,  — 2 May 2022

The New Chapter in SplitMetrics Journey

Maryna Dorash

We are about to cross another milestone in the history of SplitMetrics. This May SplitMetrics is celebrating 7 years of helping mobile-first companies grow faster and easier. We have prepared some awesome news for this anniversary that we’d like to share with you on May 12th. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting more details!

All these years we have been helping the mobile-first companies to ideate, create and transform their mobile apps and games, simplifying their way to business success. The company:

  • Has experienced an exponential 2x YoY growth within the market
  • Became Apple Search Ads Partner, managed $250M ad spend annually, and optimized thousands of campaigns with the SearchAdsHQ platform
  • Ran thousands of tests and validated multiple ideas and concepts with SplitMetrics A/B testing platform
  • Created a full-cycle Agency providing fully-managed app growth services
  • Got the App Growth Award as the #1 App Data platform 2021
  • Had a chance to contribute to the growth of the top world mobile app publishers and brands

Visit splitmetrics.com on May 12th and be the first to get to know the news and earn a chance to win a gift of $500. Celebrate an exclusive once in a company lifetime event with us!

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Maryna Dorash
Maryna Dorash
Marketing Manager at SplitMetrics
Full-stack digital marketing specialist with a focus on driving growth through marketing analytics insights, marketing automation and paid user acquisition. Passionate about app marketing and mobile growth.
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