had already given the number to friends and family. I tried blocking services from my provider and blocking on my phone, but the calls and spam kept coming. I started using Verizon Call Filter and Hiya together along with reporting directly to Nomorobo which reduced the calls but not stopping them all together. I needed an app that would fool the Robo calls and spammers into thinking my number was not working, which is exactly what YouMail did for me. My only compliant is that it takes a little bit to really understand how to make the app work best, it does not integrate with your phone block call list - you have to manually add block numbers and it will not reject five digit spam messages - I use SPAMSMS app for that. I had to be persistent about manually adding numbers to block, but doing that along with using their blacklisted numbers has reduced nuisance calls down to one or two a day. Some days, I get zero. I just wish the app could block 5 digit spam messages. I would pay for the more robust version, if I needed it.
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2 years ago, S62242
Edit to remove default settings
I first downloaded Robokiller and they do NOT offer any kind of free version. I just want a basic spam blocker without all the bells and whistles. It appears to me that the YouMail app (free version) is what the doctor ordered. Not sure what kind of after purchase support you get from Robokiller (of course you are paying monthly or yearly subscription) but YouMail (free version) their team provides the best after app purchase I have seen. They do not care that you have the free version, you still get top notch support for any issues that you have. The free version is NOT right for everyone, but having to pay a yearly fee to YouMail is worth it because of the quick and responsive support you will get (paid or unpaid). These folks will reach out to you to work ANY issues you might have with the program. Give it a try! At least you do NOT have to get locked in with automatically being charged $4.99 per month after your one free week trial. The problem with this format is you forget until you get the first bill charged to your credit card, then you have to work to get that stop. No THANKS, my money is on YouMail.
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2 months ago, btb1209
No more spam!
I got this app about 3 years ago after getting frustrated with so many spam calls a day that I just stopped answering the phone. I was getting 5-10 spam calls an hour. I used the out of service tone to answer my calls and YouMail reduced those spam calls very quickly. As I added and reported the spam calls that did come through the number of spam calls came to an end. Now 3 yrs later I rarely if ever get a spam call. So great job YouMail!! Now I’m getting spam calls on my landline (yes I still have one) and since there is no app for landlines I’ve forwarded that number to my cell phone number to use the YouMail app to get rid of spam on that number. Again I’m using the out of service tone to get taken off the spammers call list. I find that 95% of the spam calls getting thru are from non-working numbers. So the spammers are spoofing those non working numbers to by pass spam blocker apps. I wonder if YouMail can figure out how to block those spoofed numbers too. Even so the spam calls on my forwarded landline are getting reduced. Again great job YouMail!!
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6 years ago, Blocks Wanted Calls
Blocks no -spam callers
I had YouMail and YouMail professional version for a while and the transcription service is generally very good. HOWEVER the spam call blocking service is problematic. Any member apparently can note a number as spam whether or not it is, and without verification it is blocked as a spam caller unless you have that number specifically in your contacts. ATT UVerse was trying to call regarding appointments and the call kept going to spam and I never received it...was having issues with other companies too. I contacted YouMail to see if I could turn that feature off because I should not be subject to the whim of any of their members merely noting a number as spam and then I do not receive my appointment calls. I asked YouMail if I could turn that feature off and they said no...that the number had to be in my contacts to receive it if someone marked as spam. That blocks calls from others that I may need and just because they are not in my contacts it seems other YouMail members can say it is spam and it is blocked. I reported the ATT number to them as not spam but as long as they give other YouMail members the ability to determine what calls I receive that are not in my contacts merely by marking them as spam, I am not interested. YouMail, when you make this feature an optional opt out let me know.
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3 years ago, mso9905
Very good service, with less than acceptable support for free members.
I will start off by saying that the YouMail service is second to none, I’ve been a YouMail subscriber in the free tier for many years. I have no complaints about the service itself. My only issue is that the free tier has minimal mechanisms for user support in place. I understand that the free tier is not supported as well as the paid edition by design, I am not looking for support to the level of the paid edition. I simply am looking for some way to report software bugs to the developer. Over the years I have encountered bugs with the iOS app, some as recently as the time this review was written. I am not looking for 24/7 support at the free level, I understand this type of support is reserved for paid users, but at the same time it is very frustrating that there is no clear process for submitting bug reports for the iOS app for free tier users. I would think that it would be in the developers best interest to accept and review reports like these from ALL users to squash bugs in future updates, as it helps to improve the product overall. If there is some sort of mechanism for bug reports for free tier users, it is very unclear at best and I was not able to find it within the iOS app or the website.
