Zoom Workplace for Intune

4.6 (14.1K)
222 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zoom Workplace for Intune

4.65 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
4 years ago, M Ella
I like Zoom, BUT, it is sketchy and there’s an echo sometimes. I’ve gone to settings and tried to adjust things where I can, yet, that isn’t always the issue. I use it to go to Sunday School at my church. The entire time class was happening, there would be seconds where this phone icon would periodically show up on screen rather than my Pastor’s face. It would then go away only to show up again. It was very distracting and I’m not sure what setting would have prevented that. ALSO....WHY is there a time limit????? What is THAT about. When people have to be separated and they’re doing business virtually, they shouldn’t have to rush to hurry up and get their business done or rush through a class. That’s RIDICULOUS! PLEASE.......MAKE IT BETTER!
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1 year ago, Roblox: the best game ever
About zoom
I really think that zoom is a great app and one of the things I like most about it is that because I get to make my own meeting and tell my friends and we can see each other every day after school and I think it’s really awesome and that’s how I usually hang out and make plans with most of my friends. but the thing is, there are some scary things that can happen. Overall seeing people and your friends, sometimes a random person joins the meeting and you’re scared because you don’t know who it is. Now I will admit I do that to my friends but we’re not scared because we know it’s one of our friends. My friends do that to me and I do that to that. We think of it as a little joke they were not scared at all. Plus ever since Covid hit most schools had an online learning experience. and the summer of that year, that’s when I learned about the zoom. I thought it was awesome and was happy to see my friends every day after school and talk to them and play games with them. I think it’s really great, I think it’s a awesome app and I think the person who made zoom. Have a great day! oh and one more thing. Please fix the time limit. There shouldn’t be a time limit. The way that I deal with it is that I just join back. Yes it is annoying because I have to stop what I’m doing since I’m only on one device, and go back to talk to my friends please fix that and make no time limit. Thanks Yours truly, Gianna
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2 years ago, Zip1331
Needs split screen for multitasking especially for iPad
Would give it a full five star but it’s seriously lacking one ability the ability to split screen and continue to watch the video speaker or host. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed if I need to access other controls so what if I have to open it up to full screen i’m fine with that. Other video apps you can do it with so why not with this one. Would also make share screen easier to use. Fix this one problem and you’ll have a great app. I hope you get this and read it and acknowledge it and have a great day😀
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4 years ago, YC Chg
Retired Engineer
Easy to use, friendly user interface, default feature settings adequate for non-professional users. New security features in Version 5.0 and company’s promise not to sell user data show their willingness to quickly respond and correct mistakes (small startups can usually react and execute faster than big corporations). It’ll be nice if Zoom can offer a family subscription costing around $5 per month, limited to 15 participants per meeting and a duration of 2 hours.
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1 year ago, Some Wolf
It’s a great simple way to talk to people, but…
It’s great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it could be really difficult to use, like when I try to make an account, for whatever reason it doesn’t work! I and there’s a lot of other issues I have with the app, but to keep this one short I’ll just say that the signing in is the main thing I have an issue with, but other than that the app is great! I can have meetings with people pretty consistently, and it’s a pretty simple app to use, I just hope that it gets fixed is all I’m really asking for!
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4 years ago, So. Indiana.
Not easy to use, could be so much better!
After only using this for a week, I see so many issues! Man, I am not sure who the programmers are and I think they are glad I cannot give them suggestions. They have an opportunity here and NOW to snag a lot of people, yet they need to improve! Scheduling a “call”/meeting is not simple, yet it could/should be. Also, the steps are too many. Then, if you are lucky enough to get it to work and get everyone to connect, the video quality is sketchy. The goal was to hold staff meetings and team meetings using this platform, but even though we have the business model it says we can only be on for 40 minutes!!! Lord, improve or lose us.
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3 years ago, MOD boy94
My favorite meeting software
I do a lot of virtual meetings. Sometimes it’s my invite and choice, and sometimes it’s off of their software. I’ve had a chance to use all of the major virtual softwares out there, and Zoom is by far the best. Some other brands are groan-worthy while others are weird but okay. But, Zoom is the gold standard. It just works - every time and is easy to use. And, has great features like a blurred my background!
