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User Reviews for Zoho Social

4.66 out of 5
507 Ratings
5 months ago, Kenzeyyy11
Zoho’s custom reports feature is a game changer
I recently started using Zoho Social for my social media management needs, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The app is easy to use, and it has all the features I need to manage my social media accounts effectively. One of the standout features of Zoho Social is the custom reports feature. With this feature, I can create customized reports that provide me with insights into my social media performance. I can choose which metrics to include in the report, and I can also customize the report's layout to suit my needs. The custom reports feature has made it easier for me to track my social media progress and understand what works and what doesn't. I no longer have to spend hours manually compiling data or guessing what is working on my social media accounts. The reports are detailed, easy to understand, and provide me with the information I need to make informed decisions. Overall, I highly recommend Zoho Social to anyone looking for a comprehensive social media management app. The custom reports feature is just one of many features that make this app stand out from the crowd, and I am confident that anyone who tries it will not be disappointed.
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3 years ago, JKwok9
Just the right fit!
When shopping for a new social media management program, I was looking for very particular things: price point, robust reporting, ease of use/UI design, and right fit for my organization. I stumbled on to Zoho,, and almost immediately saw each of the determining items on my list check off. Zoho Social is by far the most affordable social media management, reporting, and scheduling suite there is for the small-to-mid-range organization. The user interface is clean, friendly, and easy to navigate. The mobile application seamless communicates with the browser version, which saves headaches when working away from the computer. There are many other programs which offer a lot of what Zoho does, but meant for organizations far larger than my non-profit, and I am so thrilled to know Zoho matches their offering at an affordable and appropriate price-point. The most impressive is the robust reporting that you can customize and view. Our organization is dependent on thorough analytics, and where we used to find that from three third-party applications, we can now utilize one.
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3 years ago, Choosenickname2020
The best social media app for SMB
I have used multiple social media apps and this one is the best. It is great for SMB and you don’t pay for features you don’t need. This app can continue to support you as your business grows. It is packed with features like scheduling so you can block out time for your social media posts so you are free to do other things during the week. If an emergency happens in your business you can pause those scheduled posts if necessary. It’s easy to monitor and respond to social media activity about your company on both the desktop and the mobile app. If you use other Zoho apps the integration is already built in. This app is easy to use and has good, clean design. It’s easy to see all of your social media posts in one place and get easy analytics so you get a clear picture on how your social media is performing. Zoho gives you pricing certainty. There isn’t pricing creep as they add new features and you don’t have to worry about exceeding limits for how often you publish or schedule your posts.
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7 months ago, Rix,u
Zoho Social - An Efficient and Comprehensive Social Media Management Tool
If you're looking for a social media management tool that can streamline your workflow and help you achieve your social media goals, Zoho Social is an excellent option to consider. I've been using this app for a while now, and I must say, I'm impressed with its functionality and ease of use. One of the standout features of Zoho Social is its comprehensive dashboard, which allows you to monitor and manage all your social media accounts from a single location. You can easily schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze your social media performance with detailed reports. The app's user interface is intuitive, making it easy for even beginners to navigate and understand. Moreover, Zoho Social offers a range of collaboration tools, which is especially helpful if you're managing a team of social media managers. You can assign tasks, approve posts, and provide feedback, all within the app. Another great aspect of Zoho Social is its ability to automate certain tasks, such as publishing posts and analyzing performance. This can save you a lot of time and energy, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content and interacting with your audience. Overall, I highly recommend Zoho Social for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive social media management tool. Whether you're a small business owner or a social media manager, this app has everything you need to succeed on social media.
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6 months ago, heckdjngt
Zoho Social helping startups.
As for our use case at Adira Enterprises Private Limited, we use Zoho Social to manage our company's social media presence. We have multiple social media accounts on different platforms, and Zoho Social allows us to manage them from a single platform. We use the scheduling feature to plan and publish content in advance, which saves us time and ensures a consistent posting schedule. We also use the analytics feature to track the performance of our social media posts and campaigns. This helps us understand what works and what doesn't, and make data-driven decisions to improve our social media strategy. Overall, Zoho Social has been a valuable tool for our organization, and we highly recommend it to other businesses looking to streamline their social media management and improve their social media presence. In addition to its powerful features and benefits, Zoho Social also offers good price value for helping startups and small businesses manage their social media presence without breaking the bank. Its pricing plans are affordable and flexible, with options to scale up as the business grows. This makes it an ideal tool for startups and small businesses looking to improve their social media presence on a budget.
