App Store Installs Tracking

Manual Mode

SplitMetrics allows integrating with any mobile tracking or analytics systems. You can transmit any parameters with your landing page link and get these parameters value in the form of a variable name in a Custom install URL.
This custom parameter will be sent with the variable {click_id}.

You can add it to a Custom install URL (find the checkbox in the second step of creating an experiment) like a standardized variable mentioned above:сlick={click_id}

You can send different parameters and combine them with standardized parameters.

URL to promote:

This is what you will get:сlick={click_id}&idfa={IDFA}&experiment={spm_experiment}&variation={spm_alternative}

Automatic Mode
All parameters sent with your landing page link are automatically added to the link that visitors follow after tapping the Install button.

URL to promote:

This is what you will get: