Zoho Invoice - Invoice Maker

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Zoho Corporation
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User Reviews for Zoho Invoice - Invoice Maker

4.84 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Julianne_lynne
Phenomenal but there’s a glitch
This app is exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely perfect, simple to use, straight forward, covers everything and, what I love most about Zoho, they don’t fluff their products to try and make them seem advanced and of high value by integrating useless styles, layouts, icons, processes, etc. It’s 110% user friendly- no confusion and no crashing. Gets the job done flawlessly… aside from the one glitch that isn’t allowing me to save pdf copies of the invoice on my iPhone. I click view PDF, apple share button, save to files, my files window appears but there is no “save” button and you can’t go back so you have to close out of the app and re-open. So I just email them to myself and save to my files from my email. Not a big deal.
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1 month ago, DJ MissNinja
Has everything I need.
I was using QuickBooks and it’s invoicing was very glitchy. Customers often complained about not receiving PDF copies & I could not add attachments to my invoices. I switched to Zoho and it has been a huge relief. I can customize my invoices, store all my customer information, attach a PDF copy of my invoice as well as add attachments, I can set my invoices to send out of my personal email account (which QB couldn’t do) and the thank you notes are customizable and very professional. Very pleased with this app and grateful that it is completely free to use.
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2 years ago, MPMRC21
Significantly helped my small business
I started using this app less than a month ago for I was doing everything by hand or on a computer that I was not particularly good at using the Excel program this has made it very easy for me to use my phone to track all of my customer repair orders past history current jobs expenses to profit,There are a few things that would be great if I could figure out or get changed but for a free app and computer that work together this is an amazing system.
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2 years ago, Realnow
Easiest way to invoice
I’ve been using this app now for over five years and I have not one complaint,I’m very particular about how I do things and I can be OCD at times so please believe me when I say this No other app can come close Zoho, they have made this app so user-friendly that it is virtually impossible for you not to be able to invoice your customers with no problem. If someone is reading this review download this app right now and you will not regret it!
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1 year ago, BJackson21!
Truly great app and service
Love the mobile app it’s very useful! I like being able to print from the app and see all of my customers for easier contact directly through my phone. I do notice when you try and send an email through the button press it doesn’t add the email of the customer to the email, just opens up a blank email…. I wish I could customize which tabs were showing at the bottom of the app. Having that little bit of easier access to projects and estimates would be nice.
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2 years ago, J.D. Hock
If it were any easier, it would do it for you!
I’m an IT tech that spends most of my week on the road going from business to business. The last thing I want to do when I get home is sit down at the computer and deal with invoicing and other stuff. I have incorporated the invoicing with my closing notes on the job and my invoice is sent before I leave the parking lot. Thank you for making my business run smoother! 😀
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5 years ago, myflamingolife
Great app, makes life easier
I’ve never given a review about a product but I’ve been using this app for 6 years and finally downloaded the app last week. It has made tracking my time so much easier. Now I can quickly jot my time down on my phone anytime, anywhere. I was even able send an invoice to a client from my hotel room on vacation in just a few clicks. This app is a time saver and is full of so many features. You can’t beat it.
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5 years ago, SillyOlMe4242
Helpful for invoicing
I appreciate having Zoho to produce and track invoices for my super small business. When I started a few months ago, I thought I could easily keep up with everything via email and spreadsheets but I’m glad I went with Zoho instead. It is easy to submit professional quality invoices and relatively easy to track payments. I imagine it would scale well for a growing small business, too.
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3 months ago, Will here
Good app especially for free
I like the app, but there are so many things that need to be addressed. For instance, you cannot create service calls and create invoices without adding a new item in your invoices. You cannot change your email address, or at least I have not found where to do that. I want to use my company email which has my name in it, however, when I started the software, I used my personal email. Unfortunately every invoice I send has an email to my personal account and not my business account, I want to change this but you can’t I find this ridiculous
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5 months ago, Largo,fl
Pest Control
Excellent app to use for quick professional looking invoices. Once you set it up works great especially with recurring invoices it allows to clone so no more re entering info. I’ve been using since it was being charged now that it’s free I’m truly great full. Hopefully it will remain for a long time it’s a great tool to have for invoices and receiving payments. I strongly recommend this app, thank you SOHO.
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3 weeks ago, Ole Bayno
Convenience at my fingertips
I’m so thankful that our marketing coordinator implemented this software. It is so much easier and efficient to submit estimates and invoices while meeting with the customer. We have been using excel spreadsheets for the last three years and this just makes more sense. Would highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, Spoat
I have two issues with this app.
Not to say that things are necessarily bad with the app. It has proven to be the one I have used for the longest amount of time. (Months apposed to minutes compared to others). Anyway, I’ll get to it. I provide a photography service photographing houses. My client may have several homes needing different select photographs. Or, I may need to photograph the same home multiple times in a week for different reasons. I would love to have “Line item” dateing for each property that would be listed on the invoice. I would also love it if I could order the invoiced items based on that date and manually change item order on invoice. Anyway I think if I could get these two features added, this app would be perfect for me. Ps. If there already exists a way to accomplish my requests I haven’t found it.
