Zip & RAR File Extractor

4.7 (23.6K)
34.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Penghui Zhao
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zip & RAR File Extractor

4.74 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
5 years ago, christin0011
Works perfectly!
Best program for unzipping files. I tried three different apps to try to unzip a file that was full of webpages. Not only did it easily unzip the files, all of the pages work perfectly and are navigable. With other apps I tried, the pages didn’t open properly and were missing chunks of the pages. This program is awesome. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, 007 iti
While I was creating a file to the be unzipped, the app disallowed any of the images to be clearly unzipped from the original, other than that everything looks pretty straightforward and zipping in a breeze.
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8 months ago, ArlingtonDawg
Terrible. Ads everywhere
Like some others have said, the positive reviews must be fake because the app is simply not that good. When I first opened it, I had to watch one commercial or advertisement. Then I had to press a button to get to the app. Then I was presented with another advertisement. See where this is going? Point I’m trying to make is that it does unzip files, but there are tons of apps that are free that do this job as well. Why on earth the developer of this app thought it would be a good idea to spam new users with ads is beyond me.
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4 years ago, WittyGritty
Good when Ads don’t show up
Very easy to use with lots of options to integrate files from other sources. Only issue I have is the type of ads. Sure, watching a couple is fine, the publishers have to profit some way, but most recently I have been facing ads that don’t even offer a close button, making work files impossible to open. I’d wait like an idiot only to realize there wouldn’t be any sort of “X” icon showing up at all.
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5 years ago, Sundeep Chugani
Missing select all feature and move to cloud drive service
It’s ok but I manage a lot of files within folders and it’s lacking a select all feature that will enable me to move all 650 files to another folder. Or maybe allow me to select the parent folder and move it to google drive or another cloud storage solution. Right now it doesn’t allow me to do that. Only to move folders within the local file tree.
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2 years ago, HanaBunnyXO
Wouldn’t it be nice to save images all at once
I’ve been trying to save my images files to my gallery but it would make me save one by one and boots me out of the image. I’m not sure if that’s the original feature of the app, but it would be nice to be able to save everything within that file to the gallery.
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4 years ago, Mattybo_kayaker
Works except when an ad pops up
Works great, but often times there is an ad that pops up and you cannot make it go away. Closing the app and starting over does nothing, the full screen ad comes back. I left it sitting for about a minute but no “X” button came up and the ad did not go away on its own. Sure, I can pay for no ads, and I’ll gladly watch one occasionally if it shows up, but to be locked out of the app due to this is ridiculous.
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9 months ago, MarekSilves
It plays music
I downloaded this intending to extract some music from a zip to play it on a different app, but to my surprise, the songs it extracted could be played right in the app, including looping options, shuffle, and even background play! I deleted the music app and went to just using this instead XD
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3 years ago, Abrm Dabbs
I do art and make stickers on Procreate and I really needed a certain font for my art, but when I downloaded it the file was zipped. This app unzipped it so easily and was absolutely perfect! Please try this app if your looking for one to unzip files!!
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1 year ago, Michael1153
Ads galore
I could not even try this out or test it due to the swarm of ads that thwarted any attempt at opening a file, folder or cloud storage. Because of that alone, I will not be purchasing a “pro” license. If a person cannot at least try the product for 1 minute without ads, then dont expect anybody to blindly purchase your product.
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5 years ago, Richyliu
Easy to use, has password protection
Simple folder system with easy way to import zip files. Also has a password system to keep your files secure.
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4 years ago, Losingbattle13
Intuitive app with a lot of uses that is easily linked to all your cloud storage accounts, highly recommended.
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5 years ago, vladmendez19
Helped me get a leaked album!!
This app was helpful. It has its music player when I downloaded a leaked 6ix9ine album then extracted it and played the mp3 files using the music player thanks!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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2 years ago, Cavefishes
Full of ads, terrible UI
Full of unskippable, full screen ads. When you unzip / unrar a file, there's no way to decide where it's saved on your device and properly tie into the native iOS file structure. Plus, every time you navigate in or out of a folder, there's a chance you get served with a full screen unskippable ad. Absolutely horrendous app.
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3 years ago, FinanceProf5801
Excellent Unzipper
I’ve used the app for a couple of years now. It has been extremely reliable and simple to use.
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4 years ago, Malignant Narcissist
Pop up ad’s make this useless
This is a waste of time. No current good reviews for a reason. I continued to get ad’s that block the whole screen and won’t close until you open them or close the whole app. FYI dev, it’s counterproductive to have a useless “free” version, and then expect people to pay for the ad free version. Unless you get more revenue from ad’s then your app sales.
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2 years ago, Nickolas Jeons
Maybe it’s me?
I was going to extract a file and it kept on saying failed write? It told me to free space? Sorry I was in a hurry. But honestly I love your app and I wish the best of it!!! -Your local user
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12 months ago, Moonshine Fox
Just ads
I don’t mind ads in free apps, but literally every single click pulls up a giant full screen ad, some with the close button hidden to try and get you to click on the ad interaction button instead. Didn’t even see the zip file in the download folder to boot.
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2 years ago, Nicoley2013
They show ads in the middle of your work. They don’t offer ad free option.
