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User Reviews for YourMechanic

4.73 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, diana from philly
My mechanic my car
I will always call these guys what a great service seriously they are so good i could not believe it they come on time they are very prepared snd get right to work they assure you your in good hands. as I was-my alternator was put in in record time it goes to show you an auto shop my car wouldstill be there waiting to be seenand labor charges for it would have been doubledI’ll never call anyone else you have to try it .it’s amazing i would never give a review On anything but this needs to be made viral and im going to spread the news there us a new mechanic in town there awesome
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1 year ago, heurjbd
Warranty/Customer Service
So I had my starter repaired two months ago and I’m having issues with it. There is now a delay when I start my car. Since I knew there was a warranty I called and spoke with a representative and they were not helpful at all. I explain to them the situation and they told me that they will schedule someone to take a look at my car and if it’s not the starter and it’s something else they are going to charge me $155 for a diagnostic. If something is under warranty and you’re having issues I believe that they should take a look at it complimentary. I even asked not to even get the diagnostic just to strictly check my starter and if it’s not the starter then I will figure out what to do on my end but I did not want to pay an additional $155 for a diagnostic test especially after they did one two months ago prior to them repairing my vehicle. I was transferred to the warranty team and that representative that I spoke to was very rude and not compassionate at all and said there was nothing he could do and that it’s their policy and they’re not going to waive the $155. I am very dissatisfied with their service and the way I was treated over the phone was uncalled for. I will no longer be using their services. Especially after they mistreat their customers and are very rude
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2 years ago, brian castillo 08
Horrible service beware
I would strongly recommend you stay away from these people they messed up my power steering pump it’s been a week of me not being able to go to work and when I contact them they ignore me I asked for a supervisor and I get a warranty department person it takes 24 to 48 hours to speak to a supervisor and then they don’t do anything for you due to the incompetence and horrible workmanship of the mechanic there’s power steering fluid all over my engine on the property floor and they don’t want to rectify the issue they asked me for pictures but for nothing cause I yet to speaking to someone it’s been 2 weeks and nothing while I sit at home and loose money please I would ask you not to use these people they lie about their mechanics experience when you call the office you get the same people and they change their names it’s ridiculous again heed my warning do not use this service it’s bad more than bad it’s a scam they give you re manufactured parts rather than new ones and charge for it as new your better off going to a garage where you know if they mess up you can get them to correct it these people play games trash absolute trash
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2 years ago, American Ghani
Scam 🚨 Alert!!!
Scheduled for 9 Am. They rescheduled 1 hour before to 10:30Am. I got a text at 12:15 pm that they arrived but when I went outside I saw no one. I called the phone number once and got no answer. Called again only to have someone answer acting like they could not hear me. Called a 3rd time to a guy saying that he left because my card declined. Well what gives you the right to charge my card before I even confirm that you even arrived or do the work? Then a day later I get a call saying that I can reschedule. I tell them that I found someone else to do the work so I don’t need them. They tell me that there is a $29 fee for the mechanics efforts. What mechanic? I never saw him and why did he leave if he did come!!? It is not like I don’t have other cards to pay with. Honestly I don’t believe anyone ever showed up. Normally when we order a service they come to the door and knock. Fortunately I used a card that will get the $29 charge taken off BUT OTHERS BETTER BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY
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2 years ago, Amy 18 !!!!!! ;)
I won’t use it again
I had to go through this whole process since January. I paid 100 for the diagnostic and it was wrong because when I took it to another mechanic shop the problem was another completely different one. For the second appointment the mechanic tried to figure out what it was and they couldn’t, which I already had paid them to get it fixed. I didn’t have a car for two months. I ended up paying almost 400 dollars to get the “said problem” fixed, which they didn’t end up fixing anything. Then the rest of the 4 months I had to deal with warranty to try to get my money back because they didn’t fix my car. I had to go to another place to get it fix at the end. For me it was not worth it. The mechanics were friendly and respectful other than that, my car didn’t get fixed.
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2 years ago, One in Jesus
Job and Communication
This company gives a hold new meaning to CARE, RESPECT AND KNOWLEDGE to perform the job. The two mechanics we have encountered are 5 star in job performance and communication. Integrity is a thing. Imagine that in today’s arena. Used them at least 5 times. We will continue. Options to pay. Cost is less and they will accommodate as much as possible. Great company. Doing it right !
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8 months ago, Rox the Fox
Lazy, Unprofessional Mechanics
I first used this app in 2015 and I had an amazing experience. My mechanics were punctual and efficient. It is now 2023 and I need a mechanic to come to me, I schedule service through the app and get an appointment immediately! I’m was very optimistic, but my mechanic texts 15 after scheduled appointment to say he can’t make it his car has overheated 🤔🤥😑! I schedule for a later time and he reschedules it. I reschedule for the next day and he reschedules it! I’m upset but am just gonna keep trying. I reschedule another mechanic and I’m booked! The next day the mechanic messages 15 min before to say he is running late due to a family emergency he had early in the day (that’s when I should have been notified)! 3 hours later he hadn’t showed up! It’s very inconsiderate of the times and lives of the customer! Lazy and unprofessional!!!!