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6 years ago, JackStraw777
I was forced to use this service by T-Mobile’s horrible voicemail
I have had T-Mobile for several years now I use an iPhone 7. My friend lives in Atlantic City, NJ and has a Samsung Galaxy with AT&T. He leaves messages when I’m sleeping. I see missed calls on my phone and at least one or more messages are missing. Everything is fine on his end. He calls the voicemail records the message and I never get it. I call my phone directly and it is not there. If he call 3 times the first message is not recorded. The other day he left 5 messages and none of them are there. I see the times of missed calls several minutes apart. Because this is erratic T-Mobile gives their usual answer of everything is fine. I reset the network settings and it didn’t resolve anything. I call my cell phone from my home phone and all the messages record. He has no issues leaving voicemails on other phones. Now with YouMail I hope all is resolved. I don’t have to worry about T-Mobile’s server recording my voicemails. I’m not switch to another carrier when I’m only paying $35 a month.
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3 years ago, LadyBpeters
Never Again!
I installed your app on my iPhone to see if It would help me deal with all of the spam phone calls I had been getting. What I got instead was an app that totally screwed up my phone and locked up my voice mail so people could not leave messages by telling them my mailbox was full when it wasn't. When I found out about this I had a hard time figuring out how to correct the problem because deleting the app was not enough. I went into Google to search for “fix it” instructions and found some. I did exactly what the instructions said, including resetting my network and surprise surprise it didn't work. So now I am going to have to write down all of my contacts, all of my Facebook info, and all of my games then go back and try the fix it app again only this time I plan to do a complete reset of my entire phone and hope that works. Then I will have to re-enter all of my contact info again, all of my games, etc. So, thank you for a totally frustrating experience. B.Peters
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4 years ago, DeeDeeDee66
I really hate to drop this app
I loved this app especially since it has the spam blocker on it. Its not good for my business. It gets my personal voicemail confused with my business voicemail. I had my google business number ported to YOUMAIL. I thought that when I ported my number I didn't have to use my personal cell at all to have youmail. But all my personal calls get transferred to my business voicemail thus giving bill collectors, telemarketers, stalkers, ANYONE my entire whereabouts, website, days Im at work.... and also vice versa.... if my clients call my business they get my personal cell and voicemail info. Its all one..... even when I try to text it sometimes texted from my personal phone even though Im in the youmail app. this is dangerous. If its and app it should work independently from my cell. And when I deactivated the youmail voicemail from my phone... it was telling clients my business phone was disconnected.... so its one number or the other. The extra line was being routed to my voicemail. So I will keep for my own personal line. Not my business.
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1 year ago, Tom night
Really awful and terrible service
I was looking for an option to help filter calls in spam. Came across all the great reviews on YouMail and I don’t understand any of them. First of all signing up was nearly impossible, I had to go round and round with customer service because it was nothing but errors when trying to login. They had no idea why and couldn’t fix it. Finally I was able to get logged in and of course you have to upgrade in order to get any services you actually want. So I upgraded just to find out in order to get more services you have to upgrade more, unfortunately you don’t know that until after you’ve paid them. From there, I tried to contact customer support, but in order to contact customer support I have to upgrade even further and give them more money. At the end of the day, this app does absolutely nothing, they tricked you into giving more money, and the customer service is a complete joke. I would steer far far away from this, this is a scam at Edit - turned off my subscription so it wouldn’t auto renew and they took my money and shut off my account even though I paid for a month. Again can’t talk to service. This is such a bad company and app I highly suggest staying far far away.
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2 years ago, J Sugarbaker
What happened?
