— 27 Dec 2018

Graphic Visualization of Your Apple Search Ads Performance

Liza Knotko

The SearchAdsHQ team is happy and proud to announce the introduction of charts within our platform for management and optimization of Apple Search Ads. The charts are all about dynamics in metrics over time and data analysis. They favor the discovery of trends, patterns, spikes, drop-offs and metrics correlations.

In general, charts is a powerful way of information representation which makes it easier to compare different data and numbers. A survey by Aberdeen Group found that managers that rely on visualized data along with dashboards and reporting are 28% more likely to gain relevant insights.

In the context of Apple Search Ads, metrics visualization assists in more efficient assessment of App Store ads performance fluctuations which in its turn streamlines your decision-making process.

SearchAdsHQ charts for search ads

Graphic Visualization of Apple Search Ads Statistics

The best part about  SearchAdsHQ charts is that they graphically illustrate fluctuations of all metrics over time. Thus, Apple Search Ads managers are able to note some trends and data patterns and optimize their App Store ads accordingly.

SearchAdsHQ charts help to:

  • Enhance data visibility – all data is way easier to perceive when it’s represented visually. That’s why the emergence of charts facilitates the decision-making process in a way and favors its efficiency. Furthermore, now it’s easier to present the data on Apple Search Ads performance to your teammates or managers if needed.
  • Analyze trends – SearchAdsHQ charts help to see both positive and negative trends on all levels noting whether the metrics have improved over time or your App Store ads performance declined. For instance, it’s possible to notice when spend grows and when it drops or understand when a subscription boom takes place.
  • Discover patterns – charts facilitate the process of patterns identification, it lets you see how Apple Search Ads performance depends on a certain time period. For example, you can find out that your cost per click during weekends is way higher compared to other weekdays and adjust your App Store ads campaigns (changing the bids or scheduling accordingly).
  • Identify spikes and drop-offs – SearchAdsHQ charts assist in identifying abrupt changes in data. Let’s say your CPI skyrocketed or impressions declined sharply, all these changes will be reflected vividly in the charts and you’ll be able to take measures to address these issues. Thus, you’ll be able to seize an opportunity if one occurs or prevent unfavorable events making the most of your App Store ads budget.
  • Determine metrics correlation – the charts make it easier to track codependency of Apple Search Ads metrics. For instance, you can see whether a CPT growth leads to a CPA increase or identify if a spend upturn results in a decrease of ROI, etc.

SearchAdsHQ Charts: Facilitating Apple Search Ads Management

Now every SearchAdsHQ dashboard contains charts on all its levels so you don’t have to switch between various tabs or open millions of new ones in your browser to compare data.

Apple Search Ads Performance visualization

You can find the table with data and a chart right above it at the following levels:

  • Ad Accounts;
  • Apps;
  • Campaigns;
  • Ad Groups;
  • Ad Groups Settings;
  • Creative Sets;
  • Keywords;
  • Search terms.

You can also use the calendar in the upper right corner to change the time period under analysis. If you apply filters in the table below it will be reflected in the chart as well.

The charts can be expanded if necessary. It’s also possible to hide charts when you don’t need them.

To make it easier to uncover consistent patterns, the SearchAdsHQ team made it possible to reflect one or two metrics within a chart. Furthermore, you can choose from all performance metrics from the dashboard (Spend, ROAS, Revenue, Impressions, Taps, Downloads, Install, All Conversion, Goals, etc.).

Corelation between Apple Search Ads Metrics

You can also see trends in Cohorts metrics (ROAS D3, ROAS D7, ROASD14, ROAS D31, Revenue D3, Revenue D7, Revenue D14, Revenue D31). These metrics provide insights into keywords performance over a certain time period. What concerns the group/campaign level, cohorts let you understand your performance trends in the context of the goals you’ve set. However, mind that metrics like Budget, Bid, Daily cap, etc. don’t belong to statistical ones, they represent attributes and can’t be reflected in SearchAdsHQ charts.

What concerns charts granularity of data display, SearchAdsHQ provides the following options:

  1. Daily;
  2. Weekly;
  3. Monthly;
  4. Quarterly.

SearchAdsHQ users also can adapt the way the charts are represented on their dashboards. All it takes is choosing the most convenient option between:

  • Line chart (usually used to see the trends)
Line charts for App Store ads
  • Bar chart (usually used to compare metrics)
bar charts for Apple Search Ads

The operation principle of SearchAdsHQ charts is similar to the one you can find in the Apple Search Ads dashboard. However, SearchAdsHQ provides more detailed statistics and gives more room for App Store ads management maneuvers.

Above all, SearchAdsHQ covers statistics on metrics from all stages of an acquisition funnel – from such Apple Search Ads metrics as Spend, Impressions, Taps, Downloads, etc. to data on in-app events (Install, Goals, etc.). Thus, you can correlate more metrics and note more insightful patterns and trends.

Thanks to smooth navigation and flexible filters SearchAdsHQ provides, users can take different segments of their ad account (for example, only high performing keywords) and analyze any metric on this particular segment with help of charts.

And finally, SearchAdsHQ charts are the part of the main dashboard. It means you can not only analyze some metrics but also have instant access to management. It saves time and increases convenience immensely.

The introduction of SearchAdsHQ charts is an important step to making the representation of all App Store ads related metrics more graphic and evident. It’s yet another tool to empower your Apple Search Ads and earn more doing less.

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