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11 months ago, CatShannon71
Great platform-It make social media easy
I had been using another platform that started to fall behind in functionality. So when I started a new business, I researched and decided on Zoho Social. It's a great way to share information with your targeted audience and advertise products and services. Being a very lean organization t also helps plan, so you don't even need to think about it once you've scheduled them! I use it for content planning and scheduling posts. I don't have to worry about timing as the software advises me on the right time for the post, and it's great for analytics and a one-stop shop to monitor and manage your social media platforms.
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7 months ago, GodivaShorti
Great Interface, Pricey for Managing Multiple Brands
As a digital marketer, I've tried out many social media management tools, but I've found that most don't offer the right level of publishing, approval workflows, reporting, and pricing that I need. That's why I decided to give Zoho Social a try, and I've been really impressed with the iOS app. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which makes managing social media accounts on-the-go a breeze. However, the pricing is a bit steep for managing multiple brands. As someone who needs to manage several brands but can't afford an agency plan at this time, I'm finding it challenging to justify the expense. That being said, I'm still testing out the software with my clients and hope to make a final decision soon.
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4 years ago, RachLove3
Zoho Social
Zoho Social is one of the best social media management and analytics solutions in the industry I have ever used. Starting at $10 per user per month for the Standard plan, Zoho Social offers a good balance of social media management and analytics that can be the sweet spot for most businesses and their social media managers. Zoho Social also offers social listening and top-engaged user features, and even has some social media-oriented CRM functionality, too. Sensible pricing, an intuitive user interface (UI), and impressive analytics capabilities are what keep the solution in its market leadership position, especially for SMBs that may find that it answers most of their needs.
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4 years ago, Andrea!M
Switched away from Hootsuite
We're now using Zoho Social. What do we like best? Using Hootsuite we were frustrated by the interface. After some research we decided to try Zoho Social. The interface is much clearer and easier to use, and the publishing calendar is especially helpful for getting that "birds-eye" view of everything we have planned. The Live Stream feature helps us easily see which posts are currently getting attention. It just works better with the way how we process information, so it's much easier to schedule multiple posts a day, and have them repeat. And it's easier for other team members to clearly see what's been published, and what's scheduled. The only downside was the (so far) is that we wish we could schedule video posts, and it'd be nice if it could read RSS feeds. Recommendations to others considering the product: This is good if you're scheduling weeks-long activity, like before a launch. It also is good at telling you the best time to schedule posts. But if you're looking for it to connect to RSS, it doesn't do that (Late 2019).
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11 months ago, AnnAnna Creative Studio
Zoho social is a sanity saver!
I’ve used Zoho social several years ago and loved it. After starting a marketing/advertising agency we’ve been managing social media for several clients. Unfortunately when Meta Business Suite came along, the functionality that we once had was disappearing, there were a ridiculous amount of glitches and so on. I looked at a few other social media management tools, but some of the monthly costs were out of our budget. Zoho social has given us good pricing and the functionality we need along with our sanity. :)
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4 years ago, AqqaintNick
Makes staying on top of social engagement easy
I have used a handful of other products to post to social media accounts in the past. Zoho has all the best features and a user friendly interface. I have a lot to do during the day and no dedicated social media person. This tool allows me to get in and make a handful of posts to multiple accounts quickly, it recommends best times to post, let’s me follow mentions, and respond quickly with the mobile app and web app. The only improvements I think they can make would be to add drag and drop to add images.
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4 years ago, ihateyoujustwait
Excellent way to manage multiple pages!
I absolutely love Zoho Social I originally found this app a great tool to use at my job managing social networks, not only can you post to every page at once you can schedule post and have multiple “Brands” which is extremely helpful if you run more than one businesses social media.I totally recommend this app they have a great free trial u like other scheduling apps and they offer an even better deal when you decide to upgrade which you will definitely want to either way this app is worth the 5 stars.
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3 years ago, cdoguet
If you’re like me, and you’ve been searching for a social media management app that does it ALL, you’ve found it. Easy to use, navigation is a breeze, and it has every function you’ll need. I tried at least 10 other similar apps and was either turned off by the UI right away, or deleted after a few days when I didn’t get what I needed out of it. Plus, Zoho has more affordable plans than most similar apps, and it’s worth every penny. THANK YOU ZOHO SOCIAL for getting it right. Don’t hesitate, just download it now. You’ll thank me later.
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6 months ago, Akitts17
Honestly, the best option for small business
We run a very low key operation for social media, our situation changes a lot. Zoho social offers the solutions I need on the free plan with the option to increase my access with the paid plan. The paid plans are worth it also for for the periods where we are ramping up our social media marketing. Super easy to use and the best value out of any of their competitors. The app keeps things streamlined and easy to update or send posts on the go.