I have used this app for at least the last 8 years, maybe longer and up until recently it was a five star app. This is basically trash now, everything that made this good has been put behind a very high paywall with no warning. I’ve been reading other reviews and the Developer has told many people that it only started charging for features that didn’t benefit the community but obviously that isn’t true. The only reason I used this app was because it would play an out of service message to spam callers and wouldn’t let them leave a message. Now it answers the call and takes the message and hides it in a folder where you can’t see it unless you look. I don’t need or want those messages and don’t want to allow scammers to leave any messages at all. I get that inflation is a thing, and I can totally put up with some ads for a good service, but charging an outrageous amount for features that have been free for many years with no notice or warning is not the way to keep customers looking at those ads. Its a service I would pay for but what they’re charging is unbelievable and I feel like I’m being bullied into paying it. I guess I’m looking for a new voicemail service. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, TheHadouJHyrule
Better than Apple Visual Voicemail, except…
Apple has yet to integrate this feature into their visual voicemail, but with YouMail, I am actually able to compose long greetings without the stress of speech bloopers, speed it up, and save it within GarageBand. Then I take it to Audacity to remove the background noise and save it into a YouMail compatible format (MP3). With the abilities YouMail has, I can actually upload these greeting files and use them, and there is virtually no limit to how many I can upload. But it doesn’t end there! It also blocks and encourages scammers and private numbers not to call me ever again, just by playing a disconnection signal. I have yet to try YouMail Plus, but considering I have two carrier lines on my iPhone XS (U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile), I might be willing to give it a shot. But of all honesty, I think you should be free to add a second line you own without having to pay for it unless you lease the number directly from YouMail. That’s why I can’t give this service a full 5 stars.
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6 months ago, s'mara
A Hassle Free Day
With the app I’m free to to my daily activities without interruptions from phone calls & spammers! It’s easy to check back when I have the time to see who called & who I want to interact with on my own time! What a blessing to be free from all the confusion! My day goes quicker & my focus is dialed in so I’m able to enjoy my time whether it’s work around the house or just playing with my grandkids! It even helps my mood & attitude! Let’s be real, after having to deal with yet another spammer, you tend to get a little snarky! Then that mood tends to make me feel bad because really, they’re just trying to make a living, rt?! Now, not only am I snarky but I feel guilty too & that bleeds over into all you do! By the end of the day the stress of dealing with it wears me out!!! So, yeah, I’m grateful for the YouMail app! I’m my best most efficient I can be just by the stress relief it brings! I highly recommend it to anyone who’s tired of being stressed & interrupted constantly by spammers & all unwanted calls!
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11 months ago, Mooses123
Can’t deactivate or reactivate
Updated Review August 30, 2023 Do not update your app! The latest update has ruined this app!!!! Our other phone hasn’t updated the app and the app still works. We will not update it on that phone! YouMail updated two days ago and now the app won’t work. I try to reactivate but constantly get told “Something went Wrong”. I’ve followed the troubleshooting steps but nothing works. I even tried deactivating the service and my callers still are being told my phone is out of service. I guess I’m going to have to go to the website and go through the five step process to get rid of YouMail so I can get my missed call messages. 😡Not a happy camper. I went to the website and was informed I had to deactivate the service from my phone before canceling my account. I followed the instructions and it will not deactivate! I feel like my voicemail is being held hostage. To talk to a real person I have upgrade to the tune of $72. This is a scam! I certainly do not want to upgrade when the free version won’t even work right. It’s sad because I’ve used this service since 2018. Hate the thought of all that spam calls and texts but it’s worse having people call and be told my number is out of service.
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3 days ago, faithereynolds
Amazing App So Far
I downloaded YouMail yesterday to try it out as I receive too many spam/scam calls daily. I've tried Roboguru and Robokiller in the past, but I've had to pay for them. The call protection on YouMail is super easy to set up, and most importantly, it is FREE! All of the features are the things you'd need most and they don't cost a penny. Other apps typically leave the most important and necessary features for the subscription, but YouMail gives you everything and leaves cool optional features that you can pay for but don't have to. I'm super happy with the app so far. It is user friendly and effective. I will definitely recommend it to my older family members but also to anyone at all, whether the calls you receive are just annoying or out to get you. I'd hate to have someone I love fall for a scam, so this app is extremely helpful. My gratitude goes out to the developers for keeping things super easy and free. This is the best way to keep a customer satisfied.
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2 years ago, Mattman2812
Now completely useless
This used to be a world class amazing app which I only used because it was able to block spam callers and prevent them from even leaving a voicemail and tricked them into thinking my number was out of service. All that changed. First they removed a cool feature which allowed you to block anyone not in your contacts list and moved that feature to their premium service. That was rough but I can live without it as long as it’s still blocking known spam callers. Well…. Now I noticed that they changed that also. It won’t even block spam callers now. All it will do is route them to voicemail and filter that voicemail into a spam folder. That is useless. I can do the same with my carrier voicemail. So now there is no more reason to use this app and I have uninstalled it after being a loyal user for over 15 years maybe longer. The costs to go premium are ridiculous. There is no option to pay for the app. It is subscription only to get those same features back that used to be free. It costs $8 a month forever. No thanks. No reason they couldn’t make this work with the ads which the free app still has. See ya. No one should use this app.
