Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Q2-Q4 2020

Apple Search Ads Benchmarks

In the mobile-first world, winning mobile users is becoming the primary aim for iOS publishers. 

Launched in 2008 with 500 apps, the App Store has expanded to include more than 1.8 million apps available worldwide.   

The increasing competition on the App Store goes in hand with the rising user demand for apps. According to AppsFlyer, in 2020 the number of app downloads grew by 33%, which is a 25% increase compared to 2019. This boost results from both marketing efforts and consumer intent driven by the pandemic.
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ASO Starter Pack

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Introducing Machine Learning Bid Suggestions in SearchAdsHQ

SearchAdsHQ Bid Suggestions

Managing bids is one of the key ways Apple Search Ads performance is optimized to drive qualified users. In order to make changes to keywords bids that will win auctions and deliver conversions and revenue, UA managers have to analyze multiple data on bids and performance, and make tedious manual calculations for each keyword in their accounts. 

SearchAdsHQ has taken first steps in letting the machines do the math for marketers on Apple Search Ads. We are introducing machine learning-based Bid Suggestions inside the platform to help you make more educated and effective bidding decisions and maximize your performance.
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SearchAdsHQ Answers Burning Questions on Apple Search Ads

This is the first episode of Apple Search Ads from A to Z with SearchAdsHQ. In this video, SearchAdsHQ team members answer burning questions on our product and the channel itself, cover most pressing issues and provide some really insightful tips.
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Why You Need to Protect Your Brand on the App Store with Apple Search Ads

brand defense on the app store with ASA

Some publishers say that they already have a strong brand and rank high, maybe even number one, in the App Store organic search results. They have a lot of organic installs. They also say that if they run Apple Search Ads campaigns with the branded keywords, they’d just waste money on the installs they could get without spending a dime. But this channel is full of opportunities, and these opportunities you may use including for brand defense have always outweighed its shortcomings, and we already covered this topic in 2018.

But things have changed since then. So what exactly has changed, how does this change affect the way users see your ads on the App Store and do we have the same response to the question “should I run Apple Search Ads for branded keywords” today? Find the answers below.

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NEW: Labels & Bid Insights in SearchAdsHQ, iOS 14 Redesign in SplitMetrics

product updates_SAHQ & SplitMetrics

In this article, we are going to look back at three previous months and give you a quick recap of the features rolled out in the two products that we offer – SearchAdsHQ, platform for Apple Search Ads automation and optimization, and SplitMetrics, A/B testing platform. 

From September to December, we released big features and minor upgrades improving user experience. Below is the roundup of the most significant features, which you can explore by product using the navigation above.
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App Growth Experts Take on the Post-IDFA World

App Growth Panel on the post-IDFA change

As you might already know, Apple is introducing the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework and starting from iOS 14, mobile publishers, namely advertisers won’t be able to target users unless they explicitly consent. iOS 14 is already there, but IDFA deprecation was delayed and should be enforced in early 2021.

We’ve held an AppGrowth Panel #1 where the leading app industry experts – Thomas Petit, Andrea Raggi, Johannes von Cramon and Ryan Goeden – shared their thoughts and valuable advice on the topic. Read this post to learn what some of the most talented, competent and knowledgeable guys in the app industry think of the IDFA deprecation and what strategies they recommend in order to adjust to a new app marketing reality.
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Apple Search Ads & SearchAdsHQ Amid IDFA Deprecation: What Has Changed?

IDFA deprecation_Apple Search Ads

Apple’s IDFA deprecation is altering the ecosystem. Although the changes haven’t been implemented yet, mobile measurement partners, ad platforms and third-party mobile app marketing tools are taking steps to adapt themselves to the new reality.

This is a list of frequently asked questions that might arise on Apple Search Ads, tracking and SearchAdsHQ (by SplitMetrics) amid the upcoming Apple’s changes to IDFA. The FAQ will be updated as new information on the changes comes in. 

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Must-have certificates for UA managers

user acquisition certificates

Today’s mobile user acquisition managers outdo Julius Caesar in the number and variety of tasks they are performing day by day. They are inundated with tons of data, multiple tools and ways to get new users through campaigns that generate millions of downloads for apps and mobile game titles played around the world.

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Apple Search Ads: Best Practices and Views of Experts on This Channel

Although Apple launched an ad platform a few years ago, mobile publishers and app marketers are still struggling to optimize Apple Search Ads, find best practices and make the most of this channel.

In case you are also looking for effective ways to use Apple Search Ads, seeking to fit it into your user acquisition and performance marketing strategy, we’ve brought together what app industry experts think of this channel, cannibalization and incrementality, optimization and scaling, along with valuable insights and actionable tips they shared during App Growth Talks.
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App Growth Talks: Steve P. Young

Steve P. Young

This is the fifth episode of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, user acquisition and app growth experts. Today’s special guest is Steve P. Young, a prominent expert on app store optimization, user acquisition and mobile marketing. Steve is a Founder and CEO at App Masters, an app marketing agency.

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