Why You Need to Protect Your Brand on the App Store with Apple Search Ads

brand defense on the app store with ASA

Some publishers say that they already have a strong brand and rank high, maybe even number one, in the App Store organic search results. They have a lot of organic installs. They also say that if they run Apple Search Ads campaigns with the branded keywords, they’d just waste money on the installs they could get without spending a dime. But this channel is full of opportunities, and these opportunities you may use including for brand defense have always outweighed its shortcomings, and we already covered this topic in 2018.

But things have changed since then. So what exactly has changed, how does this change affect the way users see your ads on the App Store and do we have the same response to the question “should I run Apple Search Ads for branded keywords” today? Find the answers below.

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ASO Starter Pack

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App Growth Talks: Daniel Peris Molina

Daniel Peris

This is the episode #7 of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, user acquisition and mobile growth experts. Today’s special guest is Daniel Peris Molina, startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, Growth Engineer, CEO and co-founder of TheTool, performance-based ASO tool and PickASO, app marketing agency based in Barcelona.

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Apple Search Ads: Best Practices and Views of Experts on This Channel

Although Apple launched an ad platform a few years ago, mobile publishers and app marketers are still struggling to optimize Apple Search Ads, find best practices and make the most of this channel.

In case you are also looking for effective ways to use Apple Search Ads, seeking to fit it into your user acquisition and performance marketing strategy, we’ve brought together what app industry experts think of this channel, cannibalization and incrementality, optimization and scaling, along with valuable insights and actionable tips they shared during App Growth Talks.
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Flowkey doubles ROAS and increases new downloads in Asia by 900%

Flowkey is a piano learning app with a freemium business model. After signing up, new users have free access to selected songs and courses, whilst a premium membership subscription gives them access to more than 1,500 songs and a wide range of courses. From its inception in 2014, flowkey has experienced immense growth.

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App Growth Talks: Thomas Kriebernegg

Thomas Kriebernegg

This is the episode #6 of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, user acquisition and mobile growth experts. Today’s special guest is Thomas Kriebernegg, app enthusiast, keynote speaker, CEO and co-founder of App Radar.
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App Growth Talks: Andrea Raggi

Andrea Raggi

This is the fourth episode of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, Apple Search Ads, mobile analytics and growth experts. Today’s special guest is Andrea Raggi, a prominent expert on mobile performance marketing, user acquisition, in particular Apple Search Ads, and Store Ads Team Lead at Phiture, Mobile Growth Consultancy based in Berlin.
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Ultimate Guide to Tools You Need for Successful Work with Apple Search Ads

Tools for Successful Work with Apple Search Ads

Looking for powerful app marketing tools to leverage the potential of Apple Search Ads? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we share the list of tools for Apple Search Ads best practices that will help you find relevant keywords, keep an eye on your competitors, analyze post-install events & measure user retention, choose best performing visuals, automate & optimize Search Ads campaigns – and thus achieve synergy.
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Keyword Bid History on Graphs: Make Data-Driven Decisions with SearchAdsHQ

bid history

SearchAdsHQ rolls out a new feature to make it possible for users to track keyword bid history over time.

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Multiple Conversions Tracking in SearchAdsHQ: Comprehensive View of User Acquisition Funnel

multiple conversions in apple search ads

Today we are proud to announce a great update in SearchAdsHQ: Multiple Conversions Tracking will enable users to not only set up custom conversions, but also track each of them individually on the dashboard.
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SearchAdsHQ Releases Comprehensive Course and Exam on Apple Search Ads

We did it. We put our expertise, lessons learned and effort into creating a first of its kind comprehensive Apple Search Ads Course & Exam for mobile marketers and user acquisition managers.
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