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4 years ago, Douglass Ray
Customer service won’t reply
I have paid for the pro license and pro telephone with a ported number. I can not use my telephone. I have called billing several times to tell them It is not working. Of course the billing department has no idea what is wrong. YOU CANNOT CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT because you have to have 2 strings of numbers or the computer will HANG UP. You will not go any further without the correct series of numbers that the computer has to verify. They are “all out due to the covid pandemic “. This is October 1st. Bottom line...THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. THERE IS NO ONE TO TAKE YOUR CALL. unfortunately I have to give at least 1 star because there is no option for zero stars. The company should be shut down by the FCC for theft violations.
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4 years ago, Zach Gowen
I don’t know what to say.... I can connect with my friends again. I can finally see them and actually say something to them. I feel so happy. I told my teacher about Zoom and now we did a class Zoom call and we were able to see our teacher. We had not seen our teacher in months due to maternity leave. We can finally connect with each other again and I feel so happy. WE CAN ALL FIGHT COVID-19 AND GET THROUGH THIS! I will still use this app after it is over.
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3 years ago, Emily Rosey
Zoom keeps us together
I want to express my admiration for the many ways Zoom has kept community, church, studies, family, and friends connected during this time of social isolation. I have personally used Zoom for the continuation of Planning Board meetings in our town, Deacon meetings in our church, Bible studies, gatherings and greetings throughout the holidays with friends. Zoom...you have done an amazing job of helping to prevent a great tear in our society. Keep on doing what you are doing! Judith White
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3 years ago, CDG51
I am a recovering alcoholic. Zoom has allowed me to continue to attend meetings online with other folks all over the world. Most importantly it has allowed me to stay sober from drugs and alcohol and continue my work in recovery by sharing with others and getting to see their faces and hear there experience, strength and hope. I am filled with gratitude for having Zoom to communicate with family, friends and help others in recovery. Kip G.
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2 years ago, ValFarmer1
Needs to be on Apple Watch
I use zoom for work on a daily basis. I have clients call me regularly and I don’t get a notification on my Apple Watch. There have been many of times I’ve missed calls because I wasn’t near my phone and my watch didn’t tell me I was getting an incoming call. Maybe there’s a way to do it that I’m not aware of? But that would be a cool feature to have so I can always know who’s calling no matter if I’m around my phone or not.
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1 year ago, goidgawd!!!
Worked beautifully over Covid but now
It feels like something has shifted there’s trouble connecting there’s no notification when someone’s in your waiting room the recipients are sitting there, buffering, and being told that they’re in the waiting room when they don’t show up as participants waiting to be let in. 45 minutes with my brother and my mom trying to get in to zoom and this has been happening almost every week for the last couple of months.
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3 years ago, Romie☘️
Narcotics Anonymous.
During the pandemic people couldn’t meet in person and then there was zoom… A life saver for addicts who rely on one another to stay clean and I know this first hand. Zoom allowed us to jump on a meeting 24/7 around the world. I don’t know how to express just how great full I am to this platform other than a simple Thank You… So THANK YOU FROM MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD.
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3 years ago, Tie-DieFrogsGirl
I downloaded this version so that I could share my screen in class. It has been working very well but for some reason I can’t raise my hand. No one in my zoom meetings can raise their hand either. I am having the same problem on my chrome book. I am singed in on different accounts for each but I also can’t use voice changers or any video filters accept virtual backgrounds and update whenever possible.
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4 years ago, MACIE.L🐐
I heard that people are giving this a one star review because they don’t want to do zoom meetings for online school or meetings. if a app gets a low enough score, they’ll take it off the App Store so no one can get it, so if everyone gives it a low score, we won’t be able to have them. I’m giving it 5 just to help out a little.
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7 months ago, lynSalas
Attending meetings thru zoom
I am so thankful for zoom it makes attending a meeting so easy when you can not attend in person. It helps to have that human connection that is not always possible if we did not have zoom. It’s a wonderful way to still feel connected.
