New in SplitMetrics Acquire: Automation Rule Templates

Lesia Polivod

Improve your Apple Search Ads account management productivity and growth. Speed up the adoption of automation solutions in the SplitMetrics Acquire platform with a new update – Automation Rule Templates!

While optimizing Apple Search Ads with the SplitMetrics Acquire platform, our customers access over 200+ automation rules. With this solution, an advertiser can overcome work overload limitations and bias,  speed up the scaling process and control the performance of accounts of any size by delegating proactive 24/7 optimization to a system that will do all the work for you in the way you need.

Responding proactively to our customers and market needs, the SplitMetrics Acquire team is constantly working on growing the number of our automation rules, the flexibility of choosing conditions and targets, and ongoingly improving user experience. Making your request for our roadmap, we are excited to announce the Automation Rule Templates release! With this update, you can now easily navigate through the top rules within the platform to seamlessly optimize massive loads of keywords, boost productivity, and speed up ROAS growth.

Automation rules templates are the presets for streamlining app growth in scale and scope. Based on thousands of examples and best practices, our Automation Rules Templates – help enterprise customers organize their workflow for the most common performance cases.

We use SplitMetrics Acquire to monitor the data from multiple storefronts, make effective decisions & use automated rules to optimize & scale our performance as per our KPI goals very efficiently.

Maximize your Apple Search Ads ROAS with SplitMetrics Acquire
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Different types of automation rules: a brief overview 

Basic rules are must-have rules for any mobile app growth needs.

For instance, get notified about drastic changes in your daily budget or boost performance in new regions or for new keywords.

Performance rules – for advanced cost-per-action optimization.

In SplitMetrics Acquire, you can set up up to 6 conversions per one app or game. It helps track multiple independent in-app funnel events for one app, including micro-conversions, i.e., engagement/paywall, signup/registration, trial, game-event, purchase, subscription, etc. By using CPA-based performance automation rules in SplitMetrics Acquire, you can monitor top-performing keywords amplify your strongest positions, control low-performing keywords or non-converters and decide whenever you want them to give a chance to boost. Automation rules templates help UA managers eliminate manual routines by covering challenges and needs for effective performance. 

Since using this product we have been able to scale our apple search ads spend 3X while reducing our acquisition costs by half. I have also reduced the time spent on apple search ads by about the same. The built-in automation features mean we can optimise keyword-level bidding towards performance goals without the need for manual analysis and activity.

Discovery rules – to simplify the discovery of new keywords.

Use Discovery and probing campaign rules to find new opportunities for your app growth by mining new keywords. 

Using this set of rules, you can avoid self-competition while transferring all the exact keywords to a discovery campaign as exact match negatives, accelerate the search terms mining process, and control daily budgets and performance. 

Improve your Apple Search Ads performance today

Delegate all the rigorous, repetitive work and systematic account reviewing to SplitMetrics automation solution with advanced rule conditions and flexible time range, ensuring 100% accuracy and efficiency.

Maximize your Apple Search Ads ROAS with SplitMetrics Acquire
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