What is a Facebook Pixel?

While every mobile marketer is taking every chance to increase the conversion rates of their app pages, we here at SplitMetrics try not to miss any opportunity we could make A/B testings as easy and cost effective as possible. The Facebook Pixel integration is exactly the case where a couple of simple actions can result in decreasing the cost of every visitor you send to the test pages.

How it works: 

User clicks on the ad with FB pixel integrated and Facebook send him to your test page.

In case if he does one of the certain action  (click/install) on the test page, we send a signal to inform Facebook of a quality user.

Facebook starts the process of optimizing your ads delivery to result in more actions.


How do I integrate it?

The whole process of integrating consists of two simple steps:

  1. Setting up Facebook Pixel in your Facebook account. Facebook pixel is a piece of code, that’s why a help from tech guys at this stage is needed.
  2. Once everything is setup, you need to copy your Pixel ID and share it with the SplitMetrics system.

That’s it. Now everything is set up and you are ready to go.