Zoho Creator: Lowcode Platform

4.2 (283)
164.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zoho Corporation
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zoho Creator: Lowcode Platform

4.2 out of 5
283 Ratings
4 years ago, Mikescrill
Works good, occasional blips
The app works as promised. There are occasional issues with the app that appear mostly to be backend conflicts vs problems with the app itself. Worth downloading and using as an everyday application.
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6 years ago, ClintandMisti
Super easy to use
I easily created the form and reports I needed. I created an app to keep track of the transactions for our high school band booster org. I have been using Microsoft Access, but needed something that I could easily transition to the next parent to take it over. I can easily enter the transactions on the form, and the totals update on all of the connected reports. I haven’t had an issue with the mobile app. Everything works great and is exactly what I needed.
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2 years ago, blaiser49
This app is unbelievably smooth. I made a few pretty complex workflows in a CRM we made on Creator and it really translates over to mobile so smoothly. Truly a fantastic job by the Zoho team on this one
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5 years ago, mjoe82
Worst update in the history of updates
Their update broke EVERYTHING! There are blue help bubbles that pop up on every page change, every time. Blocking the top section all pages. They removed the scan barcode shortcut(the light blue square). Scanning any barcode takes twice as long and it requires you to stand on the sun to see the barcode. (Does not work in low light) please downgrade to the previous release!
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12 months ago, Swelligan
Great app
Gives you the opportunity to test and use your app as you work on it! Very powerful.
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5 years ago, T-birdsky78
Scanning tracking numbers or barcodes
The update messed up the Zoho App. Now when I try to scan a barcode or tracking number in landscape mode it flips everything completely backwards or upside down no matter what I do and it is a royal pain. Can you please repair? This is slowing us down immensely. :(
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2 years ago, Tony 05 H
Does not work with iPhone
Once you download the app 1 day it works fine but the second day it takes for ever to upload the info and error message comes up, nice app but need some work
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3 years ago, Mo Billions
Stupid program
This app is utterly useless. It is not at all an app builder. The program as well as the web interface are both nothing more than a basic data entry platform and if I could, I’d call it less than that. Waste of a download. Two thumbs DOWN!
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4 months ago, DripNoDrizzle
Had high hopes
I couldn’t give more than a one star since you can’t do anything on the app, except change the page or it crashes or just continues loading with the loading GIF, pretty disappointed at high hopes
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2 years ago, JoshLucas
Is capable of doing pretty much anything you want, but…
I have a small business and we just migrated away from our old business software. It was ancient and we all hated using it at my company. We wanted a new software that would suit our specific needs. After looking everywhere, we could not find a single turn-key solution for us. So we decided to make our own software using Zoho Creator. By myself, I’ve been able to completely replace our old business management software in 3 years. This app allows us to accomplish anything we want in terms of how we run our business. It’s opened many doors for us, especially for API integrations with 3rd party services. However… it often requires a lot of coding, problem-solving, and workarounds. Creator makes a lot of things super easy, but it has its limits. In order to surpass those limits, you have to learn and become proficient in its native coding language called “Deluge”. It’s the easiest coding language I’ve ever learned and powerful enough to let you create whatever the user-interface isn’t able to. After a year of coding with it, you’ll be amazed at what you can build. Especially since this integrates so well with all of Zoho’s other apps. I’ve gotten so comfortable with it at this point, that I’m even using it to create my own personal apps for everyday life. For example, last weekend I created my own workout app, because I wasn’t happy with anything the App Store had to offer. THAT’S how easy and powerful Zoho Creator can be once you’re proficient at it.
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2 years ago, 111Maddygyrl111
Easy to use!
Love the simple use
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3 years ago, JB01
Technical, but not efficient
I have worked with Zoho Creator in the past. A lot of promise, but I left for too many “just not there yet” issues. They seem to tell us what they offer, but won’t listen to what we need. If they would listen they could dominate.
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6 years ago, JorellEC
Crashes every time
Going for my 3rd uninstall/reinstall on iPhone X. Have been able to use it maybe twice but otherwise crashes shortly after launching. Works flawlessly on my Galaxy Note 8 but on iOS haven't been as successful.
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6 years ago, zeds_
Life Saver!
These guys are the best in the game. Top notch everything and great support.
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1 year ago, braydenray0
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6 years ago, Voodoo6160
My company uses this app for charting and payroll have never ever been able to chart any thing and ordering supplies not able to order either
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3 years ago, MLaytonF
It must be bad No trial offer
Can’t stand an app that thinks they are too good to let us try before we buy I don’t do that for Anyone
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4 years ago, John D is AWESOMEEE!!
