Google Play App Description: Tips and Tricks for the Best Conversions

SplitMetrics Google Play description tips

Are you looking to create a description for your new Android app that will help you to achieve maximum conversions? Searching for the best practices of Google Play app description is a good idea.

The truth is even the best app in the world won’t be successful if it’s not marketed properly. Besides, with 3.8 million apps in Google Play Store, competition is fierce in every category, so standing out from the crowd is simply essential.

Since the description of your Google Play app is one of the most important aspects of app store optimization (ASO), we’re going to take a smart approach and give you all the tips you need to capture a potential user’s attention.
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Google Play Store Redesign: What’s New

Google Play store redesign

After months of testing different iterations, Google finally launches new design of their Play Store. In general, Android users are accustomed to constant minor changes of the store, but the latest redesign seems to be one of the most substantial ones over the last few years.

Let’s study out all of the changes in the updated Google Store and explain how you can adjust your app store optimization efforts to the changing tides of Google Play.
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Google Play Experiments vs. A/B Testing in SplitMetrics

main updated article google play experiments splitmetrics

The question I get very often from fellow mobile marketers is what’s the difference between app store pages tests in Google Play Experiments and SplitMetrics experiments? Let’s dwell on distinctions between these mobile AB testing platforms.

It’s clear that Apple App Store doesn’t allow A/B testing of app pages, so marketers have to bypass the App Store with custom coded landings or software like SplitMetrics. Google Play in its turn provides experiments within the store itself and these tests are free, so why go elsewhere?

Short answer: indeed, Google Play allows mobile publishers to run experiments on their app pages in the store, but these tests have significant limitations.

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