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4 years ago, deskpops
So much more than Buffer at each price level
I used Buffer for years and recently started a new business and went to set them up. Every level was more expensive than before and the free level was almost useless. Then I came across Zoho Social. They’re more generous at every level, even the free level. Plus, you can get their Pro Plan for free for up to 100 days. That really gives me time to put through its paces. So far, it’s awesome! The only drawback is the lack of integration with Zapier and IFTTT, but they more than make up for it in features.
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2 years ago, aweimer17
Loving this service!
Finding a social media scheduling/reporting service was a big project. Each platform is a bit different but I chose Zoho because of the price point and the features included—and I’m so glad I did! It’s been great for my business and I’m working with clients to bring them over as well. I hated bouncing from site to site, posting, getting sidetracked, and having so much of my time eaten up with the scheduling aspect of social media... no more! This app has been a lifesaver!
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4 years ago, ripfandomseverywhere
Great and Effective!
I’ve been using this app to manage my brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the past month and it’s been super helpful! I love having all of my social media platforms in place for me to see easily. My favorite part is being able to schedule posts ahead of time and having Zoho automatically post them for me and not having to worry about it later on. I’ve been a lot more active and effective on all my social media accounts. I would definitely recommend getting this app!
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2 years ago, James251021
Used for multiple Social Media Platforms
Solid application for basic social scheduling. Posting between IG, FB and Twitter can be tricky as everything must be sized to the T before being able to post across all platforms. The website was more robust and had more features than than the app did, which made the mobile app just for reviewing. Also for IG, you don’t have the ability to tag anyone or a location in the photos posted, but you can schedule the the first posted comment, which is helpful.
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3 years ago, AHoff13
Best app
I have a consulting agency I founded with a colleague. For years in other businesses we had used Buffer or Hootsuite, and most recently Later. They were each so frustrating with limitations, or losing connections with social channels, or difficulties connecting channels because it was under the other partner’s login. Zoho is easy to use, the interface is clean and straightforward, and has yet to lose connection with one of our channels. Finally, managing our social media posting is easy and reliable, just as it should be.
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4 years ago, Danie Urdanivia
It will make it easy
Zoho Social was my salvation I have an small video production company and I’m not very savy on social media. But with zoho social everything is so easy. I don’t have to be expert in order make my company grow. I didn’t have any experience but just in the trial version I saw how my company’s social outlet have more presence and help me to get more followers. Of course I’m planning to get the full version because for people like me is perfect. I really recommend it to everyone in every level of social media marketing. Thank you
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3 years ago, happyhappyhails
Easy But Powerful
Zoho Social is easy to use, great for team collaboration and offers lots of tools. And all for a great price. I evaluated many different social scheduling platforms and this is the one I’ve decided to co to use using. Some product highlights: link shortening, UTM automation with easy setup, ability to edit same post for each social platform, built-in reporting, comment and messaging management, team collaboration, best time to post suggestions. I could go on. Lots of great features for a great price.
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3 years ago, OneCornerstone
Almost there!
Zoho Social is super intuitive with a clean user interface. It’s a breeze to use and make scheduling a snap. I think they’re definitely trying to grow quickly, and they are receptive to feedback. As a social media manager and content manager, one thing I look for is expediency. Right now they’re missing some key features like auto hashtag generators. There almost there! The mobile is a perfect complement to the full web based version. I do wish it offered more details in reports in mobile. Overall, great social media app at a great price!
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3 years ago, ew, david.
Using for media company.
After trying many other far more expensive apps Zoho, by far beats the competitors in quality for value. Zoho could stand to improve the depth of it’s analytics offering more history and more succinct page listening. However what it does it executes well and in just the short time I’ve been using it I’ve watched it grow! I’ll never go back to the others (the CRM integration is pretty clutch as well)
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2 years ago, EVS1665
Zoho Social has been Amazing
I’ve only been using Zoho Social for about 20 days and as I get more comfortable with the platform it becomes easier & easier to utilize all of the capabilities of the platform. Integration across multiple social platforms is easy and seamless. I can manage Weta, Google and Microsoft social media accounts from one place. Simple, efficient and time saving. I have already recommended to friends and associates.
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4 years ago, AnonymousiPhone5
iPad Pro? Not so much.
I used to be a self proclaimed Zoho evangelist. Until I dropped a few grand on an iPad Pro 12.9 and opened Zoho Social. I never write reviews on apps, unless something is so egregious that feel it’s worth the time to really give my .02 worth. This app does not play nice on the iPad Pro. It’s locked in portrait mode, and just looks like a cruddy version of the iPhone app, which until now, I thought looked pretty good. Until it’s displayed sideways on my Liquid Retina screen and then it looks like a dumpster fire. For the love of all things holy and sacred, fix your app so it is functional on the iPad Pro in landscape mode. It’s 2019 - with keyboard cases and cellular data connections, tablets are replacing laptops at breakneck speeds. There’s simply no excuse.