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1 year ago, Ilove2wine
App works great - mechanics try to rip you off
BEWARE!! My Suburban was overheating and leaking coolant, so I got on the app and had a mobile mechanic come assess the damage. He quoted me $2200. Said I needed a new radiator, water pump, hoses, and a slew of other things. Decided to get a second opinion and took it to a local mom and pop shop that my fiancé has always used in the past. Turns out my $2200 repair was actually a $676 repair. That’s a HUGE difference. New radiator hoses and a new thermostat and she’s running like a champ again. Maybe because I’m a woman these guys tried to pull one over on me. Who knows. What I do know is they will NEVER get my business again. Wish I could get the money back that I paid for them to run the diagnostics. Absolute criminals.
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2 years ago, stephlegen
Made an appointment July 28th 2022 to get my axle replaced The tech came 15 late he only spend half an hour trying to do the job before giving up. I wasn’t there to the whole thing I was contacted through phone by the tech when he claim he was done with the job. He explain he couldn’t do the job however the car seem worst since after the technician from this company tried to work on the car I was told to take the car to the shop because of this inconvenience and the technician making the car worst and unsafe to drive I should be given compensation to get the job done. Don’t do business with this company
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6 months ago, somebodyinvan
Unreliable and bad service
I booked and paid for an appointment at my home. They collected the funds for my appointment and charged my credit card. My appointment was for Monday @ 8:15am. At 7:55am on Monday (20 min before my appointment) they tell me their mechanic canceled and their next available appt is Thursday. They then told me there is no supervisor to refund my credit card and that I’ll have till wait until later when a supervisor arrives to review for a refund. The next day I get an email saying it will be 7-10 business days before my card is refunded. The representative I spoke with had a terrible attitude. I would never use this company again.
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1 year ago, Dubstep Master27
I had my water pump replaced in January, at the end of the month the water pump pulley I had serviced malfunctioned leaving the car drive unable to drive. It’s now the middle of February, all mechanics have extended or canceled my appointment multiple times and am told there is no other person available to fix my car. Actual management has been impossible to reach, I’ve been unable to work or get groceries for almost a month and have had no sort of accountability from the company. Please just go to an actual mechanic this company does not accommodate for your loss even if you’re covered under warranty.
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11 months ago, Benjamin***
Charge for diagnostic, make a quote and then cancelled the appointment
I had a problem with my car that was showing lowered light tension. Presuming it was an alternator issue that is a service offered by the platform, I preferred book a diagnostic first for $180 - The mechanic came and after 10mins confirmed the diagnostic. He then pushed an offer to me. I then booked an appointment for the alternator change as per the diagnostic and offer. The same guy cancelled the appointment arguing that this fix can not be done outside of a shop. I presume the platform model is to sell diagnostic for $180 made in 10mins and then tell you you’ve to go to a shop.
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1 year ago, icv88
Every time I go to book my appointment it starts going then goes to white blank screen instead of booking days and times even if you refresh it does the same thing just goes back to white blank screen instead of booking times and days
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2 years ago, xRed-Viper
Scam. Fake reviews.
It’s been 3 days, I have been stranded at home with my car waiting to be serviced. First mechanic, never showed up and kept giving me excuses for not showing. Eventually, he stopped responding completely and left me in the dark while I kept missing days of work. I rescheduled with another mechanic because this company did not want to give me my refund of nearly $400. The new mechanic hasn’t even acknowledged my calls and messages; this is horrible. The company should be sued. Hoping their is a class action settlement soon. My money has been stolen.
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2 years ago, Five-Star Customer
Great app!
Great app! An excellent way of tracking jobs worked and records. A wonderful to communicate to your mechanic. All work is recorded and save on the app that is been done by each assigned mechanic. Pictures and voice notes are capture by the mechanics too. You may request a quote or have the mechanic submit it for you.
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3 years ago, Jayroot222
Exceeded my expectations by a mile
This was the best experience I have ever had dealing with a car repair, and most of my previous experiences weren’t too bad in the first place. My mechanic’s name was Royal and he was fantastic. I recommend My Mechanic for the convenience and the price, especially now that I know how solid Royal is.
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9 months ago, Wifeys’ wallet
My wife has been “on my case” to finally get the car fixed. Not sure why, this ain’t even her favorite car; yet she begging for me to “take her on vacation”. I really don’t know…it could be something sexually. She says she’s forward, but I don’t see it.