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5 months ago, maranhappy
Excellent Meeting Resource
Zoom is an excellent alternative meeting resource app. It enables people to freely meet, & even multi-task, while participating in a meeting. It provides a comfortable platform to meet the objectives of the 21st Century workforce, church gatherings, committee meetings, family meetings, etc. Whoever designed this powerful app did a good thing!
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2 years ago, Areatha Harris
Appreciation for Zoom
I am enjoying Zoom... it is a beautiful app... I can see my friends,attend my meetings. I can comment, have virtual get-together. We can have an interchange of encouragement. It is the BEST thing in regards to COVID-19. I Thank my God Jehovah for the knowledge He bestowed on the Person who created this wonderful tool!!!
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9 months ago, Twinkle & Brooklyn
I want to thank you for the creation, functioning and advancement of Zoom. It is an excellent tool for which you made available to common folks everywhere. May the future continue to be bright through Zoom. Routine Zoom User
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11 months ago, Mineola1
Best aP in the 21st century.
Zoom has saved my life Since I am bedridden, Zoom has allowed me to communicate and connect with family and friends and other resources. Without Zoom I would be absolutely alone and cut off from the world.
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3 years ago, EllBellBert
Someone else logged on!
Me and my friend were “zooming” and were talking about school and other private things. Then all of a sudden, we saw a third person without video or sound and it was really creepy. We logged off right away and began emailing about how worried we were. I still like this app, but it needs some improvement.
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3 years ago, texkota1963
Great product we use zoom for a Special Needs Ministry Sunday school class and I don’t know where we would be without zoom this last 15 or so months, it has kept us together as a group. Thank you
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4 years ago, Ng1943
I have been trying for several weeks to join a meeting, but my microphone will not work. I went through your help line, they went through the same thing I did to set it up, but it still will not allow me to do anything but listen. I need to be able to participate. Somehow, my microphone was disconnected. I’ll admit, I am a new user and may have done something wrong I. The original set up, but it should be fixable. No one else seems to have this problem. This is the pits.
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3 years ago, CUATDATOP
Reaching the world
It’s good to know that not only FaceTime can display a friend or loved one or a classmate but zoom can bring 100 more to a family reunion and just enjoy the zoom features so far nothing tops it only duplicate zoom zoom zoom
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3 years ago, qsfhjkk
Hi I’m just iiioi to be a o
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4 years ago, TheKvPhan
Lack of Consistency in features between using of different devices
Sharing contents on iPad device is quite simple and nice. However, the major flaw is that the writing on whiteboard didn’t give you the exact same feeling when writing on an IPad should be. Perhaps, providing a feature of scripting generated notes and screen recording on video meeting will be helpful
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2 years ago, onelove 2
If you have any kind of problem logging in or may be some other kind of something dealing with microsoft they are there I had not used my micosoft for a while and they help me thumps up thanks👍
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4 years ago, cw5of6
Thank you Zoom!!!! AWESOME APP
Until the pandemic, I had never used zoom. But it’s made it possible for me to attend 12 step meetings, which is truly a life saver in these challenging times. What an amazing job zoom has done creating an app with such a positive impact on my life! Thanks again.
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2 years ago, JO 2022
Easy set up
Although I do enjoy Zoom I believe that the new measures for people to sign in should be updated to make it easier and a faster connection.
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2 years ago, zoomchat
Zoom room
Some of the hosts of the rooms are becoming too picky in their quest to only keep the HOT Adonis type guys in the room and when they notice someone who is not HOT entering the room, the host instantly finds a quick thought up excuse and discharges that person from the room….superficiality and narcissism should not be mandatory prerequisites for getting into a room
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2 years ago, Donna Da Witch
Zoom has been here for a while. Honestly I always thought it was was for the Busines World. Who would have known it was the New Way Of Connecting World, Working From Home Gatherings With Family & Friend! Non Emergency Doctor Appointments & Let Me Add DUMMIES LIKE ME!
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4 years ago, zoom user 2017
Best meeting app and secure
Lots about Zoom recently. Security minded with feature rich account settings. Easy to use and without proper attention by the user- it can enable bad actors to join meetings- stop posting your meeting id in public and this won’t happen!
