App Growth Week Day 2 Recap: User Acquisition

Anastasiya Starovoytova

Welcome to the App Growth Week Recap series! We’re reliving the best moments from the event — well actually, all the moments since all of them reign supreme and, believe, you don’t want to miss a thing.

Was that an Aerosmith reference?

You got it right. Or not.

Off with the jokes. We’re about to dwell into the second day of App Growth Week and relish user acquisition news and lifehacks. The sessions below will give you a scoop of potent strategies aimed at maximizing your ROAS and obtaining high LTV users.

Here we go.

Winning Strategies to Dominate App Stores This Holiday Season

Let’s take a step back and think about the campaigns we had this holiday season. Were you satisfied with your user flow? Could you do better? Did you have the right marketing channel mix? And how to approach another busy time in any user acquisition manager’s schedule — St. Valentine’s Day?

In the course of App Growth Week, we had a special session focused on holiday campaigns and strategies for dominating app stores in 2022-2023. The headliners were Natalie Rozenblat, Senior Performance Marketing Consultant at Phiture, and Matt Tatarinow, Account Executive at SplitMetrics.

Watch the guys sharing their insights in this recording or head over to a special article about leveraging app seasonality for user acquisition strategies to learn more. 

User Acquisition and Measurement in a Privacy-First World

How to measure and conquer in a privacy-first world?

This is the question that haunts the minds of all user acquisition managers out there. To ease your worries and show you what you can do to grow the number of your app’s users, we invited Niels Beenen, Partnership Lead, EMEA at Singular, one of the world’s top mobile measurement partners

In his presentation, Niels explains: 

  • What a full-funnel approach to app growth is and how Singular handles it;
  • What kind of impact 2022 had on UA and how it will affect 2023;
  • Everything you need to know about the SKAN disruption;
  • What you can expect from 2023 in terms of mobile measurement and acquisition.

Enjoy the speech from Niels Beenen by watching the video below.

Conquering UA in Post IDFA Era

In our next presentation, the App Growth Week speakers dive even deeper into the topic of the privacy-dominated era.

Eric Rosenberg, General Manager of Americas at SplitMetrics, sat down with two amazing experts — Faith Price, Director of Growth Marketing at DoubleDown, and Bernardo Ruas, Senior UA Manager at Impala Studios, to discuss the actions app marketers should take to boost their campaigns.  

One of the key recommendations voiced were the following statements:

  • Mobile marketers need to have a quicker cycle of KPI reassessing;
  • Testing outside of the traditional UA box is a must;
  • Make sure you’re looking at the right KPIs — the ones that really move your business forward. 

Find more recommendations, predictions, and trends from this panel in the recording below.

Diversifying User Acquisition: The Web2App Campaign

We have already learned that it’s necessary to step out of the typical UA comfort zone and try something new. From this perspective, Web2App campaigns are a sound choice

Web2App is an alternative way to acquire users on top of classic UA channels. To describe Web2App campaigns in full detail, we hosted a special session with Mike Ilin, Chief Product Officer at SplitMetrics, and George Natsvlishvili, Product Marketing at Air Apps as well as Growth Consultant and Host of the YouTube show 3 Minutes Bullshit with George.

During this App Growth Week section, they discussed:

  • Why Web2App should be part of your UA mix;
  • What your user’s journey here looks like;
  • What campaigns you can set up with Web2App;
  • A blueprint for setting up Web2App campaigns;
  • Benefits and disadvantages of Web2App, and more!

Web2App is gaining momentum, and you shouldn’t overlook its capabilities. To get all the nuances of Web2App campaigns, listen carefully to what our speakers say.

Paid UA in 2023: Challenges, Trends and Insights

The final panel of the day is a true App Growth Week gem. 

We’ve gathered the best of the best in mobile user acquisition in one room — a Zoom one, of course, to talk about the UA challenges, trends, and insights in 2023.

`Our starry ensemble included:

Throughout the panel, these mobile industry experts provided their answers to the following questions:

  • What’s your UA-strategy and approach to measurement now, after the introduction of the ATT framework and once iOS 14 and even iOS 15 have passed?
  • What changes do you observe when it comes to metrics down the funnel? From cost per acquisition to subscriptions/in-app purchases, revenue and LTV?
  • What’s the role of Apple Search Ads in your paid UA mix?
  • What’s your take on SKAN 4 released just recently?
  • iOS 15 brought a great addition – custom product pages. Have you adopted this relatively new feature? Have you had any successful use cases? 

Watch the video without any restrictions to get a better understanding of the challenges ahead and ways to overcome them.

The Bottom Line 

We are officially through App Growth Week Day 2: User Acquisition.

It’s clear that old habits are hard to break and that there is no painless silver bullet for mobile advertising, especially with all the privacy-related changes and the constant need to ignite excitement among your potential users.

This is why keeping an eye on new user acquisition is extremely important. By educating yourself, you’ll be able to go the extra mile, enjoy a new influx of users, and navigate all the challenges with confidence. And this is what App Growth Week is all about — gaining new knowledge and learning how to apply it.

If you’d love to learn more about some aspects of user acquisition, our recommendation is to revisit Day 1: Mobile Growth and Day 3: Apple Search Ads. 

And don’t forget — we’ll gladly discuss any app growth topic with you. Feel free to drop a line!

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Anastasiya Starovoytova
Anastasiya Starovoytova
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