Max Kamenkov

CEO at SplitMetrics

Max Kamenkov is СEO and co-founder at SplitMetrics, an ecosystem of mobile growth products & services. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry, Max has become the go-to source for app growth wisdom.

His background as a software engineer enabled him to come up with breakthrough solutions for mobile marketers, SplitMetrics Optimize and SplitMetrics Acquire.

SplitMetrics own success story began with Max’s idea to make app marketers successful with a mobile A/B testing tool. As soon as Apple Search Ads emerged, Max saw an opportunity to enhance the channel with SplitMetrics Acquire (formerly known as SearchAdsHQ) and became a pioneer in Apple Search Ads optimization solution.

As the company was evolving thanks to new products and services, such as SplitMetrics Agency (a full-cycle mobile marketing agency), Max led SplitMetrics to become a multichannel app marketing ecosystem.

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