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4 years ago, BLDonaldJr1971
Great tool for live meetings
The app delivers on virtually every level to keep one connected to family, friends and coworkers. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have not had any further problems.
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2 years ago, 👍👍👍👍 good stuff
I love the zoom is easy to use you just have to sign in it gives you shortcuts and notifications when to start your zoom 👍👍
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3 years ago, len d 61
Change password?
I have been in a vicious circle attempting to Zoom on my iPad, back and forth not accepting my password and requests that I change it, then rejects my new password telling me that I cannot use a previous password. Then WHY was it not accepted in the first place??? It continues to send access codes to my phone and still won’t let me in. Over and over and over. Perhaps a better system would work better, Sincerely, Fed Up
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2 years ago, dtaylor2
Looped continually with the wrong email address tied with Microsoft and MS Authenticator
Impossible to join a meeting today. The browser (default DuckDuckGo) could not open the meeting. The browser, when allowed, opened this app, but it looped continually with the wrong email address (one in my MS ID, tied with Microsoft and MS Authenticator). After re-registering for the meeting with the danged MS ID, then authenticating with MS authenticator, the meeting failed. Over and over. please separate me from Microsoft!!!
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4 years ago, I like zoo !
Zoom is great!!!
I think that zoom is a good app for meetings because there are so many cool features! You can change your background, you can annotate on the screen, so download the zoom app to explore more cool features!
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5 months ago, crorrc
Cannot turn off volume
On iPad I don’t seem to be able to decrease volume all the way to 0 during a meeting. I want to do this because sometimes I am physically in a meeting room, but sitting to far away from the screen, I’ll join the meeting on my iPad and view the screen on my own iPad, but I want the volume to be 0.
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3 years ago, pastorpjm
What would we do?
Where would we be without Zoom in a time where to share, to study, and to pray with one another is impossible in the physical! Thank you Zoom!!
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4 years ago, maddy606
The zoom app is sharing all our information with Facebook and without declaring it in the privacy policy. This happens whether u have a Facebook acc or not. There was also an issue that happened for a few months when they could turn peoples cameras on whenever they wanted. It can steal any information on ur computer. They are taking our data without us knowing. Read this on an article.
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3 years ago, sing2u2
Difficulty logging in
Login is required of me every time even though it says I’m logged in. Changing my password is required every time too & then an error message pops up even though my password is typed exactly. This happens constantly. If i have a direct link it works otherwise no go.
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4 years ago, grow24/7
Wow this is some app. A true pleasure to use. Keeps me productive, and helps me grow closer to the one above during this challenging time. If the creators of this app knew how much reward they’re getting they would be jumping with joy.😄👍👌
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1 month ago, Lily Scarlett
Very nice, but except it always tells me to log into an account even if I already have one
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4 years ago, Apo-Heavin
After usual wrestle to enter it was the perfect fellowship! Filled in,filled up what has been missing! The meeting was all good! A most needed media gift! All thankfulness to THE LORDGOD for all that was required for it-it was & will be worth it all!!
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3 years ago, Detailsclean
Should have a better quality of customer services.
Why Zoom should have improve a better quality of customer services? Because the hackers can to spy on your browser when you gives Zoom access camera or wi-Fi, the hackers getting the information of your phone or computer.
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3 years ago, Gona08
Together But Apart
Zoom has brought our life back, made it possible to reunite with loved ones in times of need.
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4 years ago, Janice Bunting
Background selection
If I have a Apple iPhone 6s, do I not have access to the background options behind my video? Also, I do not see how to display a photo instead of me on zoom calls when I do not want a live video through my phone camera?
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8 months ago, Maistora
Latest version ignores mute setting on join meeting
Latest version joins the meeting unmuted even though the setting is to mute the microphone on join meeting.
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4 years ago, 12345katlin
It is all right
I am having I hard time because I can’t enter on of my REQUIRED zoom meetings it keeps on saying error. I also I have to type the whole passcode of the meeting instead of just clicking on the link and entering the meeting, thank you for your time.
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