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5 years ago, stardust52
It does everything!!
A well designed app, organizes everything
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4 years ago, ibassforhim
Functions are broken
Will not link with google drive. I get this error below from google. I tried to submit this information using the leave feedback button it does nothing so I’m posting here. This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.
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5 years ago, Face of Chase
It will unzip your files
But you will have to watch at least 2 ads per file. It takes forever to unzip files because between each step you have to watch an ad. I’m not opposed to ads. I am opposed to ads on every click. Ridiculous.
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2 years ago, A modern citizen...
Doesn’t work and too many ads
Ads are way too prevalent and it doesn’t even work, app completely freezes and eventually crashes when trying to extract a RAR file.
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2 years ago, frogal dorn
Does its job, but…
It does unzip files fine, but it has ads that require you to swipe out of the app and start processes over because the X buttons don’t work.
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4 years ago, 164498
Was a great app
Zip extractor used to be great but several months ago it will no longer open excel spreadsheet files that I need on a daily basis. Something in the app changed. Now I can only open pdf files.
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2 years ago, WingBomb123
It’s great and all
But if your looking for a way to send files to any app or game or just to access the files in the game well you can’t with this app… sorry
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3 weeks ago, BlueAngel75
Always does the job
Great and easy to use
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1 year ago, Maddirishman
Waste of time
Don’t download. You literally get an ad every time you touch the screen. I can’t even decide if I want premium because I cannot even learn to use the app without an ad popping up every time I touch the screen. Move on to the next app.
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5 years ago, marco
Try to unzip zip file but ad prevent me from doing so
an ad keeps popping up that prevents me from doing anything. I tried closing the add nothing happens, then I tried agreeing to the add, nothing happens. The only way to get around this was closed the app and restart, but after a few second the same add comes up. Useless app.
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4 years ago, Joush_yuyu
Web browser
This is the best app in its classification... I would say it only misses a web browser to make it the most powerful tool on iOS
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4 years ago, soygalla
Files Exposed
What is the point of the passcode lock when all your files are visible inside the Files app? Files (extracted or not) can be seen simply by opening the Files app, go to The Browse tab and inside the On my iPhone section, you can see the Zip extractor folder with all of its contents.
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4 years ago, pissedinyuma
Great app
Tried several other apps. This did exactly what I was looking for.
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5 years ago, 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 😝
where do i get rid of ads
i wouldn't mind paying to get rid of ads but there isn't an option that i can find! works well enough at what i need it to do except for i can't find a way to pay to remove the freaking ads!
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3 months ago, argtoll
Complete piece of garbage and difficult to use
I downloaded multiple rar extractors that are so pointless and difficult to use and this one is no exception. Plus, it’s loaded with frequent annoying ads. Avoid at all costs
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11 months ago, #Your Well Wisher
It’s code’s website isn’t working please fix this problem please.
The problem is your website is not opening
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6 years ago, Harkeert1
Great App for iDevices that don't support IOS 11!😀😀😀😀😀
Great app to make, extract, and upload .ZIP files. This app is great for any version of IOS.
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5 years ago, Bigwildworld
Pointless as it just keeps opening full screen ads for games.
I cannot even evaluate this as trying to use it just forces you to watch full screen ads for games. I was expecting some ads but not this.
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2 years ago, Catawba Kid
Just unzipped
I have been asked to rate this app now just after I unzipped my first file. As I have really not had the chance to review how this app works or how well I am rating it one star. Hopefully it works well.
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5 years ago, Hiva kamali
Works perfectly
Excellent work
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5 years ago, Gene Dios
Didn’t work at all.
Doesn’t do anything on an iPad Pro. Exact same zip file was opened no problem on a computer. App also presents multiple blank screens that only have a cancel or close button.
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11 months ago, Nikkey2022
Ads ads ads
Sorry, downloaded the app to unextract a rar file - opening the app - first ad, click on folder - second ad!
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4 years ago, KalmiaSpoonwood
So many ads, it’s unusable
I could figure out how to use it because I had to click through so many ads, and it wasn’t clear what was an ad, and what was program functionality.
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4 years ago, kenkenkimkim
Easy to understand and very fast!
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1 year ago, gorla77
Full of ads and doesn’t work
Don’t download this scam it’s full of adds and when you try to extract the files it crashes
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2 years ago, monkeyMom69
Copy And Paste
It’s good but I’m not able to copy and paste files
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2 years ago, h.samer17
Works well but too many ads
Works well but too many ads
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5 months ago, Dr.Galactik
Definitely not worth the download!
A soon as I opened app Ad popped up and had to wait 30 secs! Finally get in app open folder another lengthy Ad. I get it but dang how annoying
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2 years ago, anybody know?
Move files???
How can I move files to a flash drive? Any body know, dev has not responded. This would be on my iPhone.
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3 years ago, xqyfariopdgdsjn
I don’t know why you zip and i don’t care
Over complicated data file just don’t zip send huge packet of date fast over the internet easy don’t zip it
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3 years ago, 3-6-9 grls wanna
Sure I could extract stuff but then what, theres no option to send the files anywhere there just stuck on the app
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