— 1 Nov 2017

NEW in SearchAdsHQ: Features Facilitating Work with Apple Search Ads

Liza Knotko

According to the AppsFlyer Performance Index 2017, Apple Search Ads hit the #1 spot in the iOS ROI Index with a 30% higher ARPU and a 40% lower price than other networks. It’s yet another cogent argument in favor of Apple Search Ads.

SearchAdsHQ strives to elevate your Apple Search Ads experience offering amazing optimization and automation solution for this ad platform. Thanks to the latest SearchAdsHQ updates, the performance analysis has become even more smooth and powerful.

Exporting Reports for Apple Search Ads

A long-awaited feature ‘Export Report’ has appeared in SearchAdsHQ. Now the platform can export reports for Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Search Terms. Users can download a CSV file that contains all statistics from the dashboard. All it takes is choosing a period on your dashboard for which you want to have a report and exporting the statistics.

It’s also possible to download a report segmented by days within the chosen period. This feature is really useful as it helps to see a clearer picture and track the changes in key metrics on the daily level.   

As for keywords, you can also download the statistics for the keywords that interest you the most. For instance, you can export such a report only for the keywords that had enough impressions or triggered a certain number of downloads.

Exporting Reports for Apple Search Ads
Source: SearchAdsHQ interface.

To do so, you should apply the filters you need before downloading the report. Here’s an example of filters you can use:

  • Status: enable;
  • Impressions > 10.

The system applies filters, sorts out keywords, and leaves only the ones you need. Then you can download the report for targeted keywords.

Downloading Keywords in CSV for Apple Search Ads

Another new feature ‘Download keywords in CSV’ was added to SearchAdsHQ as well. Thanks to it, keywords are downloaded in the format that facilitates further keywords upload.

Downloading Keywords for Apple Search Ads
Source: SearchAdsHQ interface.

As mentioned before, the SearchAdsHQ update made it possible to download report only for filtered keywords. After finishing the download, you should prepare this file for further upload:

  • set bids and match type;
  • determine ad groups and campaigns to which you plan to add these keywords.

Thus, you save time getting a ready to use list which contains only qualified keywords.

Moreover, now you can upload such keywords as negative providing you add all necessary information to the report file.

Improvements of Auto Rules for Apple Search Ads

Work with SearchAdsHQ Auto Rules became even more efficient and easy as now you can edit existing rules.

With the latest SearchAds HQ, users got a chance to edit all parameters except the ones to which the rule is applied. In such cases, mind that if you want to apply the rule to other keywords, it’ll be necessary to delete it and create the rule again.

SearchAdsHQ Auto Rules
Source: SearchAdsHQ interface.

Updates of Keyword Planner for Apple Search Ads

SearchAds HQ Keyword Planner which provides all keywords for which your app is currently ranking was renewed as well. The latest update perfected its features.  For now, Keyword Planner can boast several highly beneficial features:

— the automation of keywords research and optimization;

— applications can now be found by title, ID or URL;

— suggestions table with a sorting function;

— the possibility of adding suggestions from Keyword Planner as negative keywords;

— the ability to download suggestions from Keyword Planner in a CSV file and add them to several Campaigns and Ad Groups later;

— enhanced speed of displaying suggested keywords.

Keyword Planner for Apple Search Ads
Source: SearchAdsHQ interface.

Custom Conversion Update for Apple Search Ads

In SearchAdsHQ, custom conversion includes in-app events (e.g. “purchase” or “registration complete”) which are important for the user. It’s created within one application and has a unique name which makes it notable among other events.

In the renewed SearchAdsHQ, when creating a custom conversion, you’ll see a link with the popup list of events on the selected app. This function allows you to see the names of events in case the tracker integration was switched on by the time the custom conversion was created.

Custom Conversion for Apple Search Ads
Source: SearchAdsHQ interface.

Apple Search Ads keep gaining momentum so it’s high time to start working with this ad channel. Request a SearchAdsHQ demo to ensure great Apple Search Ads experience from day one. One of our team members will contact you to help you launch impactful ad campaigns and get incredible results.

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