Question: How to Choose a Mobile App Marketing Agency?

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Wondering how best to choose a mobile app marketing agency?

Want to know what services app marketing agencies usually offer?

We’ve talked to Gabe Kwakyi, a founder of the mobile app marketing agency Incipia, to find out when it’s a right time to outsource app marketing to an agency, how agencies do mobile marketing and what they do to avoid miscommunication with clients.

Make sure you’ve read Gabe’s interview before signing the agency on.

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Hobnob Growth Engineer: SplitMetrics Completely Altered our Company’s Trajectory

Over the course of 5 months, Hobnob (an app that helps people create professional-looking event invitations and distribute them via text message) used SplitMetrics to restore and improve their app store conversion rate, which was declining due to a recent rebrand. Hobnob was then able to apply these learnings across their inbound traffic channels which lead to an increase in top-level app growth.

Furthermore, Hobnob used SplitMetrics’ email collection feature to test each portion of their Android listing while the app was still in development. This ensured an optimized Android listing on launch day and an email list of extremely qualified users, which translated into a 60% conversion rate to download in the Android app’s first month on the app store.

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App Viral Marketing: 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the MSQRD’s Viral Success

MSQRD App Screenshot

Making your mobile app go viral in a store and determining people to share it with their friends is a holy grail of every publisher. The importance of achieving viral success skyrocketed due to ever-increasing advertising cost. Moreover, people don’t find ads that trustworthy. Yet, when a friend shares a new mobile app, walls of prejudice fall down and downloads boost.

The MSQRD app experienced explosive growth thanks to impressive viral sharing with friends. As a result, Facebook acquired Masquerade (the company behind this viral photo and video filter app) for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in live video within Facebook app, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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Case Study: How to double your app downloads just by changing the app icon, by Per Haglund


Per Haglund is an entrepreneur, expert product manager and independent developer of great apps for kids. Today he shares a story of how he does Google Play optimization and A/B tests icons. Per claims that adopting a culture of continuous experimentation and A/B testing will always surprise you with powerful results.

A while ago I built a jigsaw puzzle app – Super Puzzle. Designed for small children, it had sweet cartoon graphics and simple, yet intuitive interface. To polish the game I acquired professional translations for my App Store listing and crafted an appropriate promo image.

The game is free, and I did everything I could think of in terms of ASO. The conversion rate (the percentage of users who buy the IAP to unlock all the puzzles) was relatively high compared to some of my other applications. It is about 2.5% for the US in recent years, sometimes getting higher.

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What makes a perfect app store page for a game – An Interview with Jero Juujärvi, user behaviorism expert and marketing consultant.


Jero Juujärvi is the founder of Acquire, Engage and Monetize blog and has worked as a game designer for Nitro Games. He is very much into behaviorism and ways to market, engage and monetize users in apps and games.

SplitMetrics asked Jero about how to create a converting app store page for a game.
SplitMetrics: What are the core steps you take before launching a game? What do you start with?
Jero Juujärvi: Research > Lead Generation > Testing

I start doing marketing by means of research and community building way before the game has even reached pre-production phase.
When I have the earliest concept of how the game should look and feel like, I start doing customer research similarly to lean marketing practice. The key is not to dig out the whole internet, but to find enough interest among different niche player segments. The interest should be large enough that you make at least $1.000.000 from the game. The goal to keep focused on is “Why would my target audience pay for this”. Many game developers get distracted in production/after-production phase and forget to check if the game provides great value for the target audience.

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How to Grow Your Mobile App Organically – An Interview with Steve P. Young, growth hacker and ASO expert


Steve P. Young, the host of AppMasters podcast and the founder of Pixel Happy, an app promotion agency whose strategies have secured press coverage on Techcrunch, Venture Beat, The Next Web, iMore, TUAW, AppAdvice, and BGR.

SplitMetrics asked Steve about how to craft a perfect app store page to drive more organic downloads.

SplitMetrics: What are the key factors involved in app store optimization?
Steve P. Young: App store optimization is optimizing your app store presence whether it be on Google Play or App Store for the download. Making sure you have the right keywords in the app name, description and your keyword field, having a really engaging icon. Then lastly if you are telling the right story within your screenshots.
One of the biggest mistakes is not focusing on the presence. App developers get all the keywords right but their icon and screenshots are very ugly. If you really want to optimize the entire presence start with having an engaging icon. And run an A/B test to understand which icon generates the most clicks and then the screenshots.

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How to Get Profitable Users Cheaply – An Interview with Anthony Hurtado, App Store Optimization professional


Anthony leads Mobile Yield Strategies, a mobile app strategy firm focused on mobile monetization and mobile user acquisition. Based on his experience leading BizDev for Latin America’s largest mobile gaming company, as well as launching a mobile ad network, Anthony realized that many good apps fail to gain traction and generate returns and decided to help entrepreneurs get the right users and convert more installs to dollars.

We asked Anthony Hurtado for his insights on app store optimization, mobile marketing tips and tricks.

SplitMetrics: Hi Anthony, thanks for your time. It is always great to have an ASO expert share his knowledge with the community. Let’s start with a warm-up question – What is ASO?

Anthony Hurtado: ASO is any efforts, any organic, non-paid efforts that lead to a higher ranking or conversion in the app stores.

What is the main goal of ASO?

The main goal of ASO is to find profitable users. What’s more profitable than a user you didn’t have to pay for directly. It all comes to LTV being greater than CPI (cost per install) or CPA (cost per acquisition). If I’m just getting a free search user that’s great, but being #1 or #2 in the ranking just give you higher chances of getting this free user.

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Don’t Lose Your Money – Adjust Your App Marketing Activities with App Store Optimization


Blog post from our guest author – Timur Taepov of – App Marketing Agency
Timur is an expert in mobile app marketing and provides services for app publishers who need organic app downloads, helping them to optimize apps in app stores, go viral and employ new traffic sources. He is also well-known as the host of the App Marketing – Growth Hacking Podcast. You can connect him via e-mail: [email protected]

Why Do App Publishers Have to Care about User Acquisition Costs?

At present there is a huge challenge for app publishers to overcome – how to drive more app downloads while minimizing costs. In most cases there is an obvious relationship, where a growth in app installs leads to an increased app marketing budget. Let’s have a look at some figures.

There are currently two major marketplaces that deliver mobile apps; Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Both are crowded, with 1.5 million apps in Google Play and 1.4 million apps in the App Store. That is million with a “M”, and the numbers keep rising. According to Fiksu, the “Cost Per Loyal User Index” reached $3.09 for iOS and the “Cost Per Install Index” reached $1.53 for iOS and $1.74 for Android. All these figures show that app publishers have to care about user acquisition costs.

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