Configuring account settings

Below we explain how to configure settings in your SplitMetrics account.

Tap on Avatar in the top right-hand corner.

account settings

You can edit your personal information, add Avatar, or change password in Profile Settings.

SplitMetrics profile details

Billing Info shows the information about your quota and Payment history if you pay by card. You can add/change your Payment Method on your Billing Page.

splitMetrics payment method

In Team section, you can add/delete members to/from your team and change their status.

Note: you’re allowed to add only registered users that have already signed up for SplitMetrics as members of your Team. You can invite them by sending an email (see ‘Send invite’).

SplitMetrics team status

There are 3 statuses of Team member:

  • Owner gives you access to everything. You can see and change billing info and payment method, invite new users, and so on.
  • Editor users can create and delete apps and experiments. They can’t change billing info and payment method or invite new members.
  • Read Only users can only read reports. They can’t change account settings or invite new members. They can view and search through all the experiments in your account.