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3 years ago, Technical Fellow
Too much expensive for feature set
Been using app for 2 years. Not enough new features being released to justify upgrade to paid plan. Have seen many requests for new features to help adoption in certain countries because of accounting requirements that have been ignored. Current pricing model too expensive for very basic features. There has been virtually no recent innovation in critical features like timesheets and projects. Zoho seem determined to milk this cow for all its worth instead of evolving this product into a great product. Most like because it would compete with their other products.
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1 year ago, Sign4theKing
Love invoices!
I am really loving the little that I’ve used this app so far. I am about to be using it full time. I just loaded the Zoho forms app too and wonder if there is a way to link the two but even if not, I think this is great!!! I make homemade crafts and this makes keeping orders and payments straight easy. I will be printing packing slips from it too!
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1 year ago, jdixon1990
Works great. Awesome that it is now completely free
I’ve used Zoho invoice for several years. It’s always worked well, but the free plan was limited to only a few customers. Just went online to check pricing since I have a new customer and will need to upgrade, but was very pleasantly surprised that it is all free now :)
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2 years ago, beauhase
Underrated Invoicing and Timesheet Tool
I have been a freelance web design and developer since 1998 and I’ve explored a ton of time sheet and invoicing apps specifically for my line of work and nothing compares to this. It has it all and their dev team stays with it and provides updates on the regular. Their support is great and the customizability is unmatched. Great app with a great price!
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6 months ago, nodaytra
Simple app for small business to use
App is very easy to use and simple but just good enough for freelancer and small business. Can add some features such as automatically send receipt after payment is received , create credit if there is excess payment received
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10 months ago, Sparkyboy71
Best Invoicing App
Zoho is by far the best invoicing app on the market. It lets me do everything I need to create the best invoices and most professional. My customers can pay through the app, keep records and save old invoices. I like it better than all the paid apps out there too. You won’t be disappointed.
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9 months ago, DIY Solar ME
Great app, extremely useful for startup
I started a new solar design and installation company. This app is very helpful for estimating invoices and now I’ve found a way to track time in the app. Pretty powerful functionality for free. I’m going to give the other Zoho apps a try as well. Highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, clark plumbing
Searching for invoice addresses
While searching for repeat addresses searching seems hard unless correct spelling is exact also I’d like to correct some addresses and emails that have been saved but I can not delete old saved incorrectly spelled e mails can you help
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3 years ago, Allen Buck
Experienced Freelancer
Well initial impressions are very positive. I found that it was difficult to find software that didn't try advertising to the customers that you needed to pay their invoices. I think Zoho does without being specific does a lot more than most invoice trackers an I think thats all I should say.
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3 years ago, Pappy1208
Zoho is the Best
I’ve tried just about every invoice, expense, and mileage tracking app/product on the market. There are none any better than Zoho. Their customer service is equally as good as is their products. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
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1 year ago, Nax GT
This App changed my life!
It has made so much easier de administration part of my business. I am a freelance graphic designer and I have struggles my whole life trying to find a user friendly method to keep my books. I have even added PayPal for my clients to easily pay. I love it.
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7 months ago, melip26
Doesn’t send emails to some customers
I’ve tried to contact someone 2 times about my problem with no response. I have some customers that their invoices will not send too. The email addresses are correct as I’ve used another invoice app without issue. I guess I’ll be deleting this and going back to the other. This really is frustrating and I hoped Zoho would have been my new go to for invoicing and accounting.
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5 years ago, hhgene
Works great
It's a bit difficult to navigate and learn, but once I figured it out it has worked great and made tracking my hours + billing clients a breeze. Wish the invoice templates had better designs to choose from (they are just so boring-looking) but it's free so can't complain too much.
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6 months ago, AJSopin
There might be a worse, invoicing app out there, but this one’s pretty bad
I’ve been using zoho invoicing for almost 5 years, and I kept hoping it would get better. I paid for the service. You cannot sub total expenses, the online help is between incompetent and non existent and every time they tweak the app there are serious bugs which make the most basic activities like entering an expense with a decimal point impossible.
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3 weeks ago, Stacie09
Good with small issues
I have used Zoho Invoice for years and it’s been great for my business. My only issue with the app is that the monthly overview of my income and expenses is not updating on the app and no option to do YTD either. I mostly input on my desktop and it shows up correct there but not on the app.
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3 years ago, Almorilla
Almost perfect
I’m a photographer/videographer and there are other invoicing apps better suited to my profession but as that is only a small part of my business I needed something else that could handle everything and this does the job better than others that are hyper focused on one field of work.
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3 days ago, bettasksomebody
Love this platform
As a independent contractor and trying to be as paper free as I can this thing is perfect and I can keep all my records in order. Best of all this stuff platform is for free which makes it twice as good, I almost paid a ridiculous amount for a booklet.
