— 10 Jan 2024

Protect Your Brand & Beat Competitors with Our Newest Feature in SplitMetrics Acquire!

Gabriel Kuriata

Never again lose precious traffic from your branded keywords and take it away from your competitors at the same time – all with Brand Protection, the newest feature of SplitMetrics Acquire.

Brand Protection allows you to improve your brand defense and spot openings in campaigns of your competitors. The feature is a visual aid integrated with our Ads Manager and Semantic Tools, such as  Keyword Discovery, Keyword Gap and CPP Intelligence.

SplitMetrics Acquire with Brand Protection icons visible
Brand Protection feature in SplitMetrics Acquire, showing various statuses of branded keywords.

Brand Protection displays all necessary information about keywords through a system of icons. Here’s how it works and what they mean:

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: your branded keyword icon

A branded keyword owned by your app.

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: competitors branded keyword icon

A branded keyword belonging to one of your competitors.

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: protected icon

This keyword is secured by its owner.

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: could improve defense icon

There’s room to improve brand defense by optimizing bids for this keyword.

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: vulnerable icon

An unprotected keyword.

Brand Protection in SplitMetrics Acquire: geberic keyword

A generic keyword.

Our AI-driven platform is able to detect, classify and evaluate keywords on its own, allowing users to take immediate action – either creating new campaigns or adjusting bids for existing ones.

In a nutshell, use Brand Protection to gain these immediate benefits:

  • Quickly and easily find competitors’ weakly protected or unprotected (not being actively bid on) keywords to overtake them. 
  • Monitor your own branded keywords and adjust bids to defend them from being claimed by your competitors.

Brand Protection is an integral part of our platform, to provide all keyword insights wherever and whenever they’re necessary. Use information provided by Brand Protection in addition to all the other keyword metrics and parameters available in SplitMetrics Acquire for a comprehensive evaluation of the competition level, possible costs and gains in impressions, traffic and downloads.

SplitMetrics Acquire equips you with all the intelligence necessary for a measured approach to brand-offense and brand-defense campaigns. Exercise caution in bidding and choose your targets based on hard-data, because the competition for brand keywords is higher than for generic ones and overspending can disrupt your budget. Brand Protection will help you make the most optimal decision, or better yet – utilize its functionality in our automation rules for best possible results.

We developed Brand Protection to help advertisers optimize their brand campaigns. We know  that these can be quite challenging, as they are subject to intense competition or prone to overspending when targets and bids are not data-driven. We created the protection level index to serve as a key indicator of difficulty and feasibility of increasing the share of voice for branded keywords. We believe Brand Protection greatly amplifies benefits gained from our Market Intelligence features – Keyword Gap and CPP Intelligence.

Protect Your Brand & Beat Competitors with Our Newest Feature in SplitMetrics Acquire!
Roman Kuntsevich
Product Manager at SplitMetrics

Optimize your resources and boost your share of voice for best keywords. Gain maximum impressions and more downloads, both by protecting your brand and diverting traffic from your competitors – straight to your app!  All with one fantastic feature: Brand Protection. See how it works in our demo now!

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