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2 years ago, Michael Weeki Wachee
So Convenient
Using YourMechanic for my vehicle repairs has been so convenient. Beats having to take time off from work and waiting for hours at a dealership or local repair shop! The technicians have always done a great job on my vehicles and many are ASE certified.
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12 months ago, Later, yahoo
Fine for oil changes or basic stuff
The mechanics are very good but the company uses the cheapest piece of junk parts they can find so I wouldn’t recommend for brakes or anything serious. Got a brake job and they’ve had to come back three times to swap out defective parts. It’s been covered by warranty every time so no cost to me but very frustrating having to go without a car for a few days every four months.
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2 years ago, sdavah
Don’t use them
Always late. Don’t keep you up to date if there’s a delay in arrival. Most of the customer service reps are clueless and work solely from a script. Also the work is questionable. Am having to take my car elsewhere to get the ac recharged again after the one these guys did lasted 2 months. It’s 119 degrees, can go out in a care with no ac especially with children. Warranty on work is crap. Mechanic was going to be 2-3 hours late after no showing just to ‘inspect’ the issue.
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2 years ago, RavensDive
Absolute Trash!
I scheduled an appointment with a mechanic at 10am, the guy messaged me at 10:15, telling me was running late, then messages me again at 11:45am, telling me was 5 minutes away, then messaged me said he had a family emergency and needed to reschedule. I had to call the Customer Service to reschedule, rescheduled it for 6pm the next day.. The guy never showed up, didn't call, didn't text.. They charged my credit card though... Absolute crap service! I don't know how they have good reviews!
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4 months ago, joker gambino
Great company
I didn’t know about this site. My friend uses it and when I told her I was having issues with my car she told me give them a shot. And it’s the best advice she ever gave me. I would recommend them to everyone.
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2 years ago, versachiiii
Helpful & a relief
I work hours that don’t allow me to see a mechanic, this app is a SAVIOR. Fast service, knowledgeable mechanics and the updates as well as the friendliness of the workers is the reason I will be using this service every time.
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2 years ago, Twist2133
Mechanic Canceled
My Mechanic John cancelled on me because my already failing car couldn’t make it to the original address. Upon communicating with him that I was 10 minutes away from the original address, he failed to communicate back, and cancelled my appointment 20 minutes before it was set to start. I work the graveyard shift so this was highly inconvenient, inconsiderate, and poor professionalism on John’s part.
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10 months ago, realu why
Avoid these people!!
Had them perform an oil change on my LR4 because my usual mechanic is lost in the ether. Now my car is leaking and oil and they wanted to charge me to come and diagnose the problem that they caused! Not to mention they are twice as expensive as everyone around me, but I paid for the convenience of having them come to me, big mistake! Mechanic was 30 minutes late for the appointment and still messed my car up!
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9 months ago, trael.
Wonderful help
If you get caught on not knowing where to go because of the expense or who to call download the app now and they’ll have everything you need , book and make your pockets happy .
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2 years ago, Carson M
So much better than going to a shop
I love using Yourmechanic for things like oil changes, tire rotation, filter changes etc. It is so great to have this done while at home or at work. Major time saver. Love the service.
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2 years ago, danielle i87
Attila was Amazing!
I found this site by googling my car’s symptoms. I wasn’t sure what to expect but my mechanic was soooo amazing! He explained everything to me clearly, was polite, friendly and I felt very comfortable an confident in the work completed.
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6 months ago, Alliedpandm
The mechanic who was dispatched to repair my vehicle discovered that the old fan clutch was not compatible with the new water pump that he installed but, rather than bring it to my attention at that time, he forced it together. The fan blade and clutch separated from the pump under load and sliced through a new radiator. The threads on the new pump were also damaged when forced together with the mismatched fan clutch and so the pump too had to be replaced again.
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8 months ago, Honeyp6
Super Convenient
I’m beyond thrilled I discovered this app. It’s an absolute game changer. I’ve already started spreading the word about My Mechanic to my friends and family. It’s fantastic!
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10 months ago, randomcustomer69
Mechanic never showed up
I made an appointment for 11:30 on Thursday to get my calipers replaced. After waiting for six hours the mechanic never showed up. I did contact the mechanic and all he said was “had car trouble…. Trying to fix now” and wouldn’t go into the details. Tried reaching out to support for help but no one would answer. This is lousy company I hope it collapses soon. Shame on you for ruining my day!!!
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12 months ago, do.better_facebook
Limited bad experience
The app says rates are $75 per hour and that they charge book time. I got a quote for upper and lower ball joints, labor only they quoted me $900+, who takes 12 hours to change upper and lower ball joints. They also sent me an email saying we service your area but don’t have any mechanics in your area so we can’t service you. I assume it was due to me questioning the 12 hours book time.
