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Apple Search Ads Insights: Charts, Reporting, and New Regions

Ekaterina Nelidova

Introducing our new capabilities – charts and reporting for weekly Share of Voice (SoV) and daily Organic Ranking metrics.

Insights in Charts

Get more transparency and track keyword or search terms performance with charts. Enhance your strategy with actionable insights and gain competitive advantage in order to continue scaling your app.


  • Share of Voice on a weekly basis at a granular level 
  • Organic ranking in daily dynamics and see how your Apple Search Ads spending impacts organic positions.

Share of Voice enables you to:

  • Control the number of impressions received by each keyword.
  • Enhance your bidding strategy with accurate data: understand market share while focusing on keywords with the highest potential.
  • Protect Share of Voice with a data-driven bidding strategy and remain in leading positions for branded keywords.
  • Minimize  potential discrepancies with accurate data that is aggregated weekly by the SplitMetrics Acquire algorithms.
  • Generate additional traffic and improve the efficiency of your Apple Search Ads optimization strategy in a cost effective way.

Learn more about the advantages of using our SplitMetrics Acquire insights tool.

Apple Search Ads Insights: Charts, Reporting, and New Regions
Source: SplitMetrics Acquire platform

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Peter Drucker, “The founder of modern management.”

Comprehensive chart capabilities

Compare up to eight metrics on the level of keywords or search terms and see the correlation between Organic Ranking, Impressions, Installs, Goals and Share of Voice. 

Tips and tricks to getting the best out of insights charts

  • Keep your current position if Share of Voice isn’t changing weekly and your SoV rate is  90% or more. 
  • Protect your keywords while competing with the market if the keyword’s Share of Voice is decreasing. 
  • Increase bids and track the entire funnel to define the optimal balance between bid and cost per action or ROAS.
  • Invest in growth to acquire the leading positions by increasing bids and monitoring its impact. There might be a possible impact on organic rank from Paid ads. By boosting your keyword through the paid channel, you can increase installs from organic users and grow ROI. You can see your current Organic Rank position highlighted in the SplitMetrics Acquire ads manager dashboard.

Learn how Apple Search Ads can impact ASO and like versa.

Pro-tip for advanced Apple Search Ads optimization

Analyze dynamics for several keywords simultaneously. With filtering, sorting options, and bulk actions, you can analyze certain keywords that are the most interesting at your current optimization stage.

Insights in Reports

You can now add insights metrics to your reports. Get a holistic view and deeper understanding of your account performance to scale your Apple Search Ads strategy with our customized reporting capabilities.

Our reporting has the capability to analyze trends over time with unlimited keyword historical data range. Tailor your Apple Search Ads performance reports to your specific business goals by adding custom formulas and columns of standard or custom metrics.

New countries and regions for Insights

Countries insights are currently available in:


USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico


Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

Africa, Middle East, and India

Egypt, Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates.

Asia Pacific

Australia, China mainland, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

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