How to Leverage App Seasonality for Your User Acquisition Strategy

Victoria Vlasova

Ho-ho-ho, the holiday season is in full swing! Christmas and New Year are indeed the most important time of the year, and the most competitive one for app publishers.

During App Growth Week, our global digital event, held in November, seasonality was a hot topic. And we know why! Being in the mobile marketing industry, we can’t ignore our customers’ emotions. Holiday season tends to be the busiest, but also the happiest time for them. People around the world are excited to find the perfect present for their loved ones, look forward to spending time with their family and friends or simply relaxing and enjoying the end of the year.

So let’s dive deeper into the sessions, where our experts shared all the tips and tricks on how to take advantage of app seasonality. And remember: when seasonality kicks in, it is also the time when the conversion rate increases, and as a result competition becomes tough. With a bunch of growth hacks shared with you in this article, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Winning strategies to dominate app stores this holiday season

During the best-practise session, Natalie Rozenblat, Senior Performance Marketing Consultant at Phiture, and Matt Tatarinow, Account Executive at SplitMetrics, talked about the main challenges that app advertisers face during the high season and shared their expert advice on how to combat them. Watch this session’s recording to learn the best practices to identify the right channel mix, segment the audience, and boost team’s creativity to run revenue-generating seasonal marketing campaigns. You’ll also discover other hands-on tips to strengthen your mobile app user acquisition campaigns. 

Running Apple Search Ads at scale

While some app categories may expect a holiday rush in December, the other ones could expect a much calmer period. Have you heard about Europe’s #1 fitness app called Freeletics? If not, these words are speaking for themselves. 
Want to know how they achieved such success? Watch a real-life experience session with Dimitris Delikouras, Team Lead User Acquisition at Freeletics, to get insights on why seasonality is important for a fitness app, what is the best month to run seasonal Apple Search Ads campaigns, and discover tips and tricks to run Apple Search Ads at scale.

How to Leverage App Seasonality for Your User Acquisition Strategy

How Picsart is leveraging custom product pages as part of the growth playbook

The topic of leveraging custom product pages is the most discussed in the mobile marketing industry. During App Growth Week, we ran a poll, the results of which showed that 25% of attendees never tested custom product pages, but wanted to discover more; 28% were planning to start using them soon; and 26% were already testing them. If you’re still reviewing your options and deciding how to start testing them – it’s your sign to do that. And what is a better way to learn how to boost conversion rate from seasonal custom product pages than from a true success story? 

Picsart is the world’s largest digital creation platform, they are also an early adopter of custom product pages. During this session, Skylar Grabecz, ASO Team Lead at Picsart, shared the custom product pages best-practices, talked about the importance of their usage during the high season and shared the results the company managed to achieve with their help.

All the sessions are full of experts’ insights and practical advice, but we know that to prepare for the high season you need as many tricks up your sleeve as possible. And we can’t leave you without any more materials that you can leverage for the holiday season in 2023.

Read this article to discover seasonality trends and best-practices on how to update seasonal product pages and creative assets to increase conversions up to 14%.

More interested in Apple Search Ads? Here you can find top 10 tips to reinforce your user acquisition strategy by optimizing Apple Search Ads holiday campaigns.

But do not forget that ASO and Apple Search Ads go hand in hand, as by the end of the day every new user, after they clicked on Apple Search Ads campaign, would end up on your app’s App Store listing. 

We recommend using all the insights we shared with you, and hope you’ll find them useful to your business!

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Victoria Vlasova
Victoria Vlasova
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