Will App Store show landscape screenshots?


Looks like now Apple is trying to support landscape screenshots on the App Store. It’s a common practice for Google Play. And a longtime request of Apple devices owners. Twitter users also noticed the change recently.

It is a natural step for Apple as for a very long time app developers had to handle the inconvenience of landscape screenshots showing in portrait mode and users complained about it so many times.

Now it feels more like a bug but there is hope that Apple is trying to do something about the screenshots display. There’s too much empty space, sometimes video posters are not displayed.

thumb_IMG_4113_1024 copy

Screenshots are shown in landscape orientation on page but when you open them in full view they show in portrait mode.

It might be time to check how your screenshots look on the App Store page. Many publishers were obviously not ready for such a makeover. At the moment landscape video + portrait screenshots look a bit awkward both on app store product page and search results.

Now that the apps with portrait screenshots occupy much more space on the page, portrait screenshots look more appealing. Instead of one big screenshot you can see two small ones. App publishers claim not to be very happy about this change. Some of them might reconsider an app store experience strategy if it remains like that.


Landscape screenshots have always been more appealing for Games as their interfaces are more likely to be in landscape mode. Still non-gamers are not very comfortable with keeping their iPhone in a landscape mode. This is why game companies tend to stick to portrait screenshots.

Recently we published the Rovio case where portrait screenshots were credited for more installs. Let’s see what is coming next.