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3 years ago, Brock1100
The app does what it is supposed to do as I have been using it for a few years now. However, I believe I will be starting to look for a new service, or just go back to my carriers voicemail. I am starting to get a ton of spam texts which the app isn’t the greatest at blocking. What I am most disappointed in is the fact that YouMail offered 100 voicemails to be saved under the free plan. They have now limited this to 50 to get you to upgrade. I understand that it is due to storage & operations costs, however, YouMail did not even notify me of this change. They did this without even mentioning it to their users which is shady if you ask me. Clear & honest communication about something like that would have been much appreciated & more than likely I wouldn’t even be as upset about this as I am to just find out that so and so couldn’t leave a voicemail cause I’m at max. Furthermore, this should have been grandfathered to existing users, or as I mentioned at least notified well in advance prior to making such change, or even offered some incentive to their existing users to upgrade to a plan. Very shady business practices.
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6 years ago, Princess.Kristin.P
This is the best voicemail. It will (if you configure it in settings) block calls known to be scams, spam, & other known calls to be unwanted. Just ignore or send call to voicemail and it will do the job for you. There is a voicemail that will play sounding as though your phone is disconnected and it will deter these calls. Also FYI, more telemarketing calls will use local numbers to call you as though it is a call from someone you might know (called a “spoof” call or “spoofing”). You can attempt to call the number back to make sure it’s not a friend or company you know but generally it’s not. Block these “spoof” calls and the others I mentioned on your phone to be sure they will not get through & aside from call waiting they won’t get through but even with call waiting, send to voicemail and YouMail takes care of it!! I suggest getting the Pro version for a lot of features you can use for even more YouMail treats!!
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9 months ago, MzzKitKatt
Free to Premium….
I’ve have YouMail free plan service for years and receive lots of compliments from my callers. Their free plan was AWESOME until the economy change and so did the plan. For years the free plan was enough for me. But now; the plan doesn’t give you the service that it used to you will have to UPGRADE to be more protected… And what’s troubling me is after I had signed up for one of their free premium plan trials a while ago the number of robot/spam calls I received had drastically risen since the plan. The calls I received were ridiculous EVERYDAY, EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY and they were spoofing calls (causing the caller ID to display other people numbers). I had to cancel the free trial. I wanted to upgrade to their premium plan but I was so leery about it. And if it’s true why I’m getting so many robocalls then I refuse to be bully into a premium plan. So, I waited and signed up again for their free premium trial to ease my suspicious and it ALL happened again, I was forced to cancel, AGAIN! Why does this happen???
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5 years ago, The original Joc
Not happy with claims
Now this is a free app that I would have gladly paid to upgrade if it actually worked. Its advertised as "stopping robocalls"; it does not do that. What it actually does is provide a ability to stop robocallers from leaving messages. I complained twice to the "help desk via chat; they were polite and helpful". I have the saved data from our chats where I am reporting the robocalls getting through and still annoying the crap out of me. While chatting with the tech today two calls from their known data base of spoofed spammed calls/robocalls called my phone. I told the tech when it happened and he told me without hesitation our app doesn't stop getting calls. Our app prevents receiving voicemail from those robocalls said "Cornelius". I dropped youmail today. Edit: while you mail states it stops robocalls that was not my experience. I reported two times that "KNOWN" robocallers got past and one left a voice mail. Once this happened while on line with youmail support. My phone allowed it to happen but the youmail app did not react to known robocaller.
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2 years ago, Swoopdaddy52
Excellent Program!
YouMail is possibly the best call blocking and consumer usable program that exist! Especially with a plethora of free or standard features that make it a no brainer with all of the annoying spam calls today! It is easy to use and can be customized to fit any personal or business need! It would be perfect if it could create a work around to companies like xfinity who claim to not be able to control their own settings to their voicemail! Xfinity has a apparent built in setting of 6 rings before their voicemail answers! I was told there is no way that even they could change the number of ring settings! If YouMail could find a way to correct other companies obvious flaws then you guys would be perfect!! Who waits 6 rings to leave a voicemail? This shows me how great your thoughtfulness and concern for the consumer stands above the rest! Keep up the good work YouMail and Vincent is the best !
