— 10 May 2017

Updated Apple Search Ads country list and campaign tools

Liza Knotko

The end of April was marked by a pleasant surprise from Apple.

A long-awaited announcement was made: Search ads country list was expanded at last. With the latest update Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom joined the United States as Apple Search ads storefronts. It wasn’t the only good news for Search Ads managers all over the world, Apple introduced new tools which assist with controlling dynamic search ads.

Apple search ads country list

Up to now, the US was a singular Apple search ads monopolist. The updated storefronts list is comprised of:

  • Australia;
  • New Zealand;
  • the United Kingdom;
  • the United States.

Even though App store ads is still limited to these English-speaking territories, the market grew considerably with this innovation. Users were given a week to prepare their campaigns for new countries. Those campaigns were allowed to go live on April 25th.

More features for Apple search ads

Сampaign group manager role is another Search ads novelty. It helps publishers and agencies gain more control, now they can distribute access privileges for campaign groups by a storefront, business unit or app.

The ability to duplicate entities also debuted within Apple search ads. Users got a chance to duplicate entities, such as ad groups, settings, and keywords. It facilitated the creation of new campaigns for different audiences across multiple countries.

Nevertheless, these features are still a bit plain and narrow.

To get more exquisite functionality you can opt for Search Ads HQ. This tool is a first-class solution for Search Ads managers that encapsulates App store ads, your Mobile Attribution and Analytics.

Thus, it affords unique ground for inspecting efficiency of campaigns and duplicating the most successful ones within a single dashboard. It’s possible thanks to conversion tracking Search Ads HQ provides.

Automatic campaign deactivation is another argument in Search Ads HQ favor. It can put an end to wasting money on useless and counterproductive campaigns. All users have to do is set their goals, what happens next is a matter of Search Ads HQ. The tool will terminate a campaign by default if it doesn’t achieve targeted results. It helps save time and money effortlessly.

The expansion of Search Ads country list and the introduction of new campaign tools is a sure sign of Apple’s ads market ambitions.

The issue of App store ads questionable usability can be solved by Search Ads HQ. The tool will help you make the most of your marketing budget by identifying the most efficient campaigns and deactivating poorly performing ones automatically.

Though Search Ads HQ is not yet available for the public, you can jump in as a beta user. Schedule a call with one of Search Ads HQ success managers to create an account, connect your analytics tools and set up a Search Ads campaign to start acquiring users.

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Liza Knotko
Liza Knotko
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