Custom Product Pages: Experts’ Opinions and Insights

Victoria Vlasova

When Apple launched custom product pages in December 2021, they completely changed the game. Since then, app publishers and developers are having all the cards up their sleeve to create personalized and engaging product pages of their app, highlighting specific app elements, features or content. For example, if a mobile advertiser is promoting a fitness app, they can create a custom product page that includes information about the different workout plans that are available. 

Till these days, the topic of effectively utilizing custom product pages is one of the most popular. And we know why: leveraging custom product pages leads to improved TTR, lower CPC, increased conversion rate, and ultimately higher ROAS.

You can find lots of useful articles, podcasts and materials providing you with various recommendations of how to use them to amplify your mobile marketing strategy. 

SplitMetrics always strives to help mobile app publishers grow their app, that’s why our Team prepared the Custom Product Pages Playbook for you to get best practices and advice from the top mobile experts on using ad variations and custom product pages.

App Growth Week 

Back in November 2022, we held a 5-day global virtual event, called App Growth Week, where we had several sessions dedicated to the custom product pages topic. The event was full of powerful insights, success stories, and fruitful discussions with leading mobile marketing experts. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the sessions tackling the burning topic of leveraging custom product pages, you’ll discover expert advice from SplitMetrics and other experts, and get inspired by a true success story. 

How Picsart is leveraging custom product pages as part of the growth playbook

The first App Growth Week’s session we want to highlight is a true success story. After watching it, you won’t have any doubts whether to do custom product pages testing or not to do. You know why? Because during this real-life experience session, we interviewed an expert from Picsart. They are well-known in the mobile industry as the world’s largest digital creation platform, and they are also an early adopter of custom product pages. 

Watch the session with Skylar Grabecz, ASO Team Lead at Picsart, during which he shared the custom product pages best-practices, talked about the importance of their usage during the high season and shared the results the company managed to achieve with their help.

Since we’ve already mentioned two options you can go with, Apple Search Ads Basic and Apple Search Ads Advanced, it’s time to dwell a bit on both of them.

How largest advertisers are staying ahead of the game: New App Store ad placements, and custom product pages

During the best-practice session Polina Ishimbaeva and Karina Klepikova, Apple Search Ads experts from SplitMetrics, covered custom product pages and new ad placements basics, shared some pro tips on the topic, and provided not 1, but even 3 success stories of helping clients to achieve their goals using custom product pages.

Want to know the details?
Watch this recording to discover:

  • How to grow your mobile app in the post-iOS era;
  • The difference between custom product pages and App Store product page optimization;
  • What to test using custom product pages;
  • User acquisition strategies in Apple Search Ads and SplitMetrics Acquire;
  • Pro tips from the SplitMetrics experts on leveraging custom product pages;
  • A real-world case studies on how SplitMetrics Agency’s customers were able to increase TTR and the download rate with the help of custom product pages. 

Paid UA in 2023: Challenges, trends and insights

Want to hear more experts’ opinions on custom product pages, as well as learn about the recent trends and challenges in paid UA?

In that case, this panel is definitely for you. To provide you with the most valuable insights, what a modern UA strategy should look like, we invited the leading experts in the industry:

Watch this session to see them answer the most burning questions and provide the latest tips and tricks on the following topics:

  • The changes in the UA strategy and metrics after the introduction of the ATT framework.
  • Experts’ opinion on SKAN 4 and custom product pages.
  • Tips and tricks on how to strengthen your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

We hope you were inspired by our speakers’ tips, best practices and success stories, and gained lots of valuable insights into leveraging custom product pages. That was our ultimate goal.

If you need any assistance with custom product page development or want to delegate the job to the experts, we have the right Team to help you. Get custom product pages designed by SplitMetrics Agency experts and use ad variations to the full.

Custom Product Pages: Experts’ Opinions and Insights
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Victoria Vlasova
Victoria Vlasova
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