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4 years ago, youmail39
Block spam calls
I just installed YouMail yesterday and I’m already loving it because since I did I have not received any spam call’s or voicemails at all but before I installed it I get so many messages and calls from spam and I wasn’t happy to receive them since i got so much work to do in my phone and I don’t have time for spam calls even though they will try to act like they willing to help you with any situation but the problem is they going to steel ur information and even credit cards numbers and social security numbers and much more information trust me don’t ever give anything to anyone calls if you’re not 100% sure who they are or where they trying to help you with at all because you will be one of many people who lost their license money and much more I wish the best for everyone and I hope you got something out of my review,,,
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5 years ago, Candigirl1968
Has a huge flaw
The app blocked my home monitoring company - whose message is automated - from leaving a message. Big problem. Loved the app before that. Now, I am left to wonder what else got blocked. This one episode ruins the app for me. Uninstalling. Update: the developer responded by contending that the number was likely spoofed and so its number was marked as spam. When I called from my own own home number (because I was shocked at what happened), I got the same message that voicemail wasn’t set up. If someone at my own home cannot leave a message for me, that’s a problem. Since it’s impossible to know what numbers have been spoofed, this creates a significant drawback to the app, as no message can be left, even in a discreet “possible spam” folder. I don’t expect the app to be perfect. But, if it is blocking messages from members of my own home (which number was in the contacts I linked to the app, so no excuse) it’s worthless. Update No. 2: Developer suggested I was still on my carrier’s voicemail. I was not. I received other voicemails on YouMail. The only known voicemails I didn’t receive were from my land line and my alarm company. Not receiving either is a problem.
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5 years ago, KasieSpring
Works! So happy!
Thank you so much for creating this app! I’ve been receiving calls for vacation time shares and refinancing my student loans for three years. I am on the donotcall list, I have reported the numbers, yelled at them, blocked multiple numbers, requested to be removed. Nothing has worked. I had been considering changing my number when I found your app. You were my last resort and I am so happy to have found you before I went ahead and changed my number. The calls have almost stopped. Just one week into using this and I’ve gone from 7+ calls a day to only two this entire week (two who were played the out of service message so hopefully they don’t call me again either). I set the app up to play the out of service message to any numbers not in my contact list so these spam callers must have gotten the message. You really should charge!
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3 years ago, Chfpsycho
Great app
I have been a subscriber for years. I’ve been using the free version but decided to buy it just to support a great company. This app is much better than the carrier voicemail. I first installed it to block the spam that my carrier’s voicemail wouldn’t but got much more than I intended to. It does a great job at blocking unwanted calls, but does so much more. I love the smart greetings feature which greets the caller by name or plays an out of service message to nuisance callers. There are some funny greetings you can use too. You can customize who gets what greeting as well. With the message transcription, I can read my voicemail right on my watch-no need to listen. That’s just with the free version. I’m looking forward to seeing what the paid version does. I can’t recommend this app highly enough. Great job!!
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1 year ago, ultisimo
Can’t try without subscription
I was looking for an app that would allow me to add a second line for my small business to my iPhone & YM seemed like it had pretty good reviews. Bummer #1 is that it says YM won’t work if you don’t have all your missed calls forwarded to it (bypassing my normal BM on my phone). I don’t want all my voicemails in YM, just the ones for the 2nd business number. The whole point is to keep my personal & work life separate. Bummer #2 is that you can’t try the service to see the quality of call signal, vm & features without putting in your card to start a subscription. Having to put in my card & start a subscription before I even know if I like the app will likely deter me from moving forward. Give people a 7 or 14 day trial, where if they like it, they can then sign up for the paid version. It’ll cost more, but I’ll likely just sign up for a second line through Verizon. At least I know that’s solid, good call quality & dedicated voicemail for each line. Oh well.
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2 years ago, xmattyicex
There are few Apps really worth owning
At the end of the day, when you boil down apps and how useful they are, there aren’t many apps one uses daily. That being said, YouMail should be in everyone’s top ten. If I had a dollar for every time I had someone ask me, “hey how does your voicemail call me by name?” LOL. This, combined with the ability to play an “out of service” tone to blocked numbers are the features that got me into YouMail. I’ve used YouMail for years now and have never paid for the professional upgrade. Some of the features that I enjoyed early on, are now behind a paywall, but I understand the need to make money for one’s work. Still, as a free user, you can enjoy much of what this app has to offer. So, I’m giving it a 4/5. It’s a must have even as a free app, even if I do miss some of the things a person could do as a free user, the app stands on it’s own in its base form.