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5 years ago, Gracescapes
Okay but could be much better
I like a lot of it but need a way to customize expenses more. That's a rigid piece of the app and could be more user-friendly. - be able to create expense categories that they don't list. - be able to hide expense details but have them available for me to see. - customize the invoice email text and thank you email text. - work better with contacts. As it is, it doesn't bring the whole contact info over if you try to do it within the new customer screen. Overall I can do my invoicing, but it's still pretty clunky. I expected more once I bought the subscription.
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1 month ago, missafa
So far, this app is really helping us with our small business. Some clients want digital invoice and this app is a good option. The only thing I haven’t able to figure out is how to edit the items details.
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5 years ago, Royal Redz
Small but powerful
Pros: - Very simple to use - Keeps track of payments and expenses - Gives a detailed report of everything - Like the feature where you can send an invoice for the customer and also when the payment is made. - I can make an estimate or an invoice in the app but also online. - User friendly - You can customize and put your company logo Cons: - Needs internet for it to work - It should have a feature where you can work offline and will finish syncing the information when you go back online. Other than that. It’s awesome.
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4 months ago, AceEverett
Easy to use, looks professional
Nothing is perfect, but it’s pretty easy to do everything needed from making a quote to getting paid. Quoted and invoices give can be very simple (which I like) or very detailed for bigger jobs.
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5 years ago, Maxafier
Great Business app
Using Zoho Invoice is so convenient especially with the Paypal Business option. The ability to have recurring invoice is the ability to make corrections on entering payments, and invoice amounts is just what the business needs. This tells the financial story of your accounts receivable.
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7 months ago, Igor Kravosky
Excellent App
It has everything I need to control all my invoicing issues. I have less than one month migrated from another platform and the change has been way way better.
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3 years ago, George199864456777
Perfect for my Rental Properties
Simple to use. Allows customers to receive and pay invoices online. Sends me reminders when rent is late and weekly/monthly reports to keep me on track. Allows me to track expenses and assign to individual properties. I love Zoho. Fits me perfectly. Great job and thank you to the Zoho team.
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2 years ago, discgolf36557
Easy to use
Straight forward, easy to use. We are small enough business to be free, and don’t use all features, but it really helps prevent things from getting lost. Used it 3+ years now and don’t plan on stopping.
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3 years ago, High Tech Marketer
Simplified my life
As a small business owner, I didn’t like to do my own bookkeeping, nor did I want to pay someone to do it. Zoho Invoice has made it so easy it’s now enjoyable to run my invoices, pull reports and prep for taxes—and I look forward to going into the app.
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3 years ago, mfinsane357
The best out there
I have used this app for the first time this year and I have tried several and none of them compare by a long shot. It’s an easy app to get around on I would give it 10 stars if I could
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5 years ago, k bacha
Love Zoho products+most services are free
I was on the edge at first but after months of using Zoho products I love the interface elegance, simplicity and most of all functionality. The fact that most services are either free or very reasonably priced, it is so hard not to go with Zoho. Job well done, Zoho team!
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5 years ago, Zkles
Pressure cleaning books
Hey all I’ve been using zoho for about four years now and I have never switched. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and makes my business look and feel professional. We love all the new updates and the reliability of the app. Keep it up zoho!
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2 years ago, Localyarns
Awesome for my community acupuncture clinic
I use this app to bill specifically for community medical vouchers issued to individuals by a local social service agency. People can get 5 community acupuncture treatments free to them. The $100 paid by the agency (funded by a local grant) helps support affordable acupuncture in our area.
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6 years ago, Sinners2130
Very useful independent
I work on small equipment for just a few customers as needed. This is a great way to make a quick invoice and to keep track of invoices. I like the send a reminder feature. I don't have a pay online but the invoice will say you can pay online but that is my only complaint.
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1 year ago, eseercc
Love it!
User friendly. tons of features, but still simple to use. I’ve gone through so many apps trying to find one that does what I want it to. Not anymore now that i have this
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1 year ago, joma_mvp
Almost perfect app except!!
The app is incredibly awesome! But the only down fall is that once I’ve done creating all the invoices it doesn’t let you select all of them at once to email them at once. If they can fix that it would be soooo much better
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4 years ago, ToddCouv
Good but buggy and not user friendly
Updates create bugs, then fix to update creates more bugs. Overall a fair app, but it is quite laborious to use certain functions. A client or project centered approach would be beneficial. Ie lookup client or project and have all functions available within that menu - invoicing, time, retainers, payments. Yet this app is far better than some I've used.
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1 year ago, Chris_1971
The perfect invoicing app!
This app could not be easier to use. I now spend a fraction of the time I used to invoicing for my side business. I can now send an invoice out before I leave the job site. Highly recommended!
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6 months ago, mysstyger
Perfect for small businesses
This app is amazing. It makes it so easy to organize projects for my business and whether payments have been taken for them or not.
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6 years ago, Rtcalice
This simple application seems to always have just enough functionality
I frequently use this app to create and send invoices while on site with my clients. Bottom line, this Zoho app is simpler,easier, and quicker than the zoho website.
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4 years ago, YeadeeG
Excellent Product
A friend recommended this software and after a 14 months all I can say is AWESOME. it’s simple to use, I can do as much with the app as with the desktop version. Everything is right at my fingertips. I love it!
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