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3 years ago, Davy382
I have decided to switch from another company to Zoho. Reliability is key here. Zoho has been super reliable for me. My posts go out when I schedule them and have no issues. They are missing some features but after talking with their staff those features are coming soon! Yes I actually was able to communicate to their staff. Which is also a key plus. They respond to concerns and questions! App works seamlessly for me and I highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Jai "Duo"
Excellent and user friendly social management tool
I was thoroughly impressed with Zoho Social. Leading brand management for our startup company, I was choosing between several tools and finally decided to try Zoho Social. I love the intuitive design and ease of use. I highly recommend Zoho Social for anyone handling social management and posting of content. The analytics are a plus! Also, the support team are quick and extremely helpful with any questions or issues you run into!
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3 years ago, avh429
Love. Great product.
I’m new to social media managing, but Zoho Social has made it that much easier to jump into it. With all my accounts in the same place, easy publishing tools, and analytics, I’ve saved so much time. Plus, I don’t have to worry about weird glitches when publishing (which has happened to me a couple of times when when posting to Facebook). Having both a web experience and app ensures I have everything I need where ever I am.
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3 years ago, KatKos
Zoho Social is something Meritorious started using after I researched various CRM platforms (we currently use Hubspot for Startups). Zoho is the only platform I have found that has CRM, social media, and invoicing platforms that interlace with each other. It's also way more affordable and comes with marketing tools that we would have to pay hundreds extra with Hubspot. With Zoho Social, the scheduling and posts actually schedule and tag what it is supposed to tag. #FINALLY #ZohoForTheWin
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9 months ago, LCPLArriaga
Excellent App features
We are a small start up company who is using Zoho centralized apps to optimize not only our experience but also our customers journey. Zoho Social allows us to bulk schedule, set dates and message our audience. We enjoy Zoho Social and all the other Apps within Zoho. It may seem costly sometimes but it’s worth every penny if you know how to use it correctly. Definitely Watch the tutorials!
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2 years ago, Katsize
Makes managing your social media a piece of cake
I’m a sole proprietor and need to automate as much of my business as I can. Zoho Social makes it easy for me to knock out a month’s worth of social media posting on four platforms in a few short hours. I’m also able to automate and schedule the first comment on IG so I can get all those hashtags included. Love that Zoho includes posting on Linked In and Google-that sold me right there.
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4 years ago, Jmebeach
Zoho makes social media management easy!
I started my a free trial with zoho love it! I am able to maintain 5 social channels from one interface. But I can also see comments on each channel and respond in real time! The site is easy to navigate, as is the app. I work for a small business and wear many hats, Zoho has saved me so much time! My company will be investing in a paid plan. I couldn’t imagine going back to juggling all platforms without Zoho.
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3 years ago, CLTean
Easy to Use, Easy to Leverage
Zoho Social has made it so easy manage multiple social media pages for my campaign and streamlined the work so I don’t miss a beat. I am constantly getting feedback on how many times I post a day and how fresh my content is ... and it’s all because of how simple the scheduling function is and how I can quickly see what posts are getting the most engagement and leveraging those insights for future posts.
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4 years ago, GNoreen
Perfect SM tool for small businesses
Like many small biz owners, I’ve dabbled with an array of social media management tools. All of the major players offer valuable features, but it’s easily for things to get too complicated - and expensive. Not with Zoho Social- it’s got all the features small biz owners needs and at a fair price. My one hesitation was that it didn’t offer an integration for easy sharing and curation, but that’s been resolved with zShare. So, Zoho Social is my recommendation!!
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3 years ago, FredMiami
Game changer!!
I just discovered Zoho Social and it’s been a game changer for me. I can’t afford yet to pay someone to run my social media accounts so now I can draft a few posts and schedule them for the entire week and even customize for each platform. Then I just sit back and see all the engagement happening during the week!! And to think I would be paying someone hundreds per month to do just that...
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3 years ago, Black girl's sell real estate
I love Zoho Social
I LOVE ZOHO SOCIAL !! Easy to integrate social media and google business platforms. Can publish on all platforms in one sitting without having to log in to each platform! I highly recommend they have a free plan that gives you access to leverage these business tools without having to pay right away. As your business begins to grow and scale, you have the opportunity to purchase a professional plan. I'm satisfied with Zoho.
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3 years ago, graphicrehab.com
Seamless Social Media!