Doesn’t work
Opened the app, and got nothing. Couldn’t add anything to it. Closed, refreshed, still nothing. Garbage app don’t waste your time
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7 years ago, David Gascon
Crashes whenever you try to add an application
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2 years ago, cuntyapp
Why. Just why
Needlessly complicated. Complete waste of time
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2 years ago, maro1987dz
no notification
bring back notifications
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6 years ago, Torch01!
It would be a great app, if it worked. Very, very buggy.
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11 years ago, Berryforms
Extremely Powerful
This app will empower any business to bring all hosted applications within Zoho Creator to their remote workers on a easy to use and well designed user interface
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6 years ago, Ramon I. Novales
Don’t work.
Not good.
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10 years ago, mitya_103
Too buggy
I was thrilled when I first saw that Zoho Creator had a iPad app, because it would be the perfect way to manage my database. But the app is simply too buggy to rely on. In my first five minutes of using the app I had trouble adding records because of "invalid column" errors (which only appear AFTER you've entered all the information for the record), and the app crashed on me twice. And it's a bit crazy that they require the $10/month plan just to be able to use the app. I guess I'll have to find some other service to create databases...
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9 years ago, polishprince
Fix one issue. Create multiple others.
This application has such potential. I would love for it to work.... but It simply doesn't. Every time developer updates it they add features(like the useless watch app), fix a bug or two.... but at the same time they cause multiple other new issues. It's as if there is one person writing this app and throwing it into the App Store without any sort of review. Ever heard of the QA process Zoho team? You need to get your act together and test your apps before release. I am always apprehensive about your updates as I know it will break something and make the app inoperable.
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7 years ago, Meeka4sure
Since the last update I have not been able to log in using Google Apps
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7 years ago, DanielBrooklynNY
Please fix bugs! Push not working!
Push notifications work from time to time, greatly disrupting our business. Also, clients numbers used to be listed as hyperlinks, making it easy to text or call. Now, I must copy and paste it into my dialer/text messenger.
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10 years ago, HART-OF-SWARM
New update works great
App works great and service is fast.
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10 years ago, Savednsure
Not what I expected from Zoho
As a long time Professional subscription holder and overall Zoho fan, I have to say I am disappointed with this app. When I chose the date picker, the app seemed to freeze. In all actuality, the date dialog was probably off-screen somewhere. In any case, the app is useless for me at this time.
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10 years ago, K.G. In the D
2nd time the date field has broken!
The first time it delayed our deployment. Now that 20 employees are using it daily, I'll be highly disappointed if it takes 4 weeks. People can't be angry when things break, but this should be fixed IMMEDIATELY, as businesses like mine rely on this app.
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8 years ago, jjmancini
It's getting there
This used to be unusably buggy. But they keep updating and it gets better all the time. Goes to show what a little bit of attention can do. Keep going zoho team!
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7 years ago, Jxnbandit
Mostly Good
This app really works well in our organization. However, since 4.1.6 the group filter resets after my mobile device locks.
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10 years ago, Aniela13
I use Zoho Creator for my external customer database on a daily basis. This app wont even let me open it without completely closing itself out first. They need to really redo this app soon/ this app should help me get through my work sooner rather than later.
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11 years ago, NicleNDH
Almost there...
Great but when using a calendar view the app force closes. Tested on several iPhone 5s's with same issue.
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7 years ago, Daiquiri Daddy
Absolute best!
ZoHo helps us everyday- A+
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7 years ago, Deucalion1010
Does not work with Google OAuth
This version does not appear to work with Google based accounts. Can't login to use the app. Will change my review once I can log in.
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7 years ago, Asdfnovice
Latest update
Latest update again broke existing functionality
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7 years ago, Krecik1
Push notification does not work. When i go to settings>zoho creator>there is only a version number. cannot enable notification. Please fix it ASAP
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8 years ago, Yamottocannon
Crashing every time
The app is crashing every time I open one of my inventory list. Don't upgrade just yet to this version.
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10 years ago, Justin Bieler
User permissions
It would be cool except whenever you try to access the app it says you don't have permission
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6 years ago, davemedz
Creator 5
One of the best software application development environments available. I will definitely give a 5 star review when the Unified Database is complete. Zoho customer service gets 5 stars. I’ve been writing code for 40 years and this is by far the fastest way to create and deploy applications.
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7 years ago, ChrisJondy
Can't swipe to the right to see the next survey
Please fix the issue
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10 years ago, rgranholm
too buggy
constant crashes, can't view all form fields
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6 years ago, RyansTPGamigo
Problem with v5.10
V5.10 crashes when I tap in the search bar of a lookup entry. Please fix ASAP!
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10 years ago, Delta1028
Doesn't work with iOS 8
Worked gear on iOS 7 but crashes any time I try to load any data in iOS 8.
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