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2 years ago, Willow2204
Updated: no longer free, can’t access VMs
YouMail was the first app I installed on my first Blackberry, maybe 15 years ago? It was free and didn’t have a message limit. It’s been absolutely 5 star all the way. Seamlessly switched to each new phone. Had a lot of nice features. But around Nov ‘21 I did an app update and that’s when issues started. I have so many voicemails from my deceased mom that I don’t want to lose but can’t access now. Since I’m now suddenly limited to 50 messages my VM box is full until I delete some, but many won’t play back so I can’t determine what to delete. None of these issues occurred before the update. My phone is personal use, I get very few voicemails because most people text. So I can’t really justify the $60/yr fee required now to get back to unlimited VM. But I’ve searched & see no other way to retrieve my mom’s messages. They’re all I have of her voice. It’s frustrating.
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6 years ago, Dr.Norm
Excellent free service
We have used this for over a year on our home line. It notifies both of our personal cells when we get a call, lets us check the voicemail, and also blocks a ton of scam and robocalls. Have thought about upgrading to paid service and extending to all of our phones. It's been great since we use the home line as a filter and adding this service strengthens the filtering. There have been a couple times when the service has been disabled but that's been on the Verizon side. All but one were associated with us making changes to our account, which seems to trigger a reset in forwards, etc. Even when it happens, though, it's pretty simple to correct. I also like that YouMail sent an email letting me know that the service hadn't been used for a while, which is what alerted me to the issue.
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2 years ago, Busy non-mom
Best for Professional VM
Update: lately I am getting full screen ads that I am unable to close. The X does not appear right away. I have loved this app, and I’m fine with ads, but full screen ads are a dealbreaker. I need to access my voicemail without interruptions n order to work. I’ll see if this improves in the next few weeks. Previously: I enjoy using YouMail and the ability to have multiple outgoing messages. I have also set it up on my company phone and I get notified of calls by email on my personal phone. Definitely a five star app! Previously- The app will not open now. My vm still comes through on the email attached to my account, but that’s the long way around the block. Update - I deleted and re-downloaded the app (per FAQ instructions) and its working fine now.
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3 years ago, Nottobeplayedwith
Thank YOU
This is the BEST! Spam blocker app I have ever had. I get non stop spams calls every day!!! And it is a blessing to not hear my phone ringing when I get these calls. I was so stressed out and beyond. Their are some peopl who have health issues and need their rest. I was getting spam calls while I was on the phone trying to talk to some, trying to pay bills, or even virtual Doctors meetings and zoom calls. These Spammers should be in Prison for all the harassments and we should file lawsuits against spammers. Because Spammers get paid to send harassing phone calls to us. Getting paid to be stupid and ignorant!!! Time is money. And we need our money. They are committing criminals activities. Thank you so much You Mail for caring for decent people like me who don’t bother people.
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2 years ago, Scott👨‍💻
Great service turned into garbage.
I’ve been using YouMail since the beginning like 2007 and for most of those years I was a paying customer. Then YouMail got greedy and started jacking up the price and taking away basic features so I gave up and moved to the free tier. And now again they have removed so many basic features that it barely has any advantage over the carrier/phone default visual voice mail. And now in the latest update they are taking up huge space with ads. Come on! You’ll never gain more customers by making the experience worse and charging big bucks for few features. And now they keep forcing you to enable the permissions that’s allow them to see all your call logs even if you aren’t using their broken spam filtering features. No thanks. YouMail is no longer a voicemail system, instead it’s a data collecting annoyance and I’m sick of it. This is probably the final straw for me, it’s time to move on.
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3 years ago, urbanmaximizer
Changes features you can’t change back
You’d better be as sure as possible when you download this that you will keep it. I burned a full half day trying to return to carrier’s voicemail. I already paid for unlimited voice to text with TMobile, and free app doesn’t have that plus it has ads. So they told me to deactivate. But it didn’t work. Eventually, I ended up without ability for incoming calls, then was without any voice mail. YouMail kept sending me back to TMobile with fixes that weren’t accurate. What they were telling me needed done was not what was needed. Horribly frustrating to be in the middle. So ultimately, found out you can easily activate this app but deactivating changed features that only TMobile could change back. Thank GOD someone at TMobile realized what those features were, because the info did not come from YouMail. If you want this, I’d advise you to be 100%. It’s like extracting yourself from jobs, states, relationships, etc. This is not just a delete/deactivate.