This app has been exactly what I have been looking for. The schedule feature of the paid version is absolutely phenomenal because of how well it works. I’ve experienced with other things where IG will give issues but I never had a post drop or get missed and loved the smart schedule option that tells your percentages. All in all I have loved this app and highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, ElevatedVibZ.com
Great to manage multiple accounts across channels. Very user friendly. Highly recommend.
ZohoDoes a great job of helping you make multiple post to cross your social media channels. Very user-friendly allowing you to make a post ahead of time and schedule them for future scheduled postings. You can also post immediately. Easy to use and very efficient!
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4 years ago, Olivetreebrands
Solution to Social Media Chaos
If you manage one or more brands, then Zoho Social is for you. It has a very clean and simple interface that is easy to use. You can post to all your social channels at once or schedule them independently. It has intuitive features that learn the best times to post for your audience and reports that can be exported as PDF for decision makers. It is one of the best social media management software on the market today.
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2 years ago, Headphone Raichu
Super helpful and easy to use
I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to posting on social media, and Zoho Social helps me get over that by scheduling posts in advance — which you sadly can’t do on the free plan, but even with the cheapest option, you get so many wonderful features. Being able to monitor your feedback with each post is amazing.
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5 years ago, tainodavi
Keep Freezing!
Update: They fixed the freezing issue and rather quickly I might add. Video upload on roadmap. Another feature that would be great would be to search for hastags and keywords on the internet for content. Also allow me to add more than a few hastags at one time. But for now it's working as it should. Every time I try to use this app it keeps freezing on me and I have to close the app entirely. Also wish I could post video as well as images. Will update my review once these things are fixed.
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7 months ago, TheSocialEntrepreneur
It Just Keeps Getting Better
Never mind that all the features in the basic plan rival any social tool on the market. The level of service is unmatched. Zoho is very clearly committed to innovation. But they are equally concerned with affordable, cutting edge solutions and user experience. Zoho One is hands down the best in it’s class and takes this app to another level of managing relationships.
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3 years ago, Kittus_McKrampits
Excellent Platform!
Zoho Social has provided more or less everything I need for running social marketing for a small business! It’s more affordable and offers a more stable infrastructure than other services we’ve tried out. This is really like a 4.5-star review — the only thing keeping me from 5-stars is the inability to see previously published posts in the calendar view and occasional inconsistencies in the “Published Posts” tab, but these are minor things.
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4 years ago, Pokewy300
Best Social Media Assistant App
Posting to my business’ social media accounts three times a week, like I planned, meant that I had to set a lot of alarms on my phone to remind me to post. But when I downloaded the Zoho Social App, I could spend one day a week planning my posts and never have to worry. Plus, I get notified every time the posts go up so I know I don’t have to check and make sure it happened! :-) Love it
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4 years ago, Cryptofist
Such a vital part of our business
I used to pay lots of money to have someone manage our social media. I’m happy to say that we are saving hundreds now with this simple to use platform. I’m excited to see what the future looks like. We are also using the remote support app for our computer services company. Great deal for the price, and customer support, so far, has been unmatched!
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2 years ago, CLS, Inc.
So far so good!
We’re still in our free trial period for the premium plan, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it! The features seem to be on point with what we are looking for as a small business - and I don’t think I’ve even explored all of the features! Looking forward to seeing what else we can do to up our social media game.
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2 years ago, JFMOMROCKING
Really Easy to Use
We have been using Zoho Social for a few weeks and I have to say it was quite easy to use and get everything set up. It also offers great functionality and will certainly help with our social media posting. Much easier to get everything done and in less time than normal.
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4 years ago, emcait730
Love Zoho Social!
This has been the perfect solution to my social media planning needs. It gives me a great snapshot of everything I want to see and great insight into engagement. I love the feature that tells me when I’m most likely to reach my most engaged followers when scheduling a post. The app gives the perfect snapshot of the most important items while I’m away from my computer. Absolutely love it!
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3 years ago, lappearson
A new fan!
I am all in with ZoHo Social! I have dabbled in other scheduling tools, and they have all left me frustrated in one aspect or another. ZoHo has intuitive features (easy to know exactly what to do), responsive customer support, and the app is great to have on the go and see scheduled posts, analytics on the dashboard, and more. I am SUPER pleased to have found the solution to my social media management needs.
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2 years ago, CC JD
Almost Perfect
I’ve used Zoho social to automate a months worth of content. I loved the ability to schedule my post, include hash tags, and separate my posts for the different platforms I needed them to post to. My one issue is they don’t allow for multiple photos posting to Instagram. Other than, it’s reasonably priced and a awesome tool to manage all social media in one place including comments.
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