— 13 Jun 2019

SearchAdsHQ Column Presets: Boosting Apple Search Ads Management

Anastasia Sidoryk

The SearchAdsHQ team is very excited to announce the release of column presets. This feature helps sort out the list of required columns and save the created selection. Next time you need this column combination, you’ll just have to make a few clicks to find the preset saved upfront.

Streamlining Apple Search Ads management

There are over 40 columns available in the dashboard. On a daily basis, these Apple Search Ads metrics help you measure ad performance, in-app conversions and cohorts. While it’s priceless to understand the user path from a banner tap to the in-app action, sometimes you just don’t need to view all the metrics at a time.

Different data sets are required to analyze the traffic volume of a keyword and keyword profitability. We bet you used to play around with the settings to adjust dashboard columns to each task. Our new platform feature saves you time for more important things – high-level decisions and data analysis.

Column presets allow to obtain structured data across all SearchAdsHQ dashboard levels – Accounts, Apps, Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords. This helps you gather and analyze data, instead of wasting time on doing spadework.

Things you can do with column presets in SearchAdsHQ:

  • Add a column combination into a preset, save or delete it;
  • Change the existing presets: edit a set of columns and save it under the same name;
  • Apply presets to all SearchAdsHQ ad manager levels;
  • Switch between presets in a few clicks: this is relevant to column presets created on the same level. In other words, you won’t be able to use column sets presaved for Keywords on an Ad Group level.  

Below we’ve described some suggestions for column presets:

  1. Column preset to measure Ad Performance may include: Spend, Impressions, Taps, CPT, TTR, Downloads, CPA, Download Rate and Installs.
  2. Column preset to measure Conversions may include: Spend, Impressions, Taps, CPT, TTR, Downloads, Download Rate, CPA, Installs, All Conversions, Cost per Conversion, Goals and Cost per Goal.
  3. Column preset to measure Revenue and ROAS may include: Spend, Installs, CPI, Conversions, Revenue, ROAS, ARPU, Revenue D1, Revenue D3, Revenue D7, Revenue D14, Revenue D30, ROAS D1, ROAS D3, ROAS D7, ROAS D14 and ROAS D30.

How to create a column preset in SearchAdsHQ

1. Go to Columns Settings and click Edit Columns:

Apple Search Ads management: column presets settings

2. Select the required set of columns, choose Save as preset, enter a preset name and click APPLY:

Apple Search Ads management: saving column preset

3. Access a preset whenever needed by clicking on its name in Columns Settings:

Apple Search Ads management: switching between presets

Right now you can customize presets up to your needs by yourself. In the future, you will also be able to choose from built-in options. We’re planning to introduce popular column presets which are likely to be useful to Apple Search Ads managers – Ad Performance, Conversions and Retention & ROAS.  

Overall, we at SearchAdsHQ strive to make Apple Search Ads workflow quick and efficient. Using the platform you can: change bids and keyword match types in bulk, filter anything by anything in the dashboard, create automated rules for keywords, and more.   

Request a free demo, and we will show you how it works!

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