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2 years ago, RICOCTS
The Best Phone Call Blocker
I have been using YouMail for more than four years now and I can actually say it is the best program for the shortest amount of money that you can find out there once you set it up if a person is not in your phone book that you know with the name attached to it and it automatically goes over to YOU MAIL and the best way to handle that is then go into received phone call block it and then delete it and you’ll never see it again. Because YOU MAIL remembers it, you also have the option to leave a message and it does Record messages as best as I can but that depends on the person who’s leaving the message. So Thank You, YOU MAIL for a wonderful product keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, Fr000m
Used to be good
I’ve been using Youmail for years. The free version used to have so many fun features, like sending telemarketing right to an ear splitting 20khz tone before hanging up. Most of these features are paywalled now, which I get. Recently however it’s not blocking anything, and I get full page ads for games or other crap. There is a small x in the top right corner but it doesn’t work, ever. It seems like it was purposefully placed over a battery status indicator to make it non functional. When the ad finally closes, it blanks out and punts me out of the app. I will unfortunately uninstall and find a different app to use. I don’t like being the subject of abusive ads, even if Youmail uses a third party to manage it - it’s YOUR app. Plus I am sick of getting random spam calls from random numbers all over the country that don’t get blocked. What’s the point?
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4 years ago, SuperCraig20005
Sadly- our experience with this company has been nothing less than horrible. I think in the 23 years I’ve been in business I’ve NEVER seen a company that has such horrific (completely non- existent customer service). We pay the top dollar and allegedly get “Priority Support” which looks like this- call 10 times and you’re LUCKY if you reach a human being 1 out of 10 times. If they aren’t available the system says “leave your number and we’ll call you right back”. IF they bother to call back (happens about 3 out of 10 times) it will be anywhere from 3 hours to 4 days later. If you’re lucky. I could go on and on. All the reviews online say they’re great. And the service is decent. If it never had any technical issues- that would be great. But if you expect a good customer experience- FORGET IT! Don’t take my word for it. Search places like Glassdoor or sites Customer Reviews on BBB, etc. Simply a horrific experience. I highly recommend you just stay away from this nightmare of a company!!!
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2 years ago, Mercyfaten
Wont stop updating
Known spammers update won’t stop updating. I have the update circle spinning constantly and not blocking anything. Spam call got through and app didn’t even notice it. I’m running IOS 15.3 so not sure if it’s compatible with this. Help center doesn’t help at all and not upgrading if the free version doesn’t work. Needs an update. Follow up to your answer, I tried a fresh install and restarted my phone but still keeps doin* that constant updating . I didn’t want to have it drain my phone battery so that’s the reason I uninstalled it. I am also on Wi-Fi in my house when it happened and tried it away from home and still does it. I liked it when it worked but not doesn’t seem to update spammers right.
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6 years ago, anglbby77
I’m hearing impaired. Although Apple does allow transcription of voicemail, I turned Siri off (not functional for me to use as I can’t understand her anyway, was just bothersome to have on) and for whatever reason I think that made the transcripts go away. So for months I just didn’t check my voicemail. Then I got this little gem. It doesn’t allow junk calls and gives me a pretty good written record of what callers I want to hear from said. No frustration trying to make out a message only to realize it’s total junk. Although not your intention, this can really help out those of us who cannot hear voicemail messages clearly. 10 stars 😊. Thank you so much. Now if only you could add transcription options to Apple Maps for driving directions...
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2 years ago, Mark Drumz
Very effective and a were the purchase.
I get harassed by a lot of Robo, callers and solicitors that are trying to scam me and after finally getting fed up, I decided to purchase YouMail after seeing it on the news it’s very effective in reducing the amount of Robo calls and solicitors and scammers it’s not 100% but it’s definitely at least 90% effective in blocking Robo callers and blocking scammers from contacting me I wish the pro version was a little cheaper so I could purchase it. I highly recommend using this YouMail Robocall and scam blocker application. It works great for me and keeps iPhone quieter and blocks all the scammers from contacting me. 100% recommended. If you’re looking to stop Robo, callers and scammers from contacting you you’ll definitely be thankful you did.
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6 years ago, Tobeornottutube
Wish I had read all reviews
Read runnergirls review. This is a horrible application and in a very dirty and underhanded way, it’s spamming you exactly the way it proclaims to help you. I cannot in anyway cancel my account. The links don’t work and the live chat is useless. They send you links that don’t work and you can’t even cut and paste. If you’re patient enough to keep going back and forth to type in the link to cancel, when you do, it will just bring you back to the main page of app and you’re left clueless as to where to go from there to cancel. It’s like they’re tricking you into deactivating only (and God only knows what hidden agenda is in that) it tricking you into-upgrading. Even when you sign up for free account, your plan says Essential in the settings page but then Essential isn’t even a choice from the drop down menus. It’s confusing for someone’s benefit - certainly not mine. I guess it’s time for me to start messaging Consumer bureaus. I’m sure this app is probably mining information.