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2 months ago, Greenauror
Customer service is absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my quote to be answer and to get a mechanic out to my vehicle! And not a single person from their “scheduling team” has given me a call or answer any of my questions! What a joke, customer support guy wasn’t able to help me either and said they would call me back….never did!
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3 months ago, yaBoyCarlito
Scammers/Fraudsters Zero Customer Service
I made an appointment and they cancelled on me 30 minutes before. After waiting days for the soonest appointment. Then they reschedule for later in the day and then they cancelled again without notice. I contacted customer service to cancel and get my money back and they still won’t return my money that I paid. Avoid at all cost.
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1 year ago, ItsMeLes
This is the first time we’ve used Your Mechanic and I was very impressed! The mechanics we had was top notch and would use him again!
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8 months ago, Josiah Potter
App isn’t very functional
Downloaded the app. Had to wait 24 hours to even register an account. Once I got in I had to wait 24 hours to get a quote. The quote never came so I had to call the number for service only to find out that they don’t have mechanics that service my vehicle. Don’t waste your time on the app and just go to a local mechanic.
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2 years ago, how about those cowboys
Far better than the dealership or local shops I’ve been to
Great service wish I had know about this before, but I do now👍
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2 years ago, Chris Schooler
Pedro Yanez
Pedro is very professional, knowledgeable and Honest as a Mechanic who know his Craft Well. I would recommend he to anyone I know who would want a Great and Professional Mechanic. Thanks Again Pedro
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12 months ago, meet Dave yall
1 star
I had an appointment for service and the mechanic didn’t want to touch the car due to old oil spill around the drive belt. So he decided to cancel. I still got charged for cancellation even when I wasn’t the one that canceled. I was charged 50$ just to have them give me credit on future services. I don’t want credit bc I’m not using you guys again
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7 months ago, EvansCooper
Awesome Service
This service is reliable. Mechanic was very knowledgeable, professional and respectful. Price was very good. I highly recommend this service.
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1 year ago, powderycorn
I went to schedule an brake job for my truck and I noticed the add on services were selected but when I looked at the itemized bill they weren’t listed. Further they were requiring payment up front or banking information to book an appointment. Services never charge before the service is performed. Buyer beware on this one!
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1 year ago, Beveraggi
i made a mistake not looking at the reviews. Hope I can save anyone with this, please do not use them. I got scammed out of $156. Filed a claim with my bank thankfully, this thing needs to be shut down (I also need to look at more reviews before I jump into things, they definitely trick you with all the fake reviews to jump the rating up)
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2 years ago, mrubbercheck
John Connor
Excellent and only want him to work on our 3 cars. Understands when I tell him my problem or concern.
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1 year ago, SK Touch
Would be a 5 star
To many appointments change other than that 5 star no question.
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2 years ago, h by kng
Yep just a idiotic thing for a twenty year trying to help my dad get a simple air filter and brake light replacement. The mechanic didn’t show up and in general I felt an eerie vibe with the costumer service. Really hope I can get my refund, but that’s the part getting SCAMMED. All honesty the idea for mechanics to show up to your place is a great idea. Just not for this app in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Dongalaxy33
Terrible Service
My repair, which was extremely urgent, has been scheduled 3 times over a week period and I’ve just had enough. They also guarantee you won’t be charged until the service is completed but that’s a lie. I was not only charged but once I cancelled, given a refund that was then TAKEN BACK with another charge. Then told to wait 7-10 business days for the money to show up in my account. This is by far my worst mechanic experience ever considering that I could have went to the shop or alley at a set time and got my car serviced.
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1 year ago, ernfjjgk
Don’t use this app
Worst experience ever. The quote was doubled after I paid them the first estimate. They moved my appointment a week later than we agreed to and they said it will take 7-10 days to get my money back and I have to wait 48 hours to speak with a supervisor.. I wouldn’t let them replace my windshield wipers.
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2 years ago, YOU SMOKE HUFF
Dont know if there good or not
Tried to get an oil change twice they tell you they don't charge your card but that's only if you never cancel an appointment(they kept rescheduling the day of the appointment) would rather go to a shop than have my time wasted don't bother
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6 months ago, Adeliag19
Not professional and bad customer service
I will not use this app anymore. The customer service is really bad, they don't care at all. The mechanic making my steering wheel bad and they asked me to pay. With the outrage, the price is not worth it at all. Be careful when using this app
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1 year ago, JOAM.
Garbage in every aspect they’ll mess your car up and tell you it’s your fault and to even look at it again they’ll charger you 168+ dollars for an “inspection” all they do is plug in the scanner and call it an inspection. GARBAGE AND UNPROFESSIONAL they’ll cancel the appointment you waited weeks for and tell you to wait another week. DONT DO IT
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