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2 months ago, Clearstarintl
Privacy violations!!
They add your phone number and name to a reverse phone number lookup directory WITHOUT asking your permission by default. At first they have you scan online where your information is published online and make you think you have to pay $72 a year to remove it. There is a setting in YouMail to take your name off their directory. The fact they release your info to their directory without your permission should give one pause when evaluating this companies practices. Unfortunately, your reply is not accurate. The directory IS publicly accessible to anyone and any bot can harvest the information that you claim to want to eliminate. To their credit YouMail did remove my name off the phone number when asked but it shouldn’t of been put there in the first place. The idea of being able to reverse lookup questionable or unfamiliar phone numbers is a good one just don’t violate my privacy by adding my information by default without my permission.
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3 years ago, Weather Weenie
Small problems
I have no major problems and the app seems to do its job. My small problem is that to block a number I have to find the number in my phone recent file and then type it into your block file. Because of the bother to do that, I would prefer to find if the number is already in the block file by numerical order rather than enter it as often as it shows up. But if I make the mistake of saying what kind of spam it is, the number is listed under the spam name and now really hard to find it. If you had the recent file in your app and I could simply click on the number to block it and you could have me block it as many times as it or a permutation arrived.
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1 year ago, xoBilquisLaFleur
Best Voicemail Service App
I started using Youmail back in 2021 because my carrier voicemail just never seemed to work once I switched cellphone companies! All I have to say about Youmail is that they are amazing! Whenever I’ve had an issue, it was ALWAYS resolved. My fav person there is Stephannie! She is just simply amazing!! We’ve spoken via telephone and chat and she has always been friendly and quick to resolve whatever questions I have or any issues that I may have! I just love how the app automatically blocks calls and I love the transcription service! They just offer so much it’s wonderful! My fav thing are the voicemail greetings!! I love using the mental health hotline one! Thanks so much for all you guys do!! And a huge shout out to Stephannie!!!
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2 years ago, SteveTroletti
Mixed on the spam blocking but great voicemail
Upon my initial bad review the developer had me contact support. That didn’t workout very well, I didn’t feel my questions were being answered and I was repeatedly pointed to online documentation. Since I had read all the support documents, that just frustrated me. Fortunately the support communications improved and the CEO took time to reach out and personally address my preoccupations and issues. For the voicemail features, even the free version is an added bonus, enough that I was ready to pay simply for the premium voicemail. As far as Spam blocking, I was looking for a caller ID that identified SPAM callers. At this time that’s not working for me but I’m told many advancements to the software are coming shortly. Honestly between spoofed numbers and Restrictions imposed on the APP by IOS 15, it appears Apple doesn’t make it easy for developers to provide the caller ID efficiently. I’m still not sure if I’ll be committing to this app but to date no other app I’ve tried has worked any better either. I do have renewed confidence in the developer as they took special care in personally addressing specific issues I experienced while initially trying out YouMail… Thanks!
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3 years ago, Ssbaeboss
Update to original review
8/5/21 Having issues again with this. Thinking about switching. Just rings and rings then hangs up. People can’t leave messages again I really like the app and have used it for a long time. (Few mths ago) I don’t like that it stopped working for no reason for a few days and made it to where my carriers voicemail wouldn’t allow messages either. Would’ve been nice to have been notified that there was an issue with it before I submitted a ticket. Otherwise, I like that I can block ppl and even make it to where it seems as if my phone is disconnected to those callers. My mom likes that it uses her name to address her when she has to leave a message. Her name is programmed in my phone as Ma, so it says hi Ma etc. She thinks it’s cool lol. I’m glad the issue was fixed because I def use this app esp to transcribe messages
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5 years ago, donp058
Works too much
I originally got this app to block calls that I no longer want to call me but also want them to know that it’s more than just going to my voicemail and I liked the idea that they could get an out of service message....knowing everyone else can reach me just fine. The issue I gave with this app is that it also decides to send straight to voicemail any 800 numbers that call me. Legit numbers that I want to receive such as my banking institution, doctors office and mortgage company. The app would make them give me a voicemail but I’d never see my phone ring when they call and I do not have them on a block list. I tried to see if there was an override listing where you can identify calls you definitely want, but there was no such feature. I had to delete the app because I can’t not receive